How Long Do Roller Skate Laces Need to Be?

Roller skating can be a fun sport and for good reasons. The joy of zooming across with literal shoes on wheels feels great. But a commonly overlooked aspect of roller skates is the laces. They need to be the right length for proper fit and performance. So how long do roller skate laces need to be?

A typical roller skate lace size should be around 72 inches. This is a good length to start with. The length will change for bigger or high-top stakes. Remember it is always better to have a little longer lace than too short.

That is only half of it. There are more to roller skate laces you need to consider. To know everything there is about roller skate laces, keep on reading.

How Long Do Roller Skate Laces Need to Be?

Many new skaters sometimes do not put much thought into their skates. Even less so when it comes to the skate laces. If you do not have the correct laces your roller skate will not fit properly. You will either have a loose tie or at worst it will be too tight. Both of which will hinder your performance.

It goes without saying that this is not something you want. Your roller skate should fit your feet snugly and be comfortable. When choosing the lace size, 72 inches is considered a standard.

However, if you have larger skates or high tops, you will need longer laces. Then you can look into laces that are 96 inches or 106 inches in length. High top skates are perfect for rhythm skaters.

They give you that classic and nostalgic feel. That is why they are so popular right now. Since the high top has a high boot, they naturally need to be used with longer laces to tie the entirety of the boot.

Why Are Laces Important?

There are a couple of reasons why you should be a bit more considerate when picking out laces for your skates. Let’s take a look at them. I will break down the reasons why you need to have the perfect lace size and how it might impact your performance.

  1. Right Fit

The first reason why you need to get the right-sized lace for your specific roller skates is that it needs to fit well. As I mentioned before, some skates are high tops. They will have a larger boot which will automatically require you to get longer laces.

But that is not all. Without the right fit, your performance will be poor when skating. If your skates do not fit well, you will not be able to skate comfortably or do any advanced tricks. And if you are a hardcore skater you need your equipment to perform at its peak.

For low top skates, having a shorter lace size is perfectly fine. You can tie the whole shoe with a 72-inch lace. This will still give you a solid fit and make your shoe fit snugly.

2. Allows for Adjustability

Sometimes skaters can face problems when putting their skates on. They might feel pain in the toes or feel like the heels are slipping.

If you have the right lace length, you can adjust it to your heart’s content. I will also go in-depth on how you can adjust your laces for different problems. So, keep on reading.

3. Style

Alright, this might not be all that important nor does it directly impact your performance, but I feel this is still worth a mention. For skaters, their skates are an identity and a form of self-expression.

They love their skates. So, why not put personal style into the skates. With the right laces that have the right length, color and type, you can try out various shoe lace styles to bring some personality to your skates. Many people don’t know that they can even style how their laces are on their shoes. But now you know.

Issues with Improperly Tying Laces

If you are one of those people who can just tie their laces and call it a day, congratulations. You are lucky. But many people suffer some problems when tying laces.  Some can feel pain in the toes or the feet. In other cases, the heel might start to slip.

As you can imagine, any of these problems would make properly skating quite painful and not optimal, to say the least. If any of that is you, gladly there is something you can do about it. You need to adjust your laces properly to alleviate the problems. This is why having the correct lace size helps since you will be sure you will have enough lace length to try out different methods of tying.

Here some common issues caused by improperly tying your laces and how to solve them –

Heel Slip

Let’s start with heel slip. In most cases, heel slips are not even because of your laces (although they could be, that is why we have it on here). They are either because of your shoe size or not wearing the correct socks. Yes, socks.

But if both of those are taken care of, then you might want to look at your laces. Rather, how you tie your laces. To avoid heel slip you need to make sure to tie them tight at the top. Also, crisscross the laces all the way when tying. That should fix it.

Aching Toes

Aching toes are one of the most annoying and painful things you can deal with when skating (at least in my opinion). I faced toe aches too when I first started skating as well. Maybe that is why it annoys me so much.

Some of the reasons people might suffer from aching toes are when the toes are jammed at the top of the skates. This can cause nail problems or something worst known as hammertoes. What are hammertoes, you ask? It is when your toes are permanently bent downwards, ouch.

You and I both, do not want that. Well, anyway, you can adjust your laces to fix toe aches and other problems. To avoid this, half of your lace should be tied side to side. The other half of the remaining length should be done diagonally.

Feet Aches

Aching toes are bad, but aching feet are probably the worst. This will certainly cause you long term problems if you do not do something about it. Before I jump into how you can lace your skates, it might be worth considering if the skate you are wearing is right for you.

Sometimes, the wrong size skates could be what is causing the pain. If you have the right skate sizes on, then you can tackle the laces. Again, you would want to tie your laces in a crisscross pattern.

This will take some pressure off it. Your feet should now feel much better right after skating. Remember that healthy skating is always a priority. Wear the proper skate size and make sure to tie the laces properly and you should be just fine.


As you can see laces are an important part for roller skating. Roller skates with properly long laces will allow better fit and more adjustability. As a result, your skates will be much more comfortable to wear and provide better performance. Also, adequate length will allow you to try out different types of shoe lace styles that might not be possible with a short lace.

In this article, I’ve answered how long roller skate laces need to be and also provided some other lace related information. I hope your curiosity has been satisfied. Until next time, farewell. 

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