Best Roller Skate Plates (2023)

For a good pair of skates, you need good roller skates bearings, efficient roller skate wheels, and comfortable boots.

However, it would be impossible to have the best roller skates without having the best roller skate plates.

Roller skate plates may be a bit difficult for beginners to understand if they have no prior experience with building or taking apart roller skates.

Best Roller Skate Plates

Roller skates for beginners usually come already pre-packaged with everything that is needed, so all you need to do is start rolling.

If you’re an advanced skater, and you are looking for skates plates that can offer you a greater level of performance along with speed, then mounting your own skates is perhaps something you will consider and to do this you will need skate plates.

It is important to look for skate plates that are durable as well as lightweight. The skate plates should provide you with power transfer whenever you push off but then remain in place.

The plates that are under your boots play a major role in the way the skates feel overall. This is why finding the right skate plate is so important.

In this article, we provide you with information about the type of skates you should purchase as well as a few of the best options.

Whether you intend to purchase an entire custom package or you just want skate plates to match your boots, then this article will be helpful to you.

Editor's Choice
Labeda Proline Plate

Our Rating - 100%

After vigorous testing we have found that the best roller skate plates are the Labeda Proline skate plates because they can fullfill the need of even the pickiest skater. The lightweight control and agility is unmatched. This is perhaps the best choice you can make.

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Budget Friendly
Sure Grip Avanti Aluminum Plates

Our Rating - 96%

The Sure-Grip Avanti Aluminum Plate is one of the best options if you want quality skates that are not too costly. It is quite impressive with its durability and performance. It is engineered with a unique design that benefits the skater and increases performance.

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10 Best Roller Skate Plates (2023)

Usually, you will find that traditional skate plates are forged from aluminum. If you go to any roller rink for a rental skate, you will see that this one is the most widely used.

Aluminum is sturdy but not all types are lightweight. You can get both aluminum and nylon with double action trucks, but nylon is a bit lighter.

The trouble with nylon is that they are not as strong as aluminum.

1. Labeda Proline Plate

Best Roller Skate Plates (Editor’s Choice)

Undoubtedly the best choice that you can make for skate plates is Labeda Proline skate because of the quality.

Many people hold this plate in high esteem for a number of reasons. The lightweight feel and durability are like no other.

They were manufactured in the USA and forged from 7000 series aircraft aluminum with a special 5-degree angle which goes a long way in reducing the stress that is placed on kingpins and trucks.

This also makes it lightweight and sturdy. As long as they are mounted correctly you will enjoy them.

You can get these skates in 7 mm or 8 mm.  There is an optional and adjustable toe stop that can be purchased separately.  Feel free to practice any of your moves while using these plates.

Labeda Proline Plate


  • Lightweight
  • Made from Series 7000 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Optional adjustable toe stops
  • 5 Degree Kingpin angle
  • Click Action, Double Action Trucks
  • 7 mm or 8 mm Axle


  • Not budget friendly

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2. Sure Grip Avanti Aluminum Plates

Budget Friendly

These Sure Grip Avanti Aluminum Plates are an innovative plate design that is considered the future generation for Sure-Grip.

They feature 10-degree double action plate that is guaranteed to last quite long.

It not only boosts durability, but it has a hollow sleek design which enables skaters the freedom to glide on their skates without obstruction.

It is lightweight, and the mounting is made easy because 4 mounting holes are included. The holes are located at the front and serve to mount various types of boots. The hardware is included.

It has a  standard fixed pivot double action truck polished aluminum.

They come with mounting hardware and black axle nuts. You will also get 4 conical, 4 barrels, Sure-Grip super cushions. Expect to have only an 8 mm axle size with this plate.

Sure Grip Avanti Aluminum Plates


  • Lightweight
  • Polished Aluminum
  • Double Action Trucks
  • 5 Degree Kingpin angle
  • 8mm Axle


  •   Sizing challenge for some

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3. RollerDerby Elite Axis Magnesium Plates

The RollerDerby Elite Axis 45 Magnesium is known for its maneuverability and agility.

This lightweight plate is specially made for the type of skater who enjoys competition and speed. It is great for rhythm skating, hockey or derby.

These are high quality skates with an Axis 45 Chassis giving the skater agility and speed. The trucks are Pro Set TRUE 45 Degree Aluminum Trucks and settings that are micro-adjustable.

They feature True Dimensional Pro 8 mm axels, so you can expect to immediately experience the precision and control.

You can also expect an impressive Power Pour-Vectra Pro Urethane Cushions to come with these double action plates.

These skate plates are coasted with a Mirratec Onyx (black) finish.

RollerDerby Elite Axis Magnesium Plates


  • Magnesium alloy
  • ⅝” Adjustable toe stops
  • 5 Degree Kingpin angles
  • ProSet TRUE 45 Degree Aluminum Trucks
  • True Dimensional Pro 8 mm Axles
  • Power Pour-Vectra Pro Urethane Cushions


  • Color may not match all boots

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4. Sunlite Plates

If you would like the best of both worlds, having durability and lightweight agility then Sunlite nylon roller skate plate is the plate for you.

One of the best features of these plates, is the fun variety of colors available so that you can match them with your favorite skates easily.

It features of Patented V bracing design which serves to give optimal strength to the plate. You will find that they weigh at least 40% less than the usual aluminum plates.

You also receive a lifetime breakage warranty because of the confidence the manufacturers have in this plate. Not only that, but you can be assured of the quality.

They have aluminum double action trucks, and you can get them in an axle size of 7 mm or 8 mm which makes them grate for all types of skating.

Note that you can only use Sunlite plate trucks, or you will void the warranty.

Sunlite Plates


  • Many available colors
  • SuperTuff Nylon plates
  • Lifetime breakage warranty
  • Sunlite Double Action Trucks
  • 7 mm or 8 mm Axles


  • Can only use Sunlite trucks

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5. Sure-Grip Century Plates

These plates are agile and strong, so you can trust in their sturdiness. Sure-Grip Century skate plates are forged from aluminum.

They have hangers which do a great job of making the plate strong along with casted double action trucks.

The plates also have a toe stop that is offset so that you can push off more efficiently and compared to other skates, it is also more consistent.

You can get them in an axle size of 7 mm or 8 mm. The plates are artistic and great for intermediate and beginner skaters who are used to a standard 10 degree double action skate.

It also features Standard urethane black cushions, a jump brace, and kingpin steel.

Sure-Grip Century Plates


  • Forged Aluminum
  • Offset toe stops for easy push off
  • Standard urethane black cushions
  • Cast Aluminum standard Double Action Trucks
  • 7 mm or 8 mm Axle
  • Steel Kingpin


  • Just one color

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6. PowerDyne Arius Platinum Plates

The PowerDyne Arius Platinum Plate is a mind-blowing plate that has not been heard of before within the skating in the field.

These plates boast performance like no other as they offer maneuverability, durability, stability, power, efficiency, as well as being lightweight.

Additionally, you will be pleased to find that it is quite easy to set up these plates so that you can have maximum performance. they were created from extruded aircraft aluminum.

The secret to this revolutionary design is the efficiency it offers. Firstly the toe stop bolt is now located at the front instead of the rear of the area of platinum.

Because of this the manufacturers are able to achieve more planking power for secure starts and stops along with a range of other toe stop maneuvers.

The traditional Kingpin plates would usually cinch off the circular cushions against the Kingpin in order to create movement.

This is not the best design because continuous adjustments are needed for optimum performance.

They also feature the new and innovative lateral truck movement. The truck measures 8 mm and this serves to eliminate the usual stress points which leaves to breakage overtime.

The axle would now press on the cushion crown on this truck which Is even against expertly designed what’s a fly cushion. Because of this, there is efficient pressure resulting in action,  power and stability.

PowerDyne Arius Platinum Plates


  • Lightweight
  • 6061 series heat-treated
  • Unique urethane Split Butterfly Cushion
  • Extruded, aircraft-aluminum plate
  • Chromoly steel axles
  • Precision-machined 8 mm aluminum truck

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7. Sure Grip Avanti Magnesium Plates

Sure Grip produces yet another innovative plate design with these Sure-Grip Avanti Magnesium Plates. They feature a 10 degree double action that is quite responsive.

You get the  durability you need because of  the hollow and sleek design that manages to give you power on your skates, but it doesn’t add extra weight.

However, that is not all that the new Sure-Grip Avanti Magnesium Plates has to offer.

Recently added is an adjustable pivot truck that is highly precise withstanding intensity while you focus on enjoying the durability and the balance while you skate.

It also features trucks that are fixed pivot and double action. It is approximately 48% lighter than the aluminum version.

The trucks and plates are finished off beautifully with a white finish which almost looks as sleek as it feels to ride. These plates are amazingly lightweight, and they have power along with superior performance.

They are in fact the perfect choice but keep in mind that an axle size of 8 mm. All the mounting hardware comes with the package.

Sure Grip Avanti Magnesium Plates


  • Lightweight
  • Magnesium plate with a white finish
  • Super Grip super cushions
  • 5 Degree Kingpin angle
  • 10 degree Double Action Trucks


  • 8 mm Axle only

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8. Snyder Super Deluxe Quad Skate Plate

You can be sure that these Snyder Super Deluxe High Polished Aluminum plates will give you a superior level of stability due to its revolutionary design.

The design accounts for the skating action which relies on the cushion system.

The plates are highly polished and are made from aircraft aluminum. They have 15 aluminum truck along with pivot pins that are adjustable.

You can expect 7 mm axles only and there are micro adjustable truck settings. The adjustable toe stops are included in this package.

They are without a doubt one of the most stable plates available on the market. You can actually place it on its edge, and it would stay there.

You also get enhanced feedback and feel because of the rubber cushion while the adjustable pivot pins give you full control.

Snyder Super Deluxe Quad Skate Plate


  • Lightweight
  • Aircraft Aluminum Plates
  • Adjustable ⅝” toe stops
  • 10 Degree aluminum trucks w/ pivot pins
  • Rubber Cushions


  • 7mm Axle only

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9. Sure-Grip Classic Stopless Plates

This is a great option for an advanced skater because it does not require a toe stop. If you are a skater that does not need a toe stop then you do not necessarily need a plate that has one.

There is no reason why you should have to deal with the added weight that a toe stop will give you.

With these Special Sure Grip Classic stopless skate plates, the problem is solved.

Because they removed the toe stop feature, the skates becomes even lighter although the aluminum it was made from, made it light already. This is a great advantage especially for an expert skater.

It also features a jump bar that can handle all the complicated moves and tricks that you would like to  try out with the skates.

Additionally you will be pleased by the 10 degree double action cast aluminum trucks.

Sure-Grip Classic Stopless Plates


  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum plates
  • Offset toe stops
  • Pair of Jump bar included
  • Sure-Grip Double Action cushions
  • 10 degree Double Action Cast Aluminum Trucks
  • 7mm or 8mm Axle


  • Not for beginners

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10. Snyder Advantage Quad Skate Plate

This Snyder Advantage Plate is an alteration of the super deluxe version but is more lightweight.

With this plate  you enjoy extruded 7000 series aluminum that is durable and the lightweight which makes this a perfect alternative to the usual Super Deluxe.

It features Precision CNC Machining making each plate identical and up to a high standard.

This is why when you purchase Advantage plates you can be sure that you’re all receiving a product of high quality.

You get superior strength from the 7 mm forged trucks, steel axles along with feel Kingpin. If you don’t want steel axles you have the option of titanium.

There is great feedback because of the adjustable bed bugs which serve to give the skater and increased measure out of control while skating.

Snyder Advantage Quad Skate Plate


  • Aircraft Aluminum
  • Adjustable ⅝” toe stops
  • Steel Kingpin
  • 15 degree Trucks with Adjustable Pivot Pins
  • Medium Barrel- Standard cushions
  • Lightweight


  • 7 mm Axle only
  • For advanced skaters

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Roller Skate Plates

Best Roller Skate Plates 2022

Nylon vs Aluminium Plates

NylonThe majority of beginner skates packages will have nylon plates. These plates are perfect if you are on a budget. They are cheaper, but they are also lightweight when compared to the standard cast aluminum plates.

However, you must be careful because nylon plates which come from beginner low and grades are usually flexible and weak.

That said, a good deal of nylon plates are reinforced with fiberglass. You get more durability and strength because of this reinforcement.

These are perfect if you are interested in light competition and beginner-friendly fun.

Aluminum – Aluminum plates fall under the umbrella of metal plate types. For metal plates you will usually encounter aluminum and magnesium.

There are different types of aluminum which are cast aluminum, aircraft aluminum and 6000-7000 aircraft aluminum.

Cast aluminum is solid and sturdy, but they are usually heavier which is now what skaters typically want.

Skaters usually warm lightweight plates, but cast aluminum has the benefit of being cheaper than most.

Aircraft aluminum is perfect for competitive skating on the middle level. They are usually a bit more expensive than cast aluminum and nylon, but  they are lighter and provide superior performance for skaters who like to be light on their feet.

6000 to 7000 aircraft aluminum are the very best quality that you can expect when it comes to aluminum. Expert skaters all over the world usually use this type of plate.

They are the lightest type of aluminum plates, and they are even lighter than nylon.  This is why they are chosen by experts.

Axle Size

Axles are long screws that jut out from your trucks and are parallel to the ground. On each skate plate, you will find 2 axles. 1 located in the rear and one located in the front.

The wheel is secured with an axle nut onto the axle.

When it comes to skate blades, you should be aware of the 2 sizes which are 7mm (9/32) and 8mm (5/16).  The majority of skate plates are 8 mm however you will find on many high-end plates also have 7 mm.

You need to understand these axel sizes because they determine the type of wheel bearings you would need to purchase for the skates.

The way it works is you need to purchase a 7 mm axle too match with a 7 mm wheel and bearing. It should be noted that the 7 mm axel size is less popular, so your choices may be limited.

The benefits of 7 mm axle is that they are fully machined, so you end up with tighter tolerances and therefore less wiggle on the bearing.

Single vs Double Action

You will sometimes here roller skates plate cushions being referred to as bushings. Some plates are double action while others are single action.

Single action simply means that there is one cushion in place for each Kingpin. Double action means there are two cushions where 1 is located on either side of the truck of the skate plate.

Best Roller Skate Plates 2022

Most of the skates that you will see today have double action trucks because they offer the most flexibility as you maneuver on your skates.

The cushions are made from either rubber or urethane. We rate cushion hardness on a durometer just like wheels. The cushion hardness can be rated from 71 to 98.71 where the softer end is higher.

King Pin Angle

The majority of skates have a 10 degree angle or a 45 degree angle. There are a few other options but they are less common. Both the 10 degree and 45 degree styles have benefits for many skaters.

Expert skaters will usually have a preference for the degree they need to match their style. This is the type of Kingpin angle they use all the time.

You usually get a more stable feeling from the 10 degree plate due to the Kingpin and cushions being located more vertically below the skater.

The 10 degree plates are more common. On the other hand, 45 degree plates are gaining popularity especially with roller derby skaters.

With 45 degrees plates,  you can expect the cushions to have a more horizontal position allowing them to be more responsive to changes in direction.

Skaters are also able to switch direction easier and faster. This practice is called cutting in roller derby and people use it to go through the derby track and stop an opponent.

Toe Stop Housing

There is a variety of toe stop housing for roller skates plates. These can be Cinch Screw. Lock Nut, and Fixed.

With fixed toe stops there is a hole in the middle where you can bolt through it and it can be screwed directly onto the plates. These are usually found on beginner plates.

The disadvantage is that they are not adjustable, so they remain one height forever.

Lock nuts are the most widely used type of toe stop and it works by screwing it down to the plates and see using a nut to fasten it down.

Beginner and intermediate plates usually have this type. It is adjustable.

Cinch screw toe stops are similar to the lock nut, but they are located on the side of the plate and can be found on high-end plates.

Final Words 

You can be sure that our top pick for the best roller skate plates is the Labeda Proline skate plates because they check all the boxes.

These skates are finely made from 7000 series aircraft aluminum which is one of the most lightweight and durable options you can choose.

This is why we think that these plates are the best. They also have a special 5 degree angle which is unlike the typical 10 degree and 45 degree options.

They are expertly engineered to reduce the stress that is typically placed on trucks and kingpins.

Furthermore, they also  give you the axle option of 7 mm as well as 8 mm so that you will have no problem finding bearings and wheels to suit.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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