Best Rollerblades For Kids

Rollerblading is an amazing activity to help kids develop physical strength and endurance. It is not only fun to cruise on the rollerblades, but also provides various health benefits. Rollerblading gives kids a necessary dose of independence and also serves as a mental and physical exercise. But you require a good pair of kids skates to give your child the best rollerblading experience.

From traditional quad skates to trendy inline skates, the options are just endless for the kids.   However, adjustable inline skates are more popular among kids for their durability and style. They seem ideal for riding on the streets or cruising on the sidewalks.

Kids primarily enjoy skating at high speeds both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, purchasing the right pair of rollerblades for kids involve involves considering multiple factors like stability, comfort, and quality of the materials. Certainly, you will prefer something for your kids that is safe, durable, and comfortable for endless hours of rollerblading. Here is my best rollerblade picks for kids to save you some efforts on searching the web and valuable time for rumination:

Top 3 Rollerblades For Kids

2pm Sports Vinal Kids Rollerblades (click to check current price on Amazon) – These are amongst the best rollerblades for kids available in the market. Not only do they have a stylish design but the 8 illuminating wheels instantly steal the attention of every kid. Considering the robust construction and comfortable build, this pair of rollerblades is worth every penny.

XinoSports Adjustable Kids Rollerblades (click to check current price on Amazon) – These skates have an amazing model that guarantees the utmost comfort and ease of maneuverability. The XinoSports adjustable skates are suitable for both girls and boys alike. These skates are available in two primary sizes that are medium for kids aged 1-4 years and large for kids aged 5-8 years. However, the adjustable feature of these skates can accommodate four additional consecutive sizes.

Kuxuan Saya Kids Inline Skates (click to check current price on Amazon) – Kuxuan Saya Kids skates are a star performer with an amazing 5-star online review. These skates have a best-in-class model and are available in three different sizes viz large, medium, and small. Each size, being adjustable, can accommodate four more consecutive sizes. You can easily adjust the size with a push-button to ensure the right fit.

2pm Sports Vinal Kids Rollerblades

Your child can comfortably ride on these skates for a long time. These rollerblades are available in 4 adjustable sizes along with three available sizes namely small, medium, and large. You can increase the boot size up to 4 variations. The smallest size is suitable for small kids and toddlers. The medium size is ideal for young kids while the large size is preferred for adults and teens.

The 2pm Sports Vinal rollerblades have certain high-end features that make them a preferable choice for kids. These skates are constructed on a reinforced aluminum frame and use ABEC-7 bearings. The eight polyurethane wheels measure 82A in diameter. A triple closure system keeps the feet of the kids snugly in place. Also, they are easy to put on and take out for the kids. As an additional feature, the wheels are equipped with self-generating power.

A comfortable fit, a great grip, and ease of maneuverability make these skates a top choice for the customers. These pair of rollerblades are ideal for small kids, teens, young children and adults alike. They provide a perfect combo of comfort, stability, and durability. The eight illuminating wheels along with a triple closure system not only grab instant attention but also account for the desired comfort and style, which is a primary consideration for kids.

XinoSports Adjustable Kids Rollerblades

The eight 70mm polyurethane illuminating wheels measure 82A in diameter. These highly comfortable skates feature a comfortable paddling to provide extreme support to the ankles of your child. The ABEC-7 bearings account for a nice, smooth ride. The frames of the wheels are constructed using high-quality reinforced aluminum to make them light in weight and enhance their durability. So, you can rest assure that these skates will not break even when your kids perform complex tricks.

All eight wheels have LED lights. A nice closure system of velcro straps keeps the feet snugly in place. All in all, these rollerblades are ideal for your kids if you are looking for something which has a durable construction, adjustable size, is lightweight and comfortable. Not to forget the attractive design and the eight colorful LED lights that dazzle everyone with red, green and blue luminescence. Certainly, the play of colorful lights will make your kids have a pleasing experience and a joyful ride on the skates.

Kuxuan Saya Kids Inline Skates

The only negative aspect of these skates is that you do not get a choice for the color or design. These skates are available in a single color combination that is pink and gray, which makes them a little girlish in appearance as if specially designed for girls. Well, boys can wear them too if they do not object to wearing a pink color.

The design of these rollerblades is appealing. The eight illuminating wheels with colorful LEDs make it even more attractive. The wheels are made up of highly-durable polyurethane. The frame of the skates is constructed of high-quality aluminum. The ABEC-7 bearings make the skates ideal for both indoors and outdoors. The wheels with LEDs operate on a self-generating power.

All in all these skates with a durable construction, high-quality wheels, comfortable fit, great grip, and attractive design are enough to make your kid’s rollerblading experience much more enjoyable. A triple secure lock closure system keeps your kid’s feet securely in place when they stride in speed to ensure unlimited hours of fun and incomparable moments of joy. Plus, a reasonable price with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction makes them a must-buy for your kids.

Things to Consider

Buying a pair of skates for your kids is certainly not straightforward. You have to consider many things let alone comfort and fitting. Here are some things that you must check in the pair of rollerblades when you plan to buy a comfortable fit for your child:

  • Get the correct size. Many times parents make a mistake of purchasing one size large to accommodate the growing feet-size of their kids. However, a bigger size will make your kid’s feet move inside the rollerblades when they skate. It may cause wobbly movements leading your kid to a fall. Your kid may experience trouble in maintaining balance or develop painful abrasions and blisters. Support is another concern for the large-sized skates as they do not provide proper ankle support. Again, skates that fit tightly may cause discomfort and pain. The best bet is to buy adjustable skates that can adjust to accommodate the growing foot-size of your kid. Never compromise on size for a few bucks.
  • Look for comfort. Some cheaper rollerblades are constructed using stiff material to make them more sturdy and durable. However, the sturdiness comes at the cost of comfort. If your child experiences pain after wearing the rollerblades, you should never purchase them or ask for a replacement. Comfort should be an important factor to consider while buying rollerblades for the soft feet of your kids.   
  • Pick skates with adjustable sizing and appropriate lacing type. Your kids can easily wear skates with easy-to-operate velcro buckles.
  • Check for breaking mechanism and maneuverability. Some rollerskates have one or no brakes and can be difficult to operate for your kids. For kids, it is advisable to pick skates with proper breaking mechanism for easy maneuverability.
  • Consider style and pricing. For kids, performance is hardly a priority. They never consider wheel types or bearings while selecting a pair of rollerblades. All they watch for is a favorite color and amazing light features. Make sure the stylish pair you pick is also good in construction and comfortable to wear. You can get a decent pair of skates at an affordable price for kids. However, never compromise on quality and do not buy cheap low-quality rollerblades just to save a few bucks.