Best Inline Skates For Beginners (2023) – Beginner Rollerblades

With an estimated 5 million regular skaters in the US, rollerblading is a fun, sociable activity that will keep you fit and agile.

However, finding the best inline skates for beginners is a tricky task, especially with the huge increase in options for skaters to choose from.

Best Inline Skates For Beginners 2022

Beginner inline skates typically have a softer boot material for added comfort, composite frames for a lightweight feel, low durometer wheels for an easy roll and will normally include a break for extra reassurance.

Three of the best brands for beginner inline skaters that you should know are Rollerblade, Fila, K2, and Roller Derby. These brands are widely available in the US both in-store and online and each offer a varied product range.

Our mission is to help you with the decision-making process for purchasing inline skates for beginners.

To that end, we have included product reviews of the best rollerblades for beginners that are currently available and a brief buying guide.

Editor's Choice - Men
Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Inline Skates

Our Rating - 100%

We found that the best inline skates for beginners that work for men are the Rollerblade Macroblade 80 inline skates. These are a classic skate from Rollerblade that are made to make beginners successful in the sport. Balance and comfort are both featured with this skate.

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Editor's Choice - Women
Fila Legacy Pro 80 Skates

Our Rating - 100%

Our choice for the best rollerblades for beginners that work best for women is the Fila Legacy Pro 80 skates. These skates are lightweight, comfortable, and make skating very easy for beginners. Their aluminium frames make these skates a lot more durable than other skates out there.

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Fila Legacy Comp Skates

Our Rating - 95%

If you are looking for beginner rollerblades that will work within a budget, we suggest the Fila Legacy Comp Inline Skates. These skates combine the technology needed for high performance with the price point that works for most beginners.

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3 Wheel Inline Skates
Roller Derby Elite Delta Skates

Our Rating - 98%

The perfect 3-wheel inline skates for beginners are the Roller Derby Elite Delta Inline Skates. These are more performance skates that will give you a high rate of speed. We found these are the best 3 wheel skates for stability and maneuverability.

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10 Best Inline Skates For Beginners (2023)

While there are a lot of great inline skates for beginners out there, we have been able to lower them top to the top 10 beginner friendly inline skates on the market.

We have looked at the design, performance, as well as the features that you really need to know about.

We have taken the top skates and given you all of the information that you need to know, including the best men’s skates, best women’s skates, and even the best skates on a budget.

1.Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Skates

Best Inline Skates For Beginners (Editor’s Choice – Men)

Our choice for the best inline skates for beginners for men is the Rollerblade Macroblade 80.

These skates are made to provide the best level of support for skaters who are really just getting into the sport.


The design of the Macroblade 80 inline skates is based entirely off of comfortability.

The skates come with comfort padding that also has breathability in the tongue and ankle areas. There is also a lace close system and a power strap.

The skates also have a higher cuff that will give you more balance and security.

If you are just working on how to move around on your inline skates, this feature will really make things easier.


Performance-wise, these skates are really made for people who are just getting started in the sport.

On the good side, this means that as a beginner, the performance level is appropriate for your abilities. On the bad side, the skates will not be able to grow with you as your own abilities begin to improve.

That said, the skates have a training footbed, to set you up for success on your skates as well as a performance form fit. This will give you a lot of control over your skate and move.


  • Provides entry-level support
  • Breathable
  • Twin blade aluminium frame
  • Higher cuff for balance
  • Comfort padding


  • They will not grow with you as your abilities increase

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2. Fila Legacy Pro 80 Beginner Inline Skates

Editor’s Choice – Women

In an ideal world, anyone would be able to wear whatever rollerblades that they would like, but that is not the case.

Women need a different fit in their rollerblades than men do. For that reason, we have found that the perfect inline skates for beginners with a women’s fit are the Fila Legacy Pro 80.


Let’s look at the design of the skates first. The skates are designed especially for women, so they will give a better and more comfortable fit.

These inline skates are made with ventilated technology to help keep your feet cool and comfortable.

The skates are also designed with a high cuff to help with stability and an easy entry, so you will not be battling the skates as you put them on.

The skates are also very lightweight and come with a lever closure, laces, and a Velcro band, securing your feet within the boots.

Fila Legacy Pro 80 Inline Skates


Moving onto their performance, the Fila Legacy Pro 80 skates come with ABEC-5 bearings that will make the wheels turn very easily. The skates can work both inside and outside as well.

Another performance feature is that the skates are built with aluminum frames and metal axles, so they will have a high level of stability as well as durability.


  • Lightweight
  • Ventilated
  • ABEC-5 bearings
  • Aluminium frame
  • Made for women

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3. Fila Legacy Comp Inline Skates

Budget Friendly

It is natural for beginning skaters to be hesitant about spending too much money on skates as they do not yet know if they like the sport.

If you are in the market for beginner rollerblades that work within a budget, we suggest the Fila Legacy Comp Inline Skates.


With a design that includes a lightweight composite frame, good ventilation, and a high level of comfort, it is amazing that these skates do not cost more money.

The only problem with composite frames is that they are not as durable as aluminium frames are.

The skates also have a high cuff boot, which will help with your stability as you get used to being on skates.

The ventilation is Fila’s Air Flow ventilated technology, which means your feet will not be sweaty or hot.

FILA Legacy Comp Inline Skates


The performance of these beginner inline skates is great, improved by the ABEC-5 bearings. These bearings will allow you to easily cruise indoors and outdoors without any trouble.

The skates are also a great way to help you improve your fitness and get in shape. They may not be as durable or competitive as other skates, but they are a great way to get into skating.


  • Ventilated technology
  • Lightweight
  • ABEC-5 bearings
  • Easy entry
  • High cuff


  • A composite frame will not last as long as aluminium

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4. Roller Derby Elite Delta Inline Skates

3 Wheel Inline Skates

3 wheel inline skates offer a little bit of a different experience than other skates that you might have seen so far.

With three large wheels, they are a great choice for skaters looking for speed. We have chosen the Roller Derby Elite Delta Inline Skates as the best pair of skates on 3 wheels for beginners.


The Delta line is the latest line from Roller Derby Elite and you will see this reflected in its design.

It comes with a hybrid aluminium frame that will be durable to last for a long time.

The boot has a great support system and adjustable straps to help with your stability. The comfort foam padding is a definite plus.

Roller Derby Elite Delta Skates


The Elite Delta skates are really built for performance. They have the Kemistry 100mm bearings which will help you with your manoeuvrability and speed.

These are a great choice for more experienced skaters but are the best way to start out if you are going to try out the 3 wheel inline skates.

The Elite Delta 3 wheels skates provide an intense, high level of speed that you will need to be prepared for, especially if you are just beginning.

This is helped by the Bevo Gold-7 race-rated wheels that come with the skates. 


  • Hybrid aluminium frame
  • Lateral support system
  • Adjustable straps
  • Enjoyable ride
  • Made for performance


  • They might be a little bit too elite for some beginning skaters

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5. Rollerblade RB Cruiser Inline Skates

Another great pair of inline skates for beginners that are made especially for women are the Rollerblade RB Cruiser Inline Skates.

These work for both skaters who are just getting into inline skating as well as skaters who do not want to spend a lot of money on their first pair of rollerblades.


The design of the RB Cruiser skates includes an extruded aluminum 243mm frame. The frame is rigid, stable, and will also give you a lower center of gravity, making balance much less of a concern.

Aluminium is always a great option as well, because you know that it will hold up a lot longer than other materials on the market.

The liner of the skate is a shock-absorbing liner that will wick the sweat away from your feet in order to keep them as dry as possible.

RB Cruiser Inline Skates


Looking at the skate’s performance level, you will see that they come with Rollerblade Urban Profile 80mm/85 A wheels.

These will add stability to your movements and also have a great grip on the ground. The bearings also glide smoothly, easily spinning to give you more manoeuvrability.

The SG7 bearings within the skate will also give you the right amount of speed for someone who is just getting started but might want to take things up a notch.


  • Affordable
  • Molded boot
  • Supportive and ventilated
  • Padded liner
  • Aluminium Frame

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6. Rollerblade Macroblade 3W100 Inline Skates

If you are still looking into the 3 wheel rollerblades, we have another option for you.

The Rollerblade Macroblade 3W100 inline skates are one of the top beginner inline skates while also allowing you to try out the 3 wheel experience.


Let’s check out the design of these skates. As we mentioned above, the 3W100 skates are 3 wheel skates, so they will give you a little different design than you might be used to.

The boots have a higher cuff in order to give you more support for your balance.

The boots also have an athletic engineered mesh upper, which will give you more ventilation and breathability within your skates, preventing your feet from overheating. 

Rollerblade Macroblade 3W100 Skates


When we talk about the performance of the 3W100 skates, it is important to look at the bearings and wheels that come with the skates.

The bearings are the SG9 bearings, which are made to spin smoothly and easily. The wheels are 100mm Supreme Wheels that will help to give you the best grip possible.

Generally, the 3 wheel skates are made for speed, so you can expect to have a positive experience out there with these skates if you were hoping to cruise easily.


  • Athletic shoe mesh upper
  • Higher cuff
  • Increased lateral support
  • Buckle and strap closure system
  • 100mm Supreme wheels


  • These might offer more speed than a new skater is looking for

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7. K2 F.I.T. 80 BOA Inline Skates

Some skaters are interested in the BOA fit system. If that sounds like you, check out K2 F.I.T 80 beginner rollerblades.

These allow you to literally dial in the support that you will be looking for from your first pair of rollerblades.


As we mentioned above, the K2 F.I.T. 80 skates come with the BOA Fit System.

This means that you just need to crank a dial in order to help lock the skates down on your feet securely and comfortably.

The design also has a Stability Plus Cuff, so that your ankles will be given the right level of support in order for you to get the hang of rollerblading.

K2 F.I.T. 80 BOA Inline Skates


The performance of these skates is very good, stemming in part from the ABEC-5 bearings that allow for ease of movement and manoeuvrability that you will really want to have out and about.

The skates also use an F.B.I. Frame in order to dampen the vibration that you are able to get from these skates.

The wheel size is the standard 80mm and you can always change out the wheels if you need to.


  • BOA Fit System
  • Stability Plus Cuff
  • ABEC-5 bearings
  • B.I. Frame to dampen vibration
  • Great choice for fitness


  • The BOA Fit System really does not work for everyone, so make sure to try on out before committing

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8. Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Inline Skates

The Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Inline Skates are another great option from Rollerblade.

These have a fun, sport appearance to them and can be a nice upgrade if you are looking to move up from your starter pair of rollerblades.


The design of the Macroblade 90 includes a comfortable athletic shoe, which gives the skates a fun, sporty appearance.

The boot also has a mesh upper with padding on the tongue and the ankle. This will help to cushion your feet as you get into gear.

The skates also have twin-blade aluminium frames, which are meant to be durable and keep your center of gravity as low as possible.

This will increase your balance and improve your performance.

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Skates


The Macroblade 90 skates come with performance wheels. They are 90mm/85A wheels that manage to combine speed and control, giving you the best overall performance possible.

The flex and lateral support are exactly what a beginner would need from their first pair of rollerblades.

These skates are really made for a skater who is committed to fitness. They will help you get or stay in shape, allowing you a lot more stability when you skate, effectively increasing your overall performance.

You should have a lot of fun out there on these skates.


  • Higher boot design
  • Mesh for breathability
  • Secure closure system
  • Great for fitness
  • Twinblade aluminium frame


  • These might not be perfectly beginner skates; you might need a little experience.

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9. Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates

Considering how long the brand Rollerblade has been around, it should not come as too much of a surprise to see the brand make it again on our list. These skates are definitely made to be worn by men.


The design of the Rollerblade Zetrablade includes a comfort performance linter. This is a padded liner that has a secure closure system, so you will get a snug fit each time.

Liners can be a concern for those who think that they will likely get in your way rather than make you more comfortable.

The design also features a high cuff. This is in place to give you added support and to give you more stability while you are skating.

The Monocoque frame also helps with your center of gravity to help balance.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates Men


When we look at the performance for the Zetrablade skates, it is best to focus on the fact that these really are made for beginning skaters and not for more advanced skaters.

If you are a casual skater, these might still work out for you.

The skates come with 80mm performance wheels and SG5 bearings, regardless, so you will still get to have an excellent time on the skates, even if they are not made for more experienced skaters.


  • Entry-level balance
  • High cuff for support
  • Durable frame
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Training footbed


  • The skates will not grow with your abilities

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10. Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Skates

The final pair of inline skates that we will include in our list is the Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Inline Skates. These skates are made especially for women so they should be very comfortable on a woman’s feet.


Looking at the design of these skates, they do have some fun pops of colours that you might not find on most skates. With teal accents and a grey boot, the skate is almost as much fun to look at as it is to wear it.

Additionally, the skates do come with a breathable upper as well as a comfort liner.

These can help your feet stay as dry and comfortable as possible as you get the hang of cruising around on your rollerblades.

The skates also come with powerstrap and laces, which will keep your foot securely locked inside of the boot.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Skates


The Zetrablade Elite skates are really intended for novice rollerbladers who are just getting used to the idea of the sport. Regardless, they still come with 80mm wheels and SG5 bearings.

These will give you a good, controlled amount of speed and still maintain a high level of response as you skate. 


  • High cuff for support
  • Breathable upper
  • Comfort liner
  • Frame intended for learners
  • Stylish


  • Made for beginners, but will not grow with the skater.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Rollerblades For Beginners

Rollerblades For Beginners 2022

Sizing & Fit

Getting the sizing and fit right for rollerblades is incredibly important. It can be really tricky if you buy your rollerblades online, however.

Online shopping is frustrating for many products, rollerblades being one of them.

To be sure that the sizing is right, you need to consult with the size chart for the specific skates that you are buying. Every brand will have a different sizing chart.

The sizes are unlikely to match the sizes of your street shoes, so always check first.

To use a size chart, you will need to stand on a sheet of blank paper and have someone else run an outline around your foot.

Then, you can measure your foot’s length from heel to the longest toe and across the widest part of your foot.

You can then compare the sizes to the size chart of your skates. It is best to stick with your gender as well as men’s skates are going to be wider and women’s will be narrower.

When it comes to the fit of the skates, you will want them snug, but not painful. If you have wider feet, make sure that you get wider rollerblades.

You don’t want your feet slipping around inside of the boots, but you should still have circulation to your feet and be comfortable enough to skate for long periods of time.

Your Skill Level

Skates are usually divided up between beginners to intermediates, advanced, and experienced.

What a new skater needs from her skates versus an experienced skater should be quite a bit different.

Beginner skates usually have plastic frames, smaller wheels, and lower bearings, while more experienced skaters will have the aluminium frames, larger wheels, and higher grade bearings.

Also, more experienced skaters can have a stiffer boot that is less malleable.

A beginner will want something that provides support, but will not be so rigid as beginners work on balance and form and more experienced skaters are looking at their speed.

While you might be thinking that you want to get a more advanced skate as a beginner, in anticipation of your level increasing, you need to stick with a beginner skate until you get the balance and flow down.  

Skate Type

Rollerblading is not just one discipline. There are several different styles of rollerblades out there, so you will need to get the skates that are best for you.

The four primary types of rollerblades are recreation, urban, fitness, and race skates. Here is how they break down: 

Recreation: Recreation skates are one of the best inline skates for beginners that you can go for.

This is the most popular type of rollerblade and works for both beginner and intermediate levels.

Urban: One of the newest styles, these skates are made to be used on city streets. They have a short frame and are made to cruise on sidewalks.

Fitness: Fitness skates are better for experienced skaters who are looking for speed and durability.

Race: Finally, race skates come with a stiff boot that is made to enhance speed and performance. These are for racers and not usually beginners.

Wheel Size & Durometer

When you get your first pair of inline skates, they will automatically come with wheels.

Because of this, you might not realize that you do have some choice in wheel size and that the size can affect how well you are able to skate.

If you are planning on going short distances, such as just around the block or down the city streets, you should opt for the smaller wheel size.

Inline Skates For Beginners

The smaller wheels are easier to manoeuvre, giving you a level for dexterity that you will not get with the larger wheels.

If you are looking for working out with your skates or just going for long distances, you should go for the bigger wheels.

You can use less energy and maintain your speed a lot better with the larger wheels.

In addition to size, you will need to consider the wheel durometer. This is usually marked with an ‘A’ on the wheels.

Normally, if you are going to fitness inline skates, the durometer should be between a 78 and 85A. The higher the number is, the harder the wheels are.

Your wheel durometer will determine how long the wheels will last as well as how much speed that you can get from them and how well they are able to grip the ground beneath you.

Softer wheels will give you better shock absorption, but they will not last as long as the harder wheels do.

If you are not happy with the wheels that come with your skates, you can easily swap them out.

Boots & Liners

The boot is the part of the skate that your foot goes into. They can be either soft or hard and both have advantages.

Softer boots are more comfortable and much better ventilated than the harder boots are. The harder boots are better for control.

As far as beginners go, you will want to go with a softer boot and move your way up to a harder boot. If you start hard, you might not be able to move around as easily as you would like to.

Liners are another factor that needs to come into play. Some inline skates offer separate liners, or the part that goes inside of the boot.

The liner will make the boot feel a lot more comfortable. In general, the fitness inline skates do not usually need a liner, because they are naturally comfortable as it is.

But, some boots may not be built to be comfortable right away and you might need to get the extra liner to ensure that you can easily wear them.


Ideally, you would not need to worry about the material that your skates’ frames are made out of, but there is a difference between the types of frames.

It might affect which type of skate that you opt to try out as a beginner.

The Best Inline Skates For Beginners

If you are just hoping to cruise in the skates, the frame type doesn’t matter. The two primary types are composite and aluminium.

Composite: Composite or nylon frames are very light and generally less expensive than the aluminium frames are.

They provide a high level of flexibility and work just fine for beginner skaters. They are not incredibly durable, however, so they do run the risk of wearing down or breaking.

Aluminium: Aluminium frames are the way to go if you are hoping to have some speed in your skating and if you are hoping to have your skates for a long time.

They usually cost a little more, but that is because you are going to have them for longer than a composite frame.


The bearing is the part inside of the wheel that allows the wheel to turn. The smoother the bearing, the easier it is for the wheels to move.

Bearings can become dirty or damaged over time, so you will need to take care of them.

This means removing sand and dirt if they get on your wheels and avoiding blading through water. This might cause the bearings to rust.

Bearings are usually marked by the ABEC scale that lets you know how precise the bearing is.

The higher the ABEC rating, the less resistance that you will get from the bearings, making it much easier for the wheels to roll.

You don’t need to focus on the ABEC rating to determine whether a skate is quality, however. Focus on what the skate can do for you. 

Closure System

In general, rollerblades have a consistent closure system. This is made up of buckles and laces. Normally, there should be both present, especially in fitness inline skates.

There are some skates that will come with the BOA Fit System, where you tighten the skate down. There are other tightening systems out there as well.

It just depends on the skate. Buckles are faster to put on and take off than laces are and you will not need to worry about where your laces are hanging while you are rollerblading.

Laces do tighten in a different manner, however, so they still might be a good option for you.

It really comes down to personal preference, but you need to make sure that the skates will be tightened enough to be safe and comfortable for you to wear.


For the most part, rollerblades come with a brake already mounted on them.

The brake is typically in the back of the skate, which is opposite of the standard quad roller skate that has the brake in the front.

Most of the time, the brakes can be removed if they are impeding the way that you skate.

If you use your brake frequently, you can expect it to wear down over time and it will need to be replaced eventually.

The hardest thing is if your rollerblade style has been discontinued and you can no longer replace the brake, so you might want to get a backup ahead of time.

Men’s vs Women’s Inline Skate Sizing

Of course it would be wonderful if men and women could easily wear whatever skates that they wanted to and have them fit correctly.

Unfortunately, this is not how things work. Inline skates are usually divided into size groups between men and women.

Sometimes there is a good reason for this and sometimes not.

Men’s: Men’s skates are usually meant for people with wider feet naturally.

They are usually made in more sombre colours or with minor colour accents. Some brands will tailor their skates to fit men’s feet specifically, but you would need to read the size chart to know.

Women’s: Usually, women’s skates are not really different than men’s. Design-wise, they might be made to be more appealing for women as far as colour or style goes, but the fit is usually about the same.

Some manufacturers aim to make skates fit a female foot, but you would need to consult a size chart to find out.

Really, you should be able to buy whatever rollerblades that you want to, but be aware of the width difference in the toebox and make sure that it will fit your foot.

What’s The Difference Between Inline Skates And Rollerblades?

You likely have noticed that the terms inline skates and rollerblades seem to be used interchangeable. The truth is that there is no longer a difference between the two, though once upon a time there way.

Originally, inline skates just refer to skates on wheels that are in a line. Rollerblade itself is an inline skate manufacturer.

Rollerblade became such a well-known brand to be associated with inline skates that the two works began to be used in place of each other, even if the skates were not made by Rollerblade themselves.

You really can use either term to describe the skates.

Final Words 

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing skates out there to choose from, but we still managed to find our favourites.

Since men’s and women’s sizing is so different, we have chosen two winners, each representing the Editor’s choice for the best inline skates for beginners.

Our top pick for the best rollerblades for beginners for men was the Rollerblade Macroblade 80 while the best inline skates for women was the Fila Legacy Pro 80.

You might have noticed in the list that there are some skates that are better for more experienced people, so if you are brand new to the sport and are worried about your balance, it would be better to stay away from the skates that may cause you more trouble and a lot less fun.

Ultimately, just make sure that the skates are comfortable and match your own ability level.


Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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