Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping?

As a hoverboard owner, you must have asked yourself this question at some point, ‘why is my hoverboard beeping?’.

All hoverboard owners have experienced consistent and unexpected beeping on their boards from time to time. So, it is crucial that you know the meaning of the beeping and how to stop it.

Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping

Beeping on hoverboards is normally caused by technical issues which can be resolved at home.

Whether you have a cheaper model or the best hoverboard around, the beeping is a common occurrence, and it can be frustrating.

Continue reading to learn the different reasons why your hoverboard won’t stop beeping and how you can fix the issues causing the beeping so that you can get back to your riding and have fun.

Why Does My Hoverboard Keep Beeping?

The following are the potential reasons why your hoverboard keeps on beeping:

Uneven Surfaces

You should not notice any beeping when riding on a flat surface. However, when you start riding on uneven surfaces, the beeping will start.

Although it is not just uneven surfaces, the beeping specifically starts when the incline on the surface is more than the tilt limit of the hoverboard.

This is because your balance, which is essential for riding a hoverboard, is massively affected.

Most hoverboards have an incline range between 15 and 20 degrees. Off-road hoverboards have higher inclines, with some climbing steeps up to 30 degrees.

Hoverboard Beeping

If you are riding a hoverboard on an incline that is more than it can handle, it will start beeping because the tilt sensors will detect it.

If you are not balanced when riding a hoverboard, you increase the chances of an accident. Therefore, if the beeping occurs when you are riding on an uneven surface, you should get off it and walk to a flatter surface.

This will also help prevent an injury. Also, ensure that the hoverboard can handle the incline when climbing a hill.

If the beeping does not stop, then your hoverboard has a different issue that needs to be fixed.

Fast Speed

Your hoverboard can start beeping when you ride too fast.

Hoverboards come with a maximum speed limit and when you ride too fast, it will start beeping as it is an indication that you have exceeded the limit.

This is a safety measure that hoverboard manufacturers have designed to alert riders when they are rolling too fast and prompt them to reduce their speed and slow down.

This feature is commonly found in most kids’ hoverboards and even the fastest boards have it.

Some hoverboards are designed to slow down automatically when the beeping begins, meaning you do not have to do anything while others need you to start slowing down manually.

The beeping should stop once the speed is reduced.

Battery Low

If the battery level of your hoverboard gets below 20%, you may notice the battery level indicator light or LED lights begin to flash green.

The lights may flash red and the hoverboard will start beeping when the level goes below 5%.

To stop this, you need to stop your ride and charge the hoverboard.

Faulty Motherboard

If you notice that your hoverboard does not stop beeping, turn on or turn off even when the battery is full, then there could be a problem with the motherboard.

The motherboard is the brain center of the hoverboard and when there is a fault of any kind, you will not be able to turn on or use the board until you have solved the problem.

This type of beeping is the most dreaded one because you will need to seek help from a professional who can repair the board and get it to work again.

With a valid warranty policy, your manufacturer can replace or repair the board.

You can replace the motherboard yourself but ensure that you know what you are doing and use the repair kit from your manufacturer.

Also, use the same type of motherboard that is currently on your hoverboard.

Charging For Too Long

To prevent overcharging, some models have a charging time limit of two hours. Therefore, if you charge the board for too long and it does not show that it is fully charged, then it may start beeping.

This is because, after the two-hour charging limit, the battery indicator light will turn on automatically to notify you that you should stop utilizing the board.

It is recommended that you fully charge your hoverboard every time because if you charge it halfway, the battery cell will be damaged and may cause serious problems.


When you are riding fast and hear a beeping sound, you may notice that your hoverboard is showing an overheating error.

When your hoverboard overheats, there is a clear problem with the electrical circuit system. Therefore, you should examine your board.

Hoverboard Overheating

Ensure that the screws are tightened well before finding out the issue and charging the board.

Bad Wheel Motors

Motors can also make your hoverboard beep when you are riding fast. If the motors are not functioning well, the red-light beeping will show on the board. Replace the motors to solve this problem.

During replacement, ensure that you remove the faulty motors first then use the tools in the kit and put in new motors.

If you are not confident with your skills, take your board to the local repair shop.

Faulty Battery

Both external and internal factors can damage your battery. Your hoverboard can beep when riding fast on a faulty battery.

This issue can also make you take breaks every few minutes of riding, meaning that you have to carry a spare battery with you every time you go riding.

How To Stop Your Hoverboard From Beeping

How to Stop Your Hoverboard from Beeping

There are several things that you can do to stop the beeping on your hoverboard. They include:

1. Turn The Hoverboard On And Off

The first thing that you should do to stop your hoverboard from beeping is as simple as turning it on and off.

This is because sometimes the beeping in your board is a result of a minor glitch that can be solved by turning the board on and off a few times.

2. Reset Your Hoverboard

Resetting your hoverboard can stop the beeping. This is also known as recalibrating your hoverboard which is something that you can do yourself when it starts beeping. Follow the steps below to reset your board:

Step 1Turn the hoverboard off using the power button on the board instead of using the app.

Step 2Put the hoverboard on a flat and level surface so that the gyroscopes can be re-calibrated accurately.

Step 3Press the power button and hold it for about 5 to 10 seconds until you hear a beep sound. The lights on the hoverboard should start flashing after the beeping sound.

Step 4Wait for about 30 seconds until the lights stop flashing. The flashing shows that the recalibration is going on and you do not need to do anything.

Step 5The hoverboard reset is complete when the flashing lights have stopped. Use the power button to turn off the hoverboard, this is to lock in the new calibration settings.

Step 6Turn on the hoverboard and check whether the beeping sound has stopped. If the beeping has stopped, then you are ready for your ride. However, if the beeping is still there, try the method below or take the board to a repair shop.

3. Re-connect Loose Wires

If your hoverboard is still beeping after resetting it, then you can open it up and check if any wires are loose or damaged. Follow the steps below:

Step 1Turn off the hoverboard and put it on a flat surface such as a table. Open the case using a screwdriver.

Step 2Once open, check whether any wires are disconnected or loose.

Step 3If the wires are loose, ensure that they are reconnected tightly and securely. If they are damaged, then you should take the board to the repair shop if you cannot replace the wires yourself.

Step 4screw the case back then turn on the hoverboard and check whether the beeping sound has stopped. If the problem was loose or damaged wires, your hoverboard should be working now without beeping.

3. Identify Errors Using Flashing Red Lights

If your hoverboard is still beeping even after connecting any loose wires or resetting it, then there is another problem that should be resolved.

To help you identify the type of error a hoverboard has, it will flash red lights in certain sequences.

These red warning light sequences may vary from one hoverboard brand to another, but they are usually the same.

However, if you are not sure check the manufacturer’s website or product guide for more information.

The following are the flashes and what they mean:

1 Flash: Issues with the Motherboard

If you are confident and know what you are doing, then open your hoverboard and disconnect and reconnect everything on the motherboard. If this does not solve the beeping, buy a new motherboard, or get professional help.

2 or 3 Flashes: Internal Circuitry Issue

You can buy a replacement kit for the circuit board and fix it yourself or get the problem professionally repaired.

4 or 5 Flashes: Internal Motor Issue

4 flashes show that there is a problem with the motor on the same side as the motherboard while 5 flashes mean that the motor on the battery side has problems. Replacing the faulty motor will solve this issue.

6 Flashes: Battery Issues

It can be hard to resolve battery issues, meaning that you may need to buy a new battery.

Batteries that have been used over time may not hold a charge as they used to when they were new, and this affects their performance.

The battery may have other faults which cause the beeping, so maybe it is time to buy and fit a new battery.

7 or 8 Flashes: Gyroscopes Issues

It can be hard to pinpoint issues with gyroscopes as they can vary widely. They can be due to pin deviation, poor interface alignment, or unstable socket. To resolve this issue, you can either replace the entire circuit board or the gyroscopes.

9 Flashes: Orientation Issue

This usually happens when the hoverboard is turned on and is upside down, in this case, it beeps and flashes until it is turned the right way up.

Hoverboard Still Beeping?

If you have tried all the suggestions mentioned above and the hoverboard is still beeping, then it is time to buy a new hoverboard.

With time hoverboards take a lot of bumps, knocks, and impacts which can cause them to malfunction by damaging the internal components. This causes the board to start beeping.

Before purchasing a new hoverboard, you should take the board to a repair shop or the manufacturer for professional help.

They will be able to identify the problem and solve it. If they cannot, then start looking for a new board instead of wondering why your hoverboard won’t stop beeping.


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