Best Roller Hockey Wheels (2023) – Inline Hockey Wheels

Since the inception of the National Roller Hockey League in 2014, roller hockey has gained increasing popularity across North America, with product manufacturers also looking more at the design and performance of skates specifically for roller hockey.

Best Roller Hockey Wheels

The key to performance in roller hockey is the wheel choice and this article aims to help you find the best roller hockey wheels to suit your needs.

Typically, roller hockey wheels have a durometer of 78A to 84A for outdoor and 72A to 76A for softer indoor surfaces.

Depending on your weight and playing position and style you may select smaller or larger diameter wheels.

For example, roller hockey goalies typically go for smaller diameter wheels to be closer to the ground, while outfield players may select the smaller wheels at the front and larger wheels at the back for an aggressive hockey stance.

Labeda and Konixx are two great options for roller hockey wheel brands.

Continue reading to see our product reviews and buying guide to help you in your product search.

Konixx Pure-X Roller Hockey Wheel

Our Rating - 98%

Another great option is the Konixx Pure-X Inline Hockey Wheel. This wheel offers you the durability and performance that you need from an inline wheel. It features a great construction that allows you to have the best grip when riding. Comes with different stiffness to suit your body weight.

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Budget Friendly
Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Wheel

Our Rating - 96%

This is the best roller hockey wheel if you like skating outdoors. It is designed to last you longer as it is made of a urethane compound. The 83A to 85A hardness allows you to ride smoothly on asphalt, rock, and rough surfaces without feeling the bumps.

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9 Best Roller Hockey Wheels (2023)

Finding the perfect roller hockey wheels can be challenging especially if you are new to the sport and because there are many manufacturers to choose from in the market.

Understanding the features of a wheel, especially its durometer reading will help you in making the right decision.

The following are the reviews of some of the best options of wheels for you to choose from including their design and performance:

1. Labeda Addiction Signature Hockey Wheel

Best Roller Hockey Wheels (Editor’s Choice)


The Labeda Addiction wheels are the best wheels for inline hockey. They are the New Labeda wheels found in the market today. The wheels are designed specifically for tile surfaces.

These wheels are designed for a faster roll speed, wear down slowly, and better grip.

Labeda Addiction Signature Hockey Wheel


The wheels have an outer urethane hardness that is between 83-86A and the inner core is 76-78A hardness. That means they have a hard outer urethane but grip like a soft wheel on the tile.

It is the first wheel to be designed to have harder inner and outer urethanes to grip plastic floors too.

They have a diameter of 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm. They are available in yellow(76A) and Orange(78A).

The wheels with 76A hardness are ideal for skaters weighing 170 or below and the 78A hardness is ideal for skaters weighing 170lbs and above. These wheels are sold individually.


  • These wheels are unique and have a grip of a soft wheel but roll like a hard wheel.
  • They are made by one of the best manufacturers for inline skate wheels Labeda.
  • The wheels work perfectly well on wood.


  • The wheels are sold individually.

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2. Konixx Pure X +0 Hockey Wheel



These wheels have a specific durometer rating system. The exclusive + rating system is needed due to wheel complexity, especially since which are only made for the tile surfaces.

The Konixxx Pure-X stiffness rating shows the surface and the level of skating for example +0 rating is for a beginner skater who weighs 180lbs or below and a +2 rating is for an advanced skater who weighs between 170 and 230lbs.

Softer wheels are recommended for beginner and intermediate skaters while stiffer wheels are recommended for advanced skaters.

For skaters who are above 230lbs, Konixx company cannot assure their wheels against breakage.

Konixx Pure-X +0 Hockey Wheel


This new Pure X wheel from Konixx has a dual-pour construction with the new base-4 formula for the ultimate durability and the best possible grip.

They have a longer optimum performance period and a stiffer feel. These Pure X wheels are boosted with other Konixx X additives durability, extreme traction, and speed.

Most inline skaters love Konixx Purr-X because of the grip, stick, and overall speed of the wheel. These wheels are sold individually and are available in blue color.


  • Great for the tiled surfaces especially if you identify the right grip for your body weight and skater level.
  • Highly recommended by many inline hockey players.
  • Their dual pour construction with the three extra additives for traction, durability, and extra speed.

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3. Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Wheel

Best Roller Hockey Wheels For Outdoors


These Labeda wheels are designed for outdoor inline hockey. They are the best to use when using asphalt surfaces. They are long-lasting wheels that are the first choice for outdoor skaters.

Hence, this is the main reason for its rising popularity. These wheels come in black and orange colors.



For those who are looking for great sliding and speed facilities in the wheels of the skate then these Labeda asphalt wheels serve you well. These wheels have a hardness of 85A.

They come in five different sizes 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm. they are also made using the abrasion-resistant endurance urethane that provides great grip and superior wear.

The shorter wheels give more stability and agility the taller wheels give top speed and more roll. They come in 4-Pack.


  • The durable wheels provide long-lasting performance.
  • The abrasion-resistant urethane usually guarantees a great grip and is superior.
  • They are good to use on abrasive concrete.
  • The skaters will enjoy a higher speed with a good grip.

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4. Bauer S19 Hi-Lo Street Hockey Wheels



If you want to do street skating, the Bauer Hi-Lo street roller hockey wheels are for you. They have 82A hardness and are designed to withstand concrete or rough asphalt.

They can train or play anywhere outside the rink with these skates.

Bauer S19 Hi-Lo Street Inline Hockey Wheels4 Pack


They have a size of 80mm and are ideal for concrete or asphalt. They have a standard hub for the standard 608 bearings. They have a hardness of 82A and come in 4 per pack.


  • 82A hardness helps them to withstand asphalt and concrete

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5. Labeda Yellow Gripper Inline Wheel 


The Labeda Gripper inline wheels have been around for a while but they now come with a new design.

The wheels originally brought the flex technology to the forefront of roller hockey changing how the game used to be played and also changing the future wheel development.

Labeda Yellow Gripper Inline Wheel


The design of the core is small to allow the urethane to flex hence maximizing speed and grip. The Labeda company is a family-owned business and makes all of its wheels in the USA.

The new 2021 model comes in two colors the Yellow gripper and the white gripper. They are ideal for wood, sport court, and smooth concrete surfaces.

The wheels in these skates are sold individually. This Labeda Yellow gripper is 80A in the wheel hardness.


  • Different wheels with different diameters and durometers.
  • Have a good grip on different surfaces, experience levels, and skater weights.

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6. Konixx Tachyon Wheel


The Konixx Tachyon wheels are wheels that have a grip and speed that are usually found in more expensive wheels at a lesser price. They use similar materials to the Konixx Top-of-the-line Pure wheel.

These wheels stand out from the rest of the wheels because of the dual pour construction available in the competition. These wheels can offer premium grip, durability, and speed at a good price point.

Konixx Tachyon Wheel


These wheels have a +0 Konixx Grip rating and have five different diameter varieties of 80mm, 76mm, 72mm, 68mm, and 59mm.

They are ideal for skaters who weigh up to 185lbs and are great for an indoor sports court. They are available in white color. These wheels are also sold individually.


  • Well-constructed, grippy with great speed.
  • Affordable

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7. Rink Rat Trickster X Grip Hockey Wheel


The Rink Rat Trickster X Grip Inline wheels work well on the indoor tile sport court and are good for roller hockey.

Most skaters like the feel and the look of these wheels on the court. They have a good grip with quick stops and starts.

Rink Rat Trickster X Grip Hockey Wheel


The Rink Rat Trickster X grip inline hockey wheels are awesome roller hockey wheels with an X-Grip of 84A durometer. These wheels are for the skater who weighs above 225lbs.

They come in a diameter of 76mm. They come in green color with a variety of green shades.


  • Have a good grip for quick starts and stops
  • Have an awesome cool look and name on the court

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8. Labeda White Gripper Wheel


The name Labeda began as s legacy and brought the flex technology to the roller hockey forefront by changing the way the game was played and the future wheel development.

Labeda White Gripper Wheel 2017


The small design of the core allows the urethane to flex hence maximizing speed and grip. The Labeda company is a family-owned business and makes all of its wheels in the USA.

They are ideal for wood, sport court, and smooth concrete surfaces. The wheels in these skates are sold individually. This Labeda White gripper 2017 has 76A in the wheel hardness.


  • Have a good grip.
  • Maximum speed.

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9. Labeda Yellow Gripper Wheel


The Labeda Gripper started as a legacy by bringing flex technology onto the roller hockey forefront and changing the way the game was played and the future wheel development.

It has a small core that flexes the outer urethane and increases the grip with its large footprint.

Labeda Yellow Gripper Wheel 2017


These wheels have different sizes including 80mm, 76mm, and 72mm. They have a medium durometer. The wheels are sold individually.


  • Have a good grip.
  • Maximum speed.

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Inline Hockey Wheels

Best Roller Hockey Wheels 2022

Wheel Durometer Vs Different Skating Surfaces

The wheels for roller hockey are a bit different compared to other wheels because they have a much softer durometer rating than most of the wheels for other roller sports.

It is because the roller hockey players need a grip on most of the soft and the rubber roller hockey rink floors.

Outdoor surfacesThe outdoor roller hockey wheels have a higher durometer rating than the indoor wheels. They are a bit backward from regular roller skate wheels, where soft wheels are used for outdoor skating.

This brings the point where the urethane is too soft for outdoor use and unless you find a smooth outdoor surface, too soft a wheel can be easily damaged on rough surfaces.

Roller hockey wheels have a narrow durometer range as compared to other roller skate wheels.

Most roller hockey wheels range from 78A to 84A, with 80A and 78A being considered multipurpose or more hybrid while the 82A and 84A are said to be exclusively outdoor wheels.

The super-soft 72A-76A are best suited for indoor surfaces

The wheels of 82A-84A are the best for outdoor surfaces like polished concrete, blacktop, concrete, sidewalk, and asphalt. This hardness is perfect for these surfaces because they won’t get torn up on the rough materials.

Indoor surfacesIndoor best roller hockey wheels are in the 72A-80A. The 80A area multi-surface wheels can be used on sealed outdoor surfaces and smooth surfaces.

They are best suited for sealed concrete and wood floors. Most hockey players don’t find them to be grippy enough for the soft sports tiles where hockey is played often.

Most indoor players use the 72-78A   because they are perfect for the rubber sports court for hockey play. The soft durometer has more grip.

Your Weight

Importantly, take your weight into account, before choosing the wheels you need, because your weight may determine the type of wheel hardness you need to go for.

Roller Hockey Wheels

If you are heavy, you will need a harder durometer wheel for your indoor use. For lightweight players, they will need to go for the super-soft wheel of 72A.

The hybrid and outdoor wheels do not matter much because the outdoor surface is not soft like most roller hockey floors.

Wheel Diameter

The inline skate wheels run from 47mm to 80mm in size. The wheel height is a trade-off between acceleration, speed, and agility.

Tall wheels provide longer and faster roll, but less acceleration and agility. Shorter wheels give quicker acceleration and more agility but less overall speed.

Most of the small wheels of 47mm-60mm provide a lot of quick agility and more acceleration while the 72mm-80mm provides a combination of quickness, speed, and performance, which is found in most hockey skates.

The Hi-Lo configuration where the smaller wheels (72mm) are in the front while the larger wheels(80mm) are in the back put hockey players in an aggressive hockey position.

Most goalies go for smaller wheels because they need to be low to the ground, quick and stable on their feet and they often go for wheels in the 47mm -59mm.

Roller Hockey Durometer & Skating Surface & Weight Chart

The table below shows how you can find the right durometer rating that is best for you depending on the skating surface and your weight.

Remember that the table is a general recommendation, therefore, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for a specific wheel if provided.

SurfaceWeightDurometer Reading
Sports CourtLess than 150lbs72A
Sports Court150-190 lbs74A
Sports Court190-210 lbs76A
Sports Court210 + lbs78A
Hybrid – Sealed Concrete/ Wood FloorsAll Weights80A
Asphalt, Sealed Concrete, Blacktop, SidewalkAll Weights82A
OutdoorsAll Weights84A

Roller Hockey Wheels FAQs


How Long Do Roller Hockey Wheels Last?

The amount of time that your roller hockey wheels can last depends on the skating surface you are using and the frequency of using the wheels.

If you use them more often and on the wrong surfaces, your wheels will not last you longer.

If your wheels have a flat spot or do not sit flat anymore, it is the right time to replace your wheels. When your wheels flatten, they will produce a thudding sound and when you hear this, it is time to buy new ones.

Can You Use Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels Outdoors?

It is important that you use your inline hockey wheels on the right surfaces whether indoors or outdoors.

You should not use roller hockey wheels designed for indoor surfaces on outdoor surfaces that are rough.

If the concrete is smooth like a garage floor, then it is alright, however, rough surfaces such as sidewalks and asphalt can damage the soft wheels meant for surfaces such as sports courts that are made of rubber.

How To Change And Rotate Roller Hockey Wheels?

The process of changing and rotating roller hockey wheels is very easy and quick, and you can do it yourself with the right tools.

You need an allen wrench or hex skate tool that you will use to loosen the axle bolt.

Once the bolt is loosened, pull or push the axle out of the bearings, then remove the wheel from the plate by pulling it out.

How To Clean Roller Hockey Wheels?

You can easily clean your roller hockey wheels by washing them using mild dish soap and warm water. Remove any build-up on the wheel by wiping it off using a soft cloth.

After all the dirt is removed from the wheels, ensure that you thoroughly dry them and put them on a towel for one hour to completely dry.

Final Thoughts

To get the best out of your roller hockey skating, it is important that you get the right wheels with the correct durometer that can support your weight and is designed for the skating surface.

From the list above, our top pick for the best inline hockey wheels is the Labeda Addiction Signature Inline Hockey Wheel because it is a new wheel that is designed to revolutionize the world of inline hockey skating.

It is made using urethane material which makes it hard enough to be used on indoor surfaces but also soft for outdoor surfaces.

Hopefully, this article has given you all the information you need to buy the best wheel for your roller hockey skate.


Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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