Impala Vs Moxi Skates – Which Skates Are Better?

Roller skating is a fun and exciting activity but selecting roller skates can be a huge task because there are plenty of brands in the market selling skates.

New buyers often get confused when deciding between Impala vs Moxi skates.

Impala vs Moxi Skates

Both brands are famous, but should you buy Moxi skates or Impala skates?

Both Moxi and Impala skates fall under the quad roller skate’s category, where they have two wheels on the rear side and two wheels on the front side of each skate.

Before purchasing a roller skate, you need to consider certain factors such as durability, comfort, cost, skating type, and skill level to ensure that you are not disappointed by the skates when they arrive.

This article will compare Impala and Moxi skates to help you in making an informed decision on which one you should buy.

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Impala vs Moxi Skates: Overview

Before moving forward into the differences, you need to understand some background information about Moxi skates and Impala skates.

The Moxi Skates company was founded by Michelle Steilen in 2008 in Long Beach, and it specializes in retro quad skates for the outdoors. The Moxi Skates company has partnered with Riedell Skate company to manufacture and produce skates.

The key area that Moxi skates focus on is accessibility where it expands its outreach and introduces roller skating culture and good roller skates to its customers.

Impala Vs Moxi Skate

The Moxi company has dominated the market especially female-drive clientele since its inception.

Impala Skates is relatively new as it was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. However, it has gained worldwide fame despite being new and now sells skates in Canada, the US, Asia, Europe, and New Zealand.

Impala Skates provides clients a more inclusive skating experience by welcoming both pros and newcomers. This brand uses inspiration from the 90s, 80s, and 70s, skating scenes.

Impala Skates Vs Moxi Skates: Comparison

The following shows a breakdown of the performance of each brand:


Some brands and models are more popular than others. Therefore, sometimes when shopping for roller skates, you will find that other brands sell more than others. When you are choosing skates, availability is key.

Impala has gained popularity over the past few years yet, still working on its customer base. Impala skates have a greater level of availability.

However, the same can’t apply to Moxi skates. Some of the models are quite difficult to find, for example, the Moxi Lolly skates, as you may have to take months waiting for these skates to be back in stock.

If you hurriedly want to purchase a pair of skates, you may find the Impala brand to be more accommodating. This brand is more available to the public.

For Beginners

Skates for beginners are quite different from professional roller skates because novice starters have separate needs. So, which brand is best for beginners?

Impala skates were specifically made for beginners because most of their features focus on helping beginners to perfect their balance and learn the necessary skills.

Impala roller skates have excellent ankle support, have durable, snug fit, and lightweight trucks and plates.

Impala Vs Moxi Type Of Skating

Moxi creates some of the skates for beginners too, which include the Ivy Jungle Model. They provide maximum support and offer a smooth glide. The Moxi lace-up features are a snug fit, therefore, a safer pair.

Therefore, for the beginner options, the two brands tie. Moxi skates and Impala skates have created a line for new skaters.

They are even in terms of advantages and features thus either of them is an excellent choice.

For Professionals

Professional skaters have different requirements for their skates. Support and balance for professionals is not a concern, rather focus more on speed, maneuvering, and how the skates accommodate several skills well.

Impala skates design is mostly for beginners thus doesn’t have a specific line for professionals.

Yes, experts can still use these skates, but they will find that it’s not helping them with maneuverability and flexibility as they would like.

On the other hand, Moxi has more range. There are different options for advanced skaters. Therefore, for experts, the Moxi Lolly series is a good investment.

This skate has enough stability for new skaters, but it also helps a lot with maneuverability. Moxi’s overall design also encourages longer practices.


With roller skates, sizing can be tricky. However, getting the right size is the key for every skater because it ensures comfort and improves support and balance.

Impala’s sizing chart runs from US Men 12Y (US Women’s 1) to US Men 9 (US Women 11) meaning that the skates’ sizes start from 22cm to 27cm. However, every series has different options for sizes.

Therefore, the Impala size range is not great because it cuts out skaters who wear in-between sizes.

Impala Vs Moxi Skates Sizing

Moxi, however, has more range. Children’s sizes run from 10YTH (6 9/16 inches) to 3JR (8 ½ inches).

Sizes for adults run from US Women’s 5 (8 13/16 inches) to US Women’s 11.5 (10 11/16 inches). Moxi has a wide range and plenty of half in between sizes making it more inclusive.

Therefore, Moxi wins in size options because it offers more sizes making it suitable for adults and children.

Moxi also provides odd sizes for skates that have trouble finding their skates size with other brands.

Indoor And Outdoor Skates

Some skates have hybrid options, but most are geared for outdoor or indoor surfaces. Impala skates are mostly designed for indoor use.

The roller skates have wheels with a hardness rating of 82A with a 58mm diameter. Thus, they are suitable for indoors.

However, Impala created the Impala Unisex skates, which are a great hybrid option. They have a good balance between softness and hardness giving enough traction and gumminess for the skates to work on various surfaces.

Moxi skates are mostly for outdoor skating. One of Moxi’s best skates is the Beach Bunny. It has a 78A hardness rating that enables it to absorb impact even from the hardest surfaces.

Roller Skating FAQ

They are soft enough for that. It has 55mm heels to improve maneuverability on surfaces.

Moxi has Moxi Lolly indoor version, which is complete with indoor wheels. This option is not easily available thus requires a special order from the manufacturer.

Therefore, if you want indoor roller skates, Impala is a good choice. It also has hybrid options if you want a skate for both worlds. However, if you are interested in outdoor skates, go for the Moxi brand.

Type Of Skating

Since there are different types of skating styles, they each have their requirement when it comes to maneuvering, speed, and stability.

Therefore, these skating styles need skates that are specifically designed for their purpose. So, how do Moxi and Impala measure up?

Impala skates are indoor and recreational skates. It means that they are perfect for occasionally venturing out or practicing indoors. Also, they do not have any extra features.

On the other hand, Moxi skates are designed for recreational skating. But the Beach Bunny and Lolly skates are great for session and dance skating, even though the style is the same.

Even though Moxi and Impala do not have much difference in variety, some Moxi skates are designed for multi-purpose use.


When it comes to skates, quality is very essential for many reasons. Roller skates that are built better perform better because they have a smoother glide which provides for speedier performance and better maneuvers.

Quality also means that your roller skate will serve you for a longer period especially when you are skating outdoors.

Impala skates have PVC soles and upper as well as aluminum plates. This is to ensure that the skate holds up well and offers good performance.

Impala Vs Moxi Skates

However, the durability of these skates is not great, so you can expect some tear and wear.

On the other hand, Moxi skates have trucks and plates for professional, intermediate, and beginner skaters. This means that the durability and quality of these parts will go up with each skating level.

Some Moxi skates have nylon uppers while others are made using heavy-duty suede. This enables them to hold up slightly better against tear and wear, though some skates can be scuffed easily.

Moxi skates win in terms of quality because they are heavy-duty and designed with features that improve durability and performance.


It does not matter whether you are a professional or a beginner in skating, comfort is very important. The inner lining and the stiffness of the boot determine the level of comfort that skates offer.

Boots that have thicker linings and less stiff are the best option.

Impala skates have a good amount of lining, meaning that there is less chafing when breaking in.

However, the boots are known to be slightly stiffer than normal making it difficult for a beginner to deal with.

On the other hand, Moxi has gone to great lengths to ensure that their skates have more comfort. They are not soft but they are not too stiff either. They also have a thick lining.

Most of these skates come with linings that have moisture-wicking properties to ensure that sweat does not accumulate inside the boot.

When it comes to comfort, Moxi skates offer the best, and they are great for individuals who are new to skating.


Choosing the right wheels depends on your skill level as well as the type of skating you are interested in. Wheels are either narrow or wide, soft or hard.

Softer wheels are suitable for outdoor skating because they have better shock absorption and grip and allow skating on uneven surfaces.

However, they are less durable and slow. Harder wheels are recommended for indoor skating.

Impala Vs Moxi Skates Overview

Hard or Soft WheelsA durometer scale that ranges from 0 to 100A determines the hardness or softness of a wheel. The closer you are to 100A, the harder the wheels and the closer you are to 0A, the softer the wheels.

The wheels of Moxi Ivy, Moxi Beach Bunny, and Moxi Lolly have a hardness of 78A while the wheels of Moxi Jack have a hardness of 97A. Wheels of Impala quad skates on the other hand have a hardness of 82A.

Narrow or Wide Wheels – Narrow wheels are suitable for skaters who like making fancy turns and beginners because they are simpler to maneuver with.

Wider wheels can be difficult to control but they are stable when making high-speed turns because of the larger surface area.

Generally, Impala skates have narrow wheels while Moxi skates have wider wheels. That is why most beginners choose Impala skates.


Plates are another factor that affects roller skating. There are two types of plates namely metal and plastic.

Metal plates are better than plastic or nylon plates because they offer you extra space and support, particularly for hard skating.

Moxi skates have plastic or nylon plates while Impala skates come with lightweight aluminum plates.

If you weigh above 200 pounds and want to do extreme skating, Moxi skates are not a good option for you.


Bearings are small components that are put inside the wheels to enable the skates to roll. Generally, bearings that are rated higher are better than bearings rated lower.

Most bearings that are expensive absorb more pressure, are more durable and provide a feel that is properly balanced on your skates.

If you want your skates to perform well, treat the bearings well by avoiding water, dirt, moisture, and sand as much as possible.

The bearings on Moxi Jack, Moxi Beach Bunny, Moxi Lolly have an ABEC rating of 5 while those on Moxi Ivy have an ABEC 3 rating.

Impala Skates bearings have an ABEC 7 rating.


Roller skates’ boots are made of carbon fiber, PVC, polymer and composite plastic, fiberglass, and/or leather. Boots can be soft or hard, low or high.

You will get more ankle support from higher boots than low-cut boots.

High-cut boots are great for beginners while low-cut boots are perfect for advanced skaters because they allow more movement and flexibility during ankle rotations.

High-cut boots are great for indoor skating while mid-cut boots are great for outdoor skating.

Most Moxi and Impala skates have high-cut boots.

Hard boots are designed for longer rides and for skating on ramps, concrete, and rough terrains. Soft boots are for maneuverability such as in discos and dancing.

Moxi skates have sturdy boots featuring drum-dyed vinyl while Impala skates boots have PVC upper, sole, and heel featuring metal speed lace eyelets.

Toe Stops

Skilled skaters prefer adjustable toe stops because they are involved in complicated skating activities such as high jumps, complex turns, and other demanding skills.

On the other hand, non-adjustable toe stops are perfect for beginners because they are only involved in basic skating.

Moxi skates have adjustable toe stop, that is, Powerdyne Adjustable toe stop while most Impala skates come with PU brake stoppers.

Final Words

Regardless of whether you are an advanced skater or a beginner, you may need to decide between Moxi and Impala skates. If you are a beginner, Impala skates are a good option if you do not want to make a huge investment.

They are comfortable, specifically designed for beginners, and provide options for outdoors and indoor skating.

Moxi skates are a better option if you are looking for skates that will serve you as you get better. They provide impressive performance across the board and are suitable for skaters of all levels.

Hopefully, this article has outlined the differences between Impala vs Moxi skates so that you can make an informed choice of skates that suit you.


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