Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet (2023) – Wide Rollerblades

Finding the best inline skates for wide feet is a tricky process. Millions of Americans have wide feet with the figure estimated between 25% to 50% of adults and it’s more common among women.

Factors that cause wide feet include genetics, being overweight, and pregnancy.

Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet

The best way to find the right wide-fitting rollerblade is to get fitted at the shop or measure your feet at home to know exactly your size.

If you’re unsure whether your feet are wide, measure from the two widest points of your foot and then compare the measurements to a foot chart.

Most foot charts have indicators of narrow, average, and wide width feet for each foot length.  

It is especially important when skating to purchase a rollerblade that fits perfectly as your feet will bear significant strain. Buying narrow skates will lead to blisters and potentially more serious foot issues.

Brands such as Rollerblade and FR Skates offer great options for wide feet skaters.

Read on to find reviews on our best rollerblades for wide feet and a buying guide.

Editor's Choice - Men
Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Inline Skates

Our Rating - 100%

Our top choice for men looking for the best inline skates for wide feet is the Macroblade 80. This is because of the padded liner, secure boot structure, and upgraded engineered mesh that provides you lateral support and sock-like comfort. They are also suitable if you are a casual skater in search of a rollerblade made for enhanced entry-level skating.

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Editor's Choice - Women
Rollerblade RB Cruiser Inline Skates

Our Rating - 100%

If you are a woman looking for a rollerblade that is affordable, maneuverable, tough, with great technology, and fast, the RB Cruiser is the best one for you. The boots of these rollerblades are molded making them comfortable for all skating surfaces as well as durable. The padded liner provides extra shock absorption when skating.

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K2 Kinetic 80 Pro Inline Skates

Our Rating - 95%

Another great option for women is the Kinetic 80 Pro. This rollerblade brings the tech and is high in quality but still saves you money as it is affordable. They are designed to offer you comfort throughout the day and are simple to get them on and off because of the speed lacing system.

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High Performance
Rollerblade RB 110 Inline Skates

Our Rating - 99%

For a high-performing rollerblade, the RB 110 takes the lead because they are fast and versatile. The sublimated and anatomical liner combined with a training footbed, and top eyelets offer great support to your feet during skating. They are also designed to be used on all skating surfaces.

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10 Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet (2023)

Rollerblading has grown in popularity not only for kids but also for adults, both men, and women.

Apart from the fun and joy, people get from rollerblading, it is a sport that can help you stay fit and healthy.

Finding the perfect wide rollerblades is a major contributor to having a successful and smooth ride. The following are the top 10 inline skates for people with wide feet:

1. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Skate

Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet (Editor’s Choice – Men)


These skates are very ideal for casual skaters who are looking for an enhanced entry-level skate of higher quality.

The upgraded engineered mesh, padded liner, and tight boot structure provide lateral support and sock-like comfort.

The Aluminum frame help in improving performance because it adds more power transfer and durability.

The macro blade is a value that exceptional for a novice skater. The performance of the 80mm wheels in these skaters.


The skates are designed for entry-level training and casual inline skating with secure support that leads to improved fitness.

The engineered mesh in these skates adds breathability and allows the upper to wrap around the feet for improved fit.

The mesh allows you to have a drier foot and more comfort in a skate that properly hugs the feet. It has a standout feature function as well as a fashion-forward cosmetic appeal.

The performance liner is very comfortable and gives a whole new fit for inline skates when they are combined with engineered mesh uppers.

Ankle and tongue padding cushions the feet for more comfortable skating. It satisfies the needs of experienced skaters as well as can be used by beginner and intermediate skaters.

The wheels of the inline skates help in blending the control and speed of the skates perfectly.

The bearings provide a smooth roll for a moderate skate pace with controllable speed. The wheels can also be upgraded to enhance speed and performance.

The secure and fit closure system supports all the abilities of the skater comfortably. They have an ideal mix of flex and lateral support that enable the long skating sessions with less fatigue on the feet.

The low-profile design makes the skater closer to the ground when skating to add more responsibility and make the skater more confident.


  • Has secure support for improved fitness.
  • The ankle and tongue padding provides more comfort.
  • Can roll smoothly.


  • They are not the best choice for advanced skates.

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2. Rollerblade RB Cruiser Skates

Editor’s Choice – Women


This skate is designed for those who want something affordable, tough, fast, and maneuverable. The molded boots of this skate are comfortable and durable for all skating surfaces.

The RB Cruiser inline skate has 85A and 80mm wheels and the bearings for stability, added control, and speed.

The superior support, secure closure system, molded boot technology, lateral sliders, and heel padding produce a versatile and ultra-responsive skate that every skater can appreciate. The skate has the brake mounted on it.


The boots of this skate that can be molded are great for a skater who wants a long-lasting hardshell skate technology at an affordable price. It will enable you to roll everywhere and anywhere with the durable and versatile skate.

The skate is ventilated, the supportive molded shell has exceptional lateral support, and it has vents for breathability.

It also has a padded liner for great performance and an extra heel padding to absorb shock for good vibration when skating. The lace closure and dual buckle make the feel it is an extension of the foot.

The skate also has an extruded aluminum 243mm frame that is stable, and rigid with a lower profile design to lower the center of gravity maneuverability and increased speed.

The Rollerblade urban profile 85A/80mm maximize grip, roll, wear and roll and add stability. The upgraded SG7 bearings can spin fast and provide the appropriate speed which is upgraded.


  • They are great for enhanced performance and speed.
  • The liner and the padding provide great comfort.
  • The engineered mesh is great for drier feet and improved fit.


  • None found.

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3. K2 Kinetic 80 Pro Skates


If you want to go for a high-quality recreational skate that brings the technology but saves you money, then the Kinetic 80 Pro inline skates.

The soft boot design provides an all-day comfort which is backed by the supportive Stability Plus Cuff. The K2 kinetics often come in half sizes. The K2 also offers a speed lace system that makes the putting on your inline skates faster.

These skates have composite frames that come with a low center of gravity for extra stability. There is also the 80mm diameter wheel that is good for beginners who want to be on smaller wheels when they are starting.


These new blades from the K2 kinetics do not only boast their slightly larger wheels to navigate bumpy streets easily and a more aggressive cuff that keeps the skater feeling stable through the busy street turns.

The skates have a sleek look that fits right in with the city vibe. The skates can be strapped on to navigate the traffic confidently as well as speed through the commute.

The traditional lacing customizes the lacing and knot the same way one ties the shoes. The Stability Plus provides the right amount of flexibility, support, comfort, and reliability to have a good time.

The frame is a vibration-absorbing composite frame interlocked with the base to keep the rider more balanced for being lower to the ground. The ABEC 5 bearings with a dependable spin for beginners.


  • They are best to balance control and speed.
  • The lower to ground effect improves balance.
  • Comfortable and reliable.


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4. Rollerblade RB 110 Skates

High Performance


The Rollerblade 110 inline skates are designed for every skating environment to provide a sublimated and anatomical liner and are paired with training footbed and top eyelets for ideal support.

The comfort of the molded boot and durable hard sheet skate enhance performance and speed.


This skate is for the molded boot with 3WD for durability and versatility. The vented molded and supportive provide durability, and lateral support and has been breathable.

The liner is of high performance and provides comfort with the additional heel shock absorber for the great vibration. The dual-buckle and lace closure lace through the shell and liner allow skaters to achieve a secure fit that is desired.

They have an aluminum frame that is stable and rigid with a lower profile design to lower the center of gravity for great maneuvering and added speed. The frames can be adjusted.

The wheels provide maximum grip, speed roll, and wear. They have a true upgrade in performance from entry-level wheels. They have SG7 bearings fast and provide an appropriate speed.


  • Durable and versatile
  • Maximum grip and wear
  • The liner and shell allow a secure fit.

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5. Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Skates


The Rollerblade Macroblade 80 inline skate is designed for women and is ideal for beginners or casual skaters who are looking for an entry-level skate with high quality.

The padded liner, boot structure, and the enhanced engineered mesh provide lateral support and sock-like comfort.

The aluminum frame enhances the performance for more durability and power transfer. The aluminum frame is also sturdy and tough and has seamless maximum support and comfort.

The SG5 bearings and 80mm performance wheels help the speed skills advancement, upgradability to great performance supreme, and the hydrogen wheels with the proficiency.

Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Skates Women


This skate has hit a milestone in bringing support, versatility, speed, and comfortable skate and the best rollerblade that feels gentle to your pockets and aggressive to the trails.

The twin blades have a low-profile design aluminum frame to cover the 82A, 80mm wheels offering a good mash-up of control and speed to keep up with the pace while working on agility and stability.

The well-engineered mesh material keeps your feet from being soggy and suffocated and the 45-degrees solid strap and lace-up fronts protect your heels. The high cuffs hug your ankle to keep them aligned and uplift them.


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Secure fit
  • Replaceable wheels and brakes
  • Great heel and ankle support
  • The aluminum frame enhances durability and maneuverability.


  • The top buckle is a little bit difficult to fit tightly.

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6. FR Skates FR1 Deluxe Intuition 80


The FR1 deluxe intuition wide rollerblades are expensive skates. It has deluxe frames that are very low and short to provide stability and a heat-moldable liner for more comfort and precision.

They are designed with solid plastic-free ride shells. They also have an adjustable cuff buckle and ratchet instep strap. They have the deluxe black frames and the street wheels.

FR Skates FR1 Deluxe Intuition 80


The Ferrari rollerblades are designed with polyurethane wheels, a durable material that provides increased stability. They have wheels that provide smooth glide all the time.

They also feature a sturdy and adjustable strap that helps control the rollerblades while on the city streets. The adjustable strap will keep the feet comfortable all the time while you skate in style with these rollerblades.

The rubber brake pads help the rollerblades to stop once. They are easy to maneuver and are lightweight. They are perfect for beginners of all ages.

The skates are adjustable with four different size settings, and they keep children active and help the adults to work out. The sturdy deck and the safety features protect riders o every trip.


  • The adjustable strap keeps the feet comfortable
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Polyurethane wheel for durability.


  • Do not have the heel brakes (not suitable for beginners).

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7. Rollerblade RB Cruiser Inline Skates


These RB Cruiser skates are urban skates designed for fast and tough maneuvering. They have molded boots that are long-lasting on all skating surfaces.

They also have four wheels of 85A/80mm size and bearings for stability, added control, and speed.

They have sliders with a double buckle/lace system and the heel padding for absorbing shock and a brake for making the skate ultra-responsive as well as versatile for all skaters.

Rollerblade RB Cruiser Skates


The molded boot technology has no extra expense because they are breathable and versatile. They are vented and supportive for breathability and lateral support.

The performance liner provides an added heel shock absorber to dampen vibration. The extruded aluminum frame with the rigid and stable 243mm/9.6 frame helps lower the center of gravity for maneuverability and increased speed.


  • Breathable and versatile
  • The added heel shock absorbers provide the dampen vibration.
  • High speed and maneuverability.

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8. K2 F.I.T. 84 Skates


The K2 F.I.T 84 inline skates are designed to offer great performance. For a skater who enjoys exercising and commuting the K2 skate is a perfect fit. They can be fine-tuned to get the perfect fit.

The stamped aluminum frame along with other additional features provides a stable platform for speed, the Stability Plus cuff, and a maneuverable wheelbase that provide maximum support.

The 84mm wheels and ILQ-7 bearings will give you a rolling fitness machine that is ready for a workout.

K2 F.I.T. 84 B0A Skates


This is a top brand that divides its products into the lifestyle, recreational, fitness, lifestyle, and marathon.

The skates are top-rated for the brand, and they are fitness-focused and allow a great mix of stability, comfort, and speed.

They do not just excel in one niche but rather cover a bit of everything so they can jump, skate, and squad to achieve their daily fitness goals.


  • Stable and comfortable.
  • Can be used for different uses, including lifestyle, recreation, fitness, and marathon.

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9. Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 Inline Skates


The Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 inline skates are designed for male skaters and experienced racers.

The cuff design is a full height for maximum support and is combined with a 3 by 110 set-up that helps generate high velocity for the intermediate and advanced levels.

The wheels are 110mm and have uppers that are ventilated with secure 45 degrees buckle/strap lacing system for speed. All these help in making an easy and lightweight choice for faster skating.

Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 Skates


The 3-wheel high-performance help in providing increased lateral support for faster skating and the enhanced form-fit stability during training.

The flex and lateral support by the high breathable, comfort liner that comes with additional padding on the ankle and tongue.

The superior aluminum frame along with the lower profile design provide increased maneuverability and speed.

Their wheel of size 110mm and 85A hardness and the Twin Cam classic plus bearings reduce the maximum speed and wear. These high cuff skates enhanced the balance has a highly structured secure foothold.

They are great for a city skater who is trying out new tricks.


  • They are best for maneuverability and high control.
  • Great support.

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10. Rollerblade RB 110 3WD Inline Skates


If you want to take your inline skating to the next level RB 110 3WD is an awesome choice.

The skates have SG7 bearings and 110mm wheels that will give you a lot of speed with less vibration hence ensuring a smooth ride while giving you extra durability.

They also feature the Rollerblade 3WD technology that allows the skater to enjoy a longer, easy, and smoother skating session along with awesome control.

It also features a knit technology that allows the feet to breathe during the longer skating hours so that the feet stay dry and comfortable, and the material also shapes your feet to keep the skate comfortable and lightweight.

The RB 110 also features 45-degree straps, laces, and an aluminum cuff buckle that will give the desired secure fit.



It has a full composite structure that has durable and lateral support and is more responsive for skaters to increase energy transfer and control.

The molded shell is more versatile because of the frame’s modularity and support. The frames can be changed or aligned to accommodate different skating preferences but need to be done with the lead of an experienced skater or technician.

The well-padded liner enhances comfort and cushioning to match the shell support. It has an additional shock absorber that adds vibration dampening for a smooth ride.

The locking of the cuff buckle and the micro-adjustable buckle and laces keep the skates fastened securely for a higher level of support and fit.

They have urban frames that are rigid and stable with a lower profile for a lower center of gravity for increased speed and maneuverability.


  • The lower profile provides increased speed and maneuverability.
  • Adjustable frames to accommodate different skating preferences.

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How To Measure Your Foot Width And Length

It is an easy and simple process. Therefore, find a sharpened pencil and a piece of blank paper. Then find a solid surface such as a concrete surface or wood floor.

Ensure you do not stand on any surface that can move when you are measuring your feet such as your carpet. This is because you may end up getting inaccurate foot measurements.

Best Inline Skate For Wide Feet 2022

Put the piece of paper horizontal to a wall with one edge of this paper touching the base of the wall. With one foot stand on the paper with the heel touching the wall.

With your sharpened pencil, trace your foot’s outline. While tracing the outline ensure that your pencil is perpendicular to the paper.

The reason for holding your pencil perfectly upright is because that is the only way you can avoid tracing underneath the foot.

After tracing the outline, remove your foot and take a measuring tape or a ruler and measure the distance between the edge of the paper to the longest toe.

This is then the length of your foot. Next, using the ruler or the measuring tape measure the distance across the paper at the widest area which is around the forefoot. This is the width of your foot.

Now, repeat the process for the other foot and record the numbers.

How Do You Know That You Have Wide Feet?

You will tell if you have wide feet if the actual width of your foot is wider than the standard width for the regular shoe size, then your feet are wide.

For example, if you have a foot size of 9 US Men and the width is 3 5/16″ then your feet are wider than normal and if you are size 9 US women and the width of your foot is 3 11/16 then you are in the wide feet territory.

In essence, the width of your foot should be proportionate with the length of the foot.

Therefore, if the width is too much for every unit length, then the feet are wider than most. Always try to use a foot size chart to determine if your feet are wide.

What If You Are In Between Sizes?

Size down if you find you are in between the inline skate sizes. A lot of skaters usually size up instead of sizing down. Inline skates are designed to give you a tighter fit than normal shoes.

If your inline skates feel tighter than the regular shoes, do not return them instead, skate them hard to break them in and they will soon get comfier and roomier as you use them.

Most the shoes usually will stretch a little when they are worn repeatedly and the same applies to inline skates especially those with soft boots.

However, read the review of the product before you purchase so that in case the skate manufacturer did not get the sizing right you may be able to order the right fit.

Men vs Women’s Inline Skate Sizing

Women and men were created equal and in pretty much all senses, they are equal but it is different with the foot size. The feet of women have different anatomy than the feet of men.

This is always something that every skate buyer should keep in mind when they are shopping around for the inline skates.

Naturally, the feet of women are narrower and smaller than the feet of men. The men’s skate of US size 7 or any sizing system is wider and larger than the size 7 US Women.

Therefore, it is preferable to go for the women’s inline skate if you are buying for a girl or if you are a woman.

Difference Between Wide Feet And Flat Feet

Most people consider flat feet and wide feet the same, but they often make a mistake by thinking so. Wide and flat feet are not the same.

Flat feet are often like the fallen arches meaning, if you are standing and the bottom portion of your feet do not have so much arch, then you have flat feet.

Therefore, when you want to pick the best inline skates for your flat feet, ensure or confirm that you have the most supportive arches.

Wide feet, however, can have high arches and these types of feet must be wider in size.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Rollerblades For Wide Feet

Inline Skate For Wide Feet 2022

To find the best wide rollerblades, you need to consider the following factors:

Sizing & Fit

When it comes to sizing, always read the guide provided by the manufacturer on the specific skate.

It is recommended that you choose one size bigger than your regular shoe size unless instructed otherwise on the size chart.

Put the skates on for about 10 to 15 minutes and test them only indoors especially if you have to return them.

Your toes should have room for a bit of movement and should not touch the skate’s nose. If from the start the inline skates squeeze you, they will hurt your feet when you go for a longer distance.

But you should remember that boots expand with time, and soft boots will expand more than hard boots.

Models like K2 skates are preferred by people with slim feet because they feel tighter while brands like Powerslide and Rollerblade are for people with wide feet.

The fit of an inline skate is personal because every foot is different and you cannot be certain that the first one you try on will be the perfect fit for you.

Therefore, like regular shoes, you need to try your way through until you find the perfect fit. The size guide provided will help you a lot.

Skate Type

There are different types of inline skating and each needs specific inline skates to perform well. They include:

Fitnessif you are looking to get more out of your skate or are an experienced skater, fitness skates are the style for you. These skates have features for skating for greater distances and are a bit faster compared to recreational skates.

Recreationthe most common type of skates for intermediate and beginner skaters are recreational skates. They are designed with a splash of performance and comfort in mind to provide a great feel and fit for beginner skaters and act as a stepping stone to fitness skates.

Race – inline skates for racing are designed with a stiff boot to provide great performance. This means that they are not very comfortable, hence, they are for those skaters looking for a race-inspired performance.

Urbanskates with the urban style are quite new and they have a boot design similar to aggressive skates. They are designed with a nimble short frame built for zipping around city streets and crowded sidewalks.

Inline Skates For Wide Feet

Boots & Liners

There are hard boots and soft boots, and your choice depends on your taste. A soft boot is ventilated well and more comfortable hence commonly used by beginners. On the other hand, a hard boot provides more control and is more stable.

The liner of a rollerblade is very important in ensuring that you have a well-fitting skate. The following are the most popular liners for inline skates:

Standardthey are made of foam materials and provide basic padding and comfort to your feet. They do not have customization or special features making them great for beginners who are learning and once confident will upgrade their skates.

Auto-fitthese liners use gels or pads to contour automatically to your feet every time you wear the skates. They offer more comfort and additional support compared to standard liners.

Memory fitthey are like the auto-fit liners, but the difference is their ability to remember and contour to the pattern of your foot. With time as you wear your skate, the pads and gels continue to shape to your feet.

Heat moldable these liners are removed then heated and when warm, you place them on your feet to contour to them as they cool and harden again.

Wheels Size & Durometer

Most wheels for inline skates are made of polyurethane, but the material of the wheels is not very important. However, you should consider the size and durometer of the wheel should be considered when buying an inline skate.

Wheel sizes for inline skates begin from 70-79mm, considered very small to around 100mm, considered very large.

Very large sizes are commonly used in professional or racing inline skates as they help deliver performance and maintain speed. Smaller wheels are used for shorter distances as they make it easy to turn and stop.

The durometer of a wheel is indicated with the letter A.

If the A-number is lower, the wheels are softer and if the A-number is higher, the wheels are harder. The durometer affects the wheel’s grip, lifespan, shock-absorbing effects, and speed.


Bearings are an important component of inline skates. They determine your ability to reach higher speeds and the smoothness of your ride.

The purpose of a bearing in an inline skate is to minimize the friction between a fixed, non-moving frame and a moving skate wheel.

Bearings are specified using the ABEC scale which determines their precision. If the ABEC rating is higher, the precision will be higher and roll resistance will be less, making it easy to maintain speed.

Taking care of your bearings by cleaning and lubricating them regularly will ensure that they last longer and that you have a smooth ride.

Closure System

There are different types of lacing systems used today in inline skates. They include:

Traditional lacingoriginally, this was the only system used and it works the same way as tying your shoelace. However, nowadays this system is used in combination with ratchet straps and Velcro straps.

Velcro strapsalso known as power straps, this system is rarely used in rollerblades but often used along with ratchet straps and traditional lacing to offer great support and enable the correct poisoning of your heel.

Ratchet strapsthey were the only system used on inline skates but now they are combined with standard laces and quick laces.

Boa lacingthey are specifically designed for performance. With this system, the lace is fed through a dial on the boot’s top and it can be tightened or loosened by turning the dial, making it an efficient closure system.


Another important factor to consider is brakes. Some skates come with no brakes, but for beginners, it is advised to buy a model with brakes.

Most recreational and fitness inline skates have traditional brakes which are positioned at the back of the right skate but can also be interchangeable.

It may sound scary for beginners to use skates without brakes, but most experienced skaters like skates without brakes as they feel brakes can affect their performance. Roller hockey skates, aggressive skates, and race skates do not have brakes.

Final Words

Understanding the features of rollerblades will enable you to buy the right one for your wide feet.

It is rare for manufacturers to indicate the width size of inline skates, hence, reading customer reviews can help point you in the right direction.

Out of all the rollerblades reviewed above, Macroblade 80 Inline Skates for men and RB Cruiser Inline Skates for women come at the top as the best inline skates for wide feet.

This is because both skates have padded liners that provide comfortable fitting. They are also durable, giving you value for your money.

The decision on which rollerblade to buy depends on your style and preference.

As long as you consider comfort, speed, performance, and support, you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride with your new skates.


Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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