Best Roller Skate Brands (2023)

For a long time, roller skating has become a popular sport in which people are passing their time or spending it with their family and friends.

With the rise of skating demand by the general population, there has also been an increase in roller skate manufacturers.

Best Roller Skate Brands 2022

If you want to upgrade your roller skate or you are a beginner, it can be challenging to find the best roller skate brands to get a pair from.

There are many brands available in the market that make roller skates with different styles, models, budgets, and levels.

Whichever type of skating you are involved in, your skill level, the surface you are skating on, or the moves and tricks you want to do, you will find a roller skate that fits you comfortably.

This article will provide you with details about the different brands that design and manufacture roller skates that you can choose from.

Editor's Choice
MOXI Beach Bunny Roller Skate

Our top option for the most classy, comfortable, and cheap roller skate is the MOXI Beach Bunny skates. The boot is a high-top design that makes sure your ankle has enough support for you to roll smoothly. The additional padding offers security and comfort as you skate down your neighborhood and the skate park.

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VNLA Parfait Roller Skate

Another great choice is the VNLA Parfait Outdoor skates. This is due to the fact that they are made by the VNLA brand that works in designing high-quality skates that offer a comfortable fit to skaters. They have enough padding to support your feet and the uppers are made of lasting material to ensure that you get value for your money.

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For Men
Sure-Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates

This is our choice for the best outdoor roller skates for men because it offers high levels of durability and comfort while maintaining a look that is classy and trendy. You can match the color of the wheels and that of your skates which adds to the stunning aesthetic features.

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Budget Friendly
Lenexa Savanna Roller Skates

An affordable option is the Lenexa Savanna Skates which are perfect for skaters who like patterns in their skates. The boot provides structured and comfortable support with its design, especially for beginners. With a hardness of 82A, you can use these skates outdoors as well as on indoor rinks saving you on buying two different skates.

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10 Best Roller Skate Brands (2023)

There are various roller skate brands to buy a pair from and with the right information about each company, you can easily decide and buy a comfortable skate that fits your feet and preference.

Some of the brands were developed in the 1950s while others in the 1980s. Each company has been trying to improve its designs to ensure that it provides its customers with what they need in a perfect skate.

The following are the best roller skate brands that are out there.

1. Riedell

Best Roller Skate Brand (Editor’s Choice)

Riedell was found in 1947 by Paul Riedell in Redwing, MN. It was after being a part of the Red Wing shoe company that he decided to design ice skates for more affordable prices and a wide variety of use.

Riedell is a proud company that is celebrating 75 years of inventing and manufacturing unrivaled skate components and roller skates.

They create hand-crafted skates that use the finest designs and materials for maximum performance and comfort.

They provide a complete package of skating equipment with components of high quality that include the PowerDyne plates, Radar wheels, and Kwik bearings.

If you are picking up your first set of skates or are a seasoned skater, Riedell contains all of the industry-leading state gear and always supports the skater’s need to up their game.

This is the place for someone who is looking for durable, most effective, and high-quality roller-skating equipment.

Riedell crafts high-quality skate gear for every style and age. Whether you need roller skates for kids or you need adult roller skates for the derby event, Riedel got you covered to get your whole family moving.

They also produce individual skate components such as plates, boots, and wheels plus complete roller skates set across many skating styles.

The packages come with cushions, boots, plates, wheels, bearings, and all the things needed to get one rolling.

They also offer several skating accessories and tools such as toe-stops, laces, footbeds ad plate cushions, apparel, and skating bags.

Products produced by Riedell include Riedell crew skates, Riedell Dart skate sets, and Riedell Orbit skate sets.

Riedell makes black and white high-top boots. The white boots run in Narrow toe size with ladies sizing while the black boots have medium width with wider toe box as well as men’s sizing.

Riedell boots are used with different components from different brands to create a kind of skate that will last.

The most popular Riedell boot is the 120 (their lowest-priced leather high-top) R3 (synthetic low-top), and 111 (synthetic high-top).

They also introduced a colorful new high-top outdoor skate the Riedell Orbit.

Most Riedell skates are made with vinyl material that does not crack or break when exposed to extreme temperatures.

The aluminum plate ensures the skate is in place while the PowerDyne Adjustable Toe stop ensures the skates can be adjusted for a better fit.

2. Sure-Grip


The Sure-Grip Roller skates were founded in 1936. It is called Sure-Grip because they changed the industry by changing wooden wheels that were slippery with new ones that ensured a Sure-Grip.

The first Sure-Grip skate was made in 1945. They later released their first-ever outdoor skate in the mid-70s known as “Jogger” a running shoe that was converted to be the outdoor skate.

Sure-Grip has committed to the ongoing research and design of the products. Their high-quality material such as titanium, aluminum, and magnesium make a big difference.

Sure-Grip will always be looking for alternatives that are lighter-weight for a better customer experience.

This brand has a huge following and has come out as the best design line for the skates in the industry.

The Sure-Grip equipment like customized bags is stylish and will have you on top of the game. Sure, the grip has specific designs of skates for certain purposes that include power, speed, and protection.

Being an industry veteran, Sure-grip has all the tools you need to bring the skating game to a different level. The sure-Grip boots are on the softer side hence comfortable for skaters dealing with feet conditions or skaters who want a boot that is not stiff.

This company continues to release popular skates such as Boardwalk (suede high-top), Fame (vinyl high-top), and GT-50(vinyl low-top).

They are also well known for making well-known roller skate plates that include Avenger, Avanti, Competitor, Classic, and Century.

Sure-Grip roller skates are the most popular and designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit for all feet types. They use nylon to make most of the boots and are lightweight and durable.

The aluminum used for frames provides stability when skating without adding too much weight. They use the leather lace-up closure to secure the boot around the feet allowing the skater to get a snug fit without loosening while skating.

Sure-Grip uses rubber wheels for their skates because they grip well on most surfaces making them perfect for skating on concrete or sidewalks.

3. Moxi

The Moxi brand was developed in the year 2008 in California. They are manufactured and made by Riedell.

Moxi exclusively sells skates that are high-top boots and cater to outdoor recreational skaters and skate park skaters.

Moxi offers high-quality leather-like Lolly and Jack and the vegan Vinyl for example the Beach Bunny and Ivy Jungle skates for all skate levels in fun colors.

Most beginner and intermediate skaters go to the most affordable route and choose the Jungle, Beach Bunny, or Panther boots. However, it takes some time to break in, therefore it needs some time.

The Jack and Lolly options have more of a standard fit and are seen with skaters looking for a high high-quality suede boot and have a variety of colors.

Moxi focuses on accessibility because the company is looking to expand. The covid pandemic turned out to be the greatest success for Moxi skates because their order numbers increased as the brand gained attention.

Moxi’s designs tend to represent the freedom spontaneity, bravery, and spirituality of the current age. They provide more updated graphical interpretation rather than old-school fashion.

Moxi skates produce suede leather and authentic upper boots. Moxi also allows custom skates that come in handy for the ones that are too conscious about their skating needs and experience.

Most Moxi skates’ wheels are 65mm 78A thus great for indoor and outdoor skating.


VNLA skates’ company was developed in 2005 by a freshman in college in his dorm room and since then it has been the fastest-growing skate company. This company started with only two products that were designed to satisfy a small niche market.

Vanilla is a relatively new brand that has been manufacturing high-end roller skates and skates components since 2005. It is now the premier brand for jam and rhythm skates.

There are the VNLA Junior Jam skates that are sure to be seen at any rink being worn by jam skaters. Other lines like the Godfather and V-line are popular with rhythm skaters who need a high-top boot.

VNLA in 2021 introduced the Parfait line as their first-ever skate with the high-top boot for ladies’ which went out of stock in weeks.

They have specific features and customers can mismatch colors. They are comfortable for skaters with wide feet and come with a contoured insole that can be added to the boots for those with narrow feet.

Examples of skates sold by VNLA include Vanilla junior tuxedo jam skates, Vanilla Junior code, VNLA Parfait, VNLA V-line, and VNLA Junior Zona Rosa among many others.

The types of wheels include Backspin Eclipse Orange and Vanilla Uprock Classic and Backspin Deluxe wheels among others.

5. Roller Derby

Roller Derby was founded by Oscar Seltzer in 1936, brother of Leo Seltzer the Roller Derby Pioneer as roller and ice skates boots manufacturer. It is currently the largest roller skate manufacturer in the United States.

They initially had a single plant in Litchfield, Illinois but it has since expanded too overseas. Oscar began to produce skates under the name Roller Derby and their skates sold well when the Roller derby skate took hold in America.

This company has been a leading manufacturer of skates to date. For over 80 years, Roller Derby has made skates for people from inline skates to disco skates.

It started when the banked track derby grew in popularity and the side walking skating began to sweep the country.

Skates demand grew when the sport took hold in America and this made Roller Derby be soon a leading roller skate manufacturing company.

The Roller Derby skates target skaters who are participating in Roller derby and are made to take u more beating. The most common mistake is not choosing the one that suits the level of play.

The roller derby boots are cut right above or just below the ankle. Higher cut boots provide more support for the ankle while low cut boots provide more maneuverability and allow for longer strides to get speed.

They are usually constructed using vinyl or leather.

Examples of roller derby roller skates include Omni Artistic and Dance Quad skates, Burst Tie Dye Freestyle roller skates, Candi Girl roller skates, and many more.

6. Impala

The Impala skates were launched in Melbourne Australia in 2017. It is driven by a team of girls with a skating passion. They have a nostalgic throwback to the 70s, 80s, and 90s which means bringing back the previous years of skates.

The Impala Skate mission is “to help support an encouraging and positive community for skaters of all skill levels and to celebrate diversity in all walks of life.”

They are backed by 30 years of experience with surf, skate, and women’s streetwear brands and have created a product made from very high-quality components that are designed for comfort at an accessible price.

Impala skates focus on the continuous improvement of its products.

Since the birth of Impala, it has been among the most sincere and devoted skating accessories manufacturers. Their making of affordable products without compromising quality has been the main reason for the rise of the company.

The brand also focuses on leaving a cleaner and better planet for future skaters. They have collaborated with a variety of charitable organizations to support and help nature.

They also make PETA-approved skates that are fully vegan thus ensuring you feel delightful clean and proud when you wear them.

Impala always tends to make people relive the late 20th-century error. The Impala skates design always portrays a retro look which is popular among the skaters.

Impala boots are usually made of PV or suede leather which is stiff and ridged hence high performance and durability.

7. Rio Roller

The Rio Roller company was founded in the UK in the 90s and has got many years of experience in making very high-quality and fashionable skates.

Rio Roller is constantly working to design innovative products that meet the customers’ needs with vegan-friendly materials and plastic-reducing production processes. Therefore, with Rio Roller prepare to roll greenly and in style.

The parent company behind the Rio Roller has been in the skate’s making business since 1985 and during the early 90s or late 80s, they started putting together comfortable and good performing quad skates that were different from others in the market.

Then Rio Roller was eventually developed, and it stayed under the SFR skates’ brand for a long time. In 2012, the Rio Roller became its own because of its popularity and has gone crazy since then.

When it comes to comfortable and fashionable retro roller skates, the Rio roller skates are the best and leading in the league. They come in a wide range of patterns and fun colors.

The Rio roller skates certainly stand out from the crowd. they usually design their skates for beginners and intermediate-level skaters and are good for roller derby competitions and recreational purposes.

The Rio Roller brand also manufactures helmets, skate pads, and other parts.

8. Bont

The Bont Skates Brand was founded in 1975 in Sydney. This happened when Inze Bont a recreational short track ice speed skater fiberglassed the back of his leather speed skates for more support.

Bont company rose quickly to become the world’s largest producer of ice speed skates and they branched to inline speed skates, long track speed skates, and roller derby skates.

Bont became the first manufacturer of footwear to use exotic materials such as Carbon Fiber in 1989, Kevlar in 1986, and fiberglass in 1975.

They were also the first to make use of thermoplastics and resins that could be molded by heat. It also became the first family to use adjustable ice blades and stay the world’s largest producer of custom speed skates and speed skates.

This company is famous for being the pioneer of every major boot advancement that was adopted by other skate manufacturers in the industry currently.

They invented the heat-moldable boots and were the first ice state company to make skates so the blade and frame can be adjusted on the boot.

They were also the first to use Velcro and aluminum strengtheners and lace covers in the boots. They have pushed the limits of technology to enable a skater to perform their best.

Bont exclusively uses the closed cell memory foam in their skate production. This is because the closed-cell foam does not absorb sweat or water that one may skate through thus keeping the skates free of moisture.

Being the only company that uses their in-house resins, they formulate a resin that is super stiff and moldable at low temperatures and has a fast cure time.

The resin can also be reheated several times. The temperature of the air and the amount of humidity are critical in determining the hardener amounts that need to be added.

They also use the One-Piece skate construction methods that allow Bont to lead the market in performance.

Bont partnered with the world’s best wheels manufacturers to develop the best inline quad skates and roller derby wheels in the world. The wheels push boundaries for technology with the use of aluminum hubs.

They also produce the best inline and roller skate bearings by using premium hardened steel with double polish inner race and the use of extremely precise balls


The BTFL (BeauTiFul) boards and skates brand started in 2015 and was initially a German longboard brand that was designed with comfort in mind by women for women.

They develop boards and skates specifically for women. BTFL originally started with an innovative longboard that was specialized for female customers.

The company thereafter expanded its horizon and developed an interest in roller skates. The team involves young designers and experienced technical specialists who create boards and skates specifically for women.

In 2020. they partnered with Pitkin Stearns to make their skates easily available in the US.

They are tailored to women’s body weights and sizes, the constructions and the individual technical feature of the boards allow lighter and more petite riders to cruise comfortably while on the BTFL longboards.

It makes it easier for beginners to learn and allow advanced riders to go to their limits.

High-quality and technically elaborated boards are made of Canadian bamboo and maple and they also feature some fiberglass.

The shapes of the longboards are designed and developed according to the years of practical experience with the female riders and they also have distinctive look. They are inspired by the latest skating and fashion trends.

From the longboard product range, they decided to adopt the new roller skate line.

They have roller skates with specific technical features and designs that were developed with a focus on the special needs of female skaters.

10. Chicago Skates

This company was founded in 1905 by Ralph and Walter Ware who were the sons of a successful Real estate man in Chicago, Elisha C. Ware.

The business was there just as a shop and no inventory in stock making it to have been a low-risk/high-reward investment.

In 1985, the two brothers were joined by another brother Robert Ware Jr and they produce a three-wheel skate which they tried to sell to their local roller rink but one of the rink men did not like the skate.

This company in most history was the superior skate producer in the country and the once groundbreaking technology of the company is the rusty skates in museum collections.

They were built with the average family in mind and they went from the first wave of roller skating in the 1920s to disco arrival in the 1970s.

This company has remained to be a family-run business in the city of Chicago.

During the 1990s the Chicago roller skate company feared its profit dropping forcing them to sell to the National Sporting Goods Company which ended the Original Chicago Brand.

Chicago skate is leading in cutting-edge styling and technology at affordable prices.

Some of the skates that Chicago Skates sell are Chicago Girls Sidewalk, Chicago Bullet Men’s Speed, Chicago Men’s Classic, and Chicago Women’s Classic among others.

The features that most Chicago Skates show include a large front brake, athletic styles, oversized wheels, clear-cut sizing, extra support, and unbelievable comfort because of the lining.

These skates are designed to last longer as they are designed using high-quality and premium parts and materials that hold up wear and tear but still provide style and performance. w

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some help if you are looking for the best brands to purchase a roller skate.

Most brands provide other products such as protective gears and wheels that you can buy in addition to the roller skate.

Best Roller Skate Brands

Ensure that you wear protective gear when roller skating so that you do not injure yourself. Also, research the features and design of the roller skate you want so that you get a comfortable fit.

Sizing is an important factor to consider when choosing a skate because the wrong size can cause blisters around your feet. Fortunately, most manufacturers provide a sizing chart guideline for you to follow.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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