Best Inline Skates For Rough Roads (2023) – Off-Road Rollerblades

If you love the outdoors, then you know that skating on the roads and enjoying the scenery is a fun and amazing way of spending your spare time.

To ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride through the rough and tough terrain, you need to get yourself the best inline skates for rough roads.

Best Inline Skates For Rough Roads

Finding the right inline skates will allow you to ride on an uneven tough terrain, across the cracks and bumps without falling or the wheels breaking down.

Most off-road rollerblades have soft, large wheels that give you a smooth roll without having to endure the uncomfortable and extreme vibrations.

To ride safely and smoothly on these inline skates on rough roads, you need to have great rollerblading skills so that you don’t fall and injure yourself.

It is recommended that you buy these skates after you have mastered complex turning and stopping techniques.

This article will give you a review of the 10 best off-road inline skates that will provide you with superior performance and improved support.

In addition, there is a detailed buying guide that includes the various things you need to consider when purchasing inline skates for rough roads.

Editor's Choice
Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD

When you are out tackling rough terrain, you cannot have a better time than you will with the Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD. These supportive skates have what it takes to take your ride off the road, including a solid construction with lots of features.

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Budget Friendly
Rollerblade RB110 3WD

Going off-roading on your inline skates should not put any strain on your wallet. If this sounds like what you are hoping for, we recommend the Rollerblade RB110 3WD. They are made to tackle any type of terrain you put before them, giving you versatility.

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High Performance
Rollerblade Maxxum 125 Skates

Our Rating - 99%

If you are looking for a high-performing inline skate that is versatile and designed for urban skating, then the Rollerblade Maxxum 125 is for you. This skate comes with a vented boot that offers great comfort as well as a modified shell for enhanced support and lighter weight.

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10 Best Inline Skates For Rough Roads (2023)

Skating on rough roads is more than just simple rollerblading outdoors. It involves rolling over uneven surfaces and rough terrain that can overwhelm wheels measuring 100mm.

Riding on rough roads means finding the right inline skate for the tough environment which does not break your budget.

The following are some of the best off-road rollerblades for riding on rough roads that you can choose from including their design and performance:

1. Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD

Best Inline Skates For Rough Roads (Editor’s Choice)

Looking for the best inline skates for rough roads? We have found them. Our editor’s choice for the best off-road rollerblades are the Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD.

These skates manage to combine performance and comfort and will not disappoint.


The design of these skates is going to blow you away. With three large wheels, you will have a lot more height, speed, and capabilities than you will have with a four-wheeled inline skate.

The shell itself is a light shell. The boot has been loaded with a lot of features as well.

The skate liner has upgraded cushioning for a better overall fit, breathability, and injury prevention. There is also a Comfort Flex Tongue that will protect the top of your foot from the laces and give you extra support and flex.



The performance of the Rollerblade Twister skates is impressive. You can do so much on these higher wheels. But, keep in mind that beginners cannot tackle these skates.

If three-wheels is your ultimate goal, but you are just starting, four wheels are lower to the ground and give you a lot of control.

You can really get the offroad experience on these skates as well, since they will allow you to hop off the paved pathways and allow you to try out rougher paths.


  • Light, modified shell
  • Comfort Flex Tongue
  • Performance Plus Insoles
  • Shock absorbing heels
  • Breathable


  • Does not come with a brake

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2. Rollerblade RB110 3WD

Budget Friendly

Tackling an off-road experience with the Rollerblade RB110 3WD is a good way to try out the sport without having to spend too much money to do it.

These skates have a good design and a high performance level as well, ensuring that they will really take you off of the paved roads onto something new.


The RB110 comet with a low profile design as well as a medium to high cuff, all to improve your comfort. The liner itself is removable as well and the training footbed makes them even easier to wear for long periods of time.

The skates do not come with a brake, though there is a place to put one if you would like.

The design for the RB110 3WD skates includes extruded aluminum frames on a 165mm mounting. The frames are 10 inches from axle to axle. The frames can also be removed and swapped out for a different kind if you would like to.



Moving on to the performance of these skates, you will see that they were made to skate on different environments.

They are made for an intermediate and higher skill level, meaning that they are not suitable for new skaters, unless you want to stick solely with the three-wheel skates and are accepting of the possibility of crashing in them.


  • Low profile design
  • Medium to high cuff
  • Increase speed and manoeuvrability
  • Shock absorbing heel
  • Training footbed for support


  • Learning curve in order to master these

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3. Rollerblade Maxxum 125 Skate

High Performance


The Rollerblade Maxxum 125 inline skate looks badass with the sharp angle and line. The skate solid boot is built to take looks and use every inch like a high-quality skate.

They are redesigned to be versatile and are crafted to appeal to individuals involved in urban skating.

They are usually used by the “skate to Ski” Rollerblade skaters’ program that allows the skiers to use inline skating to remain fit during their off-season.

The skates feature a vented and molded boot that provides a modified shell and advanced comfort for improved support and lighter weight. Their footboard sizers allow one to ensure a premium performance fit.

The liner and insole improve the skateability and stance of the skate with improved cushioning, improved wrapping, more shock-absorbing padding, and more breathability in the heel.

The liner provides comfort and the tongue facilitates flex and support. The 45-degree buckle, dual micro-adjustable cuff, and extended lacing enhance a secure fit.

The aluminum plates and frames provide maximum speed and power transfer.

Rollerblade Maxxum 125 Skates


The Rollerblade Maxxum skate is for skaters who are looking for urban and hybrid speed skate.

The Skate Liner Plus provides a premium fit with an anatomical fit and a new padding design. The perforated mesh at the forefoot ensures breathability and the lycra toe area provides comfort in the toe box.

The new Comfort Flex Tongue has cushioned wings and a reinforced median bar that wraps around the shin for better flex and control.

The high-quality secure closure system has 45-degree micro-adjustable and cuff buckles with lacing through the shell as well as liner cuff that help get the custom precise fit.

The wheels are Elite Performance hydrogen wheels that had proprietary urethane formula for ultimate performance.


  • Very large wheels 125mm
  • Sturdy boot construction
  • Extremely good support
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Long-lasting hydrogen wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Superfast


  • Not cheap
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • The top metal eyelets hurt the inner ankles

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4. Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 Skates

For Women


These skates are designed for advanced female races and skaters.

To ensure that you have great support, the cuff design is higher, and paired with the wheels set up it creates a velocity for medium to experienced skaters.

The wheels with the bearings, the breathable uppers, and the secure lacing system with the speed laces make it easy and lightweight for faster skating. They include an optional brake.

Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 Skates Women


It has a 3-Wheel Drive high performance that provides increased lateral support for speed skating and improved form-fit stability during training.

The higher cuff provides added balance and a secure foothold. The strap and speed lacing closure system as well as the 45-degree aluminum cuff buckle enhances flex and lateral support.

The athletic mesh knit upper enhances comfort with a breathable liner and additional padding on the ankle and tongue areas.

They have an aluminum frame that is superior with a low-profile design for maneuverability and increased speed. The wheels and the bearings maximize speed and reduce wear.


  • The 3WD enhances support and stability
  • The athletic mesh upper provides high comfort and breathability.
  • The low-profile design enhances maneuverability and speed.

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5. FILA Legacy Pro 100 Skates


This skate has been designed for skaters who train regularly on skates.

They are meant for adults and have an exceptional fitness experience with total comfort and maximum protection when there is the right mix of speed.

The skates have the right amount of comfort and are supported by a fast-moving platform and an easily customizable closing system. They have great performance with safety and control.

Their 100mm wheels have enough control from the extruded aluminum frame.

FILA Legacy Pro 100 Skates


The liner of this skate is made through the foot ergonomics and has an insertion of anatomic padding which provide increased comfort while in the long training sessions and prolonged use.

They have maximum breathability which is provided by the airflow technology which distributes air inside the shell.

This is necessary for the generation of regular replacement of the air inside the boot and efficient breathing of the boot.

There is a plastic support reinforcement in the cuff. The closure system provides a quick and personalized fit with the laces and band on the instep as well as the lever with micro-adjustment on the cuff.

The frame is lightweight and strong to allow an immediate and precise transmission of the force towards the wheel hence providing increased performance and ease during the change of direction.

The aluminum spacers, ABEC 7 bearings, and metal parts complete the skate technical equipment.


  • High performance
  • Great ventilation for enhanced breathability
  • Enhanced comfort

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6. Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 Skates


The Rollerblade macro blade inline skates are designed for advanced male racers and skaters.

They have a higher cuff that provides greater lateral support and are paired with the 3 wheels to create a velocity for medium to experienced skaters.

They come with an optional brake, bearings, ventilated uppers, and speed lacing to make the skate lightweight and easy for skating.

Rollerblade Macroblade 3W110 Skates


It has a 3-Wheel Drive high performance that provides increased lateral support for speed skating and improved form-fit stability during training.

The higher cuff provides added balance and a secure foothold. The strap and speed lacing system as well as the aluminum cuff buckle enhances flex and lateral support.

The athletic mesh knit upper enhances comfort with a breathable liner and additional padding on the ankle/tongue.

They have a 3WD Twinblade Aluminum frame that is superior with a low-profile design for maneuverability and increased speed.

The Rollerblade Hydrogen SE wheels and Twincam ILQ-9 bearings maximize speed and reduce wear.


  • The 3WD enhances support and stability
  • The athletic mesh upper provides high comfort and breathability.
  • The low-profile design enhances maneuverability and speed.

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7. K2 Trio S Skates


The K2 trio S inline skate is different. Some of the difference is in the wheels, they are big with 100mm size and are only three per skate.

This is to allow you to get the benefits of the bigger wheel that will give you a smoother ride on rough surfaces. It also helps in reducing the weight to make the skate more agile and comfortable.

The Trio S frame only works on the UFS standards and is a one-sided design that turns the heads even as it helps to keep your weight lower.

These skates are designed for experienced and intermediate skaters. They were built for high maneuverability and versatility. They are also equipped for speed.

K2 Trio S Skates


They have a three-wheeled design that allows you to glide on larger wheels while keeping your skate lighter and shorter as well as improving efficiency and agility.

The Trio S frame in this skate is a single-sided design that is great looking and reduces weight as well.

It is made of Original Softboot construction that offers sneaker-like comfort to is easy to please. The Urban Cuff Construction is also good for a more comfortable fit as well as high performance.


  • More agile
  • Comfortable
  • Improved efficiency

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8. Rollerblade RB 110 Skates


The Rollerblade RB 110 inline skates are fast and versatile urban skates.

They are designed for all skating environments and provide a sublimated and anatomical liner that is paired with top eyelets and a training footbed for ideal support.

They have a molded boot comfort and a hard sheet skate that is durable with great performance and speed. They roll everywhere and anywhere.



This skate is for skaters who want a molded boot with a 3WD durable and versatile skate.

The vented and supportive molded shell provides durability and lateral support, and the is vented for better breathability.

It has a high-performance liner that delivers comfort with an additional heel shock absorber for better vibration dampening.

The lace closure and dual buckle through the liner and the shell allow a skater to achieve the anticipated secure fit.

It also has an extruded aluminum frame of 255mm/10” which is stable, and rigid with a low-profile design to lower the center of gravity while increasing speed and maneuverability. These frames can be adjusted.

The skates also come with the Rollerblade Supreme 110mm/85A wheels that maximize the grip, speed, roll, and wear which is an upgrade from the entry-level wheels in performance.

The SG7 bearings spin faster and provide a suitable speed


  • The liner provides comfort with the additional heel support for great vibration dampening
  • Durable and versatile
  • The vented molded shell offers support and breathability.
  • A lower profile design enhances speed and maneuverability.

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9. 5TH Element ST 110 Skates


The 5TH element inline skates are high-rated and lightweight skates that are recommended for both intermediate and beginner skaters.

They have 3 wheels with each being 110mm in size. They are a sheer combination of durability and speed.

They have short frames that are known to provide better maneuverability which is what they lacked in other off-road skates. This is because of the reason that large wheels mean bigger frames.

The bigger frames provide you with better stability which helps dilute the skating techniques such as stopping, rolling, and turning.



The frame is short and is made up of polyurethane a high-quality plastic material. This is a hard material with very less tearing off on the worst trails and mountains.

This is a go-anywhere free skate that is made for skating in urban environments. It has the versatility to skate sidewalks and trails.

The 3-wheel design allows for better cornering and quicker handling hence perfect for weaving through the city streets. The stronger chassis provides more power.

It is an all-aluminum chassis of the ST-110 that adds superb energy transfer to provide more power with every stride.

Their high density and polyurethane can skate on rough surfaces and asphalt without easily wearing down.

It provides all-day support and stability. The lock-in with traditional laces, a ratchet strap, and cuff buckle for three times the ankle support and the foot stability you need.

They have a weight limit of 175lbs.


  • Very fast skates
  • Recommended for beginner to intermediate skates


  • Ventilation needs improvement

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10. Rollerblade Twister 110 Skates


The Rollerblade Twister 110 is a great combination of optimal support, premium fit, and advanced maneuverability for any urban skater who is either commuting or skating for fun.

It is an all-new fit and features a lighter, modified shell and a footboard sizer that ensures a great suitable performance fit.

The liner of this skate improves the ability of the skate to roll with improved wrapping, cushioning, more padding for absorbing shock, and more breathability in the heel.

It has a V-cut liner that provides more range of motion with the comfort flex tongue facilitating flex and support.

The secure closure system includes a cuff buckle 45-degree micro-buckle and the lacing that extends to the liner.

It also has the anti-torsion box technology that uses the aluminum plates with 255mm aluminum frames for high power transfer and control.



The skate is meant for fitness, urban, commuting, and recreational skating. It has a modified shell, footboard sizer, reimagined liner, and premium comfort that satisfy the needs of all skaters.

The Skate Liner Plus in the boot has a new padding design and anatomical fit.

The new Comfort flex tongue has cushioned wings and a reinforced median bar to wrap well around the shin to provide improved control and flex while maintaining the shape consistently.

The buckles, cuff, and lacing help you to get a custom precise fit. The wheels of size 110mm and 85A hardness with urethane formula provide ultimate performance, excellent wear, and less vibration.

The bearings ensure that you have maximum speed.


  • Upgraded cushioning, more comfort and breathability
  • High power control and transfer
  • Maximum speed
  • Premium performance

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What Exactly Are Rough Road Inline Skates?

The rough road inline skates are a type of rollerblades that have remarkable large wheels that allows them to roll very fast.

These rollerblades sit higher off the ground and hence can roll over debris, cracks, small rocks, and twigs supremely well.

They are also called off-road rollerblades. The rough road online skates are good for you when you want to go skating on the dirty, mountain tracks.

Best Inline Skates For Rough Roads 2022

You also need these skates to go skating over the dirt paths.

They are usually equipped with larger wheels which are used to skate on bumpy or uneven terrain.

Entry-level skaters may face difficulties when choosing the best inline skates for rough roads, therefore consider comfort, ventilation, wheels, and the type of skates you want. For example, fitness or race skates.

The Difference Between Off-Road Rollerblade Vs Street Rollerblade

The off-road rollerblades are outdoor rollerblades but different from other normal outdoor skates because the usual outdoor or street rollerblades can roll over rough roads on the streets well but have a limitation.

Street rollerblades cannot explore wilderness like gliding down mountain trails.

Therefore, the off-road rollerblades perform very well on uneven and smooth surfaces meaning you can take them to torturous terrain and they work perfectly well.

The main difference therefore between the off-road and street rollerblades is that off-road skates can go places no regular rollerblades can reach.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Rough Road Inline Skates

Inline Skates For Rough Roads 2022

Wheel Size/Diameter

How quickly you roll on any skate is a function of the skate wheel. Those skates that are the fastest on earth have the largest wheels.

The size of the wheel determines more than the only speed that you skate. The wheel diameter decides if you can trip on anything on the way or if you will roll over twigs or pebbles.

In general, larger wheels go faster than smaller wheels and have a smooth ride than small wheels.

Large wheels also have more efficiency because more of the wheels are in contact with the riding surface.

This is because, during strides, the more efficient wheels can turn a lot of energy exerted into forwarding motion hence ending up having incredible speed for every push you could have with smaller wheels.

Therefore, the ideal wheel size for uneven surfaces can be 100mm or larger. Some of the best skates for uneven surfaces found on the market have a size of 150mm or bigger.

Large wheels also roll faster and have smooth rides with less maneuverability. Skates with a wheel size of 125mm are not recommended for skating in streets with a lot of people.

The superfast inline skates are designed for use in areas where you are not struggling to navigate constricted spaces.

The rough road inline skates are meant for doing glides down the mountain’s dirty paths.

They are also good for riding on bad roads with small rocks, uneven surfaces, loose tar, and cracks. It is always good to be keen when rolling over the rocks and cracks to avoid falling.

Wheel Durometer/Wheel Hardness

The word durometer is a term that is used to describe the degree of softness pf hardness of a skate wheel.

The wheel durometer has a specific number of 1-100+. The manufacturers of skate wheels use the letter A or B to describe a specific wheel durometer.

The harder the wheel, the closer the durometer is to 100 and vice versa. For example, the inline skate with a durometer of 85A is harder than the wheel with 80A durometer.

The B scale is a converter from A by adding 20. For example, a wheel with 80A durometer is as hard as one with a 100B durometer reading.

Therefore, you may ask how hard are rough road inline skate wheels? Soft wheels are good for outdoor blading if the roads are crappy.

The best skates for rough roads are in the 78A to 87A durometer ranges.

Soft wheels are good for rough terrain blading because they offer a ton of traction. Grippy wheels may not be able to slide well. Soft wheels are also great at absorbing vibrations.

Therefore, if you want to skate on uneven surfaces that have cracks, skates with soft wheels with being good for you.

Number Of Wheels

Some inline skates have 4 wheels, others 3, and others 4. Generally, an inline skate with more wheels is easier to ride and more stable.

That is why rough-road inline skates are hard to ride compared to recreational rollerblades. Skates with fewer wheels have larger wheels and shorter frames and are always lighter.

If your skating form and skills still need some work, ride a skate with more wheels.

Skates For Rough Roads 2022

Those with 4 wheels are perfect for beginner skaters. However, 4-wheel skates are rarely a good choice for skating over larger debris, gaping cracks, and small rocks, unless they are race skates.

For pro-level skaters, inline skates with 3 wheels are good for you. If you are incredibly good with your balancing skills, especially at very high speeds, ride on an inline skate with two wheels.

2-wheel rollerblades have shorter frames making them more maneuverable than those with longer frames.


The weight of an inline skate is very important especially when skating on rough roads.

Generally, lighter inline skates are better when it comes to overall performance and speed compared to heavier skates.

When navigating the rough and tough terrains, you need a skate that is designed for performance and speed as well as one that has a lightweight boot.

Some skates with four wheels are light, but skates with three wheels are lighter and those with two wheels are the lightest and fastest.

You also need to consider your weight before buying the rough-road inline skate. Most manufacturers provide guidelines to follow according to your weight by mainly following the wheel’s hardness.

Boot & Liners

Rollerblade boots can either be soft or hard. Soft boots provide great comfort and are well ventilated making them suitable for beginners.

However, if you are advanced in your skills, hard boots are a great option for you because they offer more stability and control.

Most rough road skates have hard boots as they provide the power and speed needed.

Liners make your feet more comfortable as you skate, and they come in different varieties. Heat moldable liners use heat to contour to your feet and they do so as they cool down to harden.

Memory fit liners can contour to your feet by remembering the pattern. With time, the pads or gels in these liners continue to take the shape of your feet.

Auto-fit liners also use pads or gels to contour to your feet. They offer additional comfort and support than standard liners.

Finally, standard liners offer the most basic comfort and padding for your feet by using foam materials. They are ideal for beginners as they do not have complicated features.


Considering stiffness, weight, and durability will allow you to find the right skate. Typically, skate frames are made of three different materials.

Plastic frames are mostly found in inline skates made for beginners. These frames are less stiff, cheaper, heavier, and less durable than other frames.

The heaviness of plastic frames contributes to the weight of the skate that comes with them.

Aluminum frames have higher stiffness and less weight than plastic frames.

They are also more durable and efficient. They are slightly expensive compared to plastic frames and are mostly found on inline skates for intermediate skaters.

Carbon frames are an improvement of aluminum frames as they have a longer lifespan and less weight which most skaters with advanced skill levels find necessary.

The stiffness of a frame is an important factor to consider because it generates a transfer of energy when skating.

When rolling, you make the skate go by thrusting your legs outwards and generating the energy needed.

The energy moves from the legs to the surfaces through the boot to the frame and finally to the wheels.


Bearings are an important part of any rollerblade because they determine the ride’s smoothness as well as your ability to reach a higher speed.

The main reason for bearings in a skate is to reduce the friction between the wheel and the frame when rolling.

Each bearing has an ABEC rating that is used to determine its precision. Bearings with higher ABEC ratings have higher precision and less resistance when rolling, enabling you to maintain speed.

Most bearings found in rough road skates have an ABEC-7 rating because they are the fastest.

To ensure that you get a smooth ride and that your bearings last longer, it is essential that you clean and lubricate them regularly. Most off-road skates have protective shields that can be removed.

They keep the grit, dirt, and grime out as you skate.


Finally, you need to consider whether your rollerblade has brakes or not because some skates have brakes while others don’t.

If you are a beginner, having a brake on your skate is very important because you are learning the sport and may need to make frequent quick stops.

Hence, most fitness and recreational skates have brakes at the back or front.

For experienced and expert skaters, having no brakes on their skates is not a problem because they can handle the speed and can stop without needing them.

Most experienced skaters believe that brakes on their skates can affect their performance, that is why aggressive, roller hockey and race skates have no brakes.

Comfort & Support

The type of boot found in inline skates for rough roads is not soft, meaning they are not very comfortable.

This is because they are designed to offer great performance and speed, that is why you need to provide plenty of support to your ankles by ensuring that there is extra padding in this area.

Most if not all rough road skates have a hard outer shell. The shell provides you with lots of power transfer and ankle support by pushing inward.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you all the information you need to pick the best rollerblade for rough roads.

Keep in mind the factors mentioned in the buying guide such as brakes, bearings, frames, wheels, comfort, and weight of the skate.

Our top pick for the best rough road skate is the FILA Houdini Pro 110mm because of its high-performance and high-quality features.

The composite cuff and shell provide you with the support and stability you need to ride on any rough terrain.

Now, what is left for you to do is to put on your helmet, knee and elbow pads, and any other protective equipment and go skating on that rough road you have been eyeing while enjoying the fresh air and views.


Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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