Best Roller Skates For Dancing (2023) – Rhythm & Artistic Roller Skates

These days roller skating seems to be more popular because of social media and the many people that can be seen using their roller skates for a myriad of activities.

The best roller skates for dancing are something many people are seeking because all roller skates are not created equal.

Many people use they are roller skates for dancing while others just enjoy the practice in general.

Best Roller Skates For Dancing

Finding the best roller skates for dancing may prove to be a tedious task for many because of the wide variety that exists.

Of course, every roller skate manufacturer will boast that their roller skates are the one that is best for your particular activity.

Nevertheless, wise choices must be made from the abundance of roller skates that exist on the market.

If you intend to use your roller skates for dancing then you need a pair that will provide stability while also being strong and durable.

Dancing may also require a certain amount of flexibility and speed so that the dancer is able to experience a smooth and elegant ride.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert this article will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best roller skates for dancing.

Editor's Choice
Riedell 111 Angel Roller Skates 

After much deliberation, our recommendation for the best roller skates for dancing is the Riedell 111 Angel Indoor Roller Skates. These skates will be sure to satisfy your dancing needs whether you are a beginner or an expert. The lightweight feel is unmatched.

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Budget Friendly
Candi Grl Carlin Skates

Most people are trying to pinch the pennies these days so If you need a budget-friendly option, we recommend the Candi Grl Carlin Indoor/Outdoor Skates. The colors that are available makes them all the more appealing. These skates are also quite sturdy and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Jam Skates
VNLA Jr. Mint Jam Skates

These jam skates do a great job of allowing the skater to achieve stability and freedom simultaneously. Many people adore these skates because they have no break-in period. You can wear them straight away. They are quite fast as well. These are one of the best skates for dancing.

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For Men
VNLA V-Line All American Plus Roller Skates

Even though these are high-top skates, they allow the skater to be flexible and have the added benefit of being tailored specifically for men. The boots are a bit higher than the normal height at the ankle, but many are attracted to the superior style. Because they are geared toward men, you can get them in wide widths with ample toe room.

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10 Best Roller Skates For Dancing (2023)

The roller skates used for dancing are usually the ones that can be used indoors on flat floors. The wheels are usually softer and have the ability to grip the floor while you are dancing.

It usually takes some trial and error to find the best skates for your dancing needs, but the following options are quite informative.

It should be noted that dancing skates usually have wheels that are smaller in diameter for greater maneuverability speed.

Comfort is also a major criterion that we have used to judge the quality of the skates. If you are dancing for a long period of time then you will need to be comfortable

1. Riedell 111 Angel Roller Skates 

Best Roller Skates For Dancing (Editor’s Choice)


Without a doubt, the Riedell 111 can provide the best dancing experience because of its superior level of support, comfort,  flexibility, and style. What is even more impressive is that these skates may be used by beginners and experts alike.

They are designed to fit those with wider feet in the men’s sizes and the ladies’ sizes are designed to accommodate those with a medium width.

Additionally, they come with impressive RC Medallion plus wheels measuring  (57mm x 30mm) (96A)   which are smooth rolling and beautiful.

You can expect to enjoy a superior level of speed with its ABEC – 7 bearings.

You can also expect a soft vinyl upper in this model so that the boots give more mobility and you are comfortable the entire time. It is fitted with a durable nylon plate from Powerdyne that will give confidence to beginners.

Riedell 111 Angel Indoor Roller Skates


Users of these skates usually report an experience like no other as they feel as if they are floating. This is because they are so lightweight that it gives an effortless feel while you are rolling around.

Because they are crafted from components of the highest quality we can safely say that the Riedell Angel Indoor roller skates is our top choice for the best dancing roller skates.


  • Black or White Radar Riva wheels
  • Adjustable Gray PowerDyne Toe Stop
  • Great for beginners
  • Unisex Style
  • PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plate
  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • Available in black & white


  • Full sizes only

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2. Candi Grl Carlin Roller Skates

Budget Friendly


The very first thing that you may notice about the Candi Grl Carlin quad roller skates is the vibrant colors that are available.

The wheels are designed with an 82A  hardness, and they measure 66mm which means that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. These skates are outfitted with Bevo silver – 5 Chrome bearings.

The brushed suede has an inner lining that is padded for your comfort and gives great support to your ankle.

Beginners and intermediate skaters are able to get accustomed rather quickly in these skates. You also get precision turning because of the high-quality aluminum chassis.

You can feel free to glide on smooth surfaces but also have that extra grip when you are rolling on pavement.

Even though they do not offer half sizes you can size down if you have narrow feet and size up if your feet are a bit wide.

Candi Grl Carlin Roller Skates


These skates offer a high level of performance along with good ankle support. They are lightweight and quite durable.

They are rather stylish but also give the skater a level of ease and comfort that is unmatched. This is exactly what you need when you are dancing.


  • Plates are aluminum
  • Bevo ABEC – 5 bearing rating
  • Great Ankle Support
  • Excellent comfort
  • Available in many colors
  • Made especially for women


  • Non-adjustable toe tops

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3. VNLA Jr. Mint Jam Skates

Jam Skates


These skates are designed with Gorilla nylon plates along with aluminum trucks so that you can be sure that they are durable without adding extra weight.

You got a lifetime warranty on these Skates that feature backspin wheels reaction ABEC bearing rating of 9. This guarantees that the skating experience is smooth and easy.

It is made from scuff-resistant leather that is lined for your comfort while dancing. You can be assured of stability because of the 5-degree action and the cone-shaped cushions serve to give added comfort.

VNLA Jr Mint Jam Skates


These VNLA  mint Jam Skates are great for dancing they feature low-profile toe stops. The versatility it allows makes it easier for the wearer to perform tricks back and forth.

What makes it even better is that there is little to no break-in period. If you aren’t dancing in these skates then speed skating is always an option and the VNLA  mint Jam Skates can do both.


  • No break-in period
  • Backspin Wheels with a lifetime warranty
  • ABEC – 9 bearing rating
  • Unisex Style
  • Aluminum trucks
  • The plates are vanilla gorilla nylon


  • Limited colors available

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4. VNLA V-Line All American Plus Roller Skates

For Men


The VNLA V-Line Boots were expertly crafted from the finest man-made uppers.

The stunning textured design gives adequate support to the ankles and is durable, so you can expect to have them for a long time. These boots were special because it matches modern boots with an old style of wheels.

The boots are a bit higher than the normal height at the ankle, but many are attracted to the superior style.

You can get them in medium width for men and simply size down from your everyday shoe size for a proper fit.

VNLA V-Line All American Roller Skates


These skates make you feel exceedingly light and free while you are using them. This is mainly because of the nylon plates which are Vanilla gorilla.

They also feature 5-degree trucks that are aluminum. While others skates may feel a bit dragged down, you can dance in these without a problem.

Because of the short grip wheels, you are able to get a superior glide across any flat surface.

These wheels are made from a clay compound that is quite hard. It is called Vanathane clay and works well for superior wheels of high quality.


  • Made for men, but women may wear
  • Plates made with Gorilla Nylon
  •  Sure-Grip All American Plus
  • Great Ankle Support
  • 5-degree Aluminum Trucks
  • Speed Master ABEC – 7 bearing rating


  • Limited colors available

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5. Sure-Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates


The acclaimed Sure-Grip Boardwalk has added four new shades that are all the rave. It was made from the best suede are designed with a stitched sole so that you can expect durability.

The inner boot is quite comfortable, so you can spend many hours dancing around in them.

Sure Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates


The nylon plates create a lightweight shoe that also has a high level of durability. The toe stops are an adjustable stylish gray color so that you can look classy yet subtle.

To complement the shoes perfectly there are RC Medallion indoor wheels that have ABEC – 7 bearings.


  • Very smooth roll
  • Stitched sole suede
  • Comfortable interior
  •  Many colors available
  • ABEC – 7 Bearings
  • Artistic wheels RC Medallion Plus

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6. Riedell 120 Sunlite Roller Skates


Designed with genuine leather, the Riedell 120 roller skating boots are lightweight and comfortable. The material is also breathable Dri-Lex lining.

You are free to maneuver and perform complex dance moves confidently because of the ankle padding which gives proper support to the ankles during jumps.

There are two options for color which are black and white, so you can select one that fits your style. You also have the benefit of a mini gripper toe stop that is adjustable. Skaters of all varieties can benefit from the Riedell 120 Sunlite Medallion Plus.

Riedell 120 Sunlite Medallion Roller Skates


If you are keen on having a good time while you dance, then this is undoubtedly the right roller skate for you. These skates give your ankle great support while being lightweight and flexible.

The skater is not dragged down during the ride because of the Sunlite plates.

You can also be confident in the durability of these skates as they come with a lifetime breakage guarantee. The Sunlite plate has double action trucks and has the benefit of being 40% lighter.

The high grip wheels are made from urethane and come from RC Medallion Plus. This is why the skater experiences a superior roll.


  • Half sizes available
  • Sunlite Plates
  • Genuine Leather
  • Wheels are RC Medallion Plus
  • Unisex Style
  • ABEC – 7 bearing ratings


  • Designed for indoors only

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7. VNLA Jr. Zona Rosa Jam Skates


The very first thing that people tend to notice about the VNLA Junior Zona Rosa is that they are beautifully made from high-quality materials.

The materials are a combination of leather and denim. The support they give the skater is pretty top-notch as well.

The inner lining is expertly designed to offer comfort as well. You can feel free to dance around for hours. Also, the distinctive color is a draw for many skaters who like bright colors.

The bearings are VNLA Reaction ABEC-9 giving the skates an improvement felt on the roll. Additionally, with ABEC – 9 bearings, you get to speed along with stability.

They are also designed with a Vanilla Gorilla Nylon Plate and outfitted with aluminum trucks.

What is even more appealing is that these skates have no break-in time. This means that you are free to use them right away without being uncomfortable or in pain.

VNLA Zona Rosa Wide Roller Skates


It features the Vanilla Backspin Stealth Wheels that can be used to dance and maneuver any situation.

They are specifically made for the indoors and have a smoother roll than most. The Velcro cover also gives added protection and style.


  • The wheels are Vanilla Backspin Stealth
  • Vanilla Gorilla Nylon Plate
  • Unisex Style
  • Comfortable soles
  • Vanilla Reaction ABEC – 9 bearing rating


  • Only one color

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8. Riedell 220 Century Indoor Roller Skates


The Riedell 220 Indoor Century is a handmade roller skate that is high top. These skates are intricately crafted from top-grain leather of the USA.

The ankle padding is sure to give you ease and comfort while you are skating and also make sure that you have a better fit.

You also have the advantage of balance and stability because of the leather sewing system,  reinforced quarters, and shock absorbing cork.

It seems as if the manufacturers thought of everything that would create a pleasurable experience while skating.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of these skates is that the boots are padded heavily which may be a bit difficult to adjust at the beginning, but the boots eventually come form to the shape of your foot for a most comfortable fit.

The first time you use them, try them on for an hour or so until the foam padding conforms to the shape of your foot.

Riedell 220 Century Roller Skates


When it comes to performance,  every skater wants a pair of skates that can give them agility along with stability. These skates do not disappoint.

They come with century plates and you have two choices. You can select the standard Century Place that comes with the toe stop, or you can choose Century Stopless plates.

The roll will be very smooth because of the team Wheels from Rollerbones. You also got good on the rink floor, so dancing is much easier.

Of course, they also have a lot of speed, so you can use them for races as well.


  • Unisex Style
  • Roller bones Team Wheels
  • Speed master ABEC – 7 bearing rating
  •  Suregrip Aluminium Plate
  • Wide width available
  • Half Sizes Available


  • Only two colors

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9. VNLA Anniversary Freestyle Pro Jam Skates


The VNLA Anniversary Freestyle ProJam Skates are an excellent choice for skate dancing because of the supreme comfort it gives.

It was manufactured using top grain leather and the inside is lightly padded with a soft lining. The tongue is also lightly padded.

There is also a Velcro overlay which serves as a lace protector so that your skates will remain in pristine condition for a long time.

This comfort allows me to focus on your skate moves and show off your skills while having perfectly cushioned feet.

The toe cap is also resistant to abrasion and there are gorilla nylon plates that are incredibly lightweight and have gold aluminum trucks to accent them. The aluminum trucks have lock nut washers that are micro-adjustable.

These Anniversary Freestyle offers a nostalgic style with the durability of modern manufacturing. It’s designed with a wider toe box giving a better overall fit and there is also the benefit of a shearling heel for sweat resistance.

VNLA Anniversary Pro Speed Skates


You can expect superior performance because of the wheels which are Backspin Blueprint.  With a 20% reduction in weight, these wheels you can experience greater speed maneuverability.

New wheels offer grip and hardness, but they will not give resistance or cause you to go slower.


  • High-grade leather
  • Padded lining for comfort
  • Backspin wheels
  •  Unisex Style
  • Vanilla Reaction ABEC – 9 rating

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10. VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Fugitive Jam Skates


Good news for the speedsters out there! The VNLA Freestyle is a skate that puts many others to shame.

Not just that but you also get amazingly comfortable boots that are made from 100% top grain leather and soft Interiors. It is also scuff resistant with a spacious toe box that conforms to the shape of your feet.

It is designed to support the ankle and is also wide width in both the toe and the heel. The shoes are breathable because they are lined with shearling, so you can use them for prolonged periods and not have to worry about sweaty feet or pain.

Because of the Velcro overlay which protects the laces, you can preserve are these skates for years.

VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Roller Skates


These skates are also lightweight because they use aluminum plates that are lighter than many that are available on the market.

Sunlite plates are 40% lighter but also extremely durable so that you have the speed and stability required for dancing.

The manufacturers are so confident in the durability because of their patented V – bracing that they offer a lifetime breakage guarantee.

The Sure-Grip fugitive wheels work perfectly indoors as they are able to grip the surfaces with their wild shape and flexible core.

It also uses super light nylon which serves to prevent excessive when taking corners.


  • ABEC – 7 bearing rating
  • Sunlite Plates
  • Excellent support and comfort
  •  Fugitive Speed Wheels from Sure Grip
  • Scuff resistant leather
  • Variety of Wheel colors


  • Very fast and takes practice

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Roller Skates For Dancing


Dancing Style

Usually, when it comes to dancing with roller skates you usually hear about rhythm skating and jam skating. These are the two most popular types there is also artistic skating.

The type of dancing style you intend to use will affect the type of skates that you should buy.

For Jam skating, there is usually a mixture of roller skating and gymnastics dancing.  For these, it is better to use low-cut boots and skates that have flexible wheels.

Agility is very important as well as speed. You want to make sure that your skates can also allow your ankles to have maximum mobility to achieve the moves required.

When it comes to Rhythm skating you should do your best to use a skate with a high-cut boot so that your ankles can have more support.

The footwork and pivots that you are required to do will become much easier. You should also try to get skates with wheels that are harder and narrower so that there will be reduced friction on surfaces.

Artistic skating is similar to figure skating, but skaters use roller skates instead. In this case, you should do your best to dance plates that are able to support your ankles but also not too restricting.

You also need to be able to maneuver the skates and go at top speed.

Wheel Hardness & Diameter 

When we say durometer or wheel hardness,  will you refer to the measurements of the wheel in terms of the hardness or softness of the material it is made from.

The durometer is used with the A notation to mark the rating scale. When the number is lower this means that the wheels are softer and so on. When the wheels are softer it means that they are better for outdoor terrain and surfaces that are uneven.

On the other hand, when the wheel is harder they offer a better grip on slippery services, so they make better indoor skates.

The diameter of the wheel should be different based on the purpose of the skates. Generally, for greater flexibility, you need skates that are more narrow.

It is better to have larger wheels when you are skating outdoors since they can roll over impediments better than smaller wheels.

For Jam Skates the approximate diameter is about 58mm to 62mm but you should use larger wheels for outdoor jamming.

The Best Roller Skates For Dancing 2022

Boot Design & Material

Roller skates are not just sporting equipment because they can also make a fashion statement with many artistic creative designs.

There are a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from your individual taste and style.

The boot design of your skates can accommodate your style, comfort, and functionality. These are the factors you should consider when purchasing skating boots.

There are boots that accommodate those with wide feet and also have a padded interior so that you are comfortable as you skate.

People usually use low-top boots for jam and derby skates and high-top boots for rhythm and artistic skates. If you are just skate dancing for fun you can use the one most comfortable for you.

You will want breathable material so that your feet do not perspire excessively while you are skating.

It is also important to look for a lightweight material like aluminum which will make flexible skates and give a lightweight feel.

Roller Skate Sizing 

Choosing the right roller skate size is perhaps the most important factor that you must consider.

It can be quite dangerous to have oversized boots because they can slip off of your feet while you are in motion leading to injuries.

Boots that are too tight can also leave you with pain and foot injury.

Generally, you can use the same method that is used to choose regular shoes, but the problem is each manufacturer may have a different set of rules that govern their boots.

This is why it is always important to measure your feet and compare them with the charts outlined by the skate company.

Final Words 

As a skater, it is important to understand your objective for using the skates.  There is a range of choices for dancing on roller skates.

However, the one that stands out the most is Riedell 111 Angel Indoor Roller Skates.

Undoubtedly the Riedell 111 can provide the best dancing experience because of its superior level of support, comfort,  flexibility, and style.

What is even more impressive is that these skates may be used by beginners as well as experts.

These skates are our top tick because they are comfortable, affordable, and perfect for dancing.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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