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Roller hockey is a sport with increasing popularity and interest globally. For elite players and amateurs, finding the best roller hockey skates can be a challenge, given the rise of options.

Knowing the premium from the poor design can be tricky as there are many factors to consider including comfort, design, durability, and speed.

10 Best Roller Hockey Skates

This article aims to solve all these issues to outline the best inline skates currently available in the market. The product reviews will discuss the skate design, performance capability, and pros and cons.

While there will also be product reviews for top choice skates for affordability, high performance, beginners, and wide feet.

We will also present a brief buying guide that outlines some important factors you should consider when researching and purchasing roller hockey skates.

Editor's Choice
Mission Inhaler WM03 RH Skate

Our Rating - 100%

Our choice for the best roller hockey skates is the Mission Inhale skate for seniors because it provides top innovation for players who are looking for models that offer great performance. They offer a good balance between control and speed as well as good stiffness.

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BAUER RSX Hockey Skates

Our Rating - 96%

Another great and affordable choice is the BAUER RSX skates. They are designed for players who are skating infrequently and new to the sport but looking for solid features in a flexible and comfortable model. They provide enough flexibility with moderate stiffness for skating once a month or less.

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High Performance
Mission Inhaler WM01 RH Skate

Our Rating - 99%

A high-performing hockey skate that provides top innovation with great features to players is the Mission Inhaler WM01 skate. This skate is made of lightweight materials to ensure that you have great support. It also offers you a personalized fit and excellent stiffness for your every stride.

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Best Roller Hockey Skates (2023)

The following are the best inline hockey skates that you can choose from whether you are a beginner or professional in the sport:

1. Mission Inhaler WM03 Roller Skates

Best Roller Hockey Skates (Editor’s Choice)


Mission RH Inhaler WM03 inline hockey skate provides the highest innovation for the player who wants a high-performing inline model with great specifications from the boot to the wheels.

It has a Reinforced PU quarter for good stiffness when skating. It has an asymmetrical toecap and wheels as well as a chassis for a combination of control and speed.



The WM03 has wheels that are built for the player who likes fast wheels with great stopping power.

It is also included with a large injection-molded core for flat-out speed and a soft compression apex ring for maximum grip and edge-to-edge feel.

These Labeda wheels have Aluminum chassis that give the skater a unique skating angle with two small wheels at the front and two large wheels at the back.

This allows the skater to benefit from large and small wheels at the same time.

The WM03 has true-form tech PU quarter package and abrasion guard that offer a dry and lightweight feel plus added protection, stiffness, and comfort.

The boot also has a felt liner and a thermo-adjustable upper which gives one a feeling they are looking for in a skate. The WM03 also proved to have a proper skating profile, boot stiffness, and technological features that fit the game.


  • They are lightweight and balanced
  • Stable and strong for longer skating strides.
  • They are durable.


  • The wheels fell off the bearing holder for some client’s skate.

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2. Bauer RSX Inline Hockey Skates 

Budget Friendly


The Bauer RSX roller hockey skates are another all-round option for players who are learning the game of roller hockey.

These skates provide players with good protection without added weight. They have a two-piece tongue felt design with protective inserts for high-end mobility.

Their interior has liners that keep the players’ feet locked and increase dryness during skating. They have Ventilator chassis, Cour wheels, and ABEC-5 bearings.



The Bauer RSX inline hockey skate has a weaving technology for moderate stiffness with great flexibility for the player who does not skate often. This flexibility ensures the strides are comfortable.

The skate has a comfortable footbed complemented by the liner for maximum effort inside the boot. At the boot’s bottom, there is a steel chassis that gives a unique skate angle.

The skate is designed with smaller wheels at the front and bigger wheels at the back. This frame allows the skater to get the best performance of both sized wheels.

The wheels complement the benefits of the chassis and provide a solid balance of control and speed with every stride.

The RSX skate is a skate that will give you comfort and performance even if you don’t skate often. This boot offers good features for its price point.

This type of skate is built for a player who is new to the skating game or skates infrequently. It is also for a player who looking for solid features in a flexible and comfortable model.


  • Comfortable and affordable.
  • Highly durable and robust.
  • They are heat-moldable.


  • They are low-impact skates.

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3. Mission Inhaler WM01 Roller Hockey Skates 

High Performance


These brand-new skates are paced with technological features making them among the advanced roller skates on the market.

They have a thermoformable Grip-fit Pro liner with CT technology to keep the feet in place and improve the efficiency of strides while skating.

The boot is lightweight and has an outsole that is carbon composite to air up with Kryptonium chassis. It has a 3D-lasted Curv composite quarter package that gives unmatched weight reduction and protection.



The Mission Inhaler WM01 offers the top innovation to the player who is looking for an elite-level skate with performance features. The W01 features the 3D lasted Curv Composite boot with a new ventilation system and abrasion guard.

The 3D lasted Curv is a lightweight material with enhanced lateral support and gives thermo-formability that allows the heat-molding for a personalized fit.

The boot also gives excellent stiffness for maximum energy transfer with each stride. Grip-Fit Pro liner with CT technology aids in moisture management and keeps the feet cool and dry while playing.

This improves the stabilization for continued power generation without the foot slipping from the boot. The Grip-Fit Pro also gives a soft feel for overall comfort inside the skate.

The skate also has an asymmetrical toe-cap and new vent shapes designed to reduce the overall skate volume for a great fit and improve the push-off with each stride.

It has the True Vented Tongue that gives comfort and protection.

The Tongue is 10mm 52oz using a 5-piece construction and is perforated for increased airflow and to keep the top of the foot dry and comfortable while playing.

This WM01 model has a top-end chassis that uses a unique and lightweight design for excellent responsiveness.

This will help in giving an increased attack angle with improved speed, power, and control. The frame consists of Hi-Lo Swiss bearings to maximize the player’s strides.

The skate uses wheels designed with the power skater in mind to provide increased flex and grip for any skating style.

The Addiction Grip has the hard center urethane core with a matched inner speed ring to offer an ideal combination of resistance to wear and increased performance.

With all the great features, this skate offers the style, performance, and comfort benefits that a player is looking for in an elite-level skate.


  • Unique and lightweight
  • They offer maximum speed, power, and control
  • Affordable price


  • Could not find any

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4. Bauer RS Inline Hockey Skates 

Best Roller Hockey Skates For Beginners


The Bauer Inline Hockey skates are designed for a skater who wants recreational blading with features that give a good combination of support and comfort. The skates have Injected comp weave quarter for support and flexibility.

It also has a liner for maximum comfort and great ankle padding for enhanced protection. The HI-LO Ventilator steel chassis give improved balance and the street wheels for solid striding.

Bauer Hockey Skates Senior


The Bauer RS provides give a good balance of support and flexibility letting the skater enjoy the game. The injected comp weave quarter gives moderate stiffness and focuses on flexibility to bring comfort with the strides.

Bauer emphasizes comfort inside the boot and uses liner and standard comfort footbed to give a quality feel and support.

The padding in the ankle uses Anaform foam for an additional layer of comfort and enhanced protection in the boot. This model also brings out an anatomical 2-piece felt tongue.

The RS inline skates have the ventilator steel chassis found in the RSX model which offers a unique design popular with the inline skates that use the frame with small wheels at the front and large wheels at the back for control and balance.

The frame has street wheels for solid striding with developing skating ability.

The RS skates are a good choice for recreational level skaters using the trusted technologies for comfortable options as the player develop their game.


  • Very comfortable feel
  • Suitable for agile skaters
  • Have great balance and control.


  • Poor quality as they bend and warp easily.

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5. Bauer Vapor 3X Inline Hockey Skates 

For Wide Feet


These skates are built for a performance-level player skating around three times per week, who want a fit and performing skate.

It has Digi comp outsole and Thermo formability with Form fit2 footbed. T also has CNC Chassis and Labeda Gripper Crossover wheels along with ABEC 9 bearing.

The Vapor 3X RH inline skates are designed for players with foot measurements that have low volume.

Bauer Vapor RH Hockey Skates Senior


This skate has a tech-mesh with an abrasion guard and quarter ventilation for support and thermo-formability for enhanced skating performance and optimal fit.

The inside boot has Aero Foam and comfort response padding for additional support and personalized comfort in the ankle because of the thermo-formability properties.

The Vapor 3X includes a liner with hydrophobic properties and a footbed which are designed for a soft feel.

The liner also has properties for managing moisture to wick sweat away and promote foot lockage in the boot. The footbed also has memory foam for true comfort when you put on the skate.

There is a clear TPU non-woven outsole under the boot that supports a CNC chassis. This frame also has two small wheels at the front and two large wheels at the back for more speed and control.

The Vapor 3X uses Labeda Gripper Crossover wheels with the Flex technology to allow the urethane to flex for maximum speed and grip.

This skate is a great choice for players looking for performance skate at a mid-range price point.


  • They have good air ventilation that keeps the feet dry.
  • Suited for speedy skaters.


  • Could not find any.

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6. Mission Inhaler WM02 Roller Hockey Skates 


This is a great skate designed for all players of all skill levels. The boot has an advanced design known as Tru-Form PU Quarter Package that is optimized for superior support.

The skate also has a Grip-Fit interior that helps keep the foot locked in place for maximum energy. It also comes with a three-piece form-fitting tongue for superior flexibility, protection, and comfort.

Mission Inhaler WM02 RH Skates Senior


The top features found in WM02 inline skates give the top innovation to the player who wants an elite-level inline model with great performance features.

The technology includes a new ventilation system and abrasion guard. The clear TPU and injected tech mesh is a lightweight material to enhance the lateral support and supply thermoformability that allows you to mold your skate to your size.

The inside boot has a Grip-Fit Liner which helps keep your feet locked to the skate for maximum energy transfer throughout the play.

This grip liner also gives consistent comfort that is complemented by form-fit 2-piece tongue and metatarsal padding. All these combinations make the boot have a great balance of protection and comfort.

The skate also has asymmetrical toe-cap and new vent shapes. This toe cap helps in reducing the overall skate volume and improves the push-off with each stride.

The Inhaler WM02 outsole is injected with Aluminum Chassis that uses 76mm wheels at the front, and 80mm wheels at the back to give the skater an increased attack angle for control and speed.

Mission brand uses the Labeda Millenium wheels for WM02 with a large injection-molded core for enhanced speed and combined with a soft compression apex ring for unmatched edge-to-edge feel and maximum grip.

This in turn gives a fast wheel with great stopping power and stride.


  • Comfortable for all foot sizes.
  • Long lasting durability.


  • Not enough padding in the ankle area.

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7. BAUER Vapor 2XR Inline Hockey Skates 

For Professionals


The Bauer Vapor 2XR inline hockey skates are the perfect fit for skaters who play 3-4 times per week and want a skate that has many high-end technologies at the top of the brand.

Pure Hockey understands the greatness of getting the right skate for the game and Vapor2XR inline skates give you that.

These skates are low-profile designs and ideal for players with low volume foot measurements.

The skate has the following features: Accelflex System for a good feel and fit, Lock-fit liner for support and comfort, Swiss bearings, Aluminum Chassis, and wheels for grip.

BAUER Vapor 2XR Hockey Skates Senior


The system was implemented by Bauer to give an excellent fit and feel for a low-profile skate. This system also uses the asymmetrical toe cap that can be found at the top-of-the-line RH 2X pro.

It is engineered to allow the improvement of push-off power with each stride at the same time providing support for quickness and agility.

Vapor 2XR has a Recoil Tongue found in the top-of-the-line model. It is a 3-piece 48oz tongue with exposed injected metatarsal guard for protection with the whole tongue offering an excellent combination of flexibility and comfort.

It includes the Lock-fit liner ad Lock-footbed to offer great support and comfort while ensuring the foot stays secured into the boot.

There is the TPU with PET film outer sole under the boot. It has Swiss bearings that attach Aluminum chassis.

The wheels are attached to the chassis to give the pro-level grip you need without sacrificing durability.

The Vapor 2X skate is ideal for the skater looking for a high-end skate with top model technologies and valuable price points.


  • Good flexibility and comfortable.
  • They offer great support and protection to the feet.


  • The wheels have air bubbles.

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8. BAUER Vapor X2.7R Inline Hockey Skates 


Players who want great value when playing have the Bauer Vapor X2.7R inline skates because of the ComfortFlex system that the skates give feel and comfort.

It offers ankle comfortability and features an aluminum chassis and Labedo union wheels. This skate is a low-profile design ideal for skaters who have low volume feet dimensions.

BAUER Vapor X2.7R Hockey Skates Senior


Bauer Vapor X2.7 design is enhanced and provides an improved feel by using great technology.

The Brand designed one-piece package to get the perfect fit at the ankle and allow a secure lock in the heel and enhance comfort.

Inside the boot is made of foam padding that has a liner. This memory foam is put specifically around the ankle region to give the foot quality comfort, while the liner gives good support throughout the hockey skate.

The bottom of the boot has a Form-Fit footbed for a good feeling and support.

The top of the boot is a two-piece tongue with an injected guard for more protection, comfort, and flexibility and to enhance the skater’s agility while on ice.

The outsole and chassis are attached by ABEC-7 bearings to provide the skater with a unique skating ankle.

It has two 76mm wheels at the front and two 80mm wheels at the back to let the skater get the benefits of the small and large wheels at the same time and get an excellent balance, speed, control, and power.

The wheels are built for skaters who enjoy fast wheels with good stopping power.

This comes in handy with an injection-molded core for flat-out speed and a soft compression apex ring for maximum speed and unmatched edge-to-edge feel.


  • They are fast, comfortable, and light.
  • Flexible with good ankle support.
  • They are durable.


  • Could not find any.

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9. BAUER Vapor X2.9R Inline Hockey Skates – Junior

Best Junior Roller Hockey Skates


If you are looking for a hockey skate that is affordable but still offers you the performance, comfort, and fit that you need as a performance-level player, the BAUER Vapor skate is for you.

This hockey skate is specifically designed for players with low-volume dimensions.

The 3D lasted tech mesh construction is beneficial in that it provides thermoformability and support for enhanced skating performance and optimal fit.

BAUER Vapor X2.9R Hockey Skates Junior


To ensure that you have personalized comfort and extra support in your ankle, the boot of these skates has foam padding in it. This skate comes with a footbed and a microfiber liner.

The liner has moisture management properties and a soft feel to ensure that your feet are dry and promote lockage of your foot in the boot.

The tongue comes with an injected guard that offers good flexibility, comfort, and solid protection when you are rolling. The boot has an outer sole that supports an aluminum frame.

The boot has two 80mm wheels in the back and 76mm wheels in the front to give you a better attack angle for more control and speed, using the benefits that come with both large and small wheels.

The wheels have a large core for improved speed, combined with an unmatched edge for edge feel, and a soft apex ring for better grip.

This leads to an extremely fast wheel with great stopping and striding power.


  • The boot feels supportive and firm.
  • Flexible with excellent protection.
  • Good value for money.
  • High-quality skate.
  • Super comfortable.


  • Tough boot to break into.

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10. BAUER XLP Inline Hockey Skates – Youth

Best Youth Roller Hockey Skates


BAUER XLP inline skates are designed for players who are just starting with the sport as they come with features that offer great support and comfort.

This inline skate offers a good balance of support, comfort, and flexibility to ensure that you enjoy your skating adventures.

The plastic outsole and nylon quarter package offer moderate stiffness as well flexibility to ensure that you have comfort as you skate.

BAUER XLP Hockey Skates Youth


The brake on the back of the skate is perfect for those beginning to learn the sport as it makes them feel in control and safe as they get a hang of the sport.

The brake can be removed once you are confident and comfortable.

The wheels on these skates are specifically designed to be used in the outdoors which allows them to last longer when you skate on asphalt or pavement.

They come in youth size 11-1 or 7-10. They use trusted technologies that provide a comfortable choice that will help you perform well as you develop in your skating.


  • Excellent comfortable fit.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Great support to the ankle.


  • Could not find one.

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Inline Hockey Skates

Best Roller Hockey Skates

Hockey Skill Level & Playing Style

The hockey skill level is a critical factor when considering which inline skates to purchase.

Elite players are used to faster, physically tougher games all of which require more robust skates. However, to cope with demands, you want to consider a lighter pair that support agile movements.

On the other hand, amateur players are more focused on comfort than top-level performance. If you are an amateur, consider getting a pair of skates that are great to wear and will last a long time.

The last thing you want is to frequently buy skates, so invest in a solid, comfy pair.

Playing style is also an important consideration.

Are you a player who likes to get stuck in and play aggressively or prefers to focus on solid technique? These are aspects you need to consider when purchasing the best hockey rollerblades.

Wheel Size & Hardness

Deciding the most appropriate wheel specification is a very important factor. You should work out which playing surface you most commonly play on and the regularity in which you play.

The most common wheel sizes range from 76mm to 80mm, and grip levels can be tailored for the playing surface you typically play.

The degree of wheel hardness will impact the speed and durability of the skates.

A simple rule is the harder the wheel the higher the speed but the lower the durability. So, bare this in mind when you’re deciding between skates.

Skate Bearings

Skate bearings play the crucial role of attaching to a skate wheel and allowing the rolling motion on the plate axle.

Skate bearings typically come in the form of ABEC or Swiss bearings. Both bearing types are known for prestigious levels of speed, quality, and long-lasting durability.

Investing in top-quality bearings may not seem a priority but they certainly deliver an increased performance level.

The most important thing with skate bearings is that they are clean. ABEC and Swiss bearings go through rigorous testing and ratings so you can be reassured by their quality.

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or elite level skater, quality skate bearings will make a significant difference to your overall performance.


Frame types can also impact the performance and feel of roller hockey skates so should also be a significant consideration.

The most common materials used to construct are aluminum, composite, or titanium. The most popular frame type is aluminum due to its great performance, lightweight feel, and affordability.

On the other hand, composite and titanium offer considerably better performance on durability and weight but are a premium purchase, so cost much more than aluminum.

You’ll have to work out what your budget is and see if you can stretch to the premium materials.


There is nothing worse than having moisture build-up inside the roller skate causing blisters and discomfort. That is why all modern roller hockey skates include a liner material constructed of microfiber.

In addition to draining moisture while in use, the liners also help the drying out process when the skates are not in use.

Premium roller hockey skates will include liners that have odor elimination technologies while this is less likely to feature in affordable skates.

It may not be the most important factor regarding high-level performance, but certainly worth considering when purchasing skates.

Roller Hockey Skates Sizing & Fit

Ensuring the roller hockey skates fit you well is an incredibly important factor when purchasing skates.

You want to avoid investing in a skate that is too tight or loose as it will hinder comfortability and performance.

For example, skates that are too large commonly cause ankle injuries due to the lack of support, while tight-fitting skates will cause blisters and affect blood circulation to your foot.

Three methods are recommended to guide you on sizing. These are outlined below.

  • Method 1: Adults select a size that is 1.5 sizes below their regular shoe size. For youths, this difference should be one shoe size below.
  • Method 2: Try on the skate that approximately fits your size and slide your foot towards the toe cap. Then, place a pen between the heel and back of the skate. If the pen fits nicely and is too tight, then the skates are a perfect fit. If the pen moves around easily, you are likely to have a size too large.
  • Method 3: Trace your foot with a pencil on paper. Then take a measuring tape and measure from the top of your big toe to your heel to work out your exact size in centimeters.

Benefits Of Heat Moldable Roller Skates

Health moldable roller skates may be a new concept to the unfamiliar, but they can be a great way to help you mold your new skates.

How the heat-moldable skates work is through first placing the skates in an oven to absorb heat and then taking them out of the oven, placing your foot in the skate, and lace-up.

The boot then forms around your foot to give a perfect, custom fit.

Heat moldable skates are perfect for those who may struggle to get a comfortable fit from regular roller skates. Although available at a more premium price, the desire for a custom fit is justifiable.

What’s The Difference Between Roller Hockey Skates And Regular Rollerblades?

A key difference is that rollerblades do have a brake on the skate’s back, while inline hockey skates do not have a brake on the back of the skate.

Also, the wheels on rollerblades are typically thicker than inline hockey skates. This is due to the added focus on speed and agility with inline skating.

Another feature of roller hockey skates to support agility is having different size wheels on the frame. This is not commonly featured on rollerblades.

As rollerblades are typically designed for entry-level skaters, roller hockey skates have better quality and precision than rollerblades.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you all the essential information you need to know to go off and purchase the best roller skates to suit your playing needs and style.

Our choice for the all-round roller hockey skates is the Mission Inhaler WM03 RH Skate.

These classy skates contain high-end wheels which superb speed and stopping power. They are a must-have for any roller hockey skater wanting to increase their performance level.

When purchasing the best roller hockey skates, it is crucial that you time to work out what your skating needs and priorities are and then focus your search on those priorities.

This will give you the best chance of purchasing a great pair of skates to suit your needs and will serve you for a longer period.


Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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