Can You Rollerblade While Pushing A Stroller?

As a parent rollerblader who wants to go out rollerblading with their baby, you might be wondering if you could bring a stroller with you. But, Can you rollerblade while pushing a stroller? Can a normal stroller even handle it?

You can rollerblade while pushing a stroller. But not with any ordinary stroller. You will need to modify your stroller with some stroller equipment to ensure proper safety for you and most importantly for your baby.

There is quite a bit to discuss and elaborate on this topic. I will try to simply explain all the different things you need to be mindful of when rollerblading while pushing a stroller. I will also give you a short description of what equipment you might need. So, it is advised that you read the whole article to understand the whole story.

What Kind of Stroller Do You Need?

So, the traditional stroller we are all familiar with will not work in this scenario. The small four-wheel swivel design is built for slow strolls and smooth surfaces. They are not suitable for the speedy ride of a rollerblade user. What you would need is a jogging stroller. A jogging stroller is an absolute must if you want to rollerblade with your child.

A jogging stroller’s biggest differentiator is its large wheels. Compared to the small wheels on traditional strollers these are very big. They have more in common with bicycle wheels rather than stroller wheels. There are usually three pumped wheels on a jogging stroller which are much more well suited for faster travels

Jogging strollers are made to be much stronger and more durable than regular soft strollers. They have a stronger chassis and much better wheels that offer efficiency and durability the average soft stroller can’t possibly deliver. But they are in fact heavier too. As long as they serve your purpose, they are good.

A good jogging stroller with some equipment added in can be the perfect tool for you to rollerblade while pushing a stroller. You will need to get a decent jogging stroller if you want to ensure the safety of both you and your child.

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Pimping Your Stroller for Rollerblading

As great as they are, just a jogging stroller will not be enough. Jogging strollers are as the name suggests, mainly for jogging. All of them are not fully equipped for rollerblading. Not all jogging strollers will come with all of these installed.

Some jogging strollers will have some of these preinstalled. You will need to check and see what is installed and install the rest yourself. So, here’s what you need on your stroller if you want to rollerblade with it –

  • A Handbrake

Handbrakes are the first and most important accessory you will need to ensure. You will need these handbrakes for emergency stops. Both you and the stroller will be going quite fast. If you do not have some way to stop immediately, serious accidents might happen. YOu most definitely do not want that for you or your child.

  • Suspension

Going fast means being more prone to bumps and shakes. Pushing a stroller with rollerblades is much faster than without. You will need to make sure the precious one you have riding that stroller is not getting shaken and tossed around by the bumps of the road. To minimize shaking and ensure comfort suspensions are a must.

  • Lockable Front Wheel

Jogging strollers usually have three wheels. The front-wheel swivels to help with turning. You will need some kind of mechanism that can lock that swiveling wheel. If your front wheel swivels while going fast it will end up being unstable. Some strollers have a locking mechanism at the wheel and some can be locked in place directly from the handle.

  • Five-point Harness

Just like in a car, seat belts are necessary here too. Because you will be carrying an infant, you do not want them moving and falling off while going at a high speed. A five-point harness is a great tool to lock them securely in place while also confirming comfort.

  • Safety Tether/Wrist Strap

Although you will be holding on to the handle at all times, if by any chance your hand slips the wrist strap will help avoid accidents. The tether attaches to the stroller and your wrists, so even if your grip fails there is one last security measure. Do not pull on the tether too hard though, as that can create another accident all on its own.

  • Extendable Handlebar

On a rollerblade, your height will be increased from usual. You cannot hunch down to grab the stroller as that would mess up your balance. So, you will need extendable handlebars. These can extend when you need them and can be retracted again when you are not rollerblading.

  • Huge Canopy with A See-Through Window

While pushing a stroller it is important to check up frequently on your child. On rollerblades, it is tough to stop often and check up on them so you will need a way to keep an eye on them without stopping. A canopy with a see-through window will help you with that. The larger canopy will also provide an added layer of protection.

  • Bumper Bar

This isn’t absolutely necessary as the other ones on this list but it is also nice to have. A small bumper bar adds an extra protective step. The bumper bar will stop your child from falling out and also protect them if you happen to bump headfirst into something.

  • Basket/Parent Organizer

Every stroller has some space under the seat to keep a few things for the baby. But it is also handy to have an organizer in front of the parent at all times so that they can keep their phones or water bottles or anything they might need very frequently. This too is something optional like the previous one but is indeed nice to have.

Some General Safety Concerns

Even the greatest safety equipment cannot save you from accidents if you are not careful. You need to be mindful of both the safety of yourself and the one you are carrying in the stroller. Because one single accident can end up causing irreparable damage.

Do not go into busy roads for rides and try to avoid harsh terrains. Even after the equipment a person on a rollerblade pushing a stroller is not someone who should be maneuvering between fast-moving motor vehicles. Always stick to parks and neighborhood streets where there are not many obstacles.

You should also choose the correct type of wheels for your rollerblades, any aggressive or sports wheels will end up being too fast and out of control for this use case. Try to use fitness or recreational rollerblade wheels with a softer finish as that will give you a smoother and comfortable ride. Better control means a safer ride.

And finally, try to manage your speed. Rollerblading is enjoyed best at high speeds. But you do have to keep in mind that you have a child with you. Any kind of downhill or high-speed riding situations must be avoided. Go slower, but not too slow. Always try to keep your momentum balanced and under control.


Thank you for reading the entire article. I hope I was able to answer your question “Can you rollerblade while pushing a stroller?”. I also hope that my instructions were of help to you. Please ride responsibly and follow safety guidelines. Thanks for stopping by. Ending here wishing you and your baby


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