Best Jam Skates (2023) – Top Skates For Jam Skating

Jam skating is a combination of gymnastics, dance, and skating done on roller skates and is greatly influenced by artistic skating, breakdancing, and modern dance.

Finding the best jam skates will enable you to have comfortable and smooth gliding, be it for competition or fitness purposes.

Best Jam Skates

The best skates for jam skating should fit your feet well and should not be too loose or too tight, otherwise, your performance will be affected.

Apart from being fun and exciting, jam skating helps in building your endurance and improving your cardiovascular strength, hence supporting your overall health and wellness.

Whether you are an experienced skater or a beginner, you desire to skate on a well-fitting pair of jam skates.

Editor's Choice
VNLA Freestyle Pro Jam Skate

Our Rating - 100%

Our choice for the best jam skates is the VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix Lite. This is the perfect skate because they are a total package and come with everything that you need in a pair of skates. They are lightweight, made of durable material, and come with great padding for comfort.

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High Performance
Riedell 395 Sunlite Fugitive Jam Skates

Our Rating - 99%

Another great option is the Riedell 395, which you can use for both jam skating and speed skating because it wraps around your foot like a glove. It provides great speed, comfort, durability, and allows you to tighten it to your preference.

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Budget Friendly
VNLA JR. Zona Rosa Jam Skates

Our Rating - 97%

If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality jam skate, then VNLA JR, Zona Rosa is the best choice for you. This jam skate is such a beauty as the leather and denim offer an ideal skating experience while maintaining a high level of comfort.

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 7 Best Jam Skates (2023)

It may be challenging to find the perfect jam skates that suit you and your preference since there are plenty of them in the market to choose from.

However, there is no need to worry as this article will provide you with information about the best skates for jam skating to help you decide.

1. VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix Lite Jam Skate

Best Jam Skates (Editor’s Choice)


The boots of VNLA Freestyle jam skates provide you with top-grain leather with a padded covered tongue and soft shearling padded lining.

This means that your feet will be cushioned properly as you focus on your skating styles.

The toe cap has a Velcro overlay lace protector and is resistant to abrasion to keep it looking nice irrespective of what move you use.

VNLA Freestyle PRO Remix Lite Jam Skate


The nylon plates have a lock nut that is micro-adjustable while the 8mm axels plate has lightweight Gorilla trucks that come in different colors to choose from.

These jam skates feature wheels that have the best grip, awesome roll, and are very strong.

The wheels are 20% lighter compared to other wheels and you will still roll in them no matter what.

They are available in black and white, come with a 92A hardness, and are 62mm in diameter and 42mm wide.


  • Perfect for wide feet.
  • Offers a smooth ride.
  • High-quality plates and trucks.
  • Comfortable.


  • The leather in the tongue is not flexible when the skate is new causing blisters on the ankle.

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2. Riedell 395 Sunlite Fugitive Speed Skates

High Performance


The toe design of this boot has an attached lace cover that provides a little more space compared to the traditional lace-to-the-toe boot while still maintaining a full-contact fit.

The boot is made with full-grain leather that is hand sorted and soles that are both sewn and glued to ensure that it lasts you longer.

A combination of Cambrelle lining and leather offers comfort, and the nylon ankle tie allows you to adjust the tightness of the collar to your preference to ensure that your feet are supported and secure.

Riedell 395 Sunlite Fugitive Speed Skates


The black Sunlite plate offers you the best of both worlds: the long-lasting durability and the lightweight agility that the nylon plates provide.

This plate comes with a Patented V Bracing design that is 40% lighter compared to the aluminum plates but still provides optimum strength.

You know you have a great quality with the nylon plate as it comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage. The plate is completed with a Sure-Grip Mini Gripper toe stop.

The boot ensures that you get the best possible fit as it is moldable by heat. To prevent too much flex when cornering, these skates have an added Superlite nylon insert.

The Sure-Grip Fugitive wheels allow you to be more unstoppable with the 92A hardness, ABEC7 bearings and are 64mm by 44mm.

The wheels are made of soft polyurethane, soft lips, a flexible spoked core, and a nice wide shape to ensure that they are the grippiest indoor wheels.


  • Heat moldable for a perfect fit.
  • Long-lasting.
  • 40% lighter than aluminum plates.
  • Offers great comfort.


  • Could not find one.

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3. VNLA JR. Zona Rosa Jam Skates



These skates feature indoor wheels that have 93A hardness and are 62mm in diameter.

You can jam anywhere with these skates as you can get yourself a second pair of outdoor skates.

Skate like a professional with these skates as they feature aluminum trucks with a nylon plate.

VNLA Zona Rosa Wide Roller Skates


The VNLA Zona Rosa offers you premium skating as boot that offers improved durability and softness.

The black and neon pink color scheme of the tough leather and denim exterior adds a touch of the eye-catching style.

These jam skates require less time to break in as you can wear them and enjoy your skating free from pain.

The Vanilla ABEC-9 bearings offer speed skating and quick turning while the premium frame offers a 5-degree action for improved versatility and stability to the skate with no restrictions.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Provides a smooth roll.
  • Little break-in period.
  • Easier to make turns and quick responses.


  • The front gets scuffed easily after a few months of use.
  • Can be expensive.

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4. VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Fugitive Roller Skates

Most Comfortable


Experience the incredible support and comfort offered by the VNLA Freestyle roller skates.

The boot is made of 100% top grain leather that provides scuff resistance and soft support while the toe box highlights the padded and supple glove leather.

It also features shearling lines that are breathable for maximum comfort.

Both the toe and heel of this roller skate are a C-width and have a lace protector to maintain a nice look in your skates. They are available in white or black leather.

VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Roller Skates


The Sunlite plate is 40% lighter than the aluminum plates available, but they are still super durable.

They are designed with a V Bracing to ensure that they last you a lifetime without breaking.

The Fugitive wheels are 62mm in diameter and 44mm wide and made with a soft urethane.

The wheels feature a nice wide shape, soft lips, and a flexible spoked core to ensure that they grip well to the indoor surfaces. They also have a nylon insert that prevents flexing during cornering.

You can also customize these sleek-looking and high-quality roller skates.


  • The boot liner makes it comfortable.
  • Skate fast with smoothness and ease.
  • High quality and durable.


  • The insoles can be thin.

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5. Vanilla Code Red Roller Skates


These skates come with a sleek matte black leather lace cover, fiery red denim uppers, and stitched rubber outsole.

They are eye-catching, comfortable, and made with quality materials that will keep you all night on the rink floor.

This unique blend of contemporary style and functionality has made these skates to be among the most popular brands for jam skates and roller skates.

VNLA Jr. Code Red Jam Skates


The Code Red roller skates are made with the highest quality material. It has aluminum trucks and nylon plates with 5-degree action backspins.

The wheels are 95A hardness with the size of 62mm by 40mm and ABEC-9 bearings.

These skates come with toe-stops and a Vanilla Jam Plug that does not affect you when doing tricks.

It has a low-cut exterior with denim and durable leather and needs no break-time.


  • Good quality and durable.
  • They are a comfortable fit.


  • The top of the boot is rigid.

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6. VNLA JR. Tuxedo Jam Skates


The boot has a rubber outsole, which is fully stitched along with super tough skate shoe lining.

It is a sophisticated skate designed with durable, soft, and scuff-resistant leather that will enable you to skate often and hard.

VNLA Jr Tuxedo Jam Skates


This skate has a nylon frame with an aluminum truck featuring an action of 5 degrees backspins to increase stability with cushions that are specially designed with a cone shape to increase response.

The skate has an ABEC-9 bearing with super light backspins tuxedo wheels that will have you flying around the floor.

These skates have been rigorously tested by the Vanilla team to confirm their durability and that it endures the test of time.


  • Great durability
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Provide a stable footing.


  • Not suitable for narrow feet.

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7. VNLA Code Blue Speed Skates


Code blue roller skates come with stitched rubber outsole, blue denim uppers, and lace cover making you feel fresh.

They are low-cut skates, and the exterior is designed using durable denim and leather. These skates best fit an expert skater.

VNLA Jr. Code Blue Jam Skates


The VNLA code blue speed skate comes with indoor wheels with 95A hardness and 62mm backspins making it easy for you to be light and roll smooth.

They come with an adjustable toe stop or your choice of black jam plug.

They include genuine nylon plates with upgraded aluminum trucks that have lock nuts and 8mm axles.

With these VNLA blue skates, you require little to no break-in period and you can skate in them as soon as you buy them.

The aluminum trucks and ABEC-9 bearings allow you to skate without restrictions and be able to enjoy quick turns.


  • They have great quality with good fitting size.
  • Long-lasting durability and genuine quality.
  • They are comfortable.


  • Could not find any.

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The Differences Between Jam Vs Artistic Vs Rhythm Skates

Roller Skate Types

The following are the differences between jam, artistic, and rhythm skates:

Jam Skates

Jam skates are like speed skates. They usually have a low cut around the ankle to allow a maximum range of movements and are also designed to be lightweight.

This design will allow a skater to perform the elegant footwork which sets apart jam skating. Jam skates have a toe plug that comes in different colors and can be replaced to fit your style.

Artistic Skates

Artistic skating is a type of acting that looks like figure skating or ice skating.

They have the old-fashioned silhouette which is something to think of every time you picture a classic roller skate. It has a higher cut of the boot that provides more ankle support.

The high boot is important when performing jumps and spins.

These skates have higher heels than other skates, which help in distributing weight to the front of the plate.

This weight distribution increases agility and control, which in turn helps when attempting the intricate moves of artistic skating.

Rhythm Skates

They are more like artistic skates than jam skates. Rhythm skates are usually used for old-school styles of dancing in roller skating.

Rhythm skating is about keeping the 8 wheels of the skate on the ground while focusing on bouncing and rolling to the music beat.

Final Words

Consider purchasing jam skates that are within your budget so that you do not have to break the bank especially if you are a beginner.

Consult online product reviews and buying guides so that you have enough information before purchasing the skates.

Our choice for the best jam skates is the VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix Lite Jam Skate because they offer a smooth ride, are high quality, comfortable, and suitable for wide feet.

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information about the best skates for jam skating available in the market for you to choose from.

Follow the sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the skates fit perfectly and comfortably.


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