Best Roller Skates For Women (2023) – Women’s Roller Skates

Roller skating is a fun way to exercise and spend time with family and friends.

If you are a beginner at this sport, it may be challenging to find the best roller skates for women since there are many to choose from in the market.

Best Roller Skates For Women

The huge growth in roller skating in the last few years has brought about significant growth in the market for roller skates. Women now have a wider range of choices for roller skates to choose from.

However, too much choice can often lead to poor choice, which is why we’re here to help.

There is no need to worry as this article will give you all the information that you need to know about the best women’s roller skates that you can select from.

It also comes with a guide to help you in selecting the perfect roller skate for your needs.

Editor's Choice
MOXI Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Our Rating - 100%

This is our choice for the best roller skates for women because it offers you the classic Moxi fashion in a cheaper way. They are made of materials that last longer and provide you with the necessary security and comfort that you need for your skating adventures.

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Budget Friendly
Candi Grl Carlin Skates

Our Rating - 95%

Another great choice for the best skates for women that is affordable is the Candi Carlin skates. They are the best option if you are looking for comfort and color. They also offer great ankle support and comfortable lining to ensure that you have a smooth roll at the park or the sidewalks.

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High Performance
MOXI Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates

Our Rating - 99%

The new Moxi Lolly skates are the best outdoor roller skate for women that is high performing. It is very stylish, comfortable, durable, and high in quality which are the features you want to have in your roller skate. It also takes no time to break in them.

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10 Best Roller Skates For Women (2023)

There are plenty of top-quality roller skates for women and the top 10 are presented below.

To ensure the reviews are focused, they are broken into categories including budget-friendly, high performance, beginner female skaters, durability, and for wide feet.

The reviews discuss the product design, performance capability, and pros and cons – giving you a brief overview of each skate design.

1. Moxi Beach Bunny Outdoor Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates For Women (Editor’s Choice)


Our choice for the best roller skates for women is the Moxi Beach Bunny roller skates. These skates are 100% animal friendly that uses dyed vinyl and custom lining material.

They are added with die-cast aluminum plates with strong metal trucks for maximum support.

These skates are designed in fun colors with colorful wheels and trendy laces. They have ABEC -5 steel ball bearings that reduce friction for a smooth ride.

The skates also have 58mm, 78A hardness wheels that offer a great cushion. They are not designed for children under the age of 12 years.

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates


Moxi beach bunny outdoor roller skates are some of the most popular skates and are loved by recreational skaters and experienced skaters.

They come in a lot of fun colors and high-top boots. The Moxi beach bunny skates have an aluminum frame that is great for extra power transfer.

The soft outdoor wheels suit asphalt perfectly but can also be used indoors. The beach bunnies also come with great adjustable toe stops.

Ladies love these bright and colorful skates. They are well-made for the price and have great reviews from skaters.


  • Clean, cute, and come in different colors of choice
  • Convenient bolt-on-top toe-stops helping in safety
  • Cool retro look
  • Comfortable and versatile


  • They are pricey

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2. New Candi GRL Carlin Roller Skates

Budget Friendly


The Candi GRL Carlin Indoor Outdoor Skates have high-top boots made of suede leather. These skates are great for the skaters that need more comfort and color in their roll.

They feature a high-top boot that gives excellent ankle support and are finished in synthetic brushed suede uppers with a soft padded comfort lining.

Their aluminum plates are durable and the metal trucks give smooth skating.

This is exactly what you should consider if you are looking for a high-top quad skate that is fun and eye-catching.

The wheels’ hardness is 82A hardness making them great for indoor or outdoor skating. These skates are made for ladies only.

Candi Grl Carlin Skates


Most recreational skaters love this type of skate. They are crafted from vegan-friendly synthetic leather with a padded lining to keep the feet comfortable while skating.

The wheels of the skate are designed to hold up both indoors and outside so that you don’t need to stick to one style of skating when you are off the bat.

The wheels can be changed to fit your skating style.

These skates also come in different shades that are both vibrant and pastel, therefore; it is easy to find the pair you like to wear.


  • True fit to size
  • Made for all ages and skill levels.
  • Lightweight but with high impact


  • Premium purchase.

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3. New Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates

High Performance


The New Moxi Lolly Sunlite is handmade with a soft suede leather material that can be broken with minimal discomfort.

They have high-impact Sunlite plates with strong metal trucks for maximum support. These skates have an easy-to-lace system which makes the adjusting simple.

They are made of a high-quality padded tongue which helps when slipping easily while skating.

The skates also come in completely different colors and are also crafted with ABEC-7 steel ball bearing to minimize friction with Moxi Classic 65mm by 35mm outdoor wheels to give smooth skating.

The boot is high with snug fit extra ankle padding for strong ankle support.

MOXI Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates


The boots are insanely stylish, comfortable, and give you retro vibes.

The suede leather is high in quality and breaks in faster to offer great comfort.

It comes with newly developed suede uppers. The added patented-bracing design of the Sunlite plate gives them optimal strength.

The colored boots come with white plate/toe stops/cushions.

These skates have an easy lace system which makes adjusting the skate simple. The soft suede leather also gives your feet a supple and glove-like fit.


  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to lace and high comfort level.
  • Fashionable and have a stylish design.
  • Designed for safety.


  • There is a challenge with sizing

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4. New SureGrip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller Skates

Best Womens’ Roller Skates For Beginners


The New SureGrip Boardwalk outdoor is made from luxurious suede with a stitched sole for durability.

This will help feel the difference when you slide your feet into these ultra-comfortable and high-quality suede boots.

They have suede with the stitched sole and are made of Sure-Grip rock nylon plate as well as Sure-Grip Boardwalk wheels with 82A hardness. They are also designed in a ladies’ style.

Sure Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates


The durable nylon plates are lightweight with adjustable toe stops and in gray to maintain a subtle and classy look on the skates.

They have CABEC-3 bearings which will ensure a smooth roll to keep you on the move. They are great all-around beginner roller skates.

The boots feature high-quality suede that is greatly padded. The skate has a high-top boot which enhances stability.

Skaters with smaller feet have a variety of colors to choose from that will get peoples’ attention. They come in men’s sizes of 4-10 for all boots except tan and black.


  • Highly comfortable and durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • The skates come in a variety of colors and sizes.


  • The sizing is not the most accurate.

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5. VNLA Parfait Outdoor Roller Skates

For Wide Feet


These skates are the first high-top roller skates made for women.

The boot has soft yet structured support because of the microfiber uppers. It has a boot that is lined with ample padding for a great comfortable fit.

These boots come in ladies sizing and are great for wide feet.

VNLA made quality and comfortable shoes at a quality price. The ABEC-7 bearings are ideal for leisurely cruising the sidewalk.

VNLA Parfait Roller Skates


These skates are made of microfiber boos with aluminum plates and trucks.

They are the first ladies’ high-top roller skate designed by the brand.

The boot gives soft yet structured support and inside of it is lined with ample padding for a comfortable fit and show of a color pattern that stays true to the Parfait name.

It has a contrasting tongue that is durable and extra thick. They also come with contour insoles that can be added if the skater has extra insoles to add extra snugness.

It is made of an aluminum plate and the double-actions aluminum trucks and polyurethane cushions that are finished with a rubber adjustable toe-stop.

These roller skates are also 20% lighter than most of the other skates. They have 78A wheel hardness and are ideal for outdoor skating.


  • Great for wide feet.
  • They are made of good quality.
  • Contain vibrant colors which give the skaters variety of choices.
  • They have a very good size fit.


  • Could not find any

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6. Moxi Panther Outdoor Roller Skates

Most Comfortable


The skates are designed with ABEC-5 bearings. They are fitted with Marvel Aluminum plate and the Moxi Panther wheels with a hardness of 78A and 58mm.

They also come with an adjustable Toe-Stop. They are durable but also come with a wide toe box that does not have a lot for insole thus, might need an extra insole.

Moxi Panther Roller Skate


The Moxi Panther swaps out the other vinyl skates uppers for the drum-dyed and hand-sorted genuine suede for a more personalized fit and an extra-abrasion resistance as well as rich colorfast look.

The Marvel aluminum plates make the Moxi Panther skate tough and classic.

The skates’ soft and high-rebound wheels help in holding up the rough outdoor surfaces.

The ankle padding on the curved collar provides added comfort that your feet will appreciate you for skating on Moxi Panthers. These skates also have accented panther laces and lining.

These skates are great for advanced skaters as well as beginners because it comes with a crab tool that enables one to wap the wheels out to something better.


  • Work well for experienced and beginners skaters
  • They have an ABEC-5 rating
  • Have tough wheels that can be changed out
  • They are extra abrasion resistant


  • An insole may need to be added for more support.

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7. RIEDELL Citizen Plus Outdoor Roller Skates

Most Durable


Riedell citizen roller skates are designed for recreational outdoor skating.

They have soft uppers that create a boot that is comfortable and flexible and requires no break-in time. The 111 boots combine with durable nylon plate and wheels of 85A hardness.

Riedell Citizen Plus Roller Skates


This skate is one of the most durable skates available. It offers great comfort and support hence good for the outdoors. The boot comes with vinyl uppers that ensure a perfect fit and great mobility.

It is made of durable plates which offer the support needed for outdoor skating without extra weight. The adjustable toe-stop supports the skater when making a quick stop while outdoor.

They are also added with wheels of 62mm by 32mm and ABEC-7 bearings for a smooth ride as you roll.

The wheels come in different colors. Black boots come in Men’s sizing while white boots come in ladies sizing.


  • Adjustable toe-stop gives good braking control.
  • They are durable
  • Ball bearings help in minimizing friction


  • Could not find any.

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8. Vanilla Junior Zona Rosa Jam Skates

Jam Skates


These skate boots are made of denim uppers with a rubber outsole that is stitched and a metallic lace cover. They are the perfect jam skates.

They are fitted with Aluminum trucks and nylon plates. They have Vanilla Backspin Stealth wheels measuring 62mm by 42mm and a wheel hardness of 93A.

The bearings are of Vanilla Reaction with an ABEC-9 rating. The leather and denim combination provides the most ideal skating experience while offering maximum comfort.

The combination is also unique. They have a new wheel made of urethane that gives a great surface for skating.

VNLA Zona Rosa Wide Roller Skates


They are aesthetically pleasing and can be able to tell a pair once you spot them.

The performance of these skates is excellent. They are the best choice for skaters who are getting started on skating sport.

They are ideal for beginners but they have also been praised to be an excellent quality by experienced skaters.

The Wheels give a skater a great surface for skating using urethane. They are stealth wheels and make your ride fast, smooth and unobstructed.


  • Fun design elements
  • They are made of both leather and denim
  • Have a bearing rating of ABEC-9.
  • Designed with stealth wheels
  • Very cost-effective


  • Could not find any

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9. Avanti Energy Outdoor Roller Skates

Speed Skates


The Avanti energy boot is a Riedell 395 hand-sorted full-grain leather.

It is made of a magnesium plate with wheels of hardness 78A and 65mm. They have Speed master bearings of ABEC-7 rating.

Riedell 395 Avanti Energy Roller Skates


This boot is an ideal skate for speed skating because it wraps around your foot like a glove.

The toe is designed with an attached lace cover that offers little more space than a traditional lace-to-the-toe skate boot without compromising the full contact fitting. The leather and the lining provide comfort.

The nylon ankle tie allows the skater to adjust the collar tightness to your own personal to fit personal preference and keep the feet supported and secured.

These skate boots are heat-moldable to ensure you get the best fit. The hollow magnesium design in the plate gives you the durability required without extra weight.

The plate also features an adjustable truck that withstands the intensity and gives you enjoyment and durability. The Radar energy wheels have the finest outdoor urethane available for outdoor skating.

The wheels can glide smoothly over small debris and rough surfaces. The wheels also have a hardness of 78A that is perfect for outdoor.


  • Heat-moldable
  • They are nice pairs of skates that have comfortable and excellent boot perfect for wide feet.
  • The Riedell Radar Energy wheels are perfect for all kinds of outdoor skating.


  • Could not find any

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10. Rio Roller Script Outdoor Roller Skates

Fashion Roller Skates


This skating boot is designed with Vegan PVC leather featuring a nylon plate and Aluminum trucks.

They have the Rio Roller Coaster wheels with a hardness of 82A. They have insoles that provide improved heel support with cast stoppers and fast bearings.

Rio Roller Script Outdoor Roller Skates


These skates are vegan friendly and are reinforced script made using PVC leather construction with an inner sole that is molded and cushioned heel for extra comfort.

This boot is mounted to a nylon plate with cushions and strong aluminum trucks.

The trucks and plates give less weight and add durability. They have 82A Rio Roller wheels which are good for outdoor skating.

They also have bearings with ABEC-7 that has a complete fixed toe stop.


  • They have a great sizing guide
  • Smooth and lightweight
  • Available in great colors


  • Could not find any.

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Women’s Roller Skates

Women's Roller Skates

Sizing & Your Foot Type

Sizing is an important factor to consider when choosing skates because it will contribute to comfortability when skating.

A general rule of thumb is to select one size bigger than your normal shoe size especially if you are a first-time buyer unless guided otherwise in the size chart.

It can be challenging to select the right size, but you must find one that has a firm fit around your feet without being too loose or too tight.

For some people, this means selecting a size up while for others it is buying the same size as their regular shoe.

If possible, try the skate first before buying it and ensure that the toes do not touch the skate’s nose.

Low-Cut vs High-Top Boots

Another factor to consider when to ensure that you get the right skate is whether the boot is a low-cut or high-top.

If you are a beginner, high-top boots are recommended for you because they offer more support to the ankles which you need to stay upright as a new skater.

But if you want to do roller derby or speed skating, low-cut boots are the best option for you because they allow you to maneuver quickly and easily.

With low-cut boots, you can hug the corners lower and bend down lower on your crossovers, but you will sacrifice some stability.

High-top boot is great for artistic skating. You can use either boot for quad artistic roller skating or jam skating.

Boot Material

There are two different types of boot material for roller skates: leather or vinyl. If you are looking for a comfortable skate, choose leather boots.

Leather is a natural and long-lasting material that has the extra benefits of becoming malleable when you wear the skates. However, they are more expensive than vinyl.

Your skates become more broken-in every time you skate. Therefore, go for the leather boots if you want boots that are soft and with time become comfortable.

On the other hand, a durable vinyl boot is cheaper than a leather boot. Vinyl boots do not change over time that is why they do not need much break-in time.

They will be a little broken in as you skate, but unlike leather boots, vinyl boots are not going to meld to your ankles and feet.

Durometer/Wheel Hardness

Every roller skate wheel has a hardness and most of them range from 78A to 103A durometer reading.

If the number is higher, the wheel is harder and if the number is lower, the wheel is softer.

Hard wheels are perfect for skating on sticky and indoor surfaces such as a roller rink with plastic coating. Hard wheels last longer, roll faster and are more slippery.

Soft wheels, on the other hand, are perfect for slippery indoor surfaces or outdoor surfaces. You will see soft wheels mostly used in street skates because they offer a smooth roll.

Gummy outdoor wheels normally have a 78A durometer and are designed for asphalt street skating.

Most skaters will have two different types of wheels so that they can quickly change them when they change the surface they are skating on or the type of roller sport.

Wheel Diameter and Profile

The profile and diameter of your wheels have an impact on your skating.

The height or diameter in wheels ranges from 40mm to 125mm. Smaller wheels provide more maneuverability, accelerate more quickly, but go slower.

Once you get them rolling, larger wheels have a higher top-end speed, but they take a longer time to accelerate.

The width or profile in wheels ranges from a couple of millimeters to 44mm.

Wider wheels are harder to make sharp movements, but they are more stable while narrow wheels have more maneuverability but are less stable.

If you are a beginner, a wide, short wheel is perfect for you because you want to go slow when starting, so choose a wheel with a diameter of 65mm or smaller.

This will provide you with more stability, balance, and better control of your speed.

However, if you are an advanced skater, the width depends on what you want: stability, maneuverability, or speed as well as the skating surface and the roller sport.

Outdoor vs Indoor Skating Surface

If you will be skating in the outdoors, softer wheels with hardness ranging from 78A to 89A. if you are skating on asphalt, wheels between 78A to 82A are perfect.

When skating on skate parks, smooth concrete, and outdoor sports courts, wheels with hardness between 82A to 89A are a good choice.

For skating in indoor rinks, choose harder wheels that range from 85A to 103A.

If you are a beginner, start with a softer wheel that ranges from 85A to 95A but if you are advanced you may want wheels that range from 92A to 103A.

How To Measure Your Foot Size & Width

It only takes two minutes to measure your foot width and size. Since feet swell, it is recommended that you measure them in the late afternoon and ensure that you are standing.

Wear the socks you would wear with the skates when measuring your feet. Be precise with the measurements and measure both feet.

Stand on a piece of paper and put the pen or pencil 90 degrees on the paper and move it slowly around your foot.

Measure the longest part of the drawing using a ruler and that is the length of your feet. Your width will be the measurement of the widest part of the drawing, which is near the toe area.

Roller Skate Heat Molding For a Better Fit

You can mold your roller skates at home using a regular oven. Preheat the oven to about 170 to 180 degrees F. then when the temperature is reached, turn it off.

Put your skates in and bake them for about 3 to 4 minutes, ensure that they are standing upright. Remove the boots and let them cool down.

Once you wear the boot, lace it up more tightly than you would normally to ensure that they mold properly to your foot.

Wear the skates for 10 minutes and flex back and forth to mold. Remove the skates and let them cool for five minutes then put them back on and notice the fit.

Roller Skate Components That You Need To Think About

Women's Roller Skate Boot


There are two types of boots: hard boots and soft boots.

If you want more maneuverability for disco or dancing, soft boots are the perfect choice for you. Also, soft boots weigh less and are known to be ventilated better.

Hard boots provide support and good stability hence a good choice for longer rides and fitness use. You can also replace the liner if it gets worn out.


For roller skates to be stable enough to stand, they have four wheels in pairs. For first-time buyers, decide whether you want to buy soft wheels or hard wheels.

The hardness of the wheel is determined using a durometer scale and it ranges from 0 to 100A. The wheel is harder if the number is close to 100.


Bearings affect the feel and speed of your skating. Taking care of your bearings will ensure that your roller skates perform at their best.

You should avoid skating in the dirt, sand, moist grounds, and water as much as possible so that they can last you longer.

Cleaning and lubricating them regularly will help in improving their speed and durability.

Trucks & Plates

Roller skates have a plate and a truck underneath. Most trucks are made of aluminum which makes them heavier but strong and the plates are made of nylon which enables the skate to feel lighter.

Toe Stop

The work of a toe stop in a skate is to set off or you can use it as a brake. You can replace the toe stop but you should do it before it is completely worn out, otherwise, it becomes hard to dismount it.

Final Words

From this article, the winner for the best roller skates for women is the MOXI Beach Bunny Outdoor Roller Skate.

This is because of its affordability, durability, and comfortability.

When choosing a roller skate, ensure that you find the right size for your feet. Also, consider the surface you will be skating on and the wheel’s hardness.

Ensure that you take care of your boots so that they can serve you for a longer period.


Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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