Marsblade Review – Is It Worth It?

Marsblade is an off-ice tool that allows players to simulate skating on ice movements and balance points. It is a revolutionary new rollerblade that tries to imitate ice skating.

Many NHL players use it as an important piece of their off-ice training program as the game is getting skilled and faster each year.

Marsblade Review

The main difference between standard inline hockey skates and marsblades is the rocker system that let the four wheels stay longer in contact with the surface.

The players in turn can perform tight crossovers, turns and the transitions forth to back as they would do while on ice.

There are marsblades for roller hockey players but are also designed for ice skaters to imitate ice skating.

Gone are the days where hockey players practice stickhandling while flat-footed, Marsblades provide a realistic, ice-like motion to support off-season practice.

This motion is enabled through the ice-holder which is patented with Flow Motion Technology to improve motion between the boot and blade of the ice hockey skate.

It has the same principle of keeping the blade longer on ice and improving the explosiveness.

This article provides a one-stop shop for all information on what Marsblade has to offer skaters of all levels.

The History of Marsblades

Marsblades is one of the hottest manufacturers in the hockey market because it has come up with its patented Flow Motion Technology for all its training and game-related ice skating and inline skating products.

The story of Marsblade started in 2011 when the company was founded.

The vision and goal are to design and create high-quality innovative products that will help improve the game while making hockey more accessible and fun to play.

A former pro player Per Mars started the company when he developed the idea of creating the type of training tool to aid during the workout routine when not on the ice.

This in turn led to Flow Motion Technology which became the backbone and staple of the company.

One of the first Marsblade products was the Marsblade Roller Frame which was introduced in 2013.

Now since that time, Marsblades has been making products for hockey players of all skill levels and ages worldwide.

The technology has a unique rocking motion in rollerblades that enable the player to achieve maximum natural performance and maneuverability.

This technology will soon revolutionize the industry like how carbon fiber hockey sticks did some years back.

The human body is usually made to be powerful, energy-efficient, and fast with smooth movements. Traditional ice and inline skates are rigid and they often hinder the ability to move in a flowing and natural pattern.

The flow Motion Technology of Marsblades makes the players regain their natural maneuverability and improves the skating technique greatly.

The Flow of Marsblades Through Technology

What sets Marsblades other than the roller hockey skates and skates’ holders is their patented Flow Through Technology.

Roller and ice hockey traditional skates have the holder and the boot connected with no ability to move, therefore, when you go forward on your skates the back of the skate will lift.

This unique technology is implemented by Marsblades skates to improve the blades’ contact with the ground using a rocker which transfers the weight without the skate being lifted off the ground.

This helps players of every skill level to improve their skating when off the ice or during roller hockey play.

This Flow-Through technology has also been implemented on the ice chassis to take the same principle to the ice games.

The Marsblades’ amount and rocker’s stiffness can get customized to every individual skating style, therefore, easy to find the setting that suits your style.

There are two main advantages that Marsblades provide to hockey players that the traditional skates on the rollerblades do not have:

Increase power – a way of gaining skating power is through off-ice training. Improvements in technology have helped in accelerating the gains on the ice.

The rocker on the Marsblade improves the player’s power by keeping the blade on the ice longer, increasing the area that which the power is transferred.

This will directly translate into an enhanced acceleration from coming out of turns to a standstill. The marsblade rocker will tilt you while transferring the weight as well as making the skate remain in contact with ground/ice hence better power in the strides.

Improved control and explosiveness – the way to gain more explosiveness on and off-ice from your turns just the same way you gain more power is to ensure that your skate is in contact with the ground longer.

It leads to improved ability and control to power quickly out of turns hence more space and goals on the ice.

Players try to do a tight turn and fall because when they lose contact with the ground the skates slip out from under them.

The Marsblade rocker will fix this problem since it allows the boot and the blade to rock while keeping the blade on the ice and transferring your weight.

This will allow your control of turns and stride easier and give you a massive advantage in the game.

What Is Included in the Marsblade?

Marsblades skates are customizable, therefore, there are different things you get in a pair to help you get a good setup that goes along with your skating stride.

You can also get a full kit if you want a new pair of roller skates.

  • Marsblade boot – the off-ice chassis can be attached to the boots of a regular skate or get completely off the ice skate kit with everything included. The marsblades skates for roller hockey have an alkali boot including the chassis.
  • The Marsblade chassis – chassis is the main piece because this is what implements patented Flow-through technology and with it, you can get an extra in case one is damaged while playing.
  • Rocker Inserts – inserts are what you need to change to get the desired setup because each will allow a different range of mobility for the chassis.

Marsblades Performance

Ice hockey, off-ice, and inline Marsblade skates’ frames and chassis are becoming a smash hit globally and can be used by several elite players.

A great feature of Marsblade is its accessibility to all levels of skater. They are ideal for any skater seeking to improve performance.

Read on to learn some key aspects of Marsblade performance.

Roller Frames

Marsblade roller frames are inline skates that have been designed to copy the skating feel of real ice due to the unique rocker. This challenges the player and stabilizes their muscles and core while improving agility and balance.

The player can also tune up their stick’s skills such as puck handling, shooting, and passing when working on skating as well.

The player can master skating movements because they help stabilize certain muscles and joints that are used. Marsblades help in promoting quicker turns, and speed and offer good control, grip, and stopping.

The frames can be interchanged with the boots available separately and are made of several durable materials like aluminum and magnesium chassis and glass fiber reinforced Polyamide chassis.

Frames can be customized to suit the player by switching between the four inserts, control, and grip.

Power and speed are achieved when the four wheels are in contact with the surface all the time.

They are made to handle the weight transfer and heel pushes for the tightest turns without reducing speed.

Marsblade ice rocker handles the same motion as the blade is always in contact with the ice resulting in more powerful and longer strides and maximum balance.

O1 Frames and Inline Frames

O1 frames are geared toward hockey players who want ways to develop skills through the off-ice method. They are made to give a real ice-like feeling that allows smooth transition once the player hit the ice again.

When using the O1 frames you will be forced to use the correct skating technique as well as strengthen the core, balance points, and stabilizer muscles.

Inline frames come with two Marsblade chassis plus eight-wheel axles, 16 Sonic ABEC 7 bearings, 10 all-purpose Labeda Wheels, and eight bearing spacers.

In-Built Comfort

The boots of Marsblade come within a built-in anatomical comfort system with the heel-locking form stabilizers and foam padded performance memory for proper fit, support comfort, performance, and protection.

They come with two types of tongues: the first is a white felt model with high-density foam and plastic reinforcement. The second is the black Lycra foam version that is lightweight.

The two can be adjusted quickly and easily into two different positions.


The Marsblade company use elite-level testing of their products to ensure they meet the grade. They have run many tests on both the ice holders and inline compared to more rigid competitors.

Their studies were completed with half a dozen elite hockey players taking a test protocol, timing, and data collection, according to the Mid Sweden University and Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre.

Replacement Parts and Flexible Use

Replacement parts are available for both the ice and inline versions of the frames since you can find the wheel axle, bearings, crews, and upper and lower frames.

The boot is available in various sizes and is built for comfort. A great thing about Marsblade is the ice-skating holders and inline skate chassis fit every brand of ice and inline skate manufacturer.

Therefore, you can purchase the holder and chassis frames if your boots have removable wheels and blades.

The best way to attach your blades is to have a technician at your local sports store help you out because the existing blades need to be removed properly so that the product of Marsblade is attached correctly.

Worldwide Shipping

Marsblade company ships its products worldwide from its headquarters in Sweden, and most of the products go to recreational players and pros.

The most common products of Marsblade are the O1 and R1 inline frames. R1 frames are made for roller hockey contests as they are made to handle all the rigors and stress of sports while maximizing performance.

How To Bake the Marsblade Boots?

The marsblade boots and wheels/blades are baked to mold into the desired shape before using it.

The wheels do not need to be removed during baking, but caution should be taken when handling them when hot especially the eyelets.

They can be baked for 5 minutes and 90 degrees Celsius. When they get warm, place the feet in them and tighten using the laces with your feet flat on the ground and the kneecap center over the center of the skate’s toecap.

Then wear the skates for about fifteen minutes or till they are completely cool.

Do not walk on them at this point because they could be misshaped, wait for 24 hours before using them.

Marsblades Price Point

This technology is new, hence, comes with a reasonable price point in comparison with a brand-new set of skates. There are several options to consider, including beginner and elite options.

For someone who wants to consider the cost of ice and summer hockey schools, a product like this that is off-ice can mimic the ice and hence can pay off quickly.

O1 skates range from $199 to $350 while R1 Roller Hockey skates range from $300 to $700.

The Sizing Charts of Marsblades

The sizing of marsblade goes off CCM and Bauer skate sizes, therefore, it is important to remember they are not shoe size because your shoes will be 1.5 sizes bigger than your skates.

Therefore, when you buy the Marsblade skates, it is good to order 1.5 sizes less than your normal shoe size.

Like any true hockey skates, it is good to bake them to have the perfect fit. Baking will ensure your foot and your skate fit together like a glove.

Final Thoughts

Great NHL players are investing in Marsblade to use it during and off the ice because the patented technology that helps simulate the conditions on ice off-ice help one improve during summer when the player is not on the ice.

It improves explosiveness, acceleration, and skating control.

Therefore, Marsblade is among the best ways to work the skating skills off the ice when incorporated with off-ice training.


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