How Many Calories Does Roller Skating Burn?

Roller skating is a lot more than just wearing your favorite pair of skates or being in a competition.

When it comes to weight loss or fitness, people often think about going to the gym or swimming classes but not most people think about skating. You may be wondering how many calories does roller skating burn?

How Many Calories Does Rollerblading Burn

When you look deep, you realize that roller skating is a great exercise that helps you gain fitness, and it is an aerobic sport that has several health benefits.

Therefore, you can get yourself a pair of skates and get started on the skating adventure that will help you burn some calories.

It is a manual sport that requires force to get the wheels moving, hence helping you lose some weight.

If you want to know more about the number of calories you can burn when skating, roller-skating weight loss, and the benefits of skating, continue reading.

Does Roller Skating Burn Calories?

How Many Calories Does Roller Skating Burn

Yes, it burns calories, but the number depends on the style of skating you are involved in and your weight.

Weight affects the number of calories you burn. If two people with different weights skate on the same surface at the same time, the person that weighs more will burn more calories than the other.

Roller skating has a Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) value of 5.8. To know how many calories, you burn when roller skating, multiply your body weight in kg by the MET value, then multiply the result by 0.0175 and the time in minutes.

For example, if you weigh 70kgs and skate for 30 minutes you will burn around 213 calories (70*5.8*0.0175*30).

Health Benefits Of Roller Skating

The following are the health benefits of roller skating and the reason why you should take it up for your fitness needs:

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Health Benefits Of Roller Skating

In this modern life, stress is anonymous because everyone is stressed out about something or someone.

It does not matter if it is about their relationships, work, health, family, or money and can turn out dangerous if not controlled or reduced. It can lead to serious outcomes like depression.

It is good to try and reduce the levels of your stress and roller skating is great at minimizing the stress.

Those people who have never skated find it a tiring sport that can surely knock the wind out of you but also one can roller skate peacefully.

Skating can be a relaxing activity even for those who want quiet time. You can identify a peaceful scenic location that is good for roller skating and use the moment to focus on the surroundings breathe in the fresh air.

Doctors advise on taking up new activities or a sport it is important that one chooses an activity that is fun like roller skating.

Roller Skating Makes You Happy

There are physical health benefits of roller skating that are obvious and there are also mental. When you roller skate, it clears your mind and reduces mild forms of depression hence making you happy.

Roller skating enhances the good (happy) hormones in your body and minimizes bad hormones.

Roller skating allows your body to release endorphins that help remove pain in the brain and because roller skating is a great aerobic workout, one will naturally feel well.

Roller Skating Makes You Happy

The good hormones from skating will help improve your concentration and allow you to improve the basic skills of skating.

Therefore, skating makes you feel good and help to improve your skating techniques. Those who like roller-skating with friends can have even more fun.

Roller Skating Prevents Injuries

Roller skating is among the best forms of exercise, and it is even much safer. It prevents injuries to the joints and muscles not. It is not about the crapes or falls the knees might get because the knee and elbow pads are there to help.

Walking or running can cause problems to the joints and can lead to permanent injuries from the sport. This roller skating is different because all its disciplines are low impact.

Roller skating is easy on the joints because there is a fluid motion and no jerky movements like running.

This fluid movement is less likely to cause joint damage. Therefore, roller skating can help you get the same results that dancing or running achieve without harsh impact.

Roller Skating Improves Muscular Endurance

Roller skating increases the strength and muscular endurance that makes you go harder for longer. With time you can roller skate longer, run for long, or do other exercises without feeling tired easily.

Inline skating is an endurance-building sport that is advantageous to muscle building because it can build muscles even more than running or dancing.

Roller Skating Helps In Building Strength Or Getting More Body Power

Roller skating helps in building body strength. It is for building muscle and lowering body strength. Strength training or resistance training is another way of controlling diabetes.

The resistant training is not limited to disease because one should always desire to make their bodies stronger.

Roller Skating Helps In Building Strength

A strong body builds a strong immune system and reduces bone fractures and osteoporosis in later years.

Your improved body strength will help improve your skating coordination and prevent skating injuries and keep you more active even as you get older.

Defeat Diabetes Through Roller Skating

Diabetes cases are increasing and get just like heart disease. A sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diets, being overweight, and lack of aerobic exercise can trigger type-2 diabetes.

The two types of physical activities that help manage and prevent diabetes as recommended by the American Diabetes Association are aerobic exercises and strength training.

These two exercises are already the health benefits of roller skating and rollerblading and can help in effectively fighting diabetes.

Roller skating is a great aerobic exercise and helps the body to use and control insulin better.

Roller skating helps relieves stress, strengthens the bones and heart, improves cholesterol levels, and lower body glucose.

These factors contribute to diabetes. Therefore, it can be great roller skating to prevent diabetes or control it.

Those patients at risk of diabetes are advised to do 30-minute light aerobic exercise every 5 days a week. This will help take control of diabetes, skating regularly will thus help in preventing or reducing diabetes.

Roller Skating For Better Heart Health

Heart disease has been the leading cause of premature deaths in the US and is increasing rate. Rollerblading, roller skating, and inline skating are effective forms of aerobic exercises as named by the American Heart Association.

Moderate rollerblading or roller skating increases the average heart rate from 140 to 160 beats per minute.

Those who participate in speed skating or roller derby can increase their heart rates to 180 beats per minute.

Roller Skating Helps Improve Your Balance

Many people lack natural balance while some have it. Natural balance can affect how one walks and do certain activities and sports.

Good balance reduces the amount of energy expended when doing regular activities.

Roller Skating Helps Improve Your Balance

Good balance also helps in reducing fatigue. In skating, balance is necessary for successful roller skating, therefore, the more you roller skate, the more you learn the techniques are tricks of maintaining balance.

Roller skating improves your balance because of the muscles used. Balance is achieved when you use your lower back and abdominal muscles to roll forward and backward.

Skating needs one to keep a steady core to remain upright, which is a great recipe for achieving better balance.

Roller Skating Helps In Building Muscle Definition

Roller skating is good for toning up and building muscles. Roller skating firms up and flexes areas like thighs, glutes, abs, and calves.

Skating makes you bend, turn and twist when navigating corners and turns. This engages your back making it firm and pert, and well defined.

It is normal to get your calves toned from skating because this is the area that gets plenty of action and they help maintain the

Achilles tendon that supports the ankles during skating. For overweight people, it takes some time to see the difference but when you start losing some weight, you will significantly look toned and leaner.

Roller Skating Burns Calories

It is a fact that weight needs burning excess calories than you take in daily. Outdoor and indoor skating are great ways of burning calories.

Roller skating is a cardiovascular activity that gets the heart working hard.

Therefore, regular skating and following a healthy diet will enable you to lose some weight. Skating is an effective way of losing weight.

Final words

If you are thinking about adding roller skating to your fitness and weight loss journey, this is the right time for you. Roller skating can be the greatest kind of workout you can participate in.

This is because, with roller-skating, you can burn calories and have fun at the same time.

Your muscles will get stronger, and your balance will improve with skating. Remember, the number of calories burned during skating depends on your weight, speed, and gender.

Ensure that you wear protective gear when skating to avoid getting injured.


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