Rollerblading Helmet Buyer’s Guide

Rollerblading is an extreme sport for which safety is paramount. Similar to many other thrilling sports, rollerblading involves its share of danger and risks. The riders always roll on their skates with a likelihood of a nasty fall. Especially young learners are more prone to getting hurt, injuring a knee or breaking a ligament.

Therefore, every rider must get himself a pretty decent safety helmet along with other necessary gear to secure himself from a nasty fall. Newbies often get anxious with the very idea of riding the rollerblades with a helmet on the head. Considering the safety concerns, wearing a helmet is paramount while riding on rollerblades not just for the beginners but also for the pros. For this reason, marketers are coming up with more appealing designs and a whole variety of safety helmets with many unique features.

Nowadays, it seems difficult than ever to pick a decent helmet from the range of options you have to choose from. The markets are flooded with a variety of helmets in all shapes and sizes. Every option you select comes with some newer, more advanced features targetting specific customers. So, how can you select a helmet that works best for you?

A good idea is to first enlist your specific requirements and then search for the perfect rollerblading helmet that matches your requirements. However, choosing the right safety helmet could be a hell of a drill for the starters. Beginners may find it difficult to figure out which features to check and search for at first. Here are our best picks for the finest rollerblading helmets available in the market.

These are the Top 3 Rollerblading Helmets I would recommend:

Pro-Tec Classic Helmet (click to check current price on Amazon) – This is most popular choice for skaters. High-impact ABS shell with certified EPS line

Punisher Pro-Series Helmet (click to check current price on Amazon) – Comfortable and very good choice as well. Dual Safety Standard: ASTM F-1492 and CPSC-1203.

Razor V-17 Youth Helmet (click to check current price on Amazon) – Ideal choice for kids. This helmet is much cheaper comparing to other two.

Pro-Tec Classic Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic has consistently been the first and foremost choice of the pros for a good skating helmet. Being a top choice of the skaters, you can find these helmets nearly everywhere in the market. These helmets are beautifully hand-crafted to provide a strong line of defense against the sudden bumps and nasty falls while you are grinding in the skate-parks.

These superior high-density safety helmets have injection-molded PE shell protected by a two-stage inner foam liner. In other words, Pro-Tec Classic helmets guarantee maximum comfort when you put them on your head. These helmets effectively absorb low impacts.

The helmets are featured with a plush wrap around the liner that wicks away any moisture or humidity. The capillary action prevents you from dripping any sweat thereby keeping you focused and comfortable. These helmets have eleven large vents that effectually improve the temperature of the flow-through air and keeps you cool while you carry out your intense activities and crazy stunts. As for size variation, a large-sized Pro-Tec Classic helmet can fit the head circumference between 22.8 to 23.6 inches or 58-60cm. All these helmets have adjustable chin straps to ensure an optimal fit. The pros and cons of the helmet are listed as follows:

Pros Cons
Comfortable and lightweight May receive scratches by friction
Provide a perfect fit Includes XXS pads
Offer versatile protection Straps mat not fit perfectly for children
Have an appealing quality construction  
Allow maximum air ventilation  
Come with a moisture-wicking liner that keeps you dry  
Are sturdy and highly durable  

If you are a hunk with a taste of fashion, the Pro-Tec Classic helmet turns up to be a perfect choice for a great-looking fashionable safety helmet that can offer strong protection against a strike. Being a rollerblader it is essential to ensure maximum safety while riding. A Pro-Tec Classic Helmet keeps you safe and comfy with its excellent quality construction and superb ventilation.

Punisher Pro-Series Helmet

The Punisher is a familiar name for which many skaters swear by in terms of a superb safety helmet. Punisher Pro-Series is an essential accessory that every skater needs. No matter whether you are a beginner in the game or a skilled sportsperson, safety comes first for everyone when you are rollerblading. Certainly, a primary step to safety is to secure your ride. Punisher Pro-Series helmet provides strong protection against a nasty fall or a hard hit to all levels of rollerbladers.

This series of helmets have amazing air-cooling vents that keep you dry during your ride. These helmets are comfortable to wear for long. If you are a sportsperson who loves to enjoy skating and biking, the Punisher Pro-Series helmets are the most perfect choice. These helmets are indeed worth every penny you spend on them. The following table enlists the pros and cons of Punisher Pro-Series helmets:

Pros Cons
Provide a perfect fit The available sizes are a little larger for small kids
Have additional padding for better comfort There seem to be a gap between the inner foam padding and outer shell covering
Have easy-to-adjust straps May seem pricey in terms of quality
Comfortable and lightweight  

Punisher is a famous and most loved brand of many skaters. Without a doubt, their products have been upholding the reputation of the brand for quality and customer satisfaction. However, these helmets do not provide a satisfactory fitting for the kids. Ignoring that, Punisher Pro-Series helmets are the best among all other brands you can find in the market.

Razor V-17 Youth Helmet

It may be difficult sometimes to find a perfect helmet for every head size. Obviously, you cannot have a one-size-fits-all helmet for the non-identical shaped heads of different skaters. Therefore, it is essential to figure out the shape of your head before you choose a helmet. The Razor V-17 Youth is a series of helmets that can be specialized for people. These helmets are ideal for people having an oval-shaped head.

Again, these helmets are a die heart choice for the bikers. These helmets are featured with a comfortable interior padding that not only protects your head from severe injuries but also keeps you dry and comfy during your rollerblading session. One of the most amazing features of Razor V17 Youth helmets is their seventeen top and side vents which keep the riders cool during hot sunny days. The pros and cons of these helmets are listed below:

Pros Cons
Ideal for kids Not suitable for every shape of head
Comfortable and lightweight  
Come in bright appealing colors and beautiful design options  
Highly affordable  

If you are someone who thinks wearing helmets during rollerblading is not cool, you should certainly check out this series of helmets. The Razor V-17 Youth helmets are not only protective but also fashionable. That’s the reason they have been ruling the hearts of the young skaters for so long. They are definitely worth a try if you are new to rollerblading.

My Mantra for Choosing the Best Rollerblading Helmet

While it is important to know the best available options in the market, it is even more important to understand how to select the best of the best helmet that perfectly suits your individual requirements. Here are some things you should consider while buying a rollerblading helmet:

  • Check for fitting. Your helmet must fit snugly around your head. In order to ensure that you have a helmet that fits, you should know how to accurately measure your head size so as to figure out the size for your helmet. Well, for the correct size, you simply need to measure the complete circumference of your head just above the eyebrows with a measuring tape.
  • Consider the type. You may find a huge variety of helmets differing in shapes and designs. The type of helmet you choose must align with the sports you play. Many people go for a standard rollerblading helmet, however, you may find a few different types available in the market.

Full face helmets provide the highest level of safety because they cover your entire face leaving no chance for your head or jaw to hit the ground during an impact. These helmets are ideal for aggressive riders. The Wiggle range of helmets is the best for kids and young children because of their impeccable safety standards.

Next, you have the great looking, light-in-weight, well-ventilated Leisure helmets with race pedigree features, however, they may be a little expensive. BMX helmets are available in both open face and full face variants. Mountain Bike helmets provide extra coverage and great ventilation. They are ideal for downhill skating.

Time Trial helmets are suitable for time-sensitive racing. These helmets offer aerodynamic benefits and superb protection. Next-in-line, you have the nicely designed, lightweight, compact-sized Aero Road Helmets which offer many aerodynamic advantages along with ease of movement. Last, you have the multi-purpose Road Helmets that you can use for any sport including rollerblading.

  • Examine safety features. Make certain that the helmet you choose provides guaranteed protection and is 100% safe. Make sure that the outer shell is made up of a durable plastic material while the inner shell made of hard rubber is able to withstand sudden impacts.
  • Check the ventilation system. Many times the sweat dripping down the face distracts skaters leading to a fall over or sudden loss of balance. A helmet with proper ventilation keeps your head cool throughout the rollerblading session so that you can stay focussed while performing tricks.
  • Examine the straps and the retention system. Straps keep your helmet tightly in place. Ideally, the straps must create a v-shape beneath your ear lobes. Again, the retention system must be easily adjustable.
  • Finally, buy a certified helmet that meets all the required safety standards.