Best Rollerblades For Street (2023) – Urban & Street Rollerblades

If you have been involved in urban skating, you may be wondering what best rollerblades for streets are available in the market.

Street skates need to offer maneuverability and speed as you navigate various obstacles when skating in a public environment.

Best Rollerblades For Street

Typically, rollerblades that are suitable for street skating have aluminium or carbon frames for extra durability, contain boot liners for better comfort, smaller wheels to encourage agile movements, and good quality bearings to reduce roll resistance.

Street rollerbladers also have the choice between three and four-wheel skates. Advanced skaters will likely prefer three wheels as they provide extra maneuverability.

However, for beginner street skaters who prefer better stability, four-wheel skates are a better choice.

Continue reading to find out some of the best rollerblades for street and their design and performance.

You will also find a detailed buying guide including all the factors that you need to consider when shopping for a street inline skate.

Editor's Choice - Men
Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Skates

Our best choice for men’s street rollerblades is the Macroblade 80 Inline skates. This inline skate is perfect for you if you have enhanced beginner skills and are looking for a high-quality skate with great padding and a secured boot. These skates offer more durability, energy transfer, and performance.

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Editor's Choice - Women
Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates

Our Rating - 100%

The best option for women’s street rollerblades is the Zetrablade Inline skates. They feature the best stability, comfort, and support with a good price point that will not break your budget. With these skates, you can easily change the wheels as your proficiency increases so that you get the best performance.

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Rollerblade Zetrablade Men's Inline Skates

Our Rating - 97%

This is another affordable option for men who are looking for casual, secure, and comfortable street skates. They have a durable shell and high cuff to provide extra support to make learning easier for you. They also have a comfortable liner that ensures your feet have a snug and secured fit.

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10 Best Rollerblades For Street (2023)

There is a vast array of product options when searching for the best rollerblades for street. We have put together 10 product reviews containing the best options currently on the market.

To help you with your search, we have narrowed the reviews to specific categories, such as Editor’s Choice (Men and Women), budget-friendly, and high performance.

Our reviews include information on the rollerblade design, performance, and pros and cons to give you a brief insight into the overall product specification.

1. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Inline Skates

Best Rollerblades For Street (Editor’s Choice – Men)


The Rollerblade Macroblade 80 inline skates are designed for men and are suitable for skaters who are looking for enhanced premium entry-level skate.

They have a padded liner. Secured boot structure and an advanced engineered mesh that provides lateral support and sock-like comfort.

The aluminum frame in these skates improves performance by adding durability and more power transfer.

The wheels are 80mm and come with bearings for speed which you can change as your skills advance.

The supreme and hydrogen wheels can be upgraded to higher performance with the proficiency of the skater. The brake is standard. These skates have exceptional value for a novice skater.


The skates are designed for entry-level training and casual inline skating with secure support for improved fitness.

Their higher cuff provides added security for a secure foothold and balance.

The form fit liner with the engineered mesh provides comfort padding and breathability in the ankle and tongue areas with a closure system that includes a power strap, buckle, and lace.

The Twin-blade aluminum frame is durable is of low profile and is designed for enhanced stability and balance.

The wheels of 80mm and a hardness of 82A wheels ensure that there is long-lasting wear and medium speed. They can be upgraded to an 84mm wheel for improved speed.


  • Secure support for improved fitness
  • Comfortable
  • Well ventilated
  • Durable

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2. Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates – Women

Editor’s Choice – Women


The Rollerblade Zetrablade inline skate is a little more expensive than the BladeRunner. They have a more padded and nicer liner.

The roller skate boot has a seamless toe box and a nicer mesh to make the skate more comfortable.

This skate has a closure system found on most rollerblades which includes lace, power strap, and buckle. These skates are in women’s shoe sizes and include teal in the boot color.

If you want a smooth ride, check out these affordable and great roller skates.


The Zetrablade is a recreational beginner skate for women. They feature comfort, stability, and unbeatable support at a good price point.

The lacing system combined with a monocoque frame provides better balance and lowers the center of gravity.

They have a wheel size of 80mm with SG5 bearings that can be upgraded to higher performance.

Zetrablade is a good choice for casual skaters who want entry-level skating.

This skate is an entry-level balanced for women who have a secure fit and are comfortable at a valuable price.

The high cuff boots provide added support and the durable shell makes learning to skate easier. The padded liner and the buckles ensure a snug fit.

The monocoque frame is a durable frame for a lower center of gravity that provides added stability. The wheels and the SG5 bearings provide a moderate speed and better wear.


  • Comfortable
  • The high cuff provides added support
  • Affordable
  • Last longer

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3. Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates



The Zetrablade inline skates are recreational skates for men. They feature unbeatable comfort, support, and stability and make learning to skate easier.

The frame and the straps are combined to reduce the center of gravity and offer better balance.

The wheels can be upgraded to higher performance as the proficiency of the skater increases.


The Zetrablade skates are ideal for novice and casual skaters. They are meant for men and provide a comfortable and secure fit at a good price.

They have a durable shell that makes learning easier and its high cuff provides support.

The padded liner ensures a snug and comfortable fit. They have a durable frame that lowers the center of gravity to enhance stability.

They have performance wheels that are 82A and 82mm in size with the SG5 bearings for moderate speed and better wear. They have brakes.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Have a snug fit boot.

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4. Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Skates

High Performance


The Macroblade 90 inline skate is a model that is quintessential for a skater who is looking to skate a little faster.

The Macroblade 90 is a go-to size for the fit and wheels and incredible support.

They have a higher boot design that helps in adding more stability. Learning to ride a 90mm wheel creates a better sense of control and stability while skating.

The engineered mesh line adds breathability and sock-like comfort as well as has all the cushioning that one needs to learn to skate more pleasantly.

The aluminum frame is good for durability and power transfer.

The closure system is easy to use and secures the foot to maximize comfort and fit.

The bearing or the wheel setup is ideal for skaters so they can have the correct amount of control and speed without going very fast.

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Skates


The higher performance skates are great for fitness enthusiasts who want more lateral support for stability while training, exercising, or skating fast.

They have flex and lateral support from the Macroblade structure. Their higher cuff provides the extra stability for a better balance and to hold the foot securely when striding.

Their comfortable athletic engineered mesh upper has good padding in the ankle and tongue areas for feet cushioning.

The lace-lock and buckle closure and power strap secure the feet and enhance breathability.

The twin-blade aluminum frame enhances durability and keeps the skater closer to the ground with the low-profile design for improved balance, enhanced speed, and stability.

The Performance wheels 85A/90mm blend the control and speed perfectly. The SG9 bearing has superior spin and provides the appropriate speed.


  • Low profile design for improved balance
  • Durable
  • More stable

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5. FILA Legacy Pro 100 Skates

3-Wheel Inline Skates


The FILA Legacy Pro 100 has been designed for those who train regularly on skates.

These skates are for adults and have a unique fitness experience with total comfort and an adequate level of protection with the right mix of speed.

These skates are supportive with the right amount of comfort and have a fast-moving platform as well as an easily customizable closing system. They have great performance with control and safety.

The 100mm wheels provide control from the lightweight extruded aluminum frame.

FILA Legacy Pro 100 Skates


The liner made through the foot ergonomics has an insertion of anatomic padding that provides increased comfort during prolonged use and long training sessions.

The skates have maximum breathability that is generated by the airflow technology that ensures air is channeled inside the shell. This helps to create regular air replacement and efficient foot transpiration.

The cuff has plastic support reinforcement. The closure system has a fast and personalized fit with lace and Velcro band on the instep and lever with the micro-adjustment on the cuff.

They have a light and strong frame that allow a precise and immediate transmission of the force toward the wheel hence increasing performance and easing the change in direction.

The aluminum spacers, metal parts, and the ABEC 7 bearings complete the technical equipment of the skate.


  • Great ventilation for enhanced breathability.
  • High-performance skate
  • Anatomic padding provides increased comfort during long training sessions.

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6. Rollerblade Twister XT Skates


Twister XT inline skates are designed for urban skating as they come with features that ensure you have stability, comfort, and durability when riding on the streets.

They have a footboard sizer and lighter shell to provide you with a perfect fit that improves your performance.

The liner and the insole enhance the skateability and stance of the skate by providing improved wrapping and cushioning as well as more ventilation and breathability.

Rollerblade Twister XT Skates


Twister XT rollerblades are designed for those who are interested in fitness, urban, recreational, and commuting skating. They have premium components including a reimagined liner and modified shell to satisfy skaters of all levels.

The liner has a new anatomical and padding design to premium fit for skaters.

The new tongue has a reinforced median bar and cushioned wings making this inline skate comfortable and able can wrap around your shin for better control and flex but still maintains consistent shape.

The closure system of these skates includes lacing, micro-adjustable buckles, and locking cuff buckles.

The wheels are made of a urethane formula that provides excellent wear, less vibration, and ultimate performance. They have aluminum frames and plates to offer maximum power control and transfer.

These rollerblades are a combination of advanced maneuverability, superior support, and premium fit.


  • Perfect for all skill levels.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Excellent support and fit.
  • Breathable and well-ventilated.
  • Excellent grip and speed.

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7. Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 Inline Skates – Women


If you are a female racer or skater, the Macroblade 110 3WD is for you. They offer superior support with their cuff design.

The wheels generate great velocity that advanced and intermediate skaters need.

They are designed with speed lacing, buckle/strap closure system, ventilated uppers, and SG9 bearings for a lightweight and easy option for faster skating.

Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 Skates Women


Macroblade 3WD offers high performance to the skater by providing improved lateral support for enhanced stability when training and faster skating.

The higher cuff ensures that you have a secure foothold and additional balance. The closure system comprising of a speed lace, strap, and cuff buckle makes securing the boot on your foot easy.

This skate comes with a breathable and high-comfort liner to ensure that your feet are kept dry throughout the skating as well as extra padding in the tongue and ankle area.

The aluminum frame has a low-profile design for enhanced maneuverability and speed.

The wheels measure 110mm with a hardness of 85A to ensure that you have a smooth ride on the city streets and busy sidewalks.

The bearings ensure that you have maximum speed and also reduce wear making your skates last longer. They come with an optional brake if you need one.


  • Improved stability and support.
  • Increased speed.
  • Extra padding for comfort.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not suitable for beginners.

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8. K2 Alexis 84 BOA Skates – Women


If you are a sporty woman who is looking to take your workout sessions outdoors, the K2 Alexis BOA inline skate is for you.

This skate is comfortable and powerful as it features 84mm wheels, aluminum rail, and ball bearings to ensure that there is a direct transfer of power for an agile and stable skating experience.

K2 Alexis 84 BOA Skates Women


The closure system of these inline skates ensures that they can be readjusted easily and quickly and that they adapt to your foot perfectly for smooth skating.

The uppers are made of a mesh material keeping these skates breathable throughout skating so that your feet are kept dry the whole time, especially during intense workouts.

K2 Alexis comes with a soft boot to offer you a comfortable and perfect fit.

The wheels have a hardness of 80A making these skates perfect for the outdoors as they can roll smoothly over asphalt and other rough surfaces.


  • Great stability and speed.
  • Maximum support and comfort.
  • Your feet are kept dry.
  • The great transfer of power.


  • Sizing problems.

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9. Rollerblade Macroblade 3W100 Skates


If you are an experienced skater looking for an inline skate that provides you with superior support and great speed, the Macroblade 100 3WD is the one for you.

With this skate, you will get lateral support for your feet.

The three wheels measure 100mm and have a hardness of 85A to provide the perfect speed, performance, and grip for intermediate and advanced skaters.

Rollerblade Macroblade 3W100 Skates


To ensure that you get high performance, this inline skate features mesh uppers, a full-height boot, and a strap and buckle closure system.

This skate is designed for improved stability and faster skating while training.

The higher cuff provides you with lateral and flex support to ensure that you have extra security and balance in your feet.

The boot of this skate is made with a mesh upper to give you the breathability you need.

The ankle and tongue areas have extra padding for comfort purposes. This skate provides a secure fit with its speed lacing system, power strap, and aluminum buckle.

The low-profile design of the aluminum frame allows you to maneuver easily with improved speed.

The wheels and the bearings ensure that you have a smooth ride and are designed to last you longer.


  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Provides stability and speed.
  • Well-ventilated.


  • Less grip.

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10. Rollerblade RB 110 Skates


This is the perfect street skate that offers you speed and versatility. These inline skates are constructed to be used on all skating surfaces.

They provide ideal support for your feet as they feature a training footbed, top eyelets, and sublimated liner.

They also come with a long-lasting hard sheet and molded boot for speed, comfort, and performance.



If you are looking for a durable and versatile skate, the RB 110 is a great option for you. The molded shell is vented and supportive to offer breathability, durability, and lateral support.

The liner provides comfort and high performance, and the heel area is designed to absorb shock when skating.

To achieve a secured and desired fit, this skate has a liner and a double lace and buckle close that goes through the shell.

The adjustable aluminum frame is stable, and rigid, and is designed with a low profile to reduce the COG (center of gravity) for enhanced maneuverability and speed.

The supreme wheels are 85A and measure 110mm to provide maximum grip, roll, wear, and speed.

This skate is an improvement in performance from beginner-level wheels. The spin of the bearings is fast which helps in offering the appropriate speed.


  • Adjustable frames.
  • Great speed.
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Durable


  • Can be too fast for beginners.

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Factors To Consider When Looking For Street Rollerblades

The Best Rollerblades For Street 2022

The following are the things that you need to consider before purchasing a rollerblade:

Skate Size & Fit

Finding the right size of a rollerblade is crucial because you want your feet to be as comfortable as possible when skating.

Fortunately, most manufacturers provide a size chart to guide you in finding the right size.

If it is not provided, the general rule is to order one size higher than your normal shoe size.

To know that your rollerblade fits you comfortably, your toes should have enough room to move but not too much.

Ensure that the boots are not squeezing your feet, but also you should give them time to expand especially if they are soft.

There is no assurance that the rollerblade you buy for the first time will fit you perfectly, you need to try several until you find the right one. The size guideline provided by the manufacturer will help you.

Your Skill Level

Your skill level in rollerblading is another important factor to consider. With inline skating, skill levels range from beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced to expert.

And like other athletic equipment, there are different ranges available for you to choose from.

Rollerblades with lower grade bearings, smaller wheels, and plastic frames are recommended for beginners.

As you advance in your skill level, you may want to improve the components of the skate including bearings, frames, boots, and wheels to match your ability.

You can also buy a rollerblade that offers more performance so that you can grow into it.

Wheel Size & Durometer

Most wheels for inline skating are made of polyurethane for performance and durability purposes. But the material for making the wheels is not very important compared to its durometer reading and size.

The size of the wheels ranges from very small to very large, that is, from 70mm to 100mm. these sizes depend on the type of skating you are involved in.

If you skate for small distances and need to do quick stops and turns, smaller wheels are for you. However, if you are involved in racing and professional inline skating, very large wheels are a good option as they provide great speed and performance.

The durometer reading of a wheel determines its softness and hardness. If the durometer reading is low, for example, 78A, the wheel is softer but if it is high, such as 90A, the wheel is harder.

The durometer reading determines the skating surface the wheel should be used, that is, softer wheels are best used outdoors while harder wheels are for indoor surfaces.

Boots & Liners

Rollerblade boots come in two types; soft and hard. Soft boots provide great comfort and are well ventilated making them suitable for beginners.

However, if you are advanced in your skills, hard boots are a great option for you because they offer more stability and control.

Liners make your feet more comfortable as you skate and there are different varieties available to select from. Heat moldable lines use heat to contour to your feet and they do so as they cool down to harden.

Memory fit liners can remember the pattern of your feet and contours to it. The pads or gels in these liners continue taking the shape of your feet with time.

Auto-fit liners also use gels or pads to contour to your feet. They provide extra support and comfort than standard liners.

Finally, standard liners use foam materials to offer basic comfort and padding for your feet. They are perfect for beginners as they do not have complicated features.


To find the best frame, you need to consider stiffness, weight, and durability. Typically, skate frames are made using different materials.

Plastic frames are mostly found in inline skates made for beginners. These frames are cheaper, heavier, less stiff, and less durable compared to other frames.

The heaviness of plastic frames contributes to the weight of the skate that comes with them.

Aluminum frames have higher stiffness and less weight than plastic frames.

They are also more durable and efficient. They are slightly expensive compared to plastic frames and are mostly found on inline skates for intermediate skaters.

Carbon frames are an improvement of aluminum frames as they have less weight and a longer lifespan that most skaters with advanced skill levels look for.

The stiffness of a frame generates energy transfer when skating, making it an important factor to consider.

When skating, you make the skate go by thrusting your legs outwards and creating the energy needed.

The energy moves from the legs through the boot to the frame and finally to the wheels and the surface.


Bearings are an important part of any rollerblade because they determine the smoothness of your ride as well as your ability to reach maximum speed.

The main reason for bearings in a skate is to reduce the friction between the wheel and the frame when skating.

Each bearing has an ABEC rating that is used to determine its precision.

Bearings with higher ABEC ratings have higher precision and less resistance when rolling, allowing you to maintain speed.

To ensure that you get a smooth ride and that your bearings last longer, it is essential that they are regularly cleaned and lubricated.


Finally, you need to consider whether your rollerblade has brakes or not since some models have brakes while others don’t.

If you are a beginner, having a brake on your skate is crucial because you are learning the sport and may need to make quick stops most of the time, that is why most fitness and recreational skates have brakes at the back or front.

For experienced and expert skaters, having no brakes is not a problem because they can handle the speed and can stop without needing them.

Most aggressive, roller hockey, and race skates have no brakes.

3 Wheel Vs 4 Wheels Rollerblades For Street Skating – Which One Is Better?

The Best Rollerblades For Street

Three-wheel rollerblades give you the chance to enjoy big wheel skating. Big wheels maintain roll longer, are faster and can get over bumps and cracks easier giving you a smooth ride.

The only disadvantage is that they need more energy and skill to increase and reduce speeds.

Since big wheels have shorter frames, you can maintain high levels of performance and maneuverability. Most freestyle and urban inline skates have three wheels.

On the other hand, four-wheel rollerblades have smaller wheels and are more stable.

Therefore, if you are a returning or beginning skater, four-wheel skates are a good choice for you as they make it quicker and easier to gain skill and confidence.

Most rollerblades with four wheels have longer frames which makes them less maneuverable but more stable.

They are perfect for marathon skating, cross-training, and straight-line fitness where the high speed with stability is needed.

They are also good for those skaters who would rather skate when their knees are upright than bent low.

Can Women Use Men’s Rollerblades?

Yes, you can use men’s rollerblades if you are a woman, but you need to consider a few things.

First, you need to understand that sizing is different because men’s sizing is one size smaller than women’s. Therefore, if you wear a size 8, for example, you should order a men’s size 7.

Secondly, the cuff on the boot is higher in men’s rollerblades than the cuff in women’s rollerblades.

This is because rollerblades are designed for women and have features that can accommodate the difference in anatomy between women and men.

The cuff muscle of a man is higher than a woman’s, hence the cuff being higher in men’s rollerblade.

Are Rollerblades And Inline Skates The Same Thing?

Yes, rollerblades and inline skates are the same things, but the only difference is the name.

Inline skate is a popular name given to all skate types that have wheels on a straight line while rollerblades are a specific type of inline skate designed by a company named Rollerblades.

Final Words

If you are looking to take your skating game to the outdoors, street skating is a great option. You just need to find the right inline skate with the correct components for your style and skill level.

You also need to consider the factors mentioned above to help you in the decision process.

From this article, we have chosen two options as the best rollerblades for street, one for men and one for women. The men’s choice is the Macroblade 80 Inline skates.

This inline skate is perfect for you if you have enhanced beginner skills and are looking for a high-quality skate with great padding and a secured boot.

These skates offer more durability, energy transfer, and performance.

The women’s choice is the Zetrablade Inline skates. They feature the best stability, comfort, and support with a good price point that will not break your budget.

With these skates, you can easily change the wheels as your proficiency increases so that you get the best performance.

Hopefully, this article has given you the information you need to shop for the best rollerblades for the street.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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