Rollerblade Vs K2 (2023)

Rollerblade and K2 are both great options if you are looking to have a fantastic skating experience.

A comparison between Rollerblade vs K2 will help you choose the best brand that fits your skating skills and styles.

Rollerblade Vs K2

Rollerblading provides you with a complete core workout that involves enhanced muscular stretch, improved cardio activity, and a higher heart rate which all contribute to your overall health.

The Rollerblade brand is hugely involved in the manufacturing of speed, fitness, and urban inline skates.

Their skates are designed with performance in mind since they are mostly used by experienced skaters. However, they also design comfortable skates for entry-level skaters.

The K2 brand makes recreational, aggressive, and fitness skates. They specialize in designing comfortable skates with soft boots and have a reliable frame made with high-quality materials.

Generally, they offer fast, balanced, and stable skating making them great for beginners. Continue reading to get a clear understanding of the differences between K2 and Rollerblade.

Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Skate

Are you returning to skating after a while or are you starting and wondering which skate to buy? The Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Inline Skate is a good choice because it is designed to provide you with the comfort and energy transfer you need for a smooth roll. The aluminum frame is extremely lightweight to enhance efficiency.

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K2 F.I.T. 84 Pro Skate

If you want to take your skating to the next level, you should get a skate that is built for versatility, and stability, and one that provides a smooth ride, making the K2 F.I.T 84 Pro Inline Skate a perfect choice. The cuff provides more support and confidence while the boot construction allows for a secure fit and improved comfort.

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History Of Rollerblade

The Rollerblades company first came into existence through Scott Olson, Brennan Olson, and Christopher Middlebrook in Minneapolis.

Initially, it was known as Ole’s Innovative Sports. It was later sold out and the name changed to Rollerblade, Inc.

The great design of the skates and the marketing efforts of the company made the brand to be so popular that Rollerblade became the generic name for skates.

History Of K2

This K2 brand started in 1960 in Washington, USA as a ski maker. This brand was very popular for different sports boards and shoes.

Due to their long-term experience, they started to manufacture inline skates when skates became a daily activity in the USA.

They used soft boot technology for their first manufactured skates and this gathered the attention of the public quickly. And as of now, K2 has become the most used skates’ brand for inline skates.

Comparison Between Rollerblade vs K2

The Rollerblade brand and K2 are cool, famous, and well-designed brands. Every skater has individual preferences when it comes to what is entailed in the skates.

Rollerblade Vs K2 Skates

The following are the features and differences between Rollerblades and K2:

  • K2 comes with various fashionable designs and colors. A skater who wants cool looks can find the K2 skates eye-catching. Rollerblades are designed well but not with many colors as K2 and they do not have that color variation and a fashionable outlook.
  • Most frames of K2 are designed better than the frames of Rollerblade. K2 are stiffer than rollerblades, making them easy to handle and comfortable.
  • K2 skates target fitness influencers and recreational skaters. Rollerblade is well known across the world because it can meet the expectations of all kinds of customers. The rollerblades and K2 have skates of all sizes for kids, women, and adults.
  • From the reviews, most skaters have complained about the wheels of Rollerblades. These skaters think that Rollerblade wheels are often broken and poorly designed. K2 has durable and adjustable skates.
  • For targeted customers, K2 focuses on recreational skaters or fitness influencers of all ages while Rollerblades focus on all types of skaters.
  • K2 skates have high, low, or no cuffs while the Rollerblades focus on high, low, aggressive, or no cuffs.
  • The wheels of K2 are recreational/ light up and aggressive wheels of all sizes while rollerblade skates have different types of wheels of different sizes.
  • The skates are made with comfortable and durable materials that are of high-quality design while for rollerblades sometimes the frame materials are not promising but have an overall well made with highly durable wheel materials.
  • The K2 skates are highly stable and have a low center of gravity while rollerblades skates are extremely stable.
  • Most the K2 skates are highly durable and do not crack easily while the Rollerblades are comparatively less durable than K2 skates.
  • K2 skates are universal and true to size while rollerblade skates are universal.

Where To Buy The Rollerblades And K2 Skates

Rollerblades and K2 are both renowned brands, hence are available in any shop nearby.

They are also found online and in online shops. Ensure that you go through all the details to compare the products before you purchase.

One thing every buyer should consider is being aware of their skate size before buying one.

There are the size charts provided on the skates’ websites, therefore, check that your true size is available.

Price Comparison

Both companies are competing directly with each other. Therefore, a comparison between such similar types of inline skating is almost identical.

The main reason for the price difference is because of the features used in the skate.

Both the K2 and Rollerblades vary from under $100 to $300 for the top-of-the-line skates while the aggressive skates start at $169 to over $300 for a custom setup and the speed skates are typically more expensive and are about $325 and above.

Factors To Consider When Buying K2 Skates Or Rollerblades

Rollerblade Vs K2 2022

Skate size and fit

For every ride, ensure that your inline skates fit you perfectly without any discomfort. Inline skates that are loose will give less stability and blisters while those which are big will give your feet pressure points.

Your skates need not have any room to wiggle and you can ensure this by measuring your foot width and length properly.

For the skates, the right size follows the manufacturer’s guidelines on the sizing chart. Most inline skates come in the same size as the feet, therefore go for size 6 if you run in size 6.

For a first-time buyer of the inline skate, it can be difficult to get the perfect fit that depends on whether the feet are wide or narrow.

It is important to visit the sports shop to try a few of the inline skates until you get the right size.

The skate type

It is good to find the right type of your skate for the specific style of skating.

Recreational skates and great for entry-level and intermediate skates because they are made with good fit and comfort.

The fitness skates are made with components that allow skaters to go faster and cover long distances.

Wheel size and durometer

For a comfortable skate, understand the wheel size and hardness. The level of skill will help find the right wheel size that ensures the feet are comfortable.

Smaller wheels are recommended for beginners because they keep them steadier and can get one closer to the ground.

Skill level

For inline skating, one can be an entry-level, intermediate, or experienced skater, and any different level needs a different type of inline skates for smooth rollerblading.

Rollerblade Vs K2 Comparison

Beginners need skates with smaller wheels, lower grade bearings, and plastic frames are great, to begin with.

One can upgrade their skate components by having hard boots as they advance their skills to match their skills and performance.

Skating style

Finding the right inline skates for the skating style one is involved in to ensure that one rides longer without replacing their equipment.

Aggressive skates have smaller wheels for more agility and speed skates are designed for long-distance to provide comfort and last longer.

The recreational and hockey skates are good for skating on smoother surfaces such as sidewalks.

Detailed Review Of The Best K2 Inline Skates:

K2 F.I.T 80 BOA Inline Skates


K2 FIT 80 is a choice for skaters who are looking for high performance. They are ready for every athletic and recreational needs a skater may need.

These skates have a comfortable soft boot construction.

These skates will keep one’s feet secure and in place hence making the work easier to exert power down through the Stability Plus Cuff to attain improved energy while smooth riding on the F.B.I frames.

These frames can hold the quick accelerating and great handling of the 80mm wheels.

They have soft boots with ABEC 5 bearings and the Technology composite frame.

Skates roll easily on the paved trail and even run well on older and rougher sections. Their closure system is buckle strap and lacing.

K2 F.I.T. 80 BOA Inline Skates


The skate’s soft boot construction provides better comfort and gives a more secure fit to the feet.

They are also made of the BOA closure that allows simple adjustment for a good fit with a twist of a dial. The composite frames provide a smooth ride and keep the weight low.

Comfortable for indoor skating. The boots and the wheels hold up well. They have a comfortable and nice-looking design. They also have the tec Composite frame and stability plus cuff.


  • Comfortable and nice-looking design
  • Enhanced support
  • Improved confidence
  • Good sizing fit

K2 F.I.T 84 Pro Skate 


This is a great skate for men who love skating in the outdoors. It features an 84mm wheel, aluminum frame, and ball bearings that make it comfortable and powerful.

It provides an agile and stable skating experience due to the direct power transfer.

K2 F.I.T. 84 Pro Inline Skate


The closure system adapts to your feet making readjusting easy and quick for smooth skating. The mesh upper is breathable keeping your feet dry while skating or when doing intense training.

The soft boot provides a perfect and comfortable fit and the 80A wheels are suitable for the outdoors as they roll smoothly over asphalt and other rough surfaces.


  • Enhanced speed and stability
  • Maximum support and comfort
  • Keeps your feet dry
  • The great transfer of energy


  • Sizing problems

Detailed Review Of The Best Rollerblade Inline Skate:

Rollerblade Zetrablade


These types of inline skates are a little more expensive and have a nicer and more padded liner.

The boots of these rollerblades have a seamless toe box and a better mesh to improve the comfort of the skate.

They are great skates for intermediate skaters. They have soft and durable wheels for normal roads.

The boots are made of plastic, the bearings are SG-5, and they have an aluminum frame. They have a closure system with three parts to ensure a secure fit.

They have a supportive low-balance shell and performance liner. The skates fit well and offer a smooth ride. Their bearings are high quality. They also have a perfect fit.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates


The Rollerblade Zetrablade are recreational beginner skates for women. These skates feature stability, comfort, and unbeatable support at a good price point.

They have a secure closure system that is combined with the monocoque frame for better balance and a lower center of gravity.

Their 80mm wheels with SG5 bearings can be upgraded to greater performance.

They are a great option for individuals who are looking to get started with their skating. They provide a comfortable and secure fit for a valuable price.

Their boots are high cuffs with added support and a durable shell to ease skate learning. The secure closure system and padded liner ensure a snug fit of the feet.

They also have a durable monocoque frame that lowers the center of gravity for added stability. The SG5 bearings and wheels provide moderate speed and better wear.


  • Comfortable
  • Added support from the high cuff
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Sizing challenges

Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Inline Skate


These skates are designed for skaters who want to improve their skating skills to a better level.

They come with a padded liner, mesh upper, and a secured boot to give you a comfortable fit. They come with an aluminum frame and 80mm wheels.

Macroblade 80 Inline SkatesMacroblade 80 Inline Skates


The mesh uppers wrap your feet well for an improved fit and enhance breathability keeping moisture away from the boot.

This ensures that your feet are comfortable and dry throughout your skating adventure. The liner, ankle padding, and tongue inserts cushion your feet well making this skate great for beginners.

The wheels provide you with the perfect balance of control and speed while the bearings moderate the speed to ensure you have a smooth roll.

The closure system keeps your feet secured and provides enough support for all skill levels.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Smooth roll
  • Secure support


  • Narrow and small fit

Final Words

Both Rollerblade and K2 brands are leading in the world of inline skating but understanding the specific features and design of K2 and Rollerblade will enable you to make the best choice between the two.

To ensure that you choose the best inline skate, consider your skill level, the type of skating you are involved in, your budget, and the size of the boot.

Hopefully, this article has given you all the information you need to decide between K2 vs Rollerblade skates.


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