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If you’re anything like me then you love skating outdoors. To do that properly, you will need the best inline skate wheels for asphalt for an enjoyable and smooth roll.

Although there are many types of surfaces that you can roll on while skating outdoors, asphalt is one that you might most likely encounter.

Best Inline Skate Wheels For Asphalt

According to the American Heart Association, roller skating is a recognized form of cardio that helps to get your heart beating.

It is also quite beneficial because it burns a lot of calories while being low impact and does not put a lot of strain on the joints.

Rollerblading outdoors is a great way to improve your health. However, if you are new to this you should be well-informed about the type of rollerblades that works for you along with the best rollerblade wheels for your rollerblades.

As someone who has had to change my outdoor roller skate wheels quite a bit, I can say firsthand that you should be knowledgeable about the size, grip, speed, shape, and hardness of the wheels you are about to purchase.

If you intend to use the skates primarily on asphalt then it may be even trickier.

Luckily, we have rigorously tested the best inline skate wheels for asphalt that are available on the market and have chosen the top ten.

We also explain how you should go about choosing the highest quality wheels.

Editor's Choice
Rollerblade Hydrogen Skate Wheel

Our Rating - 100%

For skating on asphalt, we have concluded that the best inline skate wheels are the Rollerblade Hydrogen 80 mm/85A Inline Skate Wheel 8-Pack. After vigorous testing, we realized that they can please the widest variety of skaters. This is a testament to its level of versatility.

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Rollerblade 72mm/80A and SG5 Kit

Our Rating - 97%

If for some reason our top pick does not suit you then the Rollerblade 72 mm/80A and SG5 kit is the next best thing. The quality of these wheels is quite high, which makes them stand out as a favorite to many. They are one of the best choices you can make for inline skates on asphalt.

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10 Best Inline Skate Wheels For Asphalt (2023)

If you want to skate outdoors then the best inline skate wheels for asphalt will help you to do it. We have conducted comprehensive research to provide you went the best options available.

You will find a variety of reputable brands which will work for professional and recreational rollerblading because of the high quality.

Remember to also pay attention to the type of wheels that are specifically suited to you as an individual because one size does not fit all.

You must choose the perfect wheels based on your preference, weight, and budget.

1. Rollerblade Hydrogen 80 mm/85A Inline Skate Wheels

Best Inline Skate Wheels For Asphalt (Editor’s Choice)

To achieve the perfect ride, it is a good idea to upgrade the skates you have with the Rollerblade Hydrogen 80 mm/85A Inline Skate Wheel 8-Pack.

Because these wheels are larger you can have an unmatched athletic performance along with wheels that you can use for a long time.

It features a solid core design so that you will have consistent speed as well as the ability to take corners efficiently.

You also get more grip which aids in cutting down on vibration, so you can achieve complicated tricks and stunts.

These wheels are sold in packages of 8, and they are great for anyone who would like to care for and maintain their skates. The premium formula also provides control along with better rebound. Put together, all of these features result in a smoother ride.

It is no surprise that we have chosen these wheels as our top pick since they are manufactured from urethane of the highest quality and made in the USA.

The Rollerblade Hydrogen 80 mm/85A Inline Skate Wheel 8-Pack is also versatile and can work for just about anyone.

Rollerblade Hydrogen 80mm/85A Skate Wheel


  • Good grip and vibration control
  • Specially designed for cornering
  • Great for speed skating
  • Durable
  • High quality urethane

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2. Rollerblade 72 mm/80A and SG5 Kit


The Rollerblade 72 mm/80A and SG5 kit is a great option when you are thinking about replacing your rollerblade wheels. It has the advantage of fitting into most skates available.

You get 72 mm wheels, SG5 bearing, and 6 mm spacers with the set.

The wheels are of high quality and value because of their reliable performance. The kit has 8 wheels that are durable, so you can expect to keep rolling for a long time.

It also features an impressive urethane solid core.  You can expect the wheels to give you an increased level of speed if you are interested in speed racing or competing.

It is also great for asphalt because there is less friction while you are rolling. Great news for the newbies who need to replace the wheels for themselves!

These wheels are quite easy to replace. This means you can get back to skating in no time.

Rollerblade 72mm/80A SG5 Kit


  • Increased speed
  • Less friction
  • Easy to replace
  • Solid urethane core
  • Uses SG5 bearings and spacers


Spacer washers not included

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3. 5th Element 80mm Inline Wheels

The 5th Element 80 mm Inline Skate Wheels are an excellent choice for those who would like to replace or upgrade their current wheels.

You can rest assured that they have a good grip on asphalt, and they are also soft enough to absorb road vibration because they have a durometer of 82A.

The performance these wheels provide is also of high quality on a number of surfaces. This versatility means that they give a smooth roll on more than just asphalt.

Recreational skaters and beginners will do well with these wheels.

The wheels were created from high-density polyurethane which means that you can feel free to skate on rough surfaces with ease. They are great for beginners because of the 80 mm size making it easy to get into rollerblading.

They also come with ABEC-7 bearings.

5th Element 80mm Inline Wheels


  • Great on tough terrain
  • Smooth and free moving
  • Superior performance
  • Excellent for recreational skaters
  • Comes with ABEC-7 bearings
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Lower durability

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4. Linear Durango Inline Wheels

The Linear Durango Inline Wheels (4-pack) are versatile wheels that can be used outdoors on asphalt and other surfaces as well as indoors.

You can use them to replace your rollerblade wheels. They were created from high-rebound urethane so that the wheels are able to achieve shock absorption on asphalt.

They also feature a nylon hub that is lightweight. If you are interested in wheels that can achieve speed skating then these are also a viable option.

This is because even though they are soft enough for shock absorption they are also hard enough to roll quickly on any surface, and also roll over debris.

They come in a 76 mm size, and they have an 82A hardness.

You will need two packs of these wheels if you are using them for a pair of skates because there are only 4 wheels in the pack, but they are totally worth it.

Linear Durango Inline Wheels


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Made from high rebound urethane
  • Lightweight nylon hub
  • Shock absorbing
  • Fast rolling


  • No bearings included
  • Two packs are needed

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5. Rollerblade 90 mm Wheel Kit

The Rollerblade 90 mm Wheel Kit is a great option for the speedsters out there, and it comes with all that you need to upgrade or replace your wheels.

They will only work with skate frames that can fit 90 mm wheels. The 90 mm wheels are also more sturdy which means that they make excellent fitness skates.

The wheel size makes them sturdy but also great for acceleration. Stability at top speed is needed for skating activities that require advanced moves.

They are a great choice for those interested in fitness and all skill levels.

You can expect a smooth roll because of the SG9 bearing and the 8 mm preassembled bearings.

They are easy to install so even beginners can install them with ease. You get 8 wheels in the set along with the bearings and spacers.

Rollerblade 90 mm Wheel Kit


  • Larger 90 mm wheels
  • Comes with SG9 bearings
  • Comes with preassembled 8 mm spacers
  • 5 Degree Kingpin angle
  • 84 A durometer
  • Great for speed racing


  • Bearings not very durable

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6. Rollerblade Moonbeam LED Wheel

If you want some wheels with a bit of flair, then Rollerblade Moonbeam 80 mm/82A LED Wheel 4-Pack is the one for you.

As the name implies, these wheels have moonbeam technology with illuminated lights that glow as the skater is in motion.

It makes the skater more visible and vibrant which is perfect for fun gatherings and parties. These wheels may be placed on skates you will use indoors and outdoors on asphalt and other surfaces.

These make great recreational skates for those who want to have fun. The product comes with 4 80 mm wheels that have an 82A hardness.

It was made from performance urethane which is great for skating on hard surfaces. You also get axles that aid in easy installation and four magnetic spacers which serve to illuminate the LED lights.

The bearings are not included, but they can be easily sourced. The LED technology does not require batteries.

Rollerblade Moonbeam LED Wheel


  • Moonbeam LED lights
  • Floating Internal Spacer
  • No need for batteries
  • Made from performance urethane
  • Night visibility and daylight fun


  • Only 4 in the pack
  • Bearings not included

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7. 5th Element 72 mm Light Inline Wheels

The Elements 72 mm Light Up Inline Skate Wheels are another set of fun wheels that light up when you are rolling.

These are perfect for those who like to skate for recreation outdoors on a variety of surfaces including asphalt.

You will fit right in at gatherings like parties and festivals when you use these wheels. The wheels are more than just for fun, however, because they are also quite functional.

The wheels have a magnetic core that causes them to light up as you roll. The 72 mm wheels are also high density with an 82A hardness.

They are made from high-intensity polyurethane, which serves to increase grip and minimize vibrations. You can use them indoors and outdoors.

The 8 wheels in the pack will do for a standard pair of rollerblades. The bearings are sold separately, but they are easily sourced.

5th Element Light Wheels


  • High density polyurethane
  • Magnetic core
  • Beautiful electric lights when in motion
  • 8 pack wheels
  • Powerful speed


  • Bearings sold separately

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8. Rollerblade Hydrogen Street Wheel

Skating has never been better with the Rollerblade Hydrogen Street 60/92A Wheels. The hydrogen formula that is used on high performance inline wheels was also used to create these wheels.

They are created to suit aggressive and urban inline skates. Because of this, the wheels are able to achieve superior performance along with traction on the asphalt.

Not only that but the skater will experience effortless acceleration as well as agility while skating. This makes these the perfect wheels for those who would like to try out complicated skating moves.

This is because of the quick response and easy control you will have while speed skating engaging in other outdoor activities.

The wheels also feature superior resilience and rebound with a solid core construction making it stable and durable.

The speed is achieved because of the 60 mm size which serves to reduce weight and provide agility and control.

The grip and durability is achieved because 92A durometer. The spacers and bearings are not included but are readily available.

Rollerblade Hydrogen Street Wheel


  • Excellent grip
  • Made from urethane outer
  • Excellent for cornering and speed
  • Solid core design
  • Perfect for tricks
  • Good shock absorption
  • Durable


  • Four wheels per pack
  • Spacers & bearings not included

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9. Labeda Gripper Wheels

The impressive Labeda Gripper wheel is a name known by many because of its superior performance. It is a roller skate wheel that features a smaller core that is quite exceptional in its design and this puts the urethane to work.

You can get the Labeda Gripper wheel for purchase in the following size, color and hardness :

Yellow/Medium – 72 mm, 76 mm, 80 mm

White/Soft – 59 mm, 68 mm, 72 mm, 76 mm, 80 mm

Red/X-Soft – 59 mm, 68 mm, 72 mm, 76 mm, 80 mm

The wheels are sold individually in an effort to ensure that you choose the correct amount you need for your inline skates.

Labeda Gripper Wheels


  • Durable
  • Made from urethane
  • Small core design
  • Excellent grip


  • Individually sold

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10. K2 Bolt 85A Inline Skate Wheels

When it comes to performance, it is difficult to beat the K2 Bolt 85A (4-Pack) Inline Skate Wheels.

You can expect them to provide amazing durability and high energy for any skater who places greater importance on wheels that are performance focused.

An added benefit is that these wheels can be used both inside and outside on asphalt.

You get a smooth roll with these wheels along with superior performance because of the 85A hardness for the outdoors.

It can handle a number of surfaces other than asphalt like sidewalks and concrete along with the debris and bumps.

It was created from high performance urethane which gives excellent rebound. The speed is achieved in part because of the 100 mm size. The bearings are not included but are readily available.

K2 Bolt 85A Inline Skate Wheels


  • Durable
  • Made from high performance urethane
  • Smooth and fast roll
  • Reusable multipurpose storage bag
  • High rebound


  • Four wheels only

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Inline Skate Wheels For Asphalt

Rollerblade Wheels For Asphalt


When you are choosing  inline skate wheels for asphalt you need to think about the durometer  rating.  The durometer rating is simply the hardness of the wheel.

You can expect that hardness of inline skate wheels are between 82A-95A.  The wheels that have a lower numbered range tend to have more grip.

The wheels with higher numbered ranges were specifically designed to have a faster and smoother roll especially on smooth surfaces. For inline skates on asphalt you can expect the wheel hardness to be between the high 80s and low 90s.

You can expect that outdoor road wheels would be in the range of low to middle 80 on the durometer scale.  When the wheel is harder there is usually less grip.

When the wheel is softer it is also more amenable to beginners because they are more stable on the rollerblades.

Keep in mind that skaters who are heavier and weigh over 200 lb would be able to handle a wheel that is slightly harder than what is prescribed for the skating surface.

This is due to the  added weight which puts more pressure on the wheels end causes a bit of extra grip.


The overall speed of the wheels are determined by their height or size.  The wheel size also affects the stability and acceleration of your skates.

This is why you need to pay close attention When selecting wheels of a certain size and make sure they are matched with the purpose that you have in mind. you need to ensure that the wheels will be compatible with asphalt.

Usually when you have wheels  that are smaller they are about 57 mm or below and the tallest wheels are usually 100 mm.

Different wheels are used for different skates. You get a better roll with larger wheels and make better outdoor wheels. They roll better on concrete and asphalt.

Larger wheels are also faster will also give you more speed which is why they are used for racing skates. Another benefit of larger wheels is that they do not need much effort to get going and easier to maintain faster speeds.

If you are a beginner, you may be better off with smaller wheels as they have less distance between your feet and the ground or a lower center of gravity.

This gives you more stability. You will be able to accelerate and decelerate faster, which is great for a beginner.

Type Of Outdoor Skating

You need to think about the type of outdoor skating you will be doing on the asphalt as this will make a major difference in the type of wheels you should choose.

If the surface is rough like concrete or asphalt then you should a wheel between the 82A-87A durometer range.

The wheels that have a lower durometer are able to handle a pounding on concrete and asphalt. They also have the added benefit of being soft on your legs so that they won’t be unstable and jiggling when you skate.

There are a variety of outdoor skating such as recreational, speed and fitness. For all of these, it may be better for you to have larger wheels.

This is especially true for speed skating. You would need to purchase aggressive wheels for tricks and complicated moves at parks etc.


You should also consider the weight of the skater when thinking about the way they will feel on the concrete or asphalt. It makes a difference in the way the hardness of the inline skating wheels will roll on outdoor surfaces.

Remember that the more aggressive and heavy skaters tend to expend more force on the wheels, which is why they should buy wheels that are slightly harder.

Harder wheels will mean that you can maintain the optimum rebound. On the other hand, skaters who weigh less can purchase softer wheels because the rebound and grip will be different. This is because there would be less force exerted.


The color of wheel you select is a matter of preference. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and you should consider the frame color as well as the boot color so that the wheels can match.

When it comes to the asphalt, you should choose wheels that can hold the color without too much erosion from the rough asphalt.

Also remember that rolling on asphalt may sometimes leave residue on the wheels.

Indoor vs Outdoor Inline Skate Wheels Explained

There are a few major differences between indoor and outdoor skates but the basically these wheels are different when it comes to hardness.

The indoor wheels do better on smooth surfaces like skating rinks. This is because they are harder than the outdoor wheels and able to roll quickly on hard, smooth floors.

Best Inline Skate Wheels For Asphalt 2022

They also tend to slip and slide over irregular and rough terrain.

On the other hand, the outdoor wheels have a lot of grip. The skate manufacturers measure the wheel hardness with a durometer scale.

The larger number means the wheel is harder. The indoor wheels usually have a range of 88A to 103A while outdoor wheels are 90A or below.

Generally outdoor wheels are bigger allowing them to rollover debris and bumps and also serves to absorb shocks while rolling. There are also wheels that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How Long Do Outdoor Inline Skate Wheels Last? 

You can expect your rollerblade wheels can last approximately 12-18 months. The material from which the wheels are from is primarily what will determine how long it will last.

Equipment that are made from high quality materials can have a much longer lifespan. High quality skates can last you a few years or even decades.

There are a few things that you can do to make your skate wheels last longer. The first thing is to make sure you skate on the correct surfaces.

Ensure that you clean your skates regularly as well. Where possible you should try to purchase polyurethane wheels of a high quality.

How Do I Change Wheels On My Rollerblades?

You will need a skate tool or an Allen key. Use the tool to loosen the bolt that holds the axle. Remove the axle and screw when the bolt is loose.

Detach the old wheel from the frame. Use this opportunity to clean the bearings and frames by using a dry cloth.

Take off the bearings from the old wheel. If you intend to reuse these bearing then they need to be cleaned. Remove the spacers as well and decide if they will be reused.

Place the spacer and bearing onto the new wheel. Make sure that bearings fit tightly. Put the new wheel in it place.

The axle must go through the wheel, and you should place the screw. Use the skate tool to tighten the screw. Repeat for all the wheels and try out your new skates.

Final Words 

There should be no question that the  Rollerblade Hydrogen 80 mm/85A Inline Skate Wheel 8-Pack is our top pick.

They are versatile enough to please the most picky skater. You can experience the perfect roll because of these wheels.

They are great for beginners but also experts who would like some speed. They have larger wheels that are durable and allow for supreme maneuverability.

Fitness and recreational skaters would greatly benefit from these wheels. You can feel free to practice tricks and stunts because the wheels have excellent shock absorption.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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