Best Action Camera For Rollerblading: Our Top Picks For 2022

Rollerblading is a sport for the daredevils. If you want to capture the thrill of the sport, you require special action cams to seize every candid moment. Action cameras are specifically designed so that you can attach them to your helmets, surfboards, or any other equipment when you move out to capture your little adventures. These cameras are small, easy-to-operate, and tough with a lens to capture every amazing move into high-definition point of view (POV) footage.

Ideally, these cameras can be used by extreme sports participants wherever it is not possible to use a regular video camera. However, you do not require to be an adrenaline junkie for using an action camera. These cameras work equally great to capture weekend fun with the family or document the charm of days out and vacations.

When it comes to action cams, GoPro is indeed undoubtedly the market leader with an entire genre of exclusive action cameras. However, you may find many rival brands that try to tempt you. So, to make the best pick, you should know what features you are looking for.

For key features, the majority of action cameras can shoot 4K footage, offer faster frame rates, and provide a slick image stabilization system for buttery-smooth footage. Some of the best action cameras can also shoot pretty up-to-par still images. Some other must-have inclusive features you should look for include GPS, touchscreen control, and Wi-Fi. Here are my top picks for the best action cameras for rollerblading. 

These are the Top 3 Action Camera For Rollerblading for 2022:

GoPro Hero8 Black (click to check current price on Amazon) – GoPro is well-known brand name and in most cases, you will not miss it by taking GoPro. GoPro Hero8 Black is the newest version of GoPro for the moment so you won’t miss by choosing this camera.

GoPro Hero7 Black (click to check current price on Amazon) – Not as good as GoPro Hero8 Black, but much cheaper. For a lower budget, I would recommend GoPro Hero7 Black.

DJI Osmo Action (click to check current price on Amazon) – this camera has excellent video stabilization.

GoPro Hero8 Black

This tough, super-versatile, rugged action camera weighs only 126 gms and can be mounted easily on a variety of outdoor gear. Considering the high price, the camera offers amazing features for hands-free filming. You can record 4K videos up to 60fps. This incredible waterproof camera provides best-in-class digital stabilization even during extreme action.

The time-saving capture presets help you record every moment precisely. The built-in mounting arms offer sturdy hands-free support. An improved mic makes voice control smooth and easy. You get a pretty decent image quality when it comes to stills resolution of 12MP. One thing to note is that you should use the camera under apt illumination because you may experience poor low-light performance. A 1220mAh battery keeps the camera running smoothly while you are out having fun.

The GoPro Hero8 Black is a new-gen, easy-to-use action camera with plenty of new features to boast about. It offers the best-recorded image stabilization to date in comparison to its predecessors. Plus the amazing live stream option allows you to share your adventures on board with your peers and pals directly on Facebook. You do not need to be a geek to edit or share your clips from a GoPro Hero8 Black action cam. A streamlined app makes it easier for you to post your clips on the go.

You can easily mount the camera with the folding fingers attached to the bottom of the chassis, onto a tripod. With all its promising features and video quality, GoPro Hero8 Black is a perfect action camera for beginners and pros alike. Here are the pros and cons to sum up the review for GoPro Hero8 Black:

Pros Cons
Best of breed digital stabilization Poor performance under low light
Unique time-lapse modes Sub-smartphone picture quality
Time-saving moment capture presets  
Better microphone for sound commands  
New mods for media output  
Improved mounting features  

GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPro Hero7 has ruled the kingdom of the action cameras before the arrival of its successor. Weighing nearly 118g, this waterproof camera lets you capture 4K video for up to 60fps. The camera has superb video and image quality with an effective HyperSmooth feature. You may find it a bit difficult to convey the voice commands though.

Many times you may find the screen to be unresponsive but it offers huge improvements over its predecessors. It shares many of its features and video specs with the Hero6 Black. One of the most significant additions to this version is the all-new HyperSmooth technology for image stabilization. It delivers highly impressive gimbal-smooth video footage.  

Another promising feature of the GoPro Hero7 Black is the new TimeWrap option. With this, you can capture the time-lapse shooting of a regular video frame-by-frame. Without this feature, you will have to do it separately using the HyperSmooth for stabilized hyper-lapse. Again, an improved user interface accounts for an enthralling user experience. GoPro Hero7 Black is the next best action camera to get buttery-smooth video footage if you are a little tight on the budget. The table below enlists some of its pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Lightweight Not so smooth voice commands
Effective HyperSmooth feature Unresponsive screen time
TimeWrap feature  
Improved HDR  
Impressive capture presets  
Live burst photos  
Better low-light image processing  

DJI Osmo Action

The DJI Osmo is much more than being a GoPro clone. This super-light 134g waterproof camera can help you take 4K videos up to 60fps. This fantastic little camera has a forward-facing color monitor and is best-known for its image quality, numerous shooting modes, and competitive pricing model. DJI Osmo Action is undoubtedly a great alternative for the more expensive GoPro Series.

The camera is a rollerbladers delight with its excellent motion stabilization that helps you capture all the action, fun, and speed in a steady video. A rich color reproduction makes your images even and videos even more lively on screen. However, you may not get motion stabilization for an HDR video. Again, if you want to share the live adventure with your family and friends, you will be a little disappointed because the camera does not support live streaming.

Although DJI is an unbeatable name in the market for excellent consumer drones, the Chinese manufacturer also makes some of the finest action cams and gimbals. The color screen and superb image stabilization features of DJI Osmo Action make it a primary choice for vloggers. If you leave the unavailability of motion stabilization for shooting HDR videos and ignore the missing Livestream feature; DJI Osmo Action is an appropriate choice for shooting your game in action. Not to miss the exceptional selfie generation feature. Here are the pros and cons of DJI Osmo Action camera:

Pros Cons
Excellent video stabilization Mounting may require housing
Competitive video quality You may experience display lag when you activate the RockSteady feature
Handy display at the front  

How to Choose the Best Action Camera for Rollerblading?

You may find a massive number of options when you search for buying a decent action cam for extreme sports like rollerblading. Not to mention the names that rule the industry like GoPro and Sony along with some lesser-known brands such as Veho and Olfi. Despite the online reviews and tech tests, all the brands claim to provide the best action cameras with promising features and user-friendliness.

So, how can you choose the one that works best for you? Well, first and foremost look for image quality. It is an important factor to make a choice between a GoPro or a Sony model from the list of excellent action cams. Also, check out the frame rates in place of the maximum supported resolution. The majority of action cameras support shooting in 4K resolution. However, some cheaper models work by the frame rate of 15fps. At such a frame rate, your videos may look jumpy.

If you plan to shoot in 4K resolution, you should pick a camera with at least 30fps. Alternatively, you can shoot in 1080p HD at a rate of 60fps. The best action cams are usually packaged with impressive accessories and versatile modes for mounting. On the other hand, you can choose to buy specific accessories to go with your purchase as per your discrete requirements. For example, you may need waterproof housing if you want your camera to record your driving experience.

Again, you need a suction mount if you plan to mount your camera on the dashboard. Some of the action cams offer plenty of mounts and a good deal of cases. Other cheaper brands may be less generous. Most of the new generation action cameras are loaded with numerous promising additional features such as GPS and image stabilization. Some of these features like voice control seem extremely important to capture the fun of action games. Especially in sports like rollerblading when you need to control the camera hands-free, voice control seems handy.

After you have analyzed the must-have features you require, it is time to evaluate the available options in terms of budget. Stating again, our best pick is indeed GoPro Hero8 Black if you have the budget and want to capture your sports in full swing. But, considering budget constraints, you can always pick the next best option for satisfactory if not excellent results.