Can You Rollerblade On A Carpet?


Rollerblading can be a fun hobby to have. But there could be many reasons why rollerblading outside may not be an option. Maybe your parents won’t allow it. Or, maybe you are just starting out and scared to take your blades outside. In that case, can you rollerblade on a carpet?

It is perfectly fine to rollerblade on a carpet, as long as it is made of durable material. Rollerblading on carpet might even be useful for new skaters as well as the carpet adds a fair bit of cushioning. But it can limit your rollerblading experience. 

Rollerblading on the carpet is usually safe, but there are some things to consider. I will try to explain all these things to give you a better understanding of what you should be doing and what things you should avoid. So, keep reading till the end.

Rollerblading On Carpet

Rollerblading on a carpet is a substantially effective way of practicing skating. If you are already past the basics, it is a decent way to practice your form indoors.

Even so, Riding on the carpet is a poor substitute for proper outdoor skating. There are a lot of things you cannot do while riding on carpets as a skater who is past the stage of a beginner. The carpet has a softer surface and acts as a speed dampener of sorts. You will never reach the full speed with your rollerblade on a carpeted surface.

This limitation also affects beginners. The carpet works as a set of training wheels. It is great for getting past your initial fear, but ultimately, it’s a dead end.  You can never learn to properly ride a bike unless you ditch the training wheels and it is the same for rollerblades. A beginner needs to feel the road outside to be able to learn proper skating.

There is even a part of the skating community that is against letting beginners start on carpets because it slows their actual learning time. A person who practices skating his rollerblades on a solid surface usually ends up learning much faster than someone who does the same on a carpeted platform.

It does not make carpets a bad place for rollerblading. It is still quite viable for the initial stages of learning and for keeping in form. It’s just, at some point, you have to go out there and practice on solid ground. There’s just no substitute for a solid surface.

What Type of Carpets Are Better for Rollerblades?

There are carpets for skaters. You can see them on concrete skate parks. They are not only great for riding on, but they also protect the wheel and the floor from wearing out. They act as a cushion to protect stairs and rails from heavy styling rollerblades.

Most people, however, do not have these carpets. If you plan on riding your rollerblades on a regular carpet, you should make sure that the carpets meet some of these criterias –

  • Durable: Carpets are not the same in terms of material or durability. Rollerblades A.K.A. inline skates have extremely tough wheels, and the weight gets distributed in a very narrow point. It means the carpet you plan on skating on has to be durable.
  • Smooth: Carpets that have a relatively smooth and firm surface area are perfect for rollerblades. They don’t hold the wheels back too much and offer a decently smooth riding experience.
  • Tough material: In terms of standard home carpets, polyester is the best for rollerblades. Good polyester carpets are durable and have a surface suitable for rollerblading. Nylon is also a viable option, as it is tough and durable, but it gets outmatched by polyester.

What Type of Carpets to Avoid?

There are some carpets you should avoid taking your rollerblades on. They don’t make it hard for you to ride or anything; it’s just these carpets have very low durability. They will wear out too fast and lose functionality.

Wool: The first on the list of fragile carpet is wool. Woolen carpet is sought-after for its luxurious softness and comfy feeling. But that means nothing when it comes to rollerblading. If you continuously practice tricks or moves on woolen carpets with your rollerblades, this carpet is sure to give out at some point.

Fur: Nothing speaks luxury better than a giant carpet covered in fur. They are smooth, pillowy, and feel amazing to walk on. But they are probably the worst kinds of carpets to practice rollerblading. Good fur carpets can be outrageously expensive.

If you try to rollerblade on fur, they will start to wear out very fast. It won’t damage your skates or anything, but a fur carpet is generally not worth sacrificing like that.

Exotic: There are many types of handmade exotic carpets out there. They are valuable for their rarity and craftsmanship. These sorts of carpets are made with a wide variety of materials and are often quite aesthetic.

Most of these carpets are durable and long-lasting under general use. Rollerblading can often wear them out because they do not handle strain very well.

Skating on Carpets Is Great for Beginners

Anyone can practice rollerblades on the carpet. Especially in countries that have long winters where the roads can’t be used for the entirety of the season. But carpets are also helpful for beginners to learn the basics of skating.

One of the most common things that hold most of the newbies who try to learn inline skating is the fear of falling. Inline skates are notoriously hard to control on the first few times someone tries to skate.

It’s the same as when someone tries to learn to ride a bicycle. With bicycles, however, there are training wheels that prevent falling down the very first time. Rollerblades offer no such thing, and a newbie often ends up falling.

Falling on hard asphalt or concrete is not an experience that many people look forward to having. As a result, a lot of newbie skaters can’t progress beyond barely standing up on their skates. Letting them try on the carpet can help a lot because a carpet offers a softer surface to fall on. It cushions most of the impact. It incites new skaters to try and be a bit bolder.

Since they don’t get hurt after falling, they can make more fearless moves and slowly get the hang of riding on a rollerblade.

Cushioning is not the only thing that a carpet offers a beginner rollerblade enthusiast. Carpets are soft, and the wheels sink in a little. It reduces the speed of the rollerblade quite a bit, and the subtle sinking effect makes the roller blade more stable.

A more stable rollerblade offers better balance, something a lot of beginners need desperately. Beginner skaters can try to get the hang of the motions without the fear of falling and better stability. So, carpets are an ideal place for new skaters to learn the ropes.


The carpet is a safe platform to practice all the basics, and it helps beginners to get over their fear of falling. Carpets also act as a protective layer for concrete flooring and protect them from deteriorating due to heavy rollerblading. So, can you rollerblade on a carpet? It is easy to answer with a simple yes or no. But should you rollerblade on your carpet? That, I hope you can answer yourself after reading this article.

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