Best Indoor Roller Skate Wheels (2023) – Wheels For Indoor Roller Skating

When you go skating at your local rink, you expect to have a smooth ride that will keep you gliding and moving for hours.

This can be made possible if you purchase the best indoor roller skate wheels.

Roller skating indoors is great, especially during the winter cold months when the weather outside becomes unbearable and the pavements are filled with ice and snow.

Best Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

To find the right indoor wheels, you need to consider a few things including the surface of skating, the hardness of the wheel, and the style of skating you are involved in.

There are different types of indoor skating wheels in the market to choose from which can be difficult especially if you are a beginner or even when you want to try a different option.

This article will provide you with information about the different wheels as well as a guideline to help you in making your decision.

Editor's Choice
Sure-Grip Zombie Indoor Wheels

Our Rating - 100%

If you are looking for the best indoor roller skate wheels, the Sure-Grip Zombie is a great choice for you. This is because they are durable and come in different sizes for you to choose from. They also provide a better fit between the inner core and the bearing making your skate roll smoothly.

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Rollerbones Turbo Wheels

Our Rating - 98%

This is also another great choice for indoor wheels as they are the best speed wheel that has been waited for a long time. They are available in five different hardness to choose from for your type of indoor surface and type of skating, and they also feature an aluminum hub. They provide great maneuverability, grip, and speed.

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Hybrid Wheels
Cosmic Superfly Hybrid Wheels

Our Rating - 96%

If you are looking for wheels that can be used for both outdoor and indoor surfaces, the Cosmic Superfly is a great choice for you. They last longer, are high in quality and provide great speed.

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Light-Up Wheels
Luminous Light-Up Quad Indoor Wheels

Our Rating - 97%

These wheels light up as you roll making them perfect for night skating. If you want to add some style to your skate and show off at the rink to your friends, these are the wheels for you. They have two levels of hardness to choose from 97A and 100A.

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10 Best Indoor Roller Skate Wheels (2023)

Finding the best indoor roller skate wheel can be challenging since there are a lot of them available in the market.

However, you do not need to worry because this section will look into the different indoor wheels in detail so that you can make your choice easily.

Understanding the surface you are skating on, the type of skating and the features that indoor wheels have will also contribute to the decision you make.

1. Sure-Grip Zombie Indoor Wheels

Best Indoor Roller Skate Wheels (Editor’s Choice)

These are top-picked indoor roller-skating wheels. For a skater looking to take out the jammer or lap the back. The Sure-Grip zombie has different choices for the skater.

Sure-Grip Zombie comes in 4 different durometers that range from 89A to 98A. 98A will give the ultimate top-level speed. For wheels that are super sticky 89A will be slower but more stable.

Sure Grip Zombie Indoor Wheels 59mm 62mm

The wheels also come in different wheel profiles; low, mid, and max. the max wheel profile has a super-wide 42m width and is 62mm tall making it a perfect wheel that allows the skater to fly down the track.

The low wheel profile comes in at 59mm diameters and 38mm width making it perfect for cutting across the track and quick maneuvering.

The middle profile is 62mm and 38mm wide making it perfect for doing both.

These Zombie wheels have a solid aluminum core to assist in the transfer of full power of the pushes to the wheel.

This aluminum core makes the wheel to be a lot tougher and stays rounder. They are sold in 4-Pack or 8-Pack.


  • Come in different durometers for an easy match up with the right surface
  • Have 3 different wheel profiles for speed and maneuverability.


  • The wheels don’t match the colors in the photo.

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2. Rollerbones Turbo Indoor Roller Skate Wheels


The Rollerbones Turbo is the top pick for the runner-up indoor wheels. These are perfect and awesome wheels for skating at your local skating rink.

The Roller bones Turbo wheel comes in 7 different wheel hardness, hence making it easy to pick the right wheel for the right surface.

Rollerbones Turbo Wheels

For example, for top speed, you can go with harder wheels like 101A while softer wheels like 80A will work well as a great set of outdoor roller skate wheels. You can also find hybrid wheels of 85A and 88A and use them for indoor and outdoor skating.

These wheels sport the aircraft-grade aluminum cores that make them great for transferring the full force of every push to the wheels.

The aluminum is super lightweight when compared to other aluminum cores. It helps in making the wheel roll faster without a lot of weight being added to your skate.

For the skaters who are into roller derby or speed skating, these Rollerbones Turbo wheels are the best.

They are made in the USA and have a good grip. They are also perfect for smooth surfaces. You know the softer the wheel the more grip the wheels will have.

Hard wheels are more for professional skaters because they will provide less traction as well as roll faster. They are some of the most performing wheels in the market today.


  • The different wheel hardness makes it easy to find the right one for the right surface.
  • The aluminum core makes a super-strong wheel great for indoor skating.


  • The wheels are popular hence they easily run out of stock.

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3. Cosmic Superfly Hybrid Wheels

Hybrid Wheels

These wheels are made of high-quality urethane that offers long-lasting and deep-speed grooves for maximum wear and grip. They have nylon inserts that ensure the bearings are kept cool and smooth.

These wheels come with 90A hardness which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor skating.

Cosmic Superfly Hybrid Wheels

The wheels have a diameter of 62mm meaning they are wide enough to provide great stability needed when skating.

The width of the wheels is 40mm. They are sold in 8 packs and do not come with bearings. These wheels are compatible with Cosmic superfly skates.


  • Have long-lasting and deep speed grooves for maximum grip and wear,
  • The nylon insert ensures the bearings are smooth and cool.
  • Wide wheels for great stability.


  • Do not come with bearings.

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4. Luminous Light Up Quad Indoor Wheels

Light-Up Wheels

Are you in search of a way to brighten and lighten your skating experience? The Luminous Light Up Quad wheels are a great choice. They are fast, reliable, enjoyable and bright, and also eye-catching.

These wheels have a hardness of 85A which offer a perfect balance between speed and grip so that one can roll away on the pavement or skating park without fear of falling.

Luminous Light-Up Quad Indoor Wheels

The 58mm diameter offers enough stability for the skater to light up their night when they skate under the stars.

Every wheel has a magnetic spacer that lights up the wheel when they are sandwiched between two bearings.

The bearings are sold separately and are usually recommended that when installing these wheels use new locknuts.

They come in 8-pack or 4-pack for both roller skates.


  • 85A hardness offers a perfect balance between grip and speed.
  • A diameter of 58mm offer enough stability
  • The magnetic spacer that lights up the wheels


  • New lock nuts are needed when installing the wheels.

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5. Hyper Shaman Suad Speed Wheels

The Hyper Shaman are the best skates. They are fast and come in four different hardness including 97A, 95A, 93A, and 89A. The 89A wheels are ore for the uncoated wood floors and roller derby or sports court when the skate needs to grip more.

These skates stand out because of two things. First, the width is super wide at 42mm and extra width gives more contact patches for the wheel to push off the ground.

Hyper Shaman Quad Speed Wheels

Second, the Shaman wheels come outfitted with a blue anodized aluminum hub which allows the wheel to roll more purely and do more job transferring all the power from the pushes of the skater to the wheel.

This makes a much faster wheel. They come in 8-pack.


  • Full-sized aluminum hub for a greater top-end speed.
  • The diameter and width are good for quad speed skating.


  • The natural color and untinted urethane, hence it may show some variation in color.

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6. Hyper Cannibal Indoor Wheels

The Hyper Cannibal wheels utilize the wheel compound so many love it. These skates are cold pour race urethane wheels that have a machined aluminum insert making them perfect for bearing alignment.

These Hyper Cannibal wheels are 62mm by 42mm making them ideal for almost all styles of skating.

Hyper Cannibal Wheels

The Hyper Cannibal wheels are available in two different colors; Blue which is 92A and good for those who need some grip in their roll. The other color is orange with 96A hardness and is for those who need less grip.

For a skater who needs a great aluminum hub wheel that has grip options and proven design, the Hyper Cannibal 62mm wheels are their better option.

The bearings are sold separately and they are sold in 8-pack.


  • The Urethane wheels with machined aluminum insert are perfect for bearing alignment
  • Great for most styles of skating; from speed skating to roller derby.


  • Do not come with bearings.

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7. Fomac Slicks Wheels

The Fomac Slicks wheels are an evolution of the rhythm wheels. They have an all-new harder dark brown formula that makes them better for longer slides and quicker spins.

They are small wheels with a diameter of 45mm and a width of 31mm. They are ideal for indoor rink sliding and their smaller diameter allows for more maneuverability and quicker spins.

FoMac Slicks Wheels

These skates come in a pack of 8 wheels to complete a roller skate pair.


  • The dark brown formula for quicker spins and long slides
  • The small diameter allows more maneuverability and quicker spins.


  • Could not find one.

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8. Sure-Grip Velvet Quad Roller Skates Wheels

For an advanced skater who loves to dance, the Sure-Grip Velvet wheels are a perfect choice. These wheels will make your roller skates dance and slide to the rhythm when indoor skating.

These wheels were known for offering a great balance between grip and slip on hardwood skating floors that have resistance against spots that are flat.

Sure-Grip Velvet Roller Skate Wheels

The Sure-Grip velvet wheels are ideal for current popular moves in rhythm skating or style skating. They are 57mm by 30mm and sold in an 8-pack set with bearings sold separately. The wheel hardness is 99A.


  • The wheel provides a balance between grip and slip.


  • Could not find one

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9. Backspin Eclipse Wheels

The Backspin Eclipse wheels from Vanilla are great for one looking their jam on. These wheels are new in the market and their popularity is growing fast.

They are jam skate wheels that come in 2 different wheel hardness 95A or 97A. It has two different profiles and an aluminum core.

Backspin Eclipse Wheels

The light aluminum core is perfect for extra stability and transferring all the power to the wheels. The profile is59mm*38mm for extra maneuverability and the wide profile of 62mm*42mm for great extra speed.

These Backspin Eclipse wheels serve as good speed skating or jam skating hybrid wheels. Therefore, if you are into a little jam skating and want to run faster at the races, then Eclipse wheels will do this trick.

They are sold in 8-pack. They are also available in colors Oil Silk 95A, Black 95A, and Orange 97A.

The Backspin wheels offer a lower center of gravity giving the skater more agility and control during jam skating. They are designed to be light and strong.

They also come with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Great wheels for jam skating
  • The Aluminum hub makes the Eclipse wheels suitable for both sports.


  • Oil Silk 95A can be hard to find.

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10. Sure-Grip Monza Wheels

These wheels are a brand new compound that was designed to work better than the Power Plus wheel.

This wheel is across between two of Sure-grip’s most popular wheels the Zombie and the Hyper Cannibal. The Monza has the grip of a Zombie and the speed of Cannibal wheels.

Sure Grip Monza Wheels

The Sure-Grip Monza are great wheels that you will love. They have a machined aluminum hub that gives increased stability and ensures that a skater achieves maximum levels with every stride.

They also have a tapered tip that gives you extra traction and control in your crossovers and turns. The wheels will allow you to fly so fast and keep rolling through the straightaways.

The Monza wheels are 62mm by 42mm and come in four hardness options Grey 95A, purple 93A, Red 95A, and Teal 98A.

These wheel hardness options enable the skater to choose their favorite for their skating surface. The bearings are sold separately, and they come in a complete set of 8-pack.


  • They come in four different hardness options to allow the skate to choose the right wheels for the right surface,
  • The Machined aluminum core provides increased stability.


  • Could not find one.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Roller Skate Wheels For Indoor

Indoor Roller Skate Wheels 2022

Indoor Surface

There are different indoor surfaces that you can skate on and the type of wheel you get should match your level of skating and the surface.

The following are three main types of indoor surfaces:

Skating rink wood floorsyou can use much harder wheels if you are skating on coated wood floors and your wheels will not slide out from under you. Using harder wheels on uncoated wooden floors will make you use your grip, and this may cause your skate to slide under you if you are trying to skate too fast.

Sports courtsports court has the same characteristics and hardness as wood floors. If you are an experienced skater skating on a sports court, you need to find the hardest wheels.

However, if you are looking for quick maneuverability and need more stability, wheels with mid-range hardness are the best.

Polished concretepolished surfaces are also great surfaces for skating indoors. Since they are very slick, you need softer wheels to skate on this type of surface.

Type of Indoor Skating

The type of skating you are involved in will determine the wheels that you get.

For recreational skating, considering the hardness of the wheel is enough but if you are into serious roller sport, try the different types of wheels and then see which fits you the best. The following are the different types of skating:

Speed skatingwith speed skating you need wheels that roll with minimal effort over a long period.

It is necessary that each push a skater transfers more power to the wheels and that the wheels allow you to have a maximum roll. You need to get an aluminum core to keep the wheel round to transfer enough power that pushes it.

A taller wheel enables the skate to roll faster and longer, and a wider wheel provides more surface area to push off.

Roller derbysome roller derby players want more maneuverability while others want to go faster, and all these depend on the wheel you get.

Taller and wider wheels are great if you want to speed but can sacrifice quick movements. However, if you want quicker movements, narrow and shorter wheels are great for you.

Artistic skatingfor artistic skating you need narrow, hard, and short wheels.

Hard wheels between 95A to 103A are great for freestyle skaters. Narrow wheels make spinning easier and smaller wheels make moving quickly and accelerating easier.

Jam skatingfor jam skating, find wheels that are easy to spin and hardness that range from 93A to 97A.

They should also be grippy enough to allow you to do tricks without slipping out. Wider wheels are great because they give you enough stability.

Roller hockeyyou can use inline skates to play most roller hockey, but you can also use quads that have good speed.


A durometer scale is used to measure the hardness of a wheel and it determines the usage of the wheel. Wheels with a hardness of 90A-103A are best for sticky floors and indoor skating.

The quality of the surface you will be skating on determines the hardness of the wheel you will go for. Harder wheels are slidey and faster making them perfect for most indoor rinks.

There is a wheel hardness chart for indoor roller skates that you can follow to help you pick the right wheel for the different skating surfaces. The chart is as below;

78A to 103A – coated wood floor.

78A to 95A – uncoated wood floor.

78A to 95A – sports court and polished concrete.


The diameter of a wheel has an impact on the roll time of a skater, weight, stability, and acceleration.

In terms of top speed or roll time, wheels with smaller diameters help skaters to gain top speeds while those with larger diameters are usually chosen by long-distance skaters because it enables them to use less effort to keep the roller skates moving faster.

When it comes to stability, wheels with larger diameters are less steadier than wheels with smaller diameters meaning that they are stable if the distance between the skater and the ground is close.

You also need to consider acceleration as you require less effort with wheels with smaller diameters to move because they accelerate faster.

Large wheels keep the skate rolling for a long time even after you stop pushing because of the existing momentum. Therefore, larger wheels achieve tope speed and deliver better roll time than smaller wheels.


The weight of a skater has a great effect on how the wheels react and perform. If you are above 200lbs, the wheel will get more grip than the average weight skater. Therefore, this skater will need to go up on the durometer two or three steps up.

If you have 200lbs and you are skating on 90A, go up to 93A because the extra weight will put more pressure on the wheels making them sink more on the surface.

For skaters above 200lbs, they need to look into getting a more rigid core because the wheel will flex more under the heavyweight. The aluminum core is good for a heavy person because it gives better support and is rigid.

A normal-weight person (under 100lbs) needs to buy soft wheels because their weight cannot press down on the wheels. Any core type whether hybrid, nylon, or aluminum can fit perfectly.

People between 100lbs and 200lbs should be good with the wheels recommended for the surfaces they are skating on.


According to your intended skating use, the color of the wheels may be one of the most important factors to consider, especially if you are into rink or jam skating.

However, color makes no difference in how the wheels roll, how they grip the surface, or how fast it goes but looks and the color is important to many skaters.

After all most skaters love how their skates look and make them feel when they wear them.

Lastly, a wheel’s color does not affect the working of a wheel from a performance point of view and can be the least factor to consider when it comes to performance.

The Difference Between Outdoor vs Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

Best Indoor Roller Skate Wheels 2022

The outdoor skate wheels are softer than indoor skate wheels because offer smooth roll, on rough surfaces such as streets and sidewalks. They absorb more shock when they are rolling over debris.

The indoor skates’ wheels are harder than the outdoor skate wheels, harder wheels give you a smoother roll on very smooth surfaces like skating at the derby tracks or skating rinks.

There are also the hybrid wheels which are typically around 85A hardness and soft enough for outdoor skating yet hard enough for indoor skating, hence can be used for both.

The hybrid wheels come in place when if you are budgeting for one set of wheels because they can work both indoors and outdoors. Hybrid wheels are not ideal for asphalt.

It is recommended that you switch your wheels when you are from outdoor skating to indoor skating and vice versa.

How Long Do Indoor Roller Skate Wheels Last

Indoor roller skate wheels are just like most products, the more they are used the more they wear out. The indoor wheels that are used a few times in week take around 12 to 18 months before they wear down.

However, for skaters who skate maybe once a week, their indoor skate wheels will last longer. The indoor roller skate wheels can last longer depending on the type of surface you are skating on.

How Do I Change Wheels On My Roller Skates?

The following are ways how to change the wheels on your roller skates:

Place over the nut and turn it anticlockwise to remove the nut from the wheels. Ensure to turn the nuts anticlockwise until they come off. Detach the wheels from their bolts and replace the new wheels.

Then return the nuts to the bolts, flat end, and rotate these nuts clockwise to fasten them.

Do not tighten the nuts too much. Use your finger to spin each wheel freely, if the wheels are not spinning or they are jerky when spinning, these nuts need to be loosened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Indoor Roller Skate Wheels Outdoor?

Yes, you can use the indoor roller skates outdoors. But be ready because the wheel will jiggle a lot on rough outdoor surfaces like asphalt.

If one is outdoor on the tennis court or smooth concrete with any debris around, then these indoor wheels will work perfectly outdoor.

If you are a regular skater, you need soft wheels for outdoor skating, therefore, find the best wheels for outdoor roller skating.

What Are the Wheels Made Of?

Most indoor roller skates are made of polyurethane, a long-lasting and durable material. In addition to durability, the polyurethane offers plenty of grip or traction on the skating surface.

Final Words

With indoor skating, harder wheels are the perfect ones because they grip well on the surfaces and provide you with great speed.

You should consider the type of skating you are involved in, the surface you are skating on, the diameter and durometer of the wheel as well as your weight when buying indoor wheels.

Our pick for the best roller skate wheels for indoors is the Sure-Grip Zombie wheels because they are durable and come in different sizes for you to choose from.

They also provide a better fit between the inner core and the bearing making your skate roll smoothly.


Adriana has been rollerblading since she was a little kid. She bought her first pair of inline skates with the money she saved up when she was growing up and has been a rollerblading enthusiast ever since. These days you can usually find her rollerblading on the seawall in Stanley Park.

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