Can You Rollerblade In An Airport And On A Plane?

If you’re going on a vacation, alone or in groups, you would probably want to bring your rollerblades with you to enjoy rollerblading during the vacation. However, there are many restrictions on what you can and cannot carry while flying. So, can you rollerblade in an airport and on a plane?

According to the TSA, carrying roller skates is allowed in airports and on a plane. They can be checked in with the rest of the luggage or carried with the carry-on baggage. In the case of onboard baggage, it is always preferable to take rollerblades in a separate bag rather than on empty hands. To avoid injuring yourself or other passengers, do not rollerblade inside an airport.

Rollerblades are allowed to be carried inside the airport given that they follow the set of rules and regulations of that particular airport. It is always better to consult the airlines’ authority beforehand, in case you are confused.

How Should You Carry Your Rollerblades In An Airport?

Be extra careful while carrying rollerblades when you’re traveling through airports. You can buy a rollerblade leash or strap to hang them across your body so that you don’t lose them. You might also consider buying a separate bag to carry your rollerblades in. Whatever way you choose to bring them, you should take care that they do not harm you or others while you’re in the airport.

When you are traveling with your pair of rollerblades, you obviously wouldn’t want to hurt the other passengers in the airport with them. Therefore, before packing, you should consider the most convenient way to carry your rollerblades.

You can buy a rollerblade leash. Lots of people opt for it because it’s convenient. If you don’t have a leash, you can make one. You can perhaps even make one from your old jeans belts and hook both ends of them up with the rollerblades, and you are good to go.

You might also buy a strap to tie the rollerblades together so that they are easier to carry while traveling. Tie them up and keep them in your hand luggage to carry your rollerblades conveniently through the airport.

Can You Rollerblade In An Airport?

You can bring your rollerblades to the airport, but you cannot wear your blades inside the airport. For most airports, it is strictly a violation of their rules. For passenger safety, do not wear your rollerblades inside the airport even if it is not directly mentioned in the airport regulations.

Rollerblading inside the airport might seem like a cool and thrilling activity to do. However, be careful about the airport regulations regarding this. Most airports would not allow this.

Maybe it is possible to rollerblade inside an airport. It would violate the airport rules. But if the smooth airport surface invites you to try out your rollerblades there, you can choose a quiet area.

If not actively hindering other people or strict airport regulations, there is no set rule of what you can or can not do with your skates inside the airport. Rollerblading inside the airport’s crowded or restricted areas might get you a fine or even end up with a punishment. Therefore, it is always better to not actively push the restrictions.

Can You Bring Rollerblades On A Plane?

Rollerblades can be carried as carry-on luggage on board. According to the TSA, you can carry skates, including rollerblades, as long as you’re not carrying them in your hands. You can put them inside your bag to keep them under your seat or in the overhead luggage space inside the plane.

You can bring your rollerblades with you on a plane. It is applicable to all kinds of skates unless stated otherwise. The airlines should not normally object if you’re carrying it inside the plane.

Because planes have a very limited space to move around, it is always preferable that you take your rollerblades inside a bag.  Then, you do not injure passengers above or behind you while entering. As a result, passengers around you can move along comfortably. You should not consider sitting with them on your lap.

It is alright to strap your rollerblades together. In that case, place it inside the overhead storage or under your seat as soon as you sit. This way, it won’t be inconvenient for other passengers to sit in nearby seats.

Dealing with Security Checks While Carrying Rollerblades

Since TSA approves carrying a rollerblade, you can pass most airport security checks without complications. However, to avoid any sorts of misunderstandings or extra fees for baggage, contact your airline agency about their rules and regulations.

Airport security checks, especially, during the carry-on luggage screening, many people come across new airline regulations they’ve never encountered. It is inconvenient and stressful. Therefore, before carrying any kind of item that might have particular restrictions, you should always contact your airline first.

Usually, while carrying rollerblades, the problem many people encounter is how to carry it on board. Some TSA officers are fine with rollerblades being strapped and carried with carry-on luggage for free. Others might ask you to keep them inside a bag since they are blunt and may cause potential harm.

Just to be safe, you should always keep a separate bag to carry the pair of rollerblades to avoid security hassles regarding onboard rollerblades carrying.

Rollerblades In Carry-On Or Check-in Baggage

TSA allows on-board rollerblade carriage; therefore, it should not be a problem if you want to carry your blades on the plane with you. Make sure to check how heavy your rollerblades are so that they don’t exceed the luggage limit. You might also consider checking them in with check-in luggage.

Many people don’t want to check in rollerblades, considering if they’re carrying them with themselves, they can take care of them well. So, if you are planning to take your rollerblades with you, make sure you keep them in a separate bag so that you do not risk additional inconveniences at the airport.

Be mindful of how heavy your rollerblades are if you carry them in hand luggage. If your luggage exceeds the limit allowed by the airline, you might have to pay additional fees for the extra weight. Therefore, you should arrange your baggage depending on how heavy your rollerblades are.

However, if you do not want to carry your rollerblades or inline skates with you on the plane, you can wrap them in wrappers and put them in a bag. Afterward, you can check them in with other baggage.

While this always leaves a chance of your rollerblades getting bruised or harmed, on the brighter side, it will save you from the hassle of actively carrying the blades everywhere.

Therefore, if you carry your rollerblades with you on board, follow the instructions so that you don’t encounter any security inconvenience. Besides, you can also pack them well and check them in with the check-in baggage.


If you were wondering whether you could wear your rollerblades in an airport, the answer is yes. Since it is allowed for rollerblades to be carried both on the plane as well as with the checked-in baggage, you can rest assured of taking your rollerblades with you everywhere you go.

Going on a vacation shouldn’t separate you from riding your rollerblades. But the rollerblading should start after you reach your travel destination. Do not rollerblade inside the airport so that you don’t injure yourself or other people. Once you leave the airport, it should be no problem to put on your rollerblades and get out there as swift as the wind!

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