Most Comfortable Rollerblades (2023) – Comfortable Inline Skates

Rollerblading is making a comeback and most people are realizing that it is both a workout and a great leisure activity – keeping well over 11 million fit and active in the US alone.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced skater, you need the most comfortable rollerblades to achieve the best performance from your skating.

Most Comfortable Rollerblades

Comfortable inline skates should have the correct sizing and a perfect fit to ensure that you do not get blisters or pressure points.

These skates should be made of soft material that is easy to break into, especially if you are a beginner, and have features such as extra padding and a breathable liner, that helps with rolling smoothly.

Purchasing a comfortable skate is essential – the most common cause of foot pain from rollerblading is due to uncomfortable, poorly fitted skates.

To avoid rollerblading causing you pain, spend some time researching online and investing in comfortable skates.

Editor's Choice - Men
Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Skates

Our Rating - 100%

Our top choice for men’s rollerblades is the Macroblade 80 inline skate. This skate is designed for those skaters who are returning to the sport or beginner skaters because they feature a shell and a mesh upper that makes your foot comfortable while providing efficient hold when skating.

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Editor's Choice - Women
Fila Legacy Comp Skates

Our Rating - 100%

Our top pick for women’s rollerblades is the Fila Legacy Comp inline skate. This skate comes with a lightweight frame to provide you with an easy and smooth ride without feeling weighed down. The boot is well ventilated to ensure that your feet remain dry while skating and the closure system keeps your feet secure.

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Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Skates

Our Rating - 96%

If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on your first skate, the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT inline skate is for you. This skate provides you a perfect fit and firm ankle support as it comes with a closure system with three parts including a strap, lace, and buckle. The wheels provide you with a comfortable and smooth roll.

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10 Most Comfortable Rollerblades (2023)

Wearing a comfortable inline skate is necessary to have smooth rollerblading and enjoy the ride. A comfortable skate gives you a perfect fit, balance, and stability as well as satisfies your style of skating and skill level.

The following are the top 10 most comfortable rollerblades for 2022 for you to look into and make a choice.

The reviews include the design and performance features for each skate and their advantages and disadvantage.

1. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Skates

Most Comfortable Rollerblades (Editor’s Choice – Men)


These types of skates are designed for men. The Macroblade 80 inline skates are also for casual skates who want to enhance their premium entry-level skate.

The boots have a padded liner with a secure boot structure. It is also made with an advanced engineered mesh for lateral support and sock-like comfort.

These skates have an aluminum frame that improves the skate’s performance by adding more power transfer and durability.

They have the SG5 bearings with 80mm performance wheels that benefit speed as the skills get better.

Their wheels can be advanced to an advanced performance according to the skater’s proficiency. They have standard brakes and have a great value for novice skaters.


The Macro blade 80 skates are designed for entry-level training and casual inline skating along with secure support for a better fit.

They have a higher cuff that offers improved security, balance, and secure foothold.

They are made of engineered mesh and form a fit liner for comfortable padding.

The engineered mesh also provides breathability in the ankle and tongue area using a buckle and lace closure system and a power strap.

They have an aluminum frame that offers more balance, durability, and stability.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Well-constructed
  • Great value

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2. Fila Legacy Comp Skates

Editor’s Choice- Women


If you are a fitness or recreational skater, the FILA Legacy Comp skates are designed for you. They have a lightweight frame to get an easy rider and do not make you feel weighed down.

The FILA Legacy skates boots are made with a ventilated technology and have performed padding.

High cuff and easy entry. The closure system ensures the feet stay ventilated even during long skating hours.

They have a composite frame made with secure construction and aluminum spacer and the axles hence making the skates highly durable.

The wheels are 80mm with a durometer of 82A and the bearings are ABEC 5 will allow the skater to cruise comfortably indoors and outdoors.

FILA Legacy Comp Inline Skates


The skates are durable comfortable and lightweight and are a great solution for skaters of long inline skating. The construction features of the liner provide great foot comfort as well as maximum breathability.

The Legacy Comp skates have great technical materials designed specifically for inline skating and have a low weight that allows every skater to enjoy skating.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

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3. BladeRunner Advantage Pro XT Skates



For one who wants a great pair of skates at a cheaper price, BladeRunner is your great choice.

The wheels of these skates are 80mm in size and have ABEC 7 bearings for a comfortable as well as a smooth roll that makes your feet feel good.

The new skaters or those who haven’t been to skating for a while can use the BladeRunner Advantage Pro XT because they are meant for beginner skaters.


The BladeRunner skates are good for beginners and they come at great prices for those who are just into skating.

Their shell is greatly supportive and enhances the balance and provides extra support in the design.

They have a comfort liner that is well padded to provide a good snug fit feeling for great performance all day.

They are made with a Monocoque Composite frame for extra durability with increased stability of the skates.

The buckle and Velcro strap closure and laces are good in keeping the feet in place when rolling. The BladeRunner wheels are 80mm in size with ABEC 7 bearings for a moderate speed.


  • Increase in speed
  • Cheaper
  • Improved stability
  • Good for the beginner skaters.


  • Problems with sizing

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4. Rollerblade RB 110 Skates

High Performance


The RB 110 skates are designed for all skating environments. These skates are versatile, fast, and great for urban areas.

They have an anatomical and sublimated liner paired with top eyelets and a training footbed for a great support.

Their boot can be molded for great comfort and they also have a durable hard sheet skate with good speed and performance. These skates can roll anywhere and everywhere.



For a skater who wants a molded boot and a versatile and durable skate, the RB 110 is a perfect choice.

They have a vented and supportive molded shell that enhances lateral support, durability, and better breathability.

The high-performance liner provides comfort and the additional heel shock absorber enhanced vibration dampening.

The dual-buckle and lace closure through the liner plus the shell allows a skater to attain the desired secure fit.

They have an Extruded Aluminum frame that is rigid and stable with a low-profile design for a lower center of gravity that increases maneuverability and speed. The frames can be adjusted.

These skates also have the Rollerblade Supreme wheels of 110mm size and 85A hardness while maximizing the grip, roll, and wear an upgrade of the entry-level wheels in performance.

Their SG 7 bearings have a suitable speed and can spin faster.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Strong support and breathability.
  • Enhanced speed and maneuverability.

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5. Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Inline Skates


If you are a skater who wants to go a little faster, the Rollerblade Macro blade 90 is for you. The go-to-size skates have incredible fi and support.

These skates have a higher boot design that increases the stability. Skating in these skates brings you a great sense of control and stability.

The engineered mesh liner in these skates adds breathability and sock-like comfort while providing the cushioning needed when learning to skate.

The aluminum frame is also very good in durability and power transfer.

They have an easy-to-use closure system that secures the feet with maximum comfort and fit. The setup of the bearings and wheels is good for skaters with the correct amount of control and speed.

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Skates


The Rollerblade Macro blade skates have a high performance. They are great for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for better support for stability while training exercising and speed.

The structure of the macro blade provides flex and lateral support. Their higher cuff boots offer extra stability for a better balance and can hold the feet securely when striding.

The aluminum frame has a twin blade that enhances the durability of the skates and allows the skater to get closer to the ground with a low-profile design for improved balance enhanced speed, and stability.

The Macro blade performance wheels of 90mm size and 85A hardness help to blend control and speed perfectly.

They also have the SG 9 bearings which are great for spinning and provide appropriate speed.


  • Low profile design for improved balance
  • Durable
  • Enhanced stability.

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6. FILA Legacy Pro 84 Inline Skates


If you looking up for perfect skates for your fitness or recreational purposes, the Legacy Pro 84 is your perfect skate. These skates are compact and functional and have an agile aluminum frame.

With this skate, the feet feel ventilated and comfortable even when skating for long hours.

They have padding that surrounds the feet providing an extra comfort layer so that one does not need thick socks. The laces, Velcro band, and lever closure offer a great sticky fit.

The aluminum frame construction frame is secured with aluminum spacers and metal axles enhancing the skate’s durability.

They have 84mm wheels with 83A durometer and ABEC 7 bearings to allow one to cruise around indoors and outdoors with the Legacy Pro 84 lady.

FILA Legacy Pro 84 Inline Skates


These skates are lightweight, compact, functional, and made with quality durable materials that perform over time.

They have a synthetic liner with breathable mesh for good ventilation of the feet.

The anatomical padding is designed to wrap your feet nicely and keep them in the correct position throughout the skating.

Their boot cuff helps in supporting the lever closure and the ankles for a customized fit with the Velcro strap instep.

Their 84mm wheels of ABEC 7 bearings for minimum friction and maximum transmission of force while on the road.

The skates have perfect maneuverability with an excellent compromise between lightness and comfort for great sessions on the road.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Good ventilation
  • Good for recreational and fitness purposes.

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7. K2 F.I.T. 80 BOA Skates


If you are a skater looking for high-performance skates, then the K2 F.I.T 80 is your choice.

These skates are ready for all the athletic and recreational needs a skater may desire. They have a Softboot Construction that is super comfortable.

The skates will keep your feet secure in place hence making your work easy to exert power down through the cuff for improved energy on the smooth-riding frames that hold the quick accelerating and great handling of the 80mm wheels which roll on the ABEC % bearings.

K2 F.I.T. 80 BOA Inline Skates


The soft boot construction provides better comfort and allows a more secure fit. They are made of the Boa Closure that allows simple adjustment of great fit with just a twist of a dial.

They are made of composite frames that provide a smooth ride and keep the weight low. The cuff is designed for improved confidence and support.


  • Comfortable
  • Enhanced support
  • Provide better confidence

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8. Rollerblade RB Cruiser Skates


For those who are looking for skates that are maneuverable, fast, and tough, the RB Cruiser skates are good with a nice entry price.

They also have great Rollerblade technology. The Rollerblade has molded boots that are durable and comfortable for all skating environments.

The skate was made with a value-driven feeling with four Urban Profile wheels of size 80mm and an 85A durometer.

The bearings of these skates are SG7 and they provide control, speed, and stability.

RB Cruiser Inline Skates


The Rollerblade RB Cruise has a molded boot great for skaters who want to experience a durable hardshell skate technology without incurring a great cost. They provide great lateral support and have good vents for breathability.

The performance liner is well padded for additional heels shock absorber which offers good vibration dampening during skating.

The dual-buckle and lace closure keep the skate feeling like a foot extension.

The aluminum frame is rigid and stable and has a lower design to provide a lower center of gravity leading to increased speed and maneuverability.

They also come with wheels of 80mm size and an 85A durometer for added stability, maximum roll, speed, and wear.

They SG-7 bearings for a faster spin with appropriate speed. These skates also have brakes.


  • Cheaper
  • Fast maneuverability
  • Great speed

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9. Roces Helium TIF Inline Skates


For everyone who is looking to progress their skills or exercise, the Roces Helium TIF inline skates are good for you.

They are made with a polypropylene shell to provide a supportive and stable feel when needed.

They have a comfortable boot with anatomical padding and the cool breath mesh designed to better the airflow hence keeping you cool even if you are working up your sweat.

The Roces Helium TIF skates have a traditional buckle closure at the top with a power strap over the foot for that locked-in and aggressive bearing.

Roces Helium TIF Skate Woman


The shell with a stable feel helps keep your feet tight with a closure memory buckle and a power strap for aggressive skating.

The boot comes with an easy entry system and anatomical padding as well as an anatomical footbed for a very comfortable feel.

Their aluminum frames have four 84mm wheels that are paired with ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth and faster ride.


  • Comfortable
  • Well-constructed
  • Durable


  • Poor sizing

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10. Rollerblade Macroblade 100 Skate


The Rollerblade Macroblade 100 skate is an upgrade from beginner skates. They will help you to get to higher speeds and hold them.

They have 100mm wheels that are mounted on SG9 bearings to give you an effortless glide with exceptional stability at speed.

The 85A durometer helps in smoothing out rough conditions and the aluminum frame helps in improving the performance.

The stability and smoothness of the three wheels with a shorter skater provide great agility which weighs less for improved control and efficiency.

Rollerblade Macroblade 100 Skate


The structure of the macro blade supports the abilities of every skater comfortably. Its ideal mix of lateral support and flex enables longer skating sessions with less fatigue on the feet.

They have an aluminum buckle that securely fastens the feet with great durability while the laces and straps using the lock lace systems hold the heels for the perfect fit to reduce the heel lift.

The greatest feature of the versatility of these Macroblade 100 skates is that the racers can get the speed they are used to with a higher boot and recreational skaters can get the great speed with the higher support they are used to.

These skates have a High-Performance liner. The padding in the ankle and tongue helps cushion the feet for comfortable and enjoyable skating.

They are combined with the engineered mesh uppers to give slippers feel like wheels.

The engineered mesh brings breathability and allows the boot to wrap around the feet for a better fit. More comfort and drier feet and more comfort enhance the experience of the skate.


  • Great value
  • Well-constructed
  • Durable

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Do Rollerblades Have A Break In Period?

Most Comfortable Rollerblades 2022

All skates have a break-in period whether quad or inline skates. During this break-in period, you might go through discomfort and may get some blisters.

The most effective way to break in your new rollerblades is to use them.

Most people take around 12 hours to break into their skates over roughly one month. It is important to start with shorter skate adventures as you build up to longer adventures.

People who decide to go on longer hours skating right away should expect to get blisters or feel some discomfort and rubbing. This is because the ankles and feet are squishy and soft and not used to the rigors of skating.

During this period, you can use socks with thickness to prevent rubbing.

You can also heat mold or bake if your skate is heat moldable to help mold to the contours of your feet. You can also look for skate stretching services or insoles to help you correct your challenge.

What To Do If Your Rollerblades Don’t Feel Comfortable

The main thing to do if the skates do not feel comfortable is to get the right fitting skates that reduce the vibrations when skating on smooth surfaces and have good support for your ankle.

Therefore, ensure that you have a good fitting skate for your shape and size. You can also buy the orthotic footbed insert that will help align your feet properly.

If you find your problem is severe, let a podiatrist treat you.

Wear thick cushioned socks and for the corns and calluses, sock them in warm water to soften them. Another tip is to keep the lower part of your boots loosely laced and keep the top portion tight.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Inline Skates If You Have Wide Or Flat Feet

A tight rollerblade that does not fit you well can cause bunions and blisters on your feet. If you have flat or wide feet, finding a comfortable skate should be your priority to avoid these problems.

To check whether you have wide feet, measure the widest part of your feet by outlining it on a piece of paper. If you have wide feet, they may spread and appear large.

There are skates designed specifically for wide feet in the market and most manufacturers give a size chart to follow which ranges from AA to 4E, depending on your measurements.

If you have flat feet, find a skate with the right insole that provides your feet with the support it needs. Also, look for inline skates specifically designed for flat feet.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Most Comfortable Rollerblades

Comfortable Inline Skates

The following are the things that you need to consider when shopping for the most comfortable rollerblades:

Skate Size & Fit

To have a comfortable ride, ensure that your rollerblades fit you perfectly without any pinch points. Rollerblades that are too loose will give you blisters and less stability while those that are too big will give pressure points.

The skate should not have room to wiggle, and you can ensure that this does not happen by putting a pencil in between your heel and the back of the boot.

To get the right size for your feet, follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer on the sizing charts that come with the skates. Most rollerblades come in the same size as your running shoe, so order a size 8 rollerblade if your running shoe is size 8.

If you are buying a rollerblade for the first time, it can be hard to find the perfect fit depending on whether your feet are narrow or wide.

We recommend you visit a sports shop and try a few of the rollerblades in the store until you find the right one so that you do not spend money on the wrong skate.

Boots & Liners

When you are learning to rollerblade, you need an inline skate with a high-top boot that provides you with more stability and ankle support.

For advanced and intermediate skaters, low-cut boots are great because they give you more maneuverability. Boots also can be soft or hard.

Hard boots offer more stability and control while soft boots provide more comfort and ventilation.

The interior of boots comes with different liners which include standard, auto-fit, memory fit, and heat-moldable. Standard liners use foam materials to provide padding.

Auto-fit and memory fit use gels or pads to contour to your feet while Heat-moldable liners use heat to mold to your feet.

Skate Type

You need to get the right type of skate for your specific style of skating. Fitness skates have components that make them go faster and perfect for long distances, hence perfect for experienced skaters.

Recreational skates are good for beginner and intermediate skaters as they are made with comfort and good fit in mind.

Race skates have a stiff boot for maximum performance, and finally, urban skates come with shorter frames to allow you to skate on crowded sidewalks and around the city with ease.

Wheel Size & Durometer

To ensure that you get a comfortable rollerblade, you need to understand the wheel’s durometer and size.

Your skill level will help you find the right wheel size that keeps your feet comfortable. Smaller wheels are great for beginners as they keep you more steady and get you closer to the ground.

Rollerblades with four wheels are smaller in diameter, hence comfortable for beginners. Larger wheels, on the other hand, are great for advanced-level skaters who want more speed for skating longer distances and have a solid balance.

Comfortable Inline Skates 2022

When it comes to the wheel’s hardness which is represented by the durometer reading (from 0A to 100A), harder wheels have a higher number while softer wheels have a smaller number.

Harder wheels are faster and roll longer, but they can be hard to stay upright on slick surfaces. They are also quite choppy on bumpy terrains and make your legs and feet jiggle.

If you are a beginner or like to skate outside, softer wheels are a good option. They are slower than harder wheels but do not slip as much on slick surfaces.

They are also great on rough surfaces and bumpy terrains.

Closure System

Having the right closure system in your skate makes your rolling more comfortable.

There are different types of closure systems, and they include traditional lacing, Velcro straps, Boa lacing, and ratchet straps.

Traditional lacing works similarly to your regular shoelace. Velcro straps are used with traditional lacing and ratchet traps more support.

Ratchet straps are used with quick laces and standard laces. Finally, Boa lacing provides more performance as the lace is fed through a dial which you can loosen or tighten however you like it.

Final Words

Finding comfortable rollerblades should be a necessity for every skater regardless of their skill level. Comfortable skates allow you to skate smoothly and achieve great performance in your rolling.

From this article, there are two top picks for the most comfortable inline skates. The men’s option is the Macroblade 80 inline skate.

This skate is designed for those skaters who are returning to the sport or beginner skaters because they feature a shell and a mesh upper that makes your foot comfortable while providing efficient hold when skating.

On the other hand, the women’s option is the Fila Legacy Comp inline skate. This skate comes with a lightweight frame to provide you with an easy and smooth ride without feeling weighed down.

The boot is well ventilated to ensure that your feet remain dry while skating and the closure system keeps your feet secure.

Hopefully, you now have all the information and confidence to go shopping for the most comfortable inline skate.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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