Hoverboard Weight Limit – Is There A Weight Limit For Hoverboards?

From personal experience, I can tell you that using a hoverboard is a fun activity. Even though there may be a hoverboard weight limit, both children and adults can use it to unwind.

Besides being fun to ride, hoverboards can reduce the effort and time it takes to traverse short distances.

Hoverboard Weight Limit

There are also practical a work uses for hoverboards as industrial workplaces and warehouses have started using them.

Their popularity has grown so much in recent years allowing employees the opportunity to transport themselves easily between work sites.

You need to have an understanding of how hoverboards actually work before you can truly know about their weight limit.

It will also assist with the understanding of the type of hoverboard that is right for you because they have different weight limits.

If you’re anything like me, you may have wondered about the weight limit for hoverboards.

This article will clear up any questions you may have about the maximum and minimum weight limits for different types of hoverboards.

What Is The Weight Limit On A Hoverboard?

Understand that the hoverboard that would be ideal for a child may not be fit for adults because some hoverboards are better suited to a heavier weight.

When you are looking for a hoverboard you should take into account the capacity it can accommodate within a certain range.

This is how you can select the perfect product to meet your needs.

The make and model of the hoverboard will be determined by the purpose for which it will be used and who will be using it.

There are many options to choose from, but generally, hoverboards can be used by adults, children, or both within the range of 120-300 pounds.

Hoverboard Specifications To Note

Is There A Weight Limit For Hoverboards

Maximum Capacity 

It is important to have a clear understanding of why you need a hoverboard so that you can make the best selection from the wide variety that is available on the market.

When it comes to the maximum capacity that a hoverboard can carry, we know that children generally require hoverboards that have a lower than average weight capacity.

This may be between 150 and 180 lbs.  For adults, you typically would need hoverboards that are of a higher quality that can withstand heavier weights between 180 and 300 lbs.

Minimum Capacity 

When we refer to a hoverboard weight limit, we are also talking about a minimum weight that is appropriate so that you can use the hoverboard.

This more so applies to children who weigh very little. It would be unsafe for toddlers to use hoverboards in the first place.

Usually, hoverboards require a minimum weight of approximately 44 lbs. The manufacturers actually created the hoverboards in this way so that younger children do not have accidents when using them.

Usually, children who are not yet 5 years old should not be using a hoverboard as their small bodies do not allow them to use the self-balancing mechanism.

Wheel size 

The weight limit is impacted significantly by the size of the wheel, so you should pay attention to this specification when considering the make and model you would like.

Usually, hoverboards that have a 4.5-inch wheel size would be able to support around 120 lbs.  Therefore we know that these types of hoverboards are best for children.

Hoverboard Weight Limit For Kids

Alternatively, when you have hoverboards with a 6.5-inch wheel size you know that they would be able to handle a maximum amount of 220 lb. So adults and teenagers would be able to use this type of hoverboard.

Additionally, hoverboards that have an 8.5-inch wheel size can withstand a 300 lb or more weight capacity, so anyone can use them.

The hoverboards with a wheel size of 10 inches are mainly used professionally.


If you are on a budget then you should complete your research about the type of hoverboard that you want because cheaper hoverboards tend to have a lower weight capacity and are usually made from components that cost less than heavy-duty hoverboards.

Why Do We Need To Have A Weight Limit?

Many people wonder why having a weight limit for a hoverboard is so important. There are a number of reasons to adhere to the hoverboard weight limit such as the following:

Safety Hazards 

The first and most important reason to follow the weight limit guidelines is of course a matter of safety.

It is not surprising that when you constantly exceed the weight limit of your hoverboard, the self-balancing mechanism is compromised.

Even worse you can also have an accident while riding your hoverboard if it breaks or malfunctions in any way. serious injuries may arise from such accidents.

Early Malfunctions 

Usually, you may not see the immediate effects of exceeding your hoverboard’s weight limits, but it would manifest itself in time.

If you continuously exceed the weight limit by 15 lb and over your hoverboard can suffer malfunction in just a few short months after purchase.

Wear and Tear

You may damage some of the external and internal hoverboard components if you continually go over the weight limit.

You may notice that the polycarbonate casing,  brackets,  wheels,  ABS plastic, screws, and even axles are falling out or broken.

One of your wheels may be lost if the axle becomes loose with the progression of time.

How To Choose The Best Hoverboard For You

Hoverboard Specifications

Read The Fine Print

It goes without saying that you should definitely read the documentation pertaining to your hoverboard to ensure that this is the correct purchase for you.

You can go to the Amazon page or manufacturer’s website and find out information about the weight range of your hoverboard as well as how to properly care for and maintain it.

Wheel Size

Your hoverboard’s wheel size directly affects the weight capacity so based on what you want you should also choose the correct wheel size.

Go with smaller wheel sizes for your children or people who weigh very little. For overweight people and adults, larger wheel sizes are definitely the best option.

Slightly Over The Limit

Typically if you exceed the limit in a minor way by just about 2-3 lbs, then you have less to worry about since the hoverboard should perform normally although your speed and battery life may be negatively affected.

That said,  with just2-3 lbs you may not need to worry about doing permanent damage to your hoverboard or damaging important components.

Study The Specifications

You should also pay attention to other specifications like the speed capabilities of your hoverboard.

Understanding the minimum and maximum speed of your hoverboard can be quite helpful especially when it comes to its use by children.

You definitely don’t want children to ride too quickly.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Follow The Weight Limit

None of us would want to purchase a hoverboard and see it damaged after only a short time, but this is entirely possible if you are too light or heavy, and you do not adhere to the weight guidelines.

This is especially true if the weight always exceeds more than 15 lbs.

You need to understand that you may not see signs of damage after one infraction, but it accumulates over time until all of a sudden the hoverboard has malfunctioned and will not work.

You can see signs of this in the following ways.

  • Furthermore, you can expect durability from the polycarbonate material or ABS plastic, but this does not mean that it is impervious to damage. Loads that are too heavy can make this material crack in certain areas which leads to other problems like damage to the electrical components inside the hoverboard.
  •  If you constantly overload your hoverboard you can expect the axle, brackets, wheels, and screws to be damaged because of the constant wear and tear from overloading. It is particularly dangerous if the axles become loose while you are using the hoverboard as you can end up in an accident.
  •  You can expect the motor to work well only if you stick to the weight limits specified by the manufacturer.  If you fail to follow these guidelines and go over the limit then you may notice that after a while the motor produces less power and therefore there is a decrease in speed as well. This may continue on cell the hoverboard stops working entirely.
  • Generally, if you continue to use the hoverboard with a weight that is outside of the stipulated capacity then you are putting yourself in harm’s way. You are also destroying the hoverboard every time you do this, and therefore you will not get your money’s worth from the product. It’s maybe better to purchase a hoverboard that can sustain your weight.
  • Remember that the weight stipulations refer to the overall ways that the hoverboard is made to carry. So even though you are a certain weight, and you use the hoverboard,  the bags in your hand and other objects that you carry should be calculated within the overall weight. You must be mindful of this at all times.

Things To Remember When Using Your Hoverboard

Hoverboard Weight Limits

Sharing Hoverboards

It may not be a good idea to have other people use your hoverboard because they may not respect the weight limit as you would.

There is also a wide range of models with different weight limits so the person you lend it to may unintentionally exceed the limit and cause damage.

This is especially true in a case where children lend to parents and vice versa.

Battery Life

Remember that when you exceed the weight limit by even a few pounds it can affect the life of your battery.

Most times it will be a lithium-ion battery which may lose its charge quickly and need to be charged again. This will continue until it stops working altogether.


In most cases, it is not too complicated when people decide to purchase a hoverboard. Remember that for children, you should go with smaller wheels, like around 4.5  inches.

These models are specifically made for children and therefore would suit them best.

Some of them even have a learning mode which helps young children to get the hang of hoverboarding so that they do not injure themselves.

For adults, there is a larger range of options for you to make your choice. This would most likely be determined by your size and how much you weigh.

You also need to consider the weight of anything that you will be carrying while you are on the hoverboard. Also, think about whether the rides will be long or short as well as the road quality.

You will find the right hoverboard for you as long as you carefully read the specifications and follow the guidelines that we have provided in this article.


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