Impala Skate Review (2023) – Are Impala Skates Good?

Skating has recently grown in popularity and so is roller skate companies such as Impala. But are Impala skates good? Our Impala skate review will explore this question in detail.

As demand for skates has steadily increased, the market for skates has also grown significantly.

Impala Skates Review

To stand out from the crowd, companies such as Impala Skates need to stand out. Impala Skates is an Australian brand that designs comfortable skates, especially for beginners.

Impala Skates stands out from other brands that make skates because of the designs they make as they provide more in terms of pattern, color, and flair.

However, they focus more on skates for people who are starting in the sport and not intermediate or seasoned skaters.

This article will provide more information on the Impala roller skates review including their features, performance level, advantages, disadvantages, and the best Impala roller skates – leaving you in no doubt as to whether Impala Skates is a brand for you.

What Are Impala Roller Skates?

The Impala Skate Company came like a storm to the world in 2017.

This is a skate brand that is popular for beginners. Their safety pads, quirky colors, and accessories are a hit for people who are into pastel shades.

The pastel shades are new colors that everyone wants to buy. Their design is retro and targets youngsters.

Impala Skates Range

The Impala skates are known for their well-known skates. However, this is not the only product that Impala Skates has. The following are other options that are found under this brand:

Inline Skates

The Impala skates have one design for the inline skates known as the Lightspeed Model. This design is available in different designs and colors.

The model is equipped with ABEC-7 bearings and plastic boots and has an optional heel break.

The wheels of this model have a common option known as the all-terrain street wheels of size 53mm and 95A hardness. The boots however can fit 72mm wheels.


The Impala Skates mostly, have skateboards in a variety of medium concave and full shapes.

The medium concave variety sometimes has proper tall and mild nose kickboards. There are also others known as the Mellow concave that have a subtle kicktail.

These types of skateboards are all Impala Pink Rubber Shield ABEC-7 bearings.

They are made of Maple hard rockwood. They have different types of wheels according to the various uses and surfaces. These skateboards are usually considered for beginner level.

Protective Gear

The Impala skates have their line of protective gear for the adults and kids. This protective gear includes the elbow, wrist, and knee pads.

The protective gears have been designed to match the nature of bubblegum-esque that most are in most of the designs of Impala skates.

The Performance Level Of Impala Skates

Are Impala Skates Good

When we talk about performance level, it means what the skates are meant for. Impala Skates identifies itself to be meant for beginner-intermediate skaters.

Therefore, they are not meant for professional skaters. They best serve the beginner’s level of skaters. Impala skates have great offerings for beginner skates for example Impala Quad Roller Skates.

The skates are durable in that they can take a few knocks from amateur skaters. They are also lightweight, which helps in keeping the skater’s weight down, making it easier to glide on them.

They also have good ankle support which is a great consideration for starters. These help in stabilizing the skater and not worrying about falling.

Below are some of the performance features that come with Impala skates:


One of the things that you cannot fault Impala skates for is the design of the skates’ boots and wheels have a very aesthetically pleasing appearance.

For the skater who chooses a stylish design, they also have a lot of options.

For somebody looking for basic colors, they can choose from aqua, pink, black, sky blue, and pink styles.

A few of these options have beautiful contrasting wheels and laces to help add a little flair.

For those who are all eyes on the skate color scheme, there are various options to go for.

There is the holographic, harmony print blue skates, Cynthia Rowley floral design that makes somebody stand out from a crowd.


Impala skates have gained popularity in the past few years and its customer base is growing.

Impala skates are always available in stock and ready to be delivered straight to your door. They are available from many online sellers.


Renting skates can cost around $15 which is pretty much the same as buying new ones.

The Impala skates give a serious skater who wants to skate regularly a chance to buy affordable skates.

For Beginners

Impala skates are highly recommended for beginners.

They have features that are suitable for skaters who are just into skating. They have great ankle support, have a snug fit, and lightweight, and durable plates and trucks.

For Professionals

Professional skaters might need to consider other skates if they are in for competitions, but Impala works well for them when they are performing recreational skating and want to roll around the road.


The available sizing for Impala skates satisfies most of the customers because they offer sizes 1-14.

Thus, they are great because they offer a wide range of sizing. Having the right size of skate ensures that you are comfortable and have balance and support.

Indoor and Outdoor Skates

Impala skates are mostly used for indoor skating.

But are Impala skates good for the outdoors? Impala has designed a hybrid skate that has a great balance between hardness and softness which means you can use them on various surfaces.

Type Of Skating

The Impala skates are usually for recreational purposes and indoor purposes. They are great for practicing indoors and occasionally venturing out.


The Impala skates are of great quality and serve the beginner skater well. They have aluminum plates and PVC soles and upper. This ensures that they provide you with the best performance and your skate holds up well.


Your overall experience of roller-skating is enhanced if the skates are comfortable. Discomfort may make you think that the skates are a waste of money.

One way to ensure the skates’ comfort is to understand the materials and the support that the roller skates provide.

The discomfort of most skates is usually at the ankle. Therefore, the best way to avoid the problem is by finding good Impala skates that provide extra ankle padding and support to the skater.

The extra padding allows the skaters to roll for long without feeling any discomfort.

The fabric and the boot are also important. The fabric needs to be comfortable and breathable that your feet can stay in for a long period. Check for any extra added features for comfort too.

Components & Features Of Impala Skates


Impala Skates have a great deal of homogeneity with the wheels too. The wheel is commonly 58mm by 32mm with a Durometer of 82A urethane.

This indicates that the wheels fall under the category of hybrid wheels. The Impala Skates’ wheels are gummy enough to move across uneven surfaces without any problem.

They also have enough grip to be able to move a skater safely across polished surfaces.

These skates’ wheels are for beginners. However, one needs to be careful when skating outside because the wheels can get stuck in the large cracks of pavements.

Trucks and Plates

The Impala skate’s trucks and plates are made of aluminum alloy which is one of the highlights of roller skates.


The Impala skate’s bearings are all ABEC 7. It is also crucial to focus on the material that is used for the bearings, but Impala skates haven’t given much information on it.

The bearings are acceptable and have a decent level of precision. These bearings work well for beginners, but for those who are looking for more challenging activities, this won’t be enough.


The Impala skate boots are usually vegan-friendly. The upper heel and sole are made of PVC which resembles imitation leather.

This boot rarely needs a break-in, unlike leather. The PVC boot is comfortable and a breeze for beginners.

Toe stops

The Impala skates have a PV stopper that allows grabbing free breaking.

Pros of Impala skates

Availability – the Impala is the best for the digital world because you can order them from their site. They have a return policy for those who have issues with the skates.

Collection – Impala Skates provide a one-stop solution with their products. You can purchase inline skates, quad skates, and skateboards at one site. Therefore, you don’t have to order different products from different sites. They have a quirkier and edgier collection.

Hybrid – The Impala skates are considered hybrid because they can be used on the roads and even on rinks without wearing off easily.

Optional brake – Impala skates have the optional brake feature in inline skates. These are roller skates with a brake at the back end that is helpful for beginners.

Cons of Impala skates

Quality – Impala skates have received a lot of reviews about the wearing of the heel rink. They are hybrid and can be used for roads, but they tend to easily wear away quickly.

Affordability – Impala skates are expensive compared to skates such as Rio Rollers skates

Best Impala Roller Skates

Impala X Cynthia Rowley

The collaboration of Cynthia Rowley and Impala offers a fun floral design for the roller skates.

It is for you and your girlfriends to roam with it around the street and flaunt them around. These skates are highly sturdy because they have aluminum alloy trucks and base plates.

The skates provide the stability you need to be able to skate around quickly because they are snug fit.

Beginners can be able to do well with these skates because they will help in getting used to the movements as they begin the journey of roller skating.


  • Last longer
  • Great for beginner skaters
  • Comes in a fun floral design
  • Offer comfortable experience
  • Great value for money


  • Can wear and tear faster

Impala Holographic Roller Skates

The Impala Holographic roller skates have the best safety experience and features.

They are made from components of high quality so you can feel great when skating with your girl gang across the street.

They have the PU stopper braking system which has a quick response time and is easy to use.

The aluminum base plate gives a low and wide design that allows you to be more stable when roller skating. They have ABEC 7 bearings and a wheel size of 58mm and a Durometer of 82A.


  • High stability
  • Attractive appearance
  • The stopper ensures safety
  • Laces are easy to put in place
  • His wheels have a smooth motion


  • Not suitable for skating on ramps and bowls

Impala Roller Skates Midnight

The most important factor when choosing the impala skates is the high-quality build skates. This is because if you go for low-quality-build skates it may ruin your roller skating experience.

Therefore, high-quality-build skates will give you a great experience and just as the Impala Roller Skates Midnight will offer you.

These skates have trucks and base plates that are created from sturdy aluminum materials that provide a smooth experience.

This can help one to skate for long without any problems. The materials and the construction exceed expectations once you begin skating in them.


  • Stylish
  • The lace eyelets provide easy wearing and removal.
  • High-quality wheels that can stand intense friction.
  • Great brake stoppers for safety
  • Affordable


  • Ideal for women only

Impala Lightspeed Inline Skates

Impala roller skates are known to be great at enhancing the skating experience. Every new skater should grab a pair. The Impala Lightspeed Inline skates are well designed.

They are made of urethane materials the best bearings for smooth skating. The sole heel absorbs all the impact so that the feet do not feel pressure while skating.

They have cushions that provide comfort no matter the time you have skated. They have laces and buckles that ensure the skater can wear and remove their skates faster.


  • Soles absorb all the shock
  • Comfortable padding that makes the feet feel well.
  • Construction of high quality
  • Great appearance


  • Needs to be carefully steered as they easily go wrong in the wrong direction.

Impala Roller Skates Marawa Rose Gold

It is in every girl skater’s dream to own an Impala Marawa Rose Gold roller skate. This is because they are stunning and shiny and offer a great skating experience.

They have a color that pops the 70s classic style. They have eye-catching retro rink realness. These skates are PETA-approved vegan products.

They are for skaters who like to perform a lot of tricks with their roller skates.

The base plate provides agility. They do wear and tear easily even with a lot of tricks because they are durable. The material they are made of is sturdy.


  • High agility
  • Durable
  • Has an aesthetic and stylish appearance.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver and control


  • The baseplate quality needs improvement.

What The Brand Stands For?

Does Impala Skates stand with any charity or community? Is any of the buyer’s contribution being used to help the needy?

Impala Skates give some of what they receive from certain skates to children’s funds across the globe. The company makes at least $50,000 in donations per year.

Impala Skates is also actively involved in sustainability. Since they use wooden skateboards, they contribute towards sustainability by ensuring that there is a tree planted for every skateboard built.

This is a thoughtful idea for creating a semblance of balance.

Final Words

Impala skates are affordable, comfortable, durable, and you will get the best quality. These skates are designed specifically for beginner skaters because the wheels are stable enough to get you started on skating.

Impala skates will last you for about four to five years depending on how you use them but will last you longer if you maintain them properly.

If you have wide feet, Impala got you covered as they have options for you to have a comfortable and great experience.

Hopefully this article has given you all the essential details on the Impala Skates brand, to help guide you in future inline skate choices. 


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