How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last – Hoverboard Battery Life

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters have become a popular way of alternative travel in impersonal and workplace settings.

This fun and eco-friendly option have caused many to ponder how long does a hoverboard battery last”.

Hoverboard Battery Life

Your hoverboard battery life becomes an important consideration if you will be depending on it to traverse between work sites or roll around large premises.

We usually charge hoverboards when we are not using them, but there are a few rules that you should follow if you want your hoverboard to last for as long as it should.

You will find that most hoverboards use lithium-ion battery packs and there is a particular way that battery should be treated as opposed to other types.

There are quite a few factors which determine the life of your battery.

As someone who has owned several hoverboards, I will share with you my tips for extending the battery life of your hoverboard. You will also get info about using your hoverboard more efficiently.

How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last?

You should expect your hoverboard to last approximately 10 miles, but it all depends on the manufacturer or brand.

For the best results, you should ensure that your hoverboard is completely charged so that you can get more hours and mileage from a single charging session.

Apart from the type or brand of battery you need to pay attention and follow the guidelines of maintenance and care.

There are general guidelines to follow, but it may vary slightly from hoverboard to hoverboard based on the make and model.

The most important thing is to have an understanding of how the hoverboard works, so that you can take care of the battery.

How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last

As we have stated, many of the hoverboards used lithium-ion battery packs which usually allow between 20 minutes and an hour before it needs to be recharged it again.

That said, the battery type is not the only thing you must consider.

You must also be aware of the wheel size, the motor strength, weather condition while riding, the length of time you spend using your hoverboard as well as the battery pack quality  since all batteries are not  created equally.

Usually hoverboards of a high quality have batteries that would last  for approximately 1-2 years  before it needs to be replaced.

Factors That Affect The Battery Power Of Hoverboards 

Your hoverboard battery power is determined by a variety of factors. You must understand what affects your battery power to get the most from your battery.

Battery Brand And Type

We have stated that the  lithium-ion batteries are mainly used for hoverboards, but we have not explained why this is so. The reason is simple.

Lithium-ion batteries are proven to be more effective and energy-efficient when it comes to electric rides.

Also note that popular brands like Samsung and LG usually perform better than generic brands.

Travel Terrain   

Be aware that the type of terrain that you must travel with your hoverboard, will affect the battery lifespan and the hoverboard  lifespan overall.

It should go without saying that rough surfaces obstruct the hoverboard why you are rolling. Smoother surfaces are ideal because rough surfaces will affect the power output.

This is also true for terrains where there is an incline because traversing a hill would require more power. The terrain that is a rough and hilly would definitely cause your hoverboard to spend more energy and therefore affect the battery life.

Type Of Hoverboard

There are different types of hoverboards which are manufactured with different users in mind. These hoverboards also have batteries that can handle the design of the hoverboard.

Some models were created for users that weight more while other models were created for smaller children who would weight less.

The weight of the hoverboard itself should also be considered as that would affect the battery power needed. Hoverboards with a larger wheel usually require more power.

When you consider the hoverboard weight itself along with the weight of the rider it is clear that more power output is required.

Weather Conditions 

The type of weather that you will be subjected to while using your hoverboard is also important. The weather can affect the lifespan of your hoverboard battery.

For example, the winter time is a period where you may not get the best from your hoverboard.

Hoverboards Battery Life

The temperature may also affect the way the battery works, so it’s important that you do not charge your hoverboard when the weather is too cold or too hot.

Weight of Rider

It is very important that you follow the guidelines of your hoverboard manual which should give you a weight  range for using it.

Please note that the weight limit includes your total weight as well as the things you carry such as your backpack , clothes etc.

Going over the weight limit can seriously affect your battery power and destroy your hoverboard totally.

Not adhering to the weight limit can also affect the speed that you are able to travel, especially if you are traversing on rough and inclined areas.

Battery Maintenance And Safety Tips

Your Hoverboard Battery Life

There are a few things you can do to extend the life of a hoverboard battery. These are:

Using The Original Charger Of The Hoverboard

You must always use the charger that comes with the hoverboard when you purchase it because if it is the safest option. Other chargers may destroy your battery after a while.

Avoid Draining The Hoverboard Battery Completely

You should not allow the battery in your hoverboard to be completely drained. Even when you are not using it you should always make sure it is charged.

Whenever you constantly drain the battery it will reduce the overall lifespan and change the charging pattern. Whenever you realize that your hoverboard indicator tells you to charge your battery you must do so soon.

Constantly draining your battery could also affect the battery performance, so it may be a good idea to take your charger with you, so that your hoverboard will always be charged.

Always Check Your Battery Before Using It

Make sure that you check the status of your battery before taking your hoverboard for a spin. You will know if the battery is low by an indicator light which is usually red.

This is to make sure that the battery does not totally discharge.

Do Not Overcharge Your Hoverboard Battery

We have stated that you should not allow your battery to completely discharge, but it is also true that you should not overcharge your hoverboard battery.

Some models were created with an overcharging safety feature, but it is still not advised to leave your hoverboard plugged in after it has  finished charging.

When you overcharge your hoverboard there may be an overflow of power which can lead to some of the circuits frying due to the excess heat.

Be Careful How You Use The Hoverboard 

It is not surprising that the way you use your hoverboard would affect the battery performance as well as the hoverboard overall.

Therefore, you should use your hoverboard carefully so that the battery performance is not affected.

Factors That Affect The Battery Power Of Hoverboards 

Also, refrain from accelerating abruptly because this can place too much pressure on the battery.

Instead of making sudden stops you should try to glide more when you are riding. Learning these tricks can help you to enjoy your hoverboard for a longer time.

Store Your Hoverboard Properly

When you are not using your hoverboard it should be properly stored. To do this you must choose the correct storage environment.

The battery house will definitely be affected by extreme temperatures of hot and cold, so store is in a place where there is favorable temperature.

This place must also be dry and free of dust. Additionally, you should avoid moisture at all cost so do not store your hoverboard in humid areas which can seep into the board and interfere with the electrical components causing it to malfunction.

Always Ensure That Your Hoverboard Is Switched Off When Charging 

Many people do not know that a hoverboard should be switched off during the charging process.

When you switch off your hoverboard, it will reboot the entire system but also allow essential rest as opposed to having it on at all times.

Battery Replacement On Your Hoverboard 

Some models allow you to purchase a battery as opposed to replacing the entire hoverboard. You should enlist professional help if you are not sure how to go about replacing the battery.

Some models make this easy, but others do not. There are also resources online that you can use to help you to change the battery successfully.

For replacements that require resoldering, you may need to go to the manufacturer.

Hoverboard Battery FAQs

How Many Volts Is A Hoverboard Battery?

There  does not seem to be a clear standard for hoverboard batteries however, the online store products seem to show a partiality to a battery pack with a stack of 11s and 2p (a total of 22 batteries).

There is usually a total normal dosage of 36V and a charging capacity of 4,400 mm.  Hoverboard batteries need to be UL2272 certified for safety reasons.

How Often Do I Need To Charge My Batteries If I’m Not Using My Hoverboard?

Remember that even though we are not using the battery it will be dying all on its own. In order to have the best battery life span, it would be wise to charge and use your hoverboard battery at least once every 3 months.

If you wish to store your hoverboard for a longer time than this, you need to ensure that the battery is between 20 to 30% power.

How Do I Know If My Hoverboard Battery Is Bad?

You will know that your hoverboard battery is bad when you turn it on after charging, but you see a flashing red light in the center.

This means that your battery is defective and needs to be replaced.

Why Is My Hoverboard Battery Blinking?

If you notice that the green light is blinking on your hoverboard it usually means that the battery is quite low and is less than 20% charged.

In a case like this, you should charge your hoverboard immediately. However, when the lights on the charge indicator remains a constant green, then you know it is fully charged or in some cases the battery may be defective.


It may be cost-effective to use your hoverboard for commuting to work on a daily basis especially if your alternative was taking the train or driving.

All it costs is the electricity you need to charge your hoverboard so this results in massive savings.

You can charge it when you get home every day and also charge it when you get to work so that you are always operating at full charge.

If you don’t work that far away and the terrain allows it, then perhaps it may be a great idea for you.

Even though this has the advantage of being an eco-friendly option there is the clear disadvantage of being reliant on a battery for your transportation needs.

And there may be other issues to consider like the weather conditions while you travel that may not suit a hoverboard.

Certain types of weather may actually damage your hoverboard. The battery is decidedly one of the major concerns since after it is fully charged it can only last for a definite amount of time.

Whatever you decide, you should understand that caring for your hoverboard battery will only help you to prolong its life.


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