Best Inline Skates (2023) | Top-Rated Inline & Rollerblade Brands

Rollerblading is a fun activity that you can add to your workout routine as it engages your whole body without being hard on your muscles and joints.

To ensure that you are enjoying yourself while rollerblading, you need to find the best inline skates on the market.

Best Inline Skates

Apart from being a great cardiovascular activity, rollerblading offers you a serious burn on your core, legs, and shoulders.

This is because you will use your glutes and quadriceps to create power as you accelerate, while the calves and hamstrings help you in decelerating and climbing hills.

Although there’s not an exact science to finding the perfect inline skates to suit your needs, there are certain factors you can consider such as your skill level, skating surface, and style which can help you in your search.

For example, beginners will typically buy four-wheel, soft-booted skates for extra comfort and stability, while advanced skaters may opt for larger wheel, hard-booted skates for greater durability.

Continue reading to learn more about inline skating and find out the best rollerblade brands such as Rollerblade, Fila, and Bladerunner that you can buy your skate from.

You will also read the reviews of the best inline skates and a detailed buying guide to help you in making the right decision.

Editor's Choice - Men
Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Inline Skates

Our Rating - 100%

Our choice for the best men’s inline skate is the Rollerblade Macroblade 90. This is because it is a little faster, more stable, comfortable, and durable. It is designed to offer you more lateral support when exercising, skating faster, or training. The higher cuff design provides you with balance and securely holds your foot.

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Editor's Choice - Women
Fila Legacy Pro 84 Inline Skate

Our Rating - 100%

Our top pick for the best women’s inline skate is the Fila Legacy Pro 84. This functional and compact skate gives you the performance and support you need for riding. The padding provides you with an additional layer of comfort, meaning you do not need to wear thick socks. The wheels can be used on both outdoor and indoor surfaces.

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Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Inline Skates

Our Rating - 95%

If you are looking for a budget-friendly inline skate that is high in quality, the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT is for you. They provide you with a firm fit and ankle support because of the three-part closure system. They have a supportive shell that provides added support and enhances balance.

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Speed Inline Skates
VNLA X1 Speed Inline Skates

Our rating - 98%

If you are into speed skating, the VNLA X1 is the perfect inline skate for you. This skate comes with a leather boot to provide you with extreme durability and support. The boot is also heat-moldable to ensure that you have a customized fit. The wheels are smooth enough for indoor rinks and are durable enough for outdoors.

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10 Best Inline Skates (2023)

Since there are a lot of inline skates in the market, most people can find it difficult to find the right one that fits them perfectly.

Below are the 10 best inline skates for 2022 that you can check out and make your decision.

The reviews include the design and performance features as well as the pros and cons. This is to provide you with enough information to decide.

1. Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Inline Skates

Best Inline Skates (Editor’s Choice – Men)


This type of skate is a model designed for a skater looking to skate a little faster. This is a go-to-size skate that provides incredible support and fit.

The Macroblade 90 has a higher boot design that adds more stability. Practicing riding in a 90mm wheel brings a better sense of stability and control when skating.

The skates have the engineered mesh liner that adds breathability and a sock-like comfort and provides the cushioning that is needed when learning to skate more enjoyably.

They have an aluminum frame that is good in power transfer and durability.

Their easy-to-use closure system is good because it secures the feet while maximizing fit and comfort.

The wheel and bearing setup are great for skaters who can have the correct amount of speed and control with moving fast.

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Skates


These skates are high performance and great for fitness enthusiasts who go for more lateral support for stability while exercising, training, or skating fast.

The macro blade structure has lateral support and flex. They have a higher cuff that provides extra stability for great balance and can hold the foot securely while striding.

They have a mesh upper with good padding in the tongues and ankle areas for your feet cushioning and comfort. The buckle and lace-lock closure with a power strap secure the feet and enhance breathability.

They have a twin-blade aluminum frame that enhances the durability and helps the skaters to be closer to the ground and have a low-profile design to get an improved balance, stability, and enhanced speed.

They have the performance wheels 85A/90mm to help blend the speed and control nicely. The SG 9 bearing is great in spinning while providing appropriate speed.


  • Durable
  • More stable
  • The low profile provides improved balance.


  • Could not find one

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2. FILA Legacy Pro 84 Inline Skates

Editor’s Choice – Women


The FILA Legacy Pro 84 inline skates are adult inline skates made for those who want to skate for recreational and fitness purposes.

These skates are functional and compact skates with an agile aluminum frame. The skates are made with FILA Air Flow technology which makes the feet comfortable and ventilated for long hours of skating.

They have padding surrounding the feet while providing an extra layer of comfort hence you do not need thick socks.

The lacing system provides a good fit that sticks. The aluminum frame construction is secured with aluminum spacers and metal axles that make the skate to be highly durable.

Their wheels have a diameter of 84mm and 83A with the ABEC 7 bearings which will let one cruise around with these inline skates outdoor and indoors.

FILA Legacy Pro 84 Inline Skates


The Legacy pro 84 are lady skates are functional, lightweight, and compact skates made with quality and durable materials with good performance over time.

They have a liner with synthetic material and breathable mesh that uses airflow technology for efficient foot ventilation.

They have anatomical padding that is designed to wrap your feet well and keep them in the correct position throughout the skating time.

The cuff in these skates helps support the ankles while allowing a customized fit with the Velcro strap instep.

They have 84mm wheels that are housed by the aluminum chassis with ABEC 7 bearings for minimum friction and maximum force transmission on the road.

The skates provide perfect maneuverability with an excellent compromise between the lightness and comfort for great sessions on the road.


  • Durable
  • Well ventilated
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Good for fitness or recreational purposes.


  • Could not find one.

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3. Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Inline Skates



If you want a great pair of skates that will not empty your pockets, then the BladeRunner Advantage Pro XT is your choice.

These skates have three parts closure system which helps tighten the skate for good ankle support and correct fit.

The skate’s 80mm wheels have ABEC 7 bearings that offer a comfortable and smooth roll that feels good on your feet.

For anyone new to the inline skating or one who has not been on skates for a while the BaldeRunner Advantage is good for you because they are meant for entry-level skates.

Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Inline Skates


These skates are suitable for beginners with great prices for the new skaters who are learning to skate.

They have a great supportive shell that enhances the balance while providing extra support in the design.

The comfort liner in these skates has a well-padded design that provides a great snug fit for a performance all day.

They are also made with a Monocoque Composite frame that adds durability as well as increases the stability of the skates.


  • Affordable prices
  • Great for entry-level skaters
  • Enhanced stability


  • Sizing challenges

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4. VNLA X1 Speed Inline Skates

Speed Inline Skates


The VNLA X1 speed inline skates come with leather boots that have a carbon fiber heel for enhanced durability and extreme support.

These skates have instructions for the heat molding of the boot to achieve a complete custom fit.

VNLA X1 Speed Inline Skates


Every pair of the VNLA X1 speed skates come with a set of 100mm VNLA racing wheels of 85A hardness. These skates can be used for fitness both indoors and outdoors.

They are durable because of the 85A hardness and can be taken outside with the ABEC 9 bearings that ensure a super smooth and quick roll while on the rink surfaces.

These VNLA speed skates sit on the VNLA 7000 series aluminum plate hence making them ultra-lightweight and ready for everything.

They are fantastic skates for fitness, beginning speed, and frequent rink session skaters.


  • Durable
  • Quick and smooth roll
  • Ultra-lightweight

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5. FILA Houdini Pro 110mm Inline Skates

3-Wheel Inline Skates


This type of skate is designed for higher performance and quality. They have a supportive and stable structure of the cuff as well as a composite shell that makes the skates durable.

The comfortable liner inside has anatomical padding which helps the skater not to need to use socks while in the skates.

The lacing system provides a lasting and perfect fit for the skater. They also come with shock absorbers in the heel area that help the feet to stay comfortable enough while skating.

The wheels come with bearings of ABEC 9 for maximum speed and control. The fit and padding ensure that the skate is ideal for recreational and fitness skating.

Fila Houdini Pro 110mm Skates


The FILA Houdini pro skates are magic and have high performance and high support. They have a lightweight extruded aluminum frame that enhances the durability of the skates.

The anatomical liner found in these skates is also very comfortable and lightweight.

The composite shell and cuff provide proper support while the comfortable liner plus the anatomical padding provides great comfort.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

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6. Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates


These skates are a little more expensive than the BladeRunner. Their liner is more padded and nicer.

The boot of this skate has a seamless toe box with a nicer mesh to make this type of skate to be more comfortable.

The skate has a power strap and a closure system with buckles and straps that are on most rollerblades.

These skates come in the women’s sizes and include teal in the boot color. For a skater who wants a smooth ride, affordable with these great roller skates.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates


These skates are for recreational beginner skating for women and feature stability, comfort, and great support at a good price.

The lacing system is combined with a monocoque frame that gives better balance with a lower center of gravity.

The Zetrabade wheels have a size of 80mm and have the SG5 bearings that can be upgraded to greater performance. This is a good choice for casual skaters who wants entry-level skating.

This skate is an entry-level balanced with comfort and secure fit for women at a great price.

The boots are high cuffs that provide enhanced support with a durable shell making skating learning easier.

They have a monocoque frame that is durable with a lower center of gravity with added stability. The wheels with SG5 bearings with a moderate speed and better wear.


  • The high cuff gives great support.
  • The secure closure system ensures a comfortable and snug.
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable

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7. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Inline Skates


The Rollerblade Macroblade 80 inline skates are made for casual skaters who want to enhance their skill level to a higher quality.

They have an improved mesh upper, tight boot design, and padded liner that provide comfort similar to socks and lateral support.

The aluminum frame is good for improving performance because it promotes more durability and power transfer. The macro blade is an exceptional skate for novice skaters because of the performance of the 80mm wheels.

Macroblade 80 Inline SkatesMacroblade 80 Inline Skates


The Rollerblade Macroblade 80 skates are designed for casual and entry-level skating and have secure support that leads to improved fitness.

The skates have the enhanced mesh with improved breathability and allow the upper to be able to wrap around the feet for improved fit.

This mesh will let your feet stay dry and be more comfortable when skating. It has a feature function that stands out and has a fashion-forward cosmetic appeal.

The liner is comfortable and provides a whole new fit for the Rollerblade macro blade inline skates when they are joint with the engineered mesh uppers.

The tongue and ankle padding cushions your feet to enhance comfortable skating.

These skates satisfy the skater’s needs, and they can be used by amateurs and medium skaters.

The wheels in these skates blend in the speed and control of the skates perfectly.

Their bearings offer a very smooth roll for those who want moderate skate pace with speed that can be controlled. You can also upgrade the wheels to better performance and speed.

The closure system is secure and fit to support comfortable all the skater’s abilities.

Their ideal mix of flex and lateral support enables the long skating sessions to be done with the feet having less fatigue.

They have a low-profile design that makes the skater stay closer to the ground while skating to improve confidence and add more responsibility.


  • More comfort is achieved from the ankle and tongue padding
  • The secure support leads to improved fitness
  • Can roll smoothly.

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8. K2 Alexis 84 BOA Inline Skates


For every woman who is into sports and loves skating and plans to take their exercise outside, the K2 Alexis BOA is great for them.

This skate is powerful and comfortable because it features the 84mm wheels, the ball bearings, and aluminum rail to guarantee a direct transfer of power for a stable and agile skating experience.

K2 Alexis 84 BOA Skates Women


They have a closure system that ensures they can be readjusted quickly and easily because they adapt to the feet perfectly while ensuring smooth skating.

The uppers of these skates are made of the mesh material that keeps the skates breathable while skating to keep the feet dry throughout especially during the intense workouts.

The K2 Alexis inline skates have a soft boot that offers the skater a comfortable and perfect fit.

The 80A hardness wheels make these skates great for the outdoors because you can skate smoothly over rough surfaces such as asphalt.


  • Keep your feet dry throughout the game
  • Have great power transfer
  • Great stability and speed
  • Maximum comfort and support


  • Sizing problems

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9. Rollerblade RB 110 Inline Skates


This type of skate is designed to offer a sublimated and anatomical liner to every skating environment. They are paired with a footbed for training and top eyelets for enhanced support.

They have a molded boot that is comfortable with a durable hard sheet to enhance speed and performance.



This skate has a molded boot with three wheels for versatility and durability. They are molded, vented, and supportive to provide lateral support, durability, and breathability.

The high-performance liner provides comfort and additional heel shock absorbers for better vibration. They have laces that go through the shell and liner to allow skaters to attain a desired secure fit.

They also have an aluminum frame that is rigid, adjustable, and stable and has a lower profile design for a lower center of gravity with added speed and great maneuvering.

Their wheels are of Rollerblade Supreme with 85A durometer and a diameter of 110mm and they provide maximum grip, wear, and speed roll.

These wheels’ performance can be upgraded from the entry-level wheels. Their SG 7 bearings are fast with an appropriate speed.


  • Versatility and durability
  • Maximum wear and grip
  • There is a secure fit from the shell and liner.

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10. 5TH Element Glow Inline Skates


If you are a woman looking to have fun, it is time to upgrade to the 5th Element Glow inline skates. They are designed for good performance and good value for money.

They have an aluminum chassis that is paired with 90mm high-speed wheels with ABEC 7 bearings for a streamlined workout.

Their boots are soft with supercharged comfort and great style to match while keeping your feet supported and strapped in despite your rolls.

They have 82A wheels that were made specifically for versatility so that women can enjoy the Glow skates anywhere.

5th Element Glow Skates


Their 90mm wheels provide enough speed for a reasonable workout. The 82A durometer provides the right firmness to take the skates inside and out.

They also have the ABEC 7 carbon performance bearings which are top-rated bearings that deliver both precision and speed and exert less energy.

They also have a high-quality Aluminum frame that helps in reducing fatigue while delivering more powerful energy transfer and making each roll smoother than the last.

They have a soft boot construction that ramps up the level of comfort to keep the skater on toes longer.

Their traditional laces are combined with the Velcro strap and buckle which help in receiving great ankle support as well as foot stability.


  • Good performance
  • Great style and supercharged comfort
  • Versatile
  • The aluminum frame reduces fatigue as well as delivers more powerful energy

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What Are The Best Rollerblade Brands?

There are skate brands that have created quality skates and trying to keep the skates sport alive.

The Best Inline Skates For 2022

Some of the brands started during the beginning of the game and have stayed through the ups and downs of the inline skating. Others are new and focused on the sharpness of performance. The best inline skate brands are:


The brand was launched in 1982 and is pretty much the first company to have the distribution globally. It has kept going through the years.

This is where the word rollerblading started instead of inline skating. The man Scott Olson is the man behind Rollerblade company.

They produced the following skates: speed, fitness, and urban all of these of excellent quality.


It was launched in 2005 and the company focused on creating well-performing skates that provide maximum control. They are known for their freeride and freestyle range of skates.

The skates are for good skaters who go fast and do slalom while doing tricks. These skats are for those who want to do many things with their skates.

The skates from this company are optimized for performance. The SEBA company is the pride in testing and development phase of their product creation.


It is a company that does its best job of shouting about this fact. The story of Powerslide began in 1994. The brainchild of the speed skater Matthias Knoll led to the launch of the product line in 1997.

Since then, they have been developing their skates with innovation.

Best Inline Skates For 2022


It started in 1962 in Seattle, Washington by making skis and started selling skates in 1993.

Since then, they have a good snow sports pedigree and make quality skates. They specialize in soft boots.


It started in 1952 but started making the inline skates in the 90s when the next generation owners noticed the inline skates of Scott Olson when walking through the ski show in Las Vegas. This is when they entered the inline market.


It is a brand on the list because of its hockey skates. They specialized in hockey skates and used their insight, innovation, and technology to make some of the best inline hockey skates.


It was established in Italy in 1911 by the FILA brothers and has been a renowned brand for sports throughout its history.

Flying Eagle

It is a company that began its inline skate story in 2006 in China. The company focuses on innovating and advancing its products to match the needs of the most demanding skaters.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Inline Skates

The following are some of the factors that you need to consider when shopping for an inline skate:

Inline Skates 2022

Your Skill Level

You should consider your skill level when it comes to rollerblading. With inline skating, skill levels range from beginner to expert, and intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced are in between.

And like other athletic equipment, different types of inline skates serve the different skill levels for you to choose from.

If you are a beginner, choose rollerblades with plastic frames, lower-grade bearings, and smaller wheels.

As you advance in your skating skills, you may want to improve the parts of the skate including bearings, boots, frames, and wheels to match your skills.

You can also buy a rollerblade that provides more performance so that you can grow your skills into it.

Wheel Size & Durometer

Most wheels for inline skating are made using polyurethane to provide performance and durability. But the material used to construct the wheels is not very important compared to the size durometer reading.

Wheel size starts from very small to very large, that is, from 70mm to 100mm. The type of skating you are involved in will determine the size you get.

Very large wheels are a good option if you are into racing and professional skating as they provide great speed and performance.

However, if you only skate for small distances and often make quick stops and turns, smaller wheels are for you.

The wheel’s durometer number shows its softness and hardness. A lower durometer reading such as 78A makes the wheel softer while a higher reading such as 90A makes the wheel harder.

The type of skating surface is determined by the durometer reading of the wheel, as, hard wheels are for indoors while soft wheels are best used outdoors.

Number of Wheels

Some inline skates have 4 wheels, others 3, and others 2. Generally, it is easier to ride an inline skate with more wheels because they are more stable.

That is why inline skates for rough roads are hard to ride compared to recreational rollerblades. Skates with fewer wheels have larger wheels and shorter frames and are always lighter.

Ride a skate with more wheels if you still need to do some work with your skating form and skills.

Those with 4 wheels are ideal for beginner skaters. However, 4-wheel skates are rarely a good choice for skating over small rocks, larger debris, and gaping cracks unless they are race skates.

Inline skates with 3 wheels are good for pro-level skaters. If you are incredibly good with your balancing skills, especially at very high speeds, ride on an inline skate with two wheels.

2-wheel rollerblades have shorter frames making them more maneuverable than those with longer frames.

Boots & Liner

Rollerblades come with two types of boots, that is, hard and soft. If you are a beginner, soft boots are a good option for you as they provide great comfort and are well ventilated.

On the other hand, hard boots offer more stability and control, hence good for advanced skaters.

Liners provide you with more comfort and support as you skate and there are different options to select from.

Memory fit liners contour to the pattern of your feet every time you wear your skate and the pads or gels in these liners continue taking the shape of your feet. Heat moldable liners use heat to contour to the shape of your feet as they cool down to harden.

Auto-fit liners also use gels or pads to contour to your feet and offer extra support and comfort than standard liners.

Finally, standard liners are basic and perfect for beginners as they do not have complicated features. They use foam materials to provide comfort and padding for your feet.


Consider stiffness, weight, and durability to find the perfect frame.

Typically, skate frames are made using different materials. Plastic frames are mostly found in inline skates designed for beginner-level skaters as they are cheaper, heavier, less stiff, and less durable compared to other frames.

The heaviness of plastic frames contributes to the weight of the skate that comes with them.

Best Inline Skates 2022

Aluminum frames have less weight and higher stiffness than plastic frames. They are also more durable and efficient. They are slightly higher in the price point compared to plastic frames and are mostly found on inline skates for intermediate-level skaters.

Carbon frames are an improvement of aluminum frames as they have less weight and a longer lifespan which most advanced-level skaters look for.

Energy transfer is created by the stiffness of the frame when skating, making it an essential factor to consider.


Bearings are an important part of any rollerblade because they determine the smoothness of your rolling and your ability to achieve maximum speed.

The main purpose of bearings in a skate is to minimize the friction between the wheel and the frame when rolling.

Each bearing comes with an ABEC rating which is used to determine its precision. Bearings have higher precision and less resistance if the ABEC rating is higher, enabling you to maintain speed.

To ensure that your bearings last longer and that you have a smooth roll, it is essential that you clean and lubricate them.

Can Women Use Men’s Inline Skates

Yes, if you are a woman, you can wear inline skates designed for men.

However, you need to consider a few things. First, men’s sizing is different from woman’s sizing as they are one size smaller. Therefore, order a men’s size 6 if you wear a size 7.

Inline Skates For 2022

Secondly, the cuff design is higher in men’s inline skates compared to the cuff design in women’s skates.

The difference in cuff design is due to the difference in anatomy between men and women. Men have higher cuff muscles than women hence the higher cuff design.

Is There A Difference Between Inline Skates And Rollerblades?

Inline skates and rollerblades are the same. There is only one difference which is the name.

Rollerblade is a company that manufactures inline skates while inline skates refer to all skates that have their wheels configured in a straight line.

Final Words

Finding the best inline skates can be challenging given that many brands in the market manufacture rollerblades. To ensure that you buy the right skate, consider the factors mentioned above such as skill level, boot type, wheel hardness, bearings, and frames.

From this article, two inline skates are our top picks. The choice for men is the Rollerblade Macroblade 90. This is because it is a little faster, more stable, comfortable, and durable.

It is designed to offer you more lateral support when exercising, skating faster, or training. The higher cuff design provides you with balance and securely holds your foot.

The women’s choice is the Fila Legacy Pro 84. This functional and compact skate gives you the performance and support you need for riding.

The padding provides you with an additional layer of comfort, meaning you do not need to wear thick socks. The wheels can be used on both outdoor and indoor surfaces.

Hopefully, you have all the information you need to comfortably shop for an inline skate.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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