Can You Put Stickers On Roller Skates?

Sport and recreation have coexisted for as long as we can remember. Not only that, but it is also a mode of transportation if you are adventurous. If you happen to own a pair of roller skates, it’s completely okay for you to wonder, can you put stickers on roller skates? Let’s find out!

Decorating roller skates with stickers is possible and there are many designs to look at. This dates back to the early 1940s when roller skates were a trend. The rink operators would sell stickers as a means of promoting roller skating.

It sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Well, the more you learn about a particular sport, the more you want to dive deep into the subject matter. Just like any other topic, roller skates and the means of decorating with stickers are something we would all love to learn about. I’ll be mentioning the steps you need on how to put a sticker on your roller skates and the types.

What Types Of Stickers You Can Use On Roller Skates?

You can add stickers and vinyl decals. You can also use car stickers which are versatile and not limited to cars only. The type is important as it ensures longevity and durability.

Aside from the style of roller skates you choose, there are several methods to personalize your skates. Stickers are the easiest and cheapest way to decorate your roller skates when you want to customize them. Those who are regular skaters prefer customizing it using unique decors to adorn their roller skates.

You need a sticker that can adhere to any clean, smooth, and dry surface. Also, make sure the stickers are high-quality self-adhesive so you can apply and remove the stickers whenever you wish to. Hence, this is why car stickers or vinyl decals are a perfect choice.

Also, don’t forget to spruce up your skate bag! Skate bags come in a variety of colors, not to mention the numerous options for personalizing them with patches and stickers. Different colors and designs of stickers on your helmet, wrist guards, and elbow/knee pads allow you to express yourself. 

How To Put Stickers On Roller Skates?

There are proper guidelines to follow if you are planning on putting stickers on your roller skates. If you follow these steps, you will have beautifully decorated roller skates that are unique.

Vinyl Sticker Application Guidelines For Roller Skates| Transfer Tape

At first, you’ll want your vinyl sticker with the transfer tape for the proper and smooth application.

  • Make sure you catch the edge onto the sticky part of the clear tape for easy application.
  • Regardless of it looking intimidating, be patient and see the details of your stickers.
  • If it has too many detailed pieces and smaller pieces on it, try going slow.
  • So now keep in mind that every part of your transfer tape catches the vinyl sticker for the perfect and smooth application.
  • Being careful will ensure that it doesn’t shift before you have the chance to apply it.
  • Removing the vinyl sticker too fast from the backing paper can damage it, so go slow and patiently. Don’t let it go fast as it might tear your vinyl.
  • Once you have your vinyl sticker entirely on your transfer tape position, place it on the area you want it to stick.
  • For perfect application, apply pressure over the top of the vinyl, pressing it down smoothly and laying it flat.
  • Then evenly press out any air bubbles from the vinyl using a Popsicle stick or a card.
  • Finally, make sure to flatten it on all the edges and you’re good to go.

How To Remove Stickers From Roller Skates For New Ones

You might need to change your stickers from time to time when the vinyl loses its durability. So the following steps will help you to remove your current vinyl stickers for reapplication.

  • The first thing you should do is check to see if your top vinyl sticker overlaps another piece.
  • Apply pressure on the lower edge of your vinyl, pulling up at an angle on the upper edge slowly.
  • Continue pulling the vinyl entirely and when you’re done removing, repeat the previous method for applying new vinyl decals for your roller skates.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to save every vinyl sticker that you remove, as some cannot be reapplied, which will result in using a new vinyl again following the steps.

Where To Buy Stickers For Roller Skates?

You can look for stickers that are particularly in the vinyl decal category. It is possible to purchase them from your nearby car wash shops or repair shops where they sell these beautiful decals. You can also make the stickers on your own following some video tutorials and many people custom make their own vinyl stickers.

But for those who are now stuck in the pandemic and simply can’t go out to buy the stickers for your roller skates, an internet platform will always come to your rescue. Try looking at these particular stores where they have a good collection of vinyl decals custom for your type and color scheme.

Roller skates are basically shoes with wheels. So you can easily customize those stickers and make them colorful and lively. I can give you the following list of stores that sell vinyl stickers, car stickers, and so on.

These shops offer decals that are made of high-quality self-adhesive vinyl that is sticky and nontoxic, sturdy, and long-lasting. The roller skates sticker has a pure white back and is printed on transparent vinyl.

Their roller skates stickers are simple to apply and remove, with a fast self-adhesive back. Roller skates stickers are wall decals, not inexpensive stickers or walls. They are versatile as they are usable on walls and cars.

Roller Skates stickers are affordable and easy to use. They do not require much expertise, and anyone can purchase one and design their own skates. There are plenty of categories to choose from. They even have high detail to low detail and different sizes and shapes. There is actually no limit to their designs if you take your time to browse through the online shops.

It can range from cute pink-toned designs especially catering to girls to even a gothic theme. So you won’t face difficulties while choosing your preference. And stickers are not only limited to female customers, but they also cater to male skaters who like personalizing as well.

Use your imagination to create your own design for your favorite roller skates. Nothing can stop you from being yourself and showcasing your personality through your favorite sport or gear.


Roller skating is a part of who you are if you’re an avid skater. You’d rather be skating than doing practically anything else, and when “your song” comes on, you will be the first to rush to the rink. With your skates and style, you undoubtedly already want to stand out. And, to do so, stickers are the way to go!

Now that you have made it to the end, I hope you have got your answer to the question, can you put stickers on roller skates? Yes, you can and you have many options to choose from. You even now know the types of stickers that would suit your roller skates.

Be yourself and have fun, no matter how you display your individuality. Thank you for stopping by!

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