Best Roller Skates For Beginners (2023) – Beginner Roller Skates

Are you coming back to skating after a long while maybe for fun or weight loss purposes or are just getting started with roller skating as a new hobby and a way of spending time with your family and friends?

Whatever the reason, it is important that you get yourself the best roller skates for beginners so that you can learn how to skate smoothly and easily.

Best Roller Skates For Beginners

As a beginner skater, you probably do not have an idea of the different types of skates and their specifications, and this can be confusing and challenging.

Beginners need stable, comfortable, and simple skates to get them started in skating.

The main thing when starting is to learn how to balance and stand on a roller skate before advancing to complicated moves.

Roller skates with softer wheels, high-top boots, and adjustable toe stopper are recommended for beginners.

This article will give you more information about the best beginner roller skates available in the market that you can select from as well as a detailed buying guide on the factors that you need to consider when selecting the best roller skate.

Editor's Choice
MOXI Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Our Rating - 100%

One of the best roller skates for beginners is the MOXI Beach Bunny skates because they are affordable. As a beginner, you do not want to spend a lot of money on your first skate making the MOXI Beach Bunny the perfect one for you. The boot is a high-top giving you the stability that you need as you learn skating.

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VNLA Parfait Roller Skates

Our Rating - 98%

Another great option for beginners is the VNLA Parfait Outdoor skates. They are top-quality skates that are lined with great padding to make your feet comfortable as you learn the different skating moves and tricks. They are very lightweight and have a colorful pattern that makes them stylish and fashionable.

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MVP 2.0 Roller Skates

Our Rating - 94%

For a budget-friendly roller skate that can be sued for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, the MVP 2.0 is the right choice for you. They are very comfortable and come in a classic style. The ankle system ensures that the skates are always secure and are lightweight enabling you to skate around your neighborhood easily.

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For Men
Sure-Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates

Our Rating - 97%

These skates are available in four different shades for you to choose from. They are made of durable materials to last you longer as you learn and improve your skating skills. The 82A hardness of the wheels and their lightweight feature allows you to skate smoothly on your favorite street or trail.

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10 Best Roller Skates For Beginners (2023)

The following are the best roller skates for beginners including how they are designed, how they perform as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Note that these roller skates are suitable for all beginner skaters, but they can also be used by other skaters with intermediate or advanced experience.

As a beginner, understanding the features that each roller skate has will help you in deciding the right one to purchase for your specific needs.

1. Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates For Beginners (Editor’s Choice)


Moxi Beach Bunny roller skates are great for outdoor roller skating. These skates are 100% animal friendly and use the custom lining and vinyl material.

The Beach Bunny skates are added with aluminum plates and strong metal trucks for optimum support to the skater.

These skates are made of wheels with great and fun colors as well as laces that are trendy and classy. The ball bearings are ABEC-5 to reduce friction and maximize the smooth-skating roll.

The wheel hardness is 78A while the diameter is 58mm to ensure the great cushioning of the feet. Mostly these skates are not designed for kids under 12 years.

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates


The Moxi Beach Bunny skates are among the most popular skates and are loved by recreational experts and professionals.

These skates come in a lot of fun colors and are high-top boots. They are made of aluminum frames which provide extra power transfer.

The soft outdoor wheels are great on asphalt but they can also be used indoors. They come with great adjustable toe stops.

They are mostly loved by ladies because of the diverse beautiful colors they have. They are great for their price.


  • Come in different color choices.
  • Have cool retro-look
  • Convenient bolt-on-top toe stops for safety
  • Versatile and comfortable.


  • Pricey

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2. VNLA Parfait Roller Skates



The VNLA Parfait outdoor roller skates are the first high-top skates made for women.

They are made of a soft boot with structured support because of the microfiber uppers. The boot is also lined with ample padding to provide a comfortable fit. These boots mostly come in ladies sizing.

They are great skates for beginners who have wide feet. They are skates made by Vanilla for comfort and quality at a quality price.

The ball bearings are of ABEC 7 bearings and are ideal for leisure skating along the sidewalks.

VNLA Parfait Roller Skates


VNLA Parfait skates are made of Microfiber boots with aluminum trucks and plates. The brand designed this skate as the first high-top outdoor roller skate.

The boot provides soft and structured support and its inside is lined with ample padding for a great and comfortable fit and show of color pattern that stays true to the name of the skate.

The contrasting tongue is durable and extra thick. They come with contour insoles that can be added for extra snugness.

The aluminum plate and double action aluminum trucks with polyurethane cushions are finished with the adjustable rubber toe-stop.

The VNLA Parfait skates are 20% lighter than most beginner roller skates. The ABEC 7 bearings with wheel hardness of 78A are great for outdoor skating.


  • They are high-quality skates.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Vibrant colors


  • Could not find any

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3. MVP 2.0 Beginner Roller Skates



The MVP roller skate is a high-quality canvas skate that provides a classic lightweight shoe with laced ankle support and a rubber outsole. They have trucks and plates made of nylon.

They have wheels measuring 54mm by 32mm and a hardness of 82A. They have carbon bearings of ABEC 7 rating.

The beginner roller skates are a great choice for cruising the street, park, and rink. They are also ideal for casual skate sessions.

MVP 2.0 Roller Skates


The MVP roller skate is a classic high-top canvas boot that comes with a lightweight padded canvas liner for a lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-use roller skate that is perfect for beginners.

They have a full lace-up ankle support system and a rubber outsole that ensures comfort and style are met.

They come with strong, durable, and lightweight plates and trucks that ensure faster and smooth skating. They also have built-in toe stops for smooth turning and stops.


  • Comfortable
  • High-quality skates
  • Lightweight


  • Some reviewers had challenges with the sizing.

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4. Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller Skates

For Men


The New Sure-Grip Boardwalk skates are a beginner-friendly option for men, especially for outdoor skating. They come equipped with firm wheels and bearings.

These Boardwalk skates are also designed to handle terrains that are versatile more than plain asphalt.

The beginner roller skates are made of high-top boots with a suede finish to give them a responsive and firm appearance.

New Sure-Grip skates are designed using nylon plates and lightweight trucks plus urethane cushions. The skate’s base is high-impact with strong wheels and trucks.

Sure Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller Skates


The boots of these beginner roller skates are made of comfy suede and their sole is stitched to enhance durability. These ultra-comfortable and high-quality suede boots help the skater to feel the uniqueness when they glide in them.

They are big and bouncy and can conquer obstacles like twigs and gravel without making you crash, thus avoiding injuring yourself when learning how to skate.

The durable plates are lightweight and have adjustable toe-stops that are gray to enhance their classy look. They have ball bearings to provide a smooth roll during movement.

The suede uppers are of high quality and are greatly padded to provide maximum comfort when skating. This is a high-top boot to improve stability for a beginner.

The suede upper is also thin enabling the skater to lace the skates tightly. The thinness allows for a shorter break-in period too.

The less weight in these skates allows the ability to complete transitions, crossovers, and turn-around toe-stops.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Big and bouncy wheels
  • Comfortable


  • A bit pricey.

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5. Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates

High Performance


The Moxi Lolly skates are one of the high-end skates of the Moxi company because the boots are made of leather. This soft suede leather boots usually break in slowly after skating on them for a while.

It also lasts longer than synthetic boots. The high-top boots will give beginner skaters the extra support and comfort they are after when starting.

The skates also come with Moxi Classic outdoor wheels that are 65mm tall and 35mm wide with a 78A hardness rating.

This allows skating on rough surfaces like concrete, asphalt, sidewalks, and other outdoor surfaces.

They have steel bearings of ABEC 7 rating to minimize friction. The plates are lightweight and have adjustable toe stops. The plates also have strong metal trucks that offer maximum support.

The skates have an easy-to-lace system for easy adjusting. The padded tongue helps when slipping easily during skating.

The high-top boot provides a snug fit and the additional ankle padding gives strong support to the ankle area which is ideal for a beginner.

MOXI Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates


The boots are comfortable and insanely stylish with adorable retro vibes. The suede leather breaks in quickly to enhance comfort for the skater’s feet.

They have newly developed suede uppers with a patented bracing design of the plate for optimal strength and support.

The boots that are colored have white toe stops, plates, and cushions. The easy-to-lace system is also great for making adjusting to being simple.

The soft suede leather gives the feet a glove-like and supple fit.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable and easy t lace
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Designed for safety


  • Challenges with sizing.

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6. VNLA Junior Zona Rosa Jam Skates 240

Best Indoor Roller Skates For Beginners


The VNLA Junior Zona Rosa skates are made of denim black uppers which are stitched with a rubber outsole and the metallic pink lace cover.

These skates are good for jam skates. They have fitted trucks and nylon plates. The wheels measure 62mm by 42mm and hardness of 93A. They also have bearings with ABEC 9 rating.

The denim and leather combination gives the most ideal skating experience with maximum comfort. This combination is also unique.

The skates provide a great skating surface with the urethane material used in constructing them.

VNLA Zona Rosa Wide Roller Skates


The VNLA Junior Rosa skates are a great beauty and you can notice a pair easily. The skates have excellent performance and are the best choice for beginner skaters.

Experienced skaters can also use this. The stealth wheels make a ride smoothly, faster, and unobstructed.


  • Have fun design elements
  • ABEC 9 bearing rating
  • Made of denim and soft leather
  • Cost-effective
  • Stealth wheels for a smooth ride


  • Couldn’t find any.

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7. Riedell 111 Angel Roller Skates


The Riedell 111 Angel skates are well designed to perfectly work for indoor skating. They are made with safety as a great priority.

The snug fit ankles coming with additional padding provide great ankle support.

The Riedell boots are made of high-top boots which are great for beginner skaters. The boots have aluminum trucks and nylon plates.

The bearings are of ABEC 7 rating and have toe stops. They are of high quality, durable, and breathable roller skates.

Riedell 111 Angel Indoor Roller Skates


The Riedell 111 skates are lightweight skates that help the skater to move effortlessly when skating. The skates are made of high-quality components making them one of the best indoor skates for artistic skating.

The boots are made of synthetic padded material and are high-top to provide extra support for the beginner. The lightweight nylon plates keep the skates with great agility hence a skater move at the rinks.

You can easily do the different skating moves and tricks with these skates without hurting your feet.

The RC Medallion Plus is exclusively for indoor skating and is a lot of stickers hence good for beginners.

The wheels have a diameter of 57mm and hardness of 96A with bearings of ABEC 7 rating thus enhancing faster roll for a beginner skater.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Great ankle support
  • Great agility


  • Could not find any

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8. Rio Roller Rose Roller Skates


The Rio roller Rose skates is a beautiful and timeless collection that features a string gold effect across two definitive ways; black and cream.

They have an elegant design; therefore, the Rio Roller Rose skate is a perfect skate for anyone looking for style while rolling.

With the Rose classic colorway, the skate will stand out in a crowded roller disco. These skates are vegan-friendly with reinforced figure stupe upper.

They are made of full PVC leather construction with a Rose gold effect logo and lace hooks. They have the Rio Roller cushioned heel and molded inner sole.


The Rio roller took the popular Script design and sprinkled some touch of elegance by introducing a beautiful rose gold. the inspiration is from traditional figure skating.

These rose skates are vegan friendly and have wheels of 82A hardness for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

They are vegan-friendly and are figure-style skates with PVC leather construction that makes breaking into them easy.

They have lace hooks that hold the skate firmly against your feet to ensure that they are secure at all times. The heel support and insoles are of high quality for maximum comfort around your feet.

The Rio Coaster wheels of 82A have a Rio exclusive design of preventing axles from protruding and damaging the floor.

The bearings are of ABEC 7 for a faster roll with cast stoppers with bolt fixing. These skates are great for beginner skaters. They are also not designed for roller derby, aggressive or artistic style of skating.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Elegant design
  • The PU cast prevents the axles from protruding and damaging the floor.
  • ABEC 7 bearings for faster roll.


  • Not recommended for aggressive or artistic styles and roller derby.

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9. Sonic Superfly Speed Skates


The Sonic Superfly speed skates are usually found in many places on the black quad roller skates. They are made of Cosmic Superfly hybrid wheels that are completed with bearings of ABEC 7 rating.

This will help the skater to speed up. The skates have a black adjustable rubber toe stop finish and nylon plates with boots that have a synthetic leather low top.

Sonic Superfly Speed Skates


These skates are made specifically for the Sonic skating carhops. The Cosmic Superfly hybrid wheels can help one to grip the walkway well and can be able to roll faster and more smoothly.

The new double sealed sonic bearings protect the skater from the elements while the extra-strong eyelets and the full nylon sun laces enhance security.

The skates also have a comfortable fit lining that helps the feet to stay ventilated throughout the long shifts of skating. This means that your feet remain dry throughout your skating adventures of the day.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Good sizing


  • Could not find any

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10. Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates


The Sure-Grip Rebel skates are made with genuine leather that fits like a glove. The right padding makes these skates the best.

It has the Sure-Grip Nylon plates that are lightweight and help keep the skates rolling smoothly. The ABEC 7 ball bearing come in several colors.

The boot also has high-quality wheels with 85A hardness and a diameter of 62mm by 38mm that ensures a smooth roll when one is speeding through the sidewalks of the neighbors.

Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive Speed Skates


For a skater looking for very comfortable and fast skates, the Sure-Grip rebel skates are the best option. They are made with sturdy construction to be durable even with any skating challenge.

This gives you time as a beginner to learn how to skate without worrying about buying another pair of skates. They have comfortable padding that ensures that they are snug and supportive fit.

The leather boots can soften and conform to the foot over time just like how a glove does. They have lightweight plates and bearings of ABEC 7 rating.

The metal trucks with wheels that have a hardness of 92A are great for durability. The Sure-Grip Rebel Aerobic skates are great for beginner skaters.


  • Can break-in
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable
  • Can roll fast


  • A bit pricey

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Factors To Consider When Looking For Beginner Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates For Beginner 2022

The following are some of the factors that you need to consider when buying a roller skate as a beginner.

Since there are so many roller skates in the market, it can be hard to select the right one, but by understanding the following factors, you will be able to find the right one for your needs.

Your Skill Level

As a beginner, you need to understand which skill level you are at when deciding the skate to purchase. You should ask yourself how good your balance is.

If you have been skiing, ice skated, or practice yoga before, then skating for the first time should be easy for you.

Therefore, you should have a wide variety of skates to choose from because you are an advanced beginner.

However, if your balance is not good, you can still roller skate, but it may take longer as you need to work on your balance.

When buying skates, pay attention to the wheels and the tips of the boots to ensure that you have enough stability.

Outdoor vs Indoor Roller Skates

Finding the right skate for the different surfaces is crucial as a beginner because you do not want to fall and injure yourself.

For skating outdoors, you need to buy skates with soft wheels so that you can skate smoothly over the rocks, debris, and cracks often found in skate parks and on pavements.

However, when skating indoors, you need skates with hard wheels designed specifically for skating on indoor surfaces.

To ensure that you do not spend a lot of money on your first skate, you should purchase a skate that works for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Low-Cut Boots vs High-Top Boots

If you are an absolute beginner that needs extra stability, high-top boots are the best option for you as they are more stable than low-cut boots. Most rhythm, art, and outdoor skates have high-top boots.

If you have a better balance, you can purchase low-cut boots. These boots are used in jam and speed skating as well as roller derby as they offer more maneuverability for your ankle.

Bearings & Wheels

For beginners, soft outdoor wheels are recommended because you can wear them outdoors and indoors.

The softness of the wheels is determined by their durometer reading which ranges from 1 to 100 plus and a letter A next to it. Softer wheels allow you to skate smoothly and slower on sidewalks and asphalt.

The number one thing to remember about bearings for a beginner is that you should ensure that they remain clean and always lubricated so that you have a smooth ride.

If the bearings have dirt or dust in them, you can fall easily as they will not give you the smooth roll that you need.

Hard vs Soft Boot

There are two different materials used to make skate boots including vinyl and leather. Vinyl boots are cheaper and vegan friendly but hard to break into them.

Roller Skates For Beginner 2022

On the other hand, leather boots can be harder at the beginning, but they eventually break in with time. They are expensive but if you can afford them, they are the best material for you.

Trucks & Plates

There are two types of plates: nylon and aluminum. Nylon plates are lighter and cheaper, but they have less power and have a slight chance of breaking.

Aluminum plates on the other hand are more sturdy and heavier as well as more expensive. However, they have more power and provide a good ride.

Trucks are available either in metal or plastic. Nylon plates are recommended for beginners.

Toe Stops

As a beginner, you should ensure that your skates have toe stops that are adjustable. Toe stops help you when braking and stopping.

Most of the toe stops have an adjustable lock nut that can be tightened or loosened using a standard wrench.

Roller Skates Sizing Tips For Beginners

Sizing is very important when it comes to roller skates. They should be snug and fit comfortably as you do not want your foot wiggling a lot inside the boot.

Loose skates will not help you with stability and you are likely to get blisters if your feet are rubbing against and moving around the boot.

The best sizing tip for a beginner is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on sizing charts.

Most manufacturers show you how to measure your feet to ensure that you get the right size of skates. You need a tape measure, a piece of paper, and a pencil to measure your feet.

Inline Skates Vs Roller Skates For Beginners

Inline skates or rollerblades have their wheels arranged in one straight line while roller skates have a two-by-two configuration.

Roller skates are better for beginners because they are more stable which is a feature every beginner needs when starting on skating.

Inline skates have easy maneuverability and you can purchase them once you learn how to balance yourself on skates.

They are great for outdoor skating and roller hockey. Roller skates are great for jam skating, artistic skating, and roller derby.

Final Words

Choosing the right skate as a beginner is very important because you do not want to be injured on your first day of learning how to skate.

The skate should be stable, comfortable, and secure enough to get you started on your skating adventure.

Our choice for the best roller skates for beginners is the MOXI Beach Bunny skates because they are affordable.

As a beginner, you do not want to spend a lot of money on your first skate making the MOXI Beach Bunny the perfect one for you.

The boot of this skate is a high-top giving you the stability and comfort that you need as you learn skating.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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