Can You REALLY Rollerblade on a Treadmill?

Rollerblading and treadmill running are two popular exercises. They used to be totally unrelated things until a craze that took everyone by storm in 2011. The amalgamation of the two named treadmill rollerblading, or roller treading as some might prefer was quite popular for a brief moment. Many people are skeptical if it’s really necessary or even possible at all.

Contrary to popular belief you can rollerblade on a treadmill. Besides regular treadmills that aren’t suitable for speed skating, there are special treadmills for rollerblading. You can perform skating movements and power skate on these specialized treadmills.

Despite not being as popular as it was just a few years ago, there are still some who prefer rollerblading on treadmills. It’s nothing complicated, but a few things should be known beforehand. In this article, I am going to discuss those topics as elaborately as I can and answer your question “Can you really rollerblade on a treadmill?”

Treadmill Rollerblading: What Is It?

The meaning is exactly what it sounds like. If you are familiar with the term ‘treadmill’ and ‘rollerblade’, then you know exactly what it is. Inline skating with rollerblades on a treadmill is known as treadmill rollerblading. Treadmills are built for running. The conveyor belt keeps sliding backward. So, to stay in the place you have to keep running forward.

You can regulate the speed of the belt to adjust your running speed. When you stand on a treadmill with rollerblade skate shoes, the backward movement of the conveyor belt is negated by the forward spinning of the wheels. So, the skater feels like he is on an eternal escalator stair. This is what treadmill rollerblading is all about.

You can stand still or give a little jog movement. Remember that treadmill rollerblading is not for doing stunts or subtle movements. As the place is congested and involves high velocity, you should be extremely cautious. You can just practice balance and mastery of your rollerblading on treadmills.

Sometimes kids are seen practicing ice hockey or hockey on treadmills using rollerblades. Some people use roller skates instead of rollerblades on the treadmill. That’s an okay thing to do and often seen among newbie skaters. It’s worth mentioning that both are commonly called treadmill rollerblading, despite using roller skates on one occasion.

Can Your Rollerblade on Regular Treadmills?

Although treadmill rollerblading started on traditional household treadmills, it has now evolved. It has changed a lot from what it was in the beginning. Sure, you can rollerblade on regular treadmills but that’s neither rollerblading nor running on treadmills. Also, I highly advise against using regular treadmills as it’s very risky.

Regular treadmills do not have the necessary features for safe rollerblading. Well, duh! They are not made for rollerblading, are they?

There are specially built treadmills available for skating and rollerblading. They are wide to resemble any normal skating track. These treadmills are built for rollerblading rather than running. So, it’s no surprise they come with all the convenience for rollerblading. So, if you are an enthusiast about rollerblading on a treadmill, you should get one.

Typical Features of A Rollerblading Treadmill

Rollerblading treadmills are different from regular treadmills. Some of their typical features are mentioned below

Belt length: the conveyor belt length is shorter than regular treadmills. They are usually between 400 to 600 centimeters.

Belt width: you will need a spacious surface for rollerblading. The width is between 250 to 300 centimeters.

Speed: speed is usually clocked lower to ensure safety. It is not more than 50 kilometers per hour.

Auto positioning: It is very important to maintain your position on the treadmill for optimal rollerblading experience and safety. So, these specialized treadmills have an auto-positioning feature that automatically adjusts your position to the center.

Track Resemblance

The belt has a unique feature to resemble real-life skating tracks. You can choose to skate on grass tracks, clay tracks, forest tracks, hard tracks, etc. Basic models feature very few track simulations. More expensive models come with a variety of options. It is very useful for the preparation of any rollerblading events.

Safety belt

A safety belt is a must for rollerblading treadmills. It’s equally important as car seatbelts. These belts are attached to your body from multiple positions so even if you lose control, you are not thrown off the belt. Thus, it avoids severe accidents.


Frameworks let you skate two-dimensionally on the treadmills. In this way, you can mimic turns and banks to practice rollerblading on the streets. These frameworks are also useful to maintain balance. They are excellent for newbies trying to get into treadmill rollerblading. Also, these frameworks work as emergency brakes.

Auto-stop buttons

Emergency stop buttons can save you from accidents. Luckily these treadmills have plenty of those. They have two stop buttons on the handle of both sides. So, you can use either of those for an emergency stop.

Pressing buttons can be difficult if the button is in front of you. So, they feature pull buttons. They are a ring attached to the actual switch. You just have to pull it to stop the belt.

Other: pulse control, emergency switch, etc.

Treadmill Rollerblading: Precautions

Before starting your rollerblading sessions on the treadmill, a few safety precautions are advised. These measures will save you from life-threatening conditions and also, increase the window of hospitalization. To make sure you don’t forget, you can write them on a flyer and hang it in front of the treadmill.

Always check safety belts are working. Also, make sure they are properly attached to your body so that they are not ripped apart due to sudden jerks. Be sure to use multiple belts as they are helpful to maintain your position.

Do not increase speed suddenly. Start with a low speed and increase gradually. The sudden increase might make it difficult for you to maintain balance. You should not increase the speed at all if possible. This will prevent any major accident from happening.

Always keep a first aid box nearby. Any accident can be severely deforming so anyone with first aid training will come in handy in case of unfortunate events. Make sure the box has antiseptics, analgesics, suture materials, etc.

My Advice on Roller Treading

You can rollerblade on a treadmill, there is no reason to deny it. If you are comfortable with rollerblades, you should be comfortable on treadmills as well. Using specialized treadmills for rollerblading is recommended. This will ensure your safety and the most favorable rollerblading experience.

Use all the state-of-the-art features those treadmills have to offer. Auto repositioning is one of the most unique features that can take your rollerblading experience to the next level. If you are an enthusiast or a professional willing to take part in a competition, simulation of real-life tracks is just the feature for you.

It’s always nice to keep someone besides in case of any misfortune. Lastly, don’t forget the precautions I’ve mentioned here. Roller treading can be very dangerous if you are not careful. So, be cautious. 


Rollerblading on treadmills was very common compared to what it is now. It is mainly considered as a form of excitement rather than exercise. From a neutral perspective, it is fun, exciting, adventurous, and adrenaline-rushing. But without proper expertise and preparation, it can be quite dangerous.

I tried to make it clear for everyone that if treadmill rollerblading is a thing or not. Plus, I also tried to clear any confusion about its viability as a sport or exercise. I talked about special treadmills for rollerblading so that any unfortunate accident doesn’t ruin your fun. Can you really rollerblade on a treadmill or not shouldn’t be a concern after reading this article.

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