Best Inline Skates For Overweight (2023) – Rollerblades For Heavy Riders

Are you overweight and thinking of shedding a few pounds through inline skating? Worry not, because this article will review some of the best inline skates for overweight individuals.

Inline skating is a fun game that can help you lose weight and improve your fitness without being too hard on your body.

Best_Inline Skates For Overweight 2022

Inline skating provides you with a complete aerobic workout by working on all your muscles while improving your cardiovascular health.

It has several health benefits including reducing your body fat and developing your leg strength.

Moderate skating for an hour can burn up to 300 calories but if you are going hard, you can burn up to 600 calories.

Therefore, you should consider learning or getting back to the sport if you want a fun way of losing weight.

Continue reading to know how you can choose the perfect inline skate for you and get information about the various skates available in the market.

Editor's Choice
Rollerblade RB Cruiser

Our Rating - 100%

If you are looking for the best inline skates for overweight skaters, our choice is the Rollerblade RB Cruiser. You will find yourself able to glide and get up to speed easily on these skates, regardless of the weight they are carrying.

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Budget Friendly
Rollerblade Zetrablade

Our Rating - 96%

Our choice for the perfect rollerblades for overweight that will not make a dent in your wallet are the Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates. These are great for casual riding for beginning to intermediate skaters.

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For Wide Feet
Rollerblade RB Cruiser Skates

Our Rating - 98%

If you are a heavy rider with wide feet and looking for the perfect inline skates, the RB Cruiser is the one for you. These skates are fast, maneuverable, affordable, and tough. They are also made of durable material to ensure that it serves you longer. They have a comfortable fit with added stability, control, and speed.

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10 Best Inline Skates For Overweight (2023)

If you are a heavy skater, you may be nervous about falling and hurting yourself in front of people while trying to balance on the skate.

That is why it is important to find the best inline skate that can accommodate your weight.

To ensure that you get the comfort and durability from a skate, consider checking the design, wheels, frame, model, structure, buckles, and other parts.

The following are the reviews of the 8 best rollerblades for heavy riders including their performance and design to help you decide on the best one for you:

1. Rollerblade RB Cruiser

Best Inline Skates For Overweight (Editor’s Choice)

Our Editor’s choice for the best rollerblades for overweight skaters is the Rollerblade RB Cruiser. These are high-quality skates that work for a variety of skill levels.


Starting with the design of these skates, you will see that the shell of the boots is wider than most other types of skates. This means that they are easy to get on and off and work nicely for wide feet.

They also have with a removable performance liner as well as shock absorbing padding, so your feet are going to be happy.

There is one problem with these skates’ design. The skates are good for wide feet; the sizing in them runs small in general, so you will have to size up. It is best to use their size guide and measure your feet accordingly.

Then, go one size up from that. Do not guess on your size with these skates. You can measure your feet by standing on paper and tracing around your feet, then measure the traced foot.

Rollerblade RB Cruiser Skates


When we look at the performance of the Rollerblade RB Cruisers, you will see that they are good for recreational and urban skating. That means that they will do well on streets and sidewalks.

They are intended for beginner and intermediate skaters, so more advanced skaters might not find these to provide enough speed to satisfy their needs.


  • Great for recreational skating
  • Removable performance liner
  • Wide shell
  • Shock absorbing padding
  • Easy on the wallet


  • They run small

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2. Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates


Not everyone wants to pay a fortune to get a nice pair of inline skates for overweight skaters, so we have a solution for you.

Take a look at the Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates, which are a casual riding skate that still gets the job done.


There are a lot of design features to the Zetrablades. They have a supportive high cuff that makes them very comfortable. Their comfort level is also improved with their soft uppers and their contoured.

The skates also have easy closures includes easy-to use closures, which is makes them so much easier to get on and off.

The skates are lightweight, so they will allow for cruising and help your legs to not fatigue too much. The skates come with plastic frames rather than the aluminum frames.

This does mean that they will not hold up to the wear and tear, but there are still advantages to the plastic frames, such as the flexibility and weight.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates


Moving onto the performance, the Zetrablade Inline skates are nice for casual skating or even light fitness training. They are ideal for beginners, so unfortunately, they will not grow with you as your skills improve.

They are not made for intense or competitive skating as they will not hold up or perform the way you are planning.


  • Supportive high cuff
  • Quality construction
  • Easy-to-use closure
  • Contoured liner
  • Composite plastic frames


  • The skates will not grow with your abilities

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3. Rollerblade RB Cruiser Skates

For Wide Feet


The Rollerblade RB Cruiser inline skate has a good entry price for those who want something maneuverable, tough, and that moves fast.

The boots are comfortable and durable for all the environments of skating.

This high-quality skate has four wheels measuring 80mm with 85A and bearings to provide added speed, stability, and control.

The closure system, technology in the boot, ultimate support, and shock-absorbing pads in the heels make the versatile and ultra-responsive that all skaters can appreciate. It has the brakes mounted on them.


The skates come with a molded boot which is perfect for every skater who wants an experience with the durable hardshell skate technology without breaking the bank.

The RB cruiser inline skates provide incredible lateral support, and it also has the vents for breathability.

The padded performance liner has an additional heel shock absorber for a good vibration dampening when one is skating around.

The dual-buckle and the lace closure make the skate feel like it is an extension of the foot.

Then it has the Extruded Aluminum 243mm Frame that is stable, rigid with a lower profile design for a lower center of gravity and increased maneuverability and speed.

The Rollerblade Urban profile wheels are of size 80mm/85A for maximum roll, added stability, wear and speed.

The upgrade in performance is true and the SG7 bearings spin fast and provide the appropriate speed. They also have the brakes on the skates.


  • Affordable
  • The padded liner provides good vibration dampening.
  • Great maneuverability.
  • Lower center of gravity for increased speed and maneuverability


  • Could not find one

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4. Fila Houdini Pro Skates

High Performance


This Fila Houdini pro skate is designed for high performance and high quality. The supportive and stable structure of the composite shell and cuff make the skate give a long-lasting performance.

The skate on the inside has anatomical padding and a comfortable liner so that you don’t have to wear thick socks.

The 3*100mm wheels and the ABEC 9 bearings provide excellent control and speed. The fast wheels, sporty fit, heel shock absorbers, and padding makes the skate ideal for fitness and recreational skating.

Fila Houdini Pro 110mm Skates


The FILA Houdini pro 110 skates are magic that provides support and high performance. They are perfect for skaters who want fun as well as maximum comfort and high performance.

The Extruded Aluminum frame is great for durability and lightness. The anatomic liner in these skates is lightweight and very comfortable.

The composite shell and cuff provide support while the buckle closure systems provide a long-lasting and perfect fit. The heel shock absorbers are great for a long-lasting fit.


  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • High performance

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5. Roller Derby Elite Delta Inline Skates

3-Wheel Inline Skates


The Roller derby elite delta inline skate is a brand-new three-wheel skate and is designed for experienced skaters who are looking for an enjoyable ride with good performance features.

The boot of this skate features a support system as well as straps that can be adjusted for ultimate stability.

They have a premium aluminum frame that provides great maneuverability. They have the Kemistry 110mm wheels that enable a skater to reach maximum speed.

Roller Derby Elite Delta Skates


The Delta skate provides maximum comfort with memory foam padding and the lateral support system locks the foot for a great controlled skating experience.

They have a premium aluminum frame that is durable and allows superior power transfer. The Lace closure combined with the double straps creates a customized fit while locking the feet into the boot.

The straps allow a little modification for a secure and comfortable fit.

They also have110mm wheels with Gold 7 Race rated bearings that create an ideal combination for control, speed, and glide for advanced and intermediate skaters.


  • High-performance features.
  • Durable aluminum frame for superior power transfer
  • Maximum stability

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6. Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates


The Rollerblade Zetrablade inline skates are for recreational skating for big men. They feature unbeatable comfort, support, and stability at a great price and the skate learning just got easier for the big boys.

It has a tight closure system that lowers the center of gravity and provides greater balance.

These skates are great for those individuals who are starting inline skating and want a simple skate.

The best feature of Zetrablade is that it has a durable shell that makes learning easier.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates


This entry-level and balanced skate has a secure and comfortable fit and is of good price. The high cuff provides added support with a durable shell that makes skate learning easier.

The liner with the lacing system ensures the boot has a snug fit and your feet are comfortable.

The monocoque frame is a durable frame that offers a low COG for improved stability.

The 82A and 80mm wheels and the bearings offer medium speed and better wear. The skates come with brakes.


  • The high cuff provides added support and comfort.
  • Great for casual skating.
  • A durable frame for enhanced stability


  • Could not find one

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7. K2 Alexis 84 BOA Skates


For those that are ready to improve their fitness game, the Alexis 84 BOA inline skates are a perfect choice. They have a soft boot that can create a great fit.

They have additional features that include an aluminum frame for a stable platform for speed, a maneuverable wheelbase, and the Stability Plus cuff for delivery of maximum speed.

When you combine all that with ILQ 7 bearings and 84mm wheels, you get a rolling fitness machine on your feet.K2 Alexis 84 BOA Skates Women


The K2 Alexis 84 skates are for women who want high-performance skates. They come equipped with a quality soft boot which ensures comfort and good fit.

The high-cut cuff provides maximum ankle support while reducing muscle fatigue and enhancing stability.

The power strap closure helps in avoiding the heel lift with the extra strap across the instep for added control and a secure fit. The 84mm wheels of 80A hardness help in rounding up this setup.

The built-in liner is integrated into the outside boot to eliminate the liner wiggle and provide more direct control and comfort. The breathable mesh and the foam in the line keep the feet well ventilated and comfortable.


  • Maximum ankle support for stabilization.
  • Comfortable with a good fit.
  • Well ventilated.

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8. 5th Element Glow Skates


The 5th Element Glow inline skates are designed for women looking for great value performance.

They have an Aluminum chassis paired with 90mm and higher speed wheels and ABEC 7 bearings for a great streamlined workout.

The soft boot on this skate provides supercharged comfort. They keep you feeling supported and strapped in as well as provide the style to match.

The 82A wheels were made for versatility and for women to enjoy the glow from these skates.

5th Element Glow Skates


The 5th Element wheels of 90mm provide enough speed for a Sunday morning cruise or workout. The 82A durometer provides the right firmness to take the skates either outside or inside. The ABEC 7 bearings offer precision and speed and use less energy.

The aluminum frame minimizes tiredness and provides a more powerful energy transfer while making every roll smoother than the previous.

The soft boot construction ramps up the comfort level to ensure to stay on your feet longer. The traditional when combined with a Velcro strap and buckle gives you outstanding ankle support and foot stability.


  • Versatile
  • The soft boot provides supercharged comfort.
  • The aluminum frame provides more powerful energy.


  • Built for women

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9. FILA Legacy Pro 84 Inline Skates


The FILA Legacy Pro 84 inline skates are designed for those who want to skate for fitness or recreational purposes. FILA Legacy pro 84 is a functional and compact skate with an agile aluminum frame.

They have the FILA’s Air Flow technology that makes the feet feel comfortable and ventilated even after long hours of skating.

The padding that surrounds the feet provides an extra layer of comfort so that you do not need thick socks. The Velcro band, lever closure, and laces offer a great fit that sticks.

The construction of the aluminum frame is secured with metal axles and aluminum spacers that make the skate highly durable.

The wheels are 84mm(83A) with the ABEC 7 bearings that allow one to cruise around the outdoors or indoors with the current inline.

Fila Legacy Pro 84 Inline Skates


The Legacy Pro 84 lady is a lightweight, functional and compact skate that is made with quality materials and is durable and performs over time.

The liner found in the synthetic material and the breathable mesh uses the AirFlow technology for efficient ventilation of the foot.

The anatomical padding is designed to wrap the feet perfectly and always keep them in the correct position throughout the skating time.

The cuff help support the ankles and the lever closure allows a customized fit with the Velcro strap instep.

The 84mm wheels are housed by the aluminum chassis and have ABEC 7 bearings for maximum force transmission and minimum friction on the road.

These skates offer perfect maneuverability and an excellent compromise between comfort and lightness for fantastic sessions on the road.


  • They are great for fitness or recreational purposes.
  • Comfortable
  • Well ventilated
  • Durable


  • Could not find one

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10. FILA Legacy Comp Inline Skates


The FILA Legacy Comp inline skates are designed for those who want to skate for fitness or recreationally. They have a lightweight composite frame for an easy ride that does not make you feel weighed down.

The boot is made with ventilated technology and preformed padding as well as an easy entry and a high cuff. The closure system keeps the feet well ventilated even when skating for hours.

The composite frame is made with secure construction with aluminum spacers and axles making the skates highly durable.

The wheels are 80mm(82A) and the bearing of ABEC 5 bearings allows you to cruise around indoors or outdoors comfortably.

FILA Legacy Comp Inline Skates


The skates are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. The Fila Legacy Comp skates are the ideal solution for skaters of long inline skating.

The construction of the liner features an exclusive Air Flow technology which in turn provides maximum breathability and great foot comfort.

The Legacy Comp has rocking technical materials that are specifically designed for inline skating and has a low weight to allow every skater from beginner to professional to enjoy the most while skating.


  • Lightweight, durable, and comfortable.
  • Has maximum durability.

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Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Rollerblades For Heavy Riders

Inline Skates Overweight 2022

If you want to get the best performance out of your inline skate, consider the following things:

Sizing & Fit

Sizing is an important factor to consider when choosing an inline skate. Luckily most manufacturers provide a sizing chart for you to follow.

The size you select should be one size up from your normal shoe unless it is indicated otherwise by the guide.

When trying out the skates, ensure that your toes have a slight room to move. If the skates squeeze you from the beginning, do not go for them as they will hurt your feet when riding for long distances.

However, some boots expand with time, so you should consider the type of boot you are getting.

Getting the perfect fit will depend on your feet and you may have to try a few skates before you get the right one for you.

Skate Type

The type of skating you are involved in is another factor to consider as there are different types of inline skates.

Recreational skates are perfect for beginners as they are designed for comfort and performance to provide you with the perfect fit and feel.

Fitness skates are mainly used by experienced and professional skaters as they are designed for speed and to cover longer distances.

Urban skates have a short frame and are designed for riding across crowded sidewalks and city streets. Finally, racing skates are designed for the best performance, that is why they may not be comfortable for most recreational skaters.

Boots & Padding

The type of boot you select depends entirely on your preference. If you are looking for more stability and control, then hard boots are a good option for you.

However, if you want more comfort and ventilation, the soft boots can provide that for you.

The padding of the boot is also necessary for ensuring that your feet are comfortable and secured.

Standard liners are made of foam materials and are perfect for beginners who are getting started with rollerblading because they do not have special features.

Auto-fit liners use pads or gels that contour naturally to your feet and provide more support and comfort.

Memory fit liners are similar to auto-fit liners; however, they remember your feet’s pattern and contour to them. Heat-moldable liners use heat to contour to the shape of your feet.

Wheel Size & Durometer

Inline skates’ wheels come in different sizes ranging from 70mm to 100mm. The size you choose depends on the type of skating you are involved in.

Smaller wheels are great for making quick turns and stop hence good for a shorter distance.

On the other hand, larger wheels help maintain speed and provide performance, hence used in racing and professional skates.

The durometer reading of a wheel impacts its lifespan, speed, grip, and ability to absorb shock. A wheel’s durometer is indicated by the letter A after a number.

If the number is high, the wheel is hard and if the number is low, the wheel is soft. Heavy skaters can use either wheel depending on the skating surface and type.


Comfort is another key factor to consider when buying an inline skate as it contributes to your performance. Ensure that the boot you get gives you enough comfort and allows your feet to spread easily so that you enjoy your riding.

Inline Skates For Overweight

The boots should also be well ventilated and breathable so that your feet are kept dry throughout the skating period.


If you are a beginner, buy inline skates with brakes because you are learning the sport and if you want to stop abruptly you may fall and injure yourself if the skates don’t have brakes.

Most fitness and recreational skates have brakes.

Experienced riders may not need brakes because they want performance from their skates and most race, aggressive, and roller hockey skates come without brakes.

Do Inline Skates Have A Weight Limit

If you are overweight and looking to buy an inline skate, you may be wondering whether you will find one that can carry your weight.

For most brands, the weight limit for inline skates is 100kg or 220 pounds. For some kids’ skates, the weight limit is about 60kg.

The weight of a rider should be considered because it affects the acceleration and roll time of the wheels. This means that when you are riding, the wheel’s performance and reaction time is influenced by your weight.

If you are on the heavier side and want to be able to move fast, check out the best hoverboards for heavy adults. Some of them can handle up to 420 pounds.

Final Words

Skating can be a more fun activity to be involved in for an overweight person than going to the gym. Skating burns more calories which can help you lose weight without stressing your joints and muscles.

Consider the factors mentioned above and you will find the best inline skate for you.

From the inline skates reviewed above, our pick is the Rollerblade RB Cruiser. This is one of the best inline skates for heavy riders because it provides you with the best performance.

The agile aluminum frame makes this skate functional and compact. Your feet will feel comfortable and well ventilated throughout the day and the extra padding provides you the support you need.

It is important that you check the features and parts of the inline skates before buying one. Always wear protective gear such as a helmet when riding so that you do not injure your head in case you fall.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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