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Purchasing a hoverboard as a beginner means being mindful of various factors that affect the learning process.

The best hoverboard for beginners is one that is stable, safe, and easy to ride.

Best Hoverboards For Beginners

Beginner hoverboards should have features such as good battery life, maximum range per charge, acceptable charging time, and reasonable top speed.

When it comes to the safety of the hoverboard, ensure that it has a UL certification, which means it has gone through fire and electrical safety tests.

Additionally, ensure that the overall build of the hoverboard is high in quality and that it comes with extra accessories such as LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker.

These extras add fun to your riding experience. It should not be heavy to carry around and the battery should last you between 1 to 3 hours.

With this in mind, here is a list of the best beginner hoverboards on the market and a detailed buying guide as well as FAQs to help you with your decision.

Editor's Choice
Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard

This is our choice of the best hoverboard for beginners as it comes with a self-balancing system that helps you stay balanced and stable as you learn how to hoverboard. The controls in this hoverboard are easy to learn and it comes with a Bluetooth speaker for you to listen to music as you ride.

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High Performance
Segway Ninebot S Hoverboard

If you are looking for a high-performing hoverboard that is safe for beginner riders, the Segway Ninebot S is a great option for you. The UL 2272 certification means that it has passed the fire and electrical safety checks and is safe to be used. It comes with pneumatic tires that provide you with a smoother and more comfortable ride.

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TOMOLOO Hoverboard

As a beginner, you are likely looking to save some money and go for the cheapest option available on the market. The TOMOLOO hoverboard is one of the budget-friendly scooters to get yourself. It comes with flat tires, colorful LED lights to illuminate your path, and a one-year warranty.

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8 Best Hoverboards For Beginners (2022)

The best hoverboard for beginners is designed with safety in mind. This is because you do not want to be in dangerous situations because of your inexperience which can lead to injury to yourself or others.

Ensure that you get a hoverboard with safety features such as alternative riding modes, maximum speed limiters, and UL certification.

Below are beginner hoverboards that you can choose from including their specs, pros, and cons.

1. Hover-1 H1 Beginner Hoverboard

Best Hoverboard For Beginners (Editor’s Choice)


The Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard is designed with beginners in mind, focusing on easy and intuitive riding.

Designed with market-leading gyroscopes and stabilization technology, the H1 ensures a stable riding experience and keeps you in control.

Available in 5 color options, the H1 can be tailored for the majority of color preferences.

Similar to most Hoverboards in the market, the H1 is also designed with a Bluetooth speaker and integration with a smart app, compatible with android and iOS.


The H1 has superb performance capability. The two 200W motors ensure a maximum speed of 9 mph covering a range of 9 miles from a full charge.

The battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and the charger is included in the purchasing package. In terms of assents, the H1 can run smoothly up assents of 15 degrees giving riders a decent degree of hill-climbing support.

A great performance feature of the H1 is the built-in safety alerts if a rider is speeding or is riding on an unsafe surface.

Also, the inclusion of LED lights in the design, provides additional safety when riding at night.

The 3 skills modes (beginner to advanced) allow riders to work their way up to full speed, with the beginner mode capping the maximum speed at 7 mph.


  • High-quality safety features
  • Beginner mode available
  • Bluetooth speaker and smart app integration
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy for beginners to be stable


  • Charging point pin can fall out

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2. Segway Ninebot S Self Balancing Hoverboard

High Performance


The Segway Ninebot S and S-Max Self Balancing Electric Scooter is a powerful performing hoverboard providing riders with a smooth and stable ride.

Available in black or white exterior, the Ninebot S has a smart minimalist design. Designed to support rider stability, the Ninebot S includes a knee control which also encourages more precise steering and smooth lifting.

Segway has included a smart battery management system in the Ninebot S to give riders real-time updates on battery performance.

Also, the exterior is designed with IP54 waterproof technology giving riders confidence to ride in all conditions.


Built with high-performance in mind, the Ninebot S certainly delivers.

Carrying a maximum load of 220 pounds, the 400W motors can run a speed of 10 mph, while the battery exceeds rivals by lasting up to 13.7 miles.

The 10.5-inch POLICO pneumatic tires provide extra sturdiness when riding over bumpy surfaces and grip in wet conditions. The Ninebot S can also carry riders up slopes of up to 15 degrees.

For those concerned about security, the smart app contains an anti-theft function to prevent your hoverboard from being stolen.

The smart app also allows you to adjust the LED lighting to suit your preference and upgrade firmware when necessary.


  • Knee control bar for extra stability and precision
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Minimalist design
  • Anti-theft capability using the smart app


  • No Bluetooth speaker
  • 6 to 12 months to wait for specific parts

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3. TOMOLOO Hoverboard



The TOMOLOO Hoverboard is an affordable option for beginner riders looking to venture into the magical world of hoverboarding.

Available in black, sky blue, or pink exterior color options, the TOMOLOO Hoverboard is an appealing option for kids and adults.

The hoverboard is fitted with 5 LED lighting options which can be synced up to the music played via the Bluetooth speaker.

Designed with safety in mind, the TOMOLOO Hoverboard is designed with non-slip footpads to provide extra traction and stability when riding.

This feature is particularly important for beginners who may not be used to the hoverboard movements.


Weighing at only 17.64 pounds, the TOMOLOO Hoverboard is lightweight compared to rivals so can be easily carried and transported.

The maximum weight recommendation is 165 pounds which are considerably less than more premium hoverboard options. The product is more targeted at kids.

The self-balancing technology also provides riders with stable performance, particularly on smooth surfaces.

The certified smart battery of the TOMOLOO provides ensures good performance, with the hoverboard lasting 3 to 4 hours when used non-stop from a full battery.

Charging time is also similar to competitors at 2-3 hours to gain a full charge.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ideal for beginner kids
  • Fun LED lighting features that sync to music
  • Non-slip footpads for extra grip
  • Affordable price


  • Weaker battery life compared to rivals
  • Battery replacement needed within a year

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4.  Swagtron Swagboard Twist Hoverboard

For Kids


The Swagtron Swagboard Twist Self Balancing Hoverboard for Kids is designed specifically for kids wanting to ride with swag.

Available in 7 colors, the Swagboard is everything a kid would want in a hoverboard.

The Swagboard is designed with roaring LED wheels containing the unique Swagtron lion. The lion changes color with the 6 ultra-bright LED color options.

Safety is a critical design element of the Swagboard. The LiFePo battery used to power the hoverboard is incombustible can last for at least 30 charging cycles and maintains a consistent voltage regulation.


In addition to looking cool, the Swagboard delivers decent performance. The 400W engine rivals most kids’ hoverboards in terms of power and speed, with a high speed of 6 mph.

While the 6.5-inch maintenance-free tires deliver good performance on a variety of surfaces.

The Swagboard can carry riders of up to 185 pounds, so even parents can have a go after their child has had some fun.

The Swagboard is supremely lightweight at 14 pounds, which is perfect for kids to transport by themselves.


  • Unique LED lighting options
  • Lion logo very appealing for kids
  • Speed capped at 6 mph to prevent kids going too fast
  • LiFePo battery for stronger overall performance


  • Reports of charging issues
  • Poor customer service
  • Only a 90-day warranty

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5.  Swagtron Swagboard T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

For Heavy Adults


The Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Hoverboard is an ideal purchase for beginner adult riders who are heavy.

The Outlaw T6 is designed to be robust with 10-inch rugged tires, to ensure that it carries a maximum weight limit of 420 lbs.

The Outlaw T6 is built with Swagtron’s expert balancing technology to ensure the board keeps level during the startup and dismount.

This is an ideal function for adults using a hoverboard for the first time. The hoverboard also includes a Bluetooth speaker which can be connected to a smart app so allowing you to keep the bass booming while riding.


The performance capability of the Outlaw T6 is superior to many of its rivals. The wide rugged tires ensure strong performance across grass, gravel, and sand, giving you the true off-roading experience.

The maximum speed of the Outlaw T6 is 12 mph, and it can cover 12 miles from a full charge. Performance up hills is also stronger, with the Outlaw T6 easily assenting up 30 degrees climbs.

In terms of battery performance, the patented Battery Management System provides riders with battery efficiency and up-to-date reports via the smart app. This gives riders peace of mind when venturing off-road.


  • Can carry heavier adults up to 420 pounds
  • Robust tires can handle true off-roading
  • Bluetooth speaker and smart app connectivity
  • 12 mph high speed


  • Poor customer service
  • Not a long-lasting product
  • Weak reliability

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6. Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard



Designed with a metal aluminum shell, Bluetooth speaker, and LED lights, the Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard is guaranteed to make an impression.

The Gyroor Warrior is fitted with 2 x 350W motors which makes it one of the most powerful hoverboards on the market.

For those wanting to listen to music while hoverboarding, the Gyroor Warrior is designed with a stand-alone speaker which can easily be connected to your smartphone.

The hoverboard is also designed with a self-balancing board which allows beginners to easily master the art of hoverboarding.


The Gyroor Warrior has 8.5-inch solid tires for extra grip and stability on all surfaces and conditions.

The hoverboard includes a 36V battery which can operate well with riders weighing up to 280lbs with a maximum speed of 10 mph. The battery should also last you 11 miles which is great for a full day of use.

The strength of the Gyroor Warrior motors ensures great uphill performance, with the hoverboard able to climb up to 30 degrees with ease.

The product is UL2272 certified which means it has passed all-electric and charging tests, giving you extra peace of mind.


  • High performance across all terrains
  • Powerful motor and uphill performance
  • Large in-built speaker
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for heavy riders


  • Can vibrate while accelerating
  • Charging issues.

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7.  Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard


The Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard combines a vibrant design with strong off-road performance.

The LED light-up wheels give an explosion of color, while the 500W motor gives excellent off-road power.

The innovative Active Balance Technology incorporated into the design provide riders with high levels of stability even on the toughest of terrains

The Flash includes a Bluetooth speaker enabling riders to connect to their smartphone a play some tunes while riding.

Flash also comes with a free smart app that allows riders to control the settings and monitor the battery performance from their phone.


Designed with a 500W dual hub motor, the Flash can reach speeds of up 10 mph and can cover 12 miles on a full charge.

The 6.5-inch wheels are robust and nimble enough to operate well on a range of surfaces, giving you a true off-road experience.

The Flash is equipped with several settings designed to help you manage the speed. This is a great feature for beginners who may be reluctant to go too fast too soon.

Overall, the Flash is a lightweight, affordable hoverboard that will give joy to beginners. The hoverboard does have a lower clearance which can make it vulnerable to scratches.


  • Combines fun design with decent off-road performance
  • Affordable off-road option
  • Decent motor power
  • Large speaker to pump the beats
  • Anti-slip grip mat


  • Low clearance causes scratches
  • Weaker battery life
  • Limited long-term durability

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8. Hover-1 Titan Electric Hoverboard 


The Hover-1 Titan Electric Hoverboard is an affordable off-road hoverboard, providing riders with great battery performance.

The Lithium-ion 36V battery is IPX-4 rated for water resistance and fully charges in 6 hours. Available in four color options, the Titan is designed with 10-inch wheels and a powerful 500W motor.

The Titan incorporates a self-balancing system to ensure dynamic stabilization when climbing on and off the hoverboard.

This balance system, alongside anti-slip foot mats, ensures strong stability during the ride which is essential for beginners.

The Titan also features a built-in Bluetooth speaker as well as a smart app where you can have GPS tracking and play music. The app also allows you to customize the LED lighting pattern.


The Titan performs well on smooth hard surfaces, giving riders a stable and intuitive ride. Compared to other off-road hoverboard options, the Titan may struggle on softer surfaces such as sand.

This is largely due to the Titan being slightly underpowered, with a top speed of 8 mph and covering 8 miles from a full charge.

Despite a lack of power, the Titan holds up well in terms of shock absorption when running over cracks in the road, this is largely due to the robust wheels.


  • Strong battery performance
  • Great exterior color scheme
  • Affordable price
  • Smooth ride on hard surfaces
  • Good shock absorption over cracks


  • Feels underpowered compared to other off-road hoverboards
  • Struggles on soft surfaces

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Beginner Hoverboard

Beginner Hoverboard

The following are the important factors that should be considered before purchasing a beginner hoverboard to ensure that you get the right one:

Motor Power

Hoverboard motor power is a crucial factor to put in your mind. The motor makes the hoverboard move.

The different brands and models of hoverboards have different motor power. Having a powerful motor is better because it helps in balancing your scooter as you ride.

For a beginner, a 250-watt motor is good, but the dual 250-watt motors will help the self-balancing hoverboard to propel better.

This will provide you with more features, more speed, and better performance meaning that the board can scale the steeper hill and carry more weight.

Motors that have less than 300 watts are not good for heavier people. Ensure the motor does not produce vibrations because it will affect the board’s stability. Therefore, choose that motor that gives a smooth-running performance.

Some boards have up to 800 watts which can go through the roughest terrain. Other features are also important because only the motor does not give the general abilities of the hoverboard.

However, strong motors drain batteries faster meaning when it is stronger the batteries get drained faster.

Hoverboard Weight Limit

The weight limit that is appropriate for the hoverboard depends on the person who will be using it. If the user is a younger kid the maximum weight limit should be around 120lbs.

Heavier adults can use it with a weight capacity of 260lbs as it is safer and more stable. Heavier riders should consider a higher weight capacity.

The weight limit determines whether a hoverboard is for you or not because if you are too heavy or too light, the hoverboard may not move.

When you use a hoverboard, you should check its maximum and minimum weight limit.

If you are below the weight limit, the sensors will not work and the hoverboard will not move and if you are above the weight limit, the hoverboard will move slowly and use more power, which is not productive.

The minimum weight limit is 46 pounds while the maximum weight differs as some are 220lbs while others surpass 300lbs.

The hoverboard’s weight is tied to the motor power hence for the hoverboards that don’t show their maximum weight, check the motor to find their maximum weight.

If you are a heavy rider, consider buying an expensive board because the ones with lower weight are cheaper but they are not safe. You can pay the extra cash and get the desirable and safe hoverboard.

Battery And Range

An entry-level board requires a decent range. The range is the distance a hoverboard covers before it can be charged again.

You can have anything from 5 miles to 10+ miles. Less expensive boards have a more limited range and it shows even that some outperform their costlier counterparts.

Therefore, it is very important to check the hoverboard range before you finally decide on buying the board.

Batteries are very important just like motors. It is enjoyable to ride on the self-balancing scooter but if the battery life is very short it pains a lot.

The majority of the hoverboards use lithium-ion batteries that are greatly known for their instability.

This natural instability of these lithium-ion batteries makes them imperative and is carefully tested and certified against electrical and fire hazards. It is good not to skip this because of cheaper prices.

A battery usually goes between 7 to 15 miles before it can be recharged. For a rider who wants to go on a long ride the hoverboards that have ranges are recommended to avoid a dead boat on the way.

For riders who go on short distances, it is not necessary to go very far hence you will be forced to charge the board often.

Batteries that have great quality take a small time to charge around 2-4 hours.


The size of the hoverboard wheel makes a great difference in whether you can ride your board outdoors or indoors.

When you compare the features of a hoverboard, the overall specifications stay the same, but the wheel size differs.

For off-road models, 8.5-inch tires are recommended because they have a stronger climbing ability while those with 10-inch tires are heavy and convenient, and more flexible for field activities.

The ordinary hoverboards use 6.5-inch tires which are sufficient for normal use.

The 6.5-inch tire is good for beginners because it is more or less the standard for all entry-level hoverboards and is designed for smooth surfaces. However, beginners limit themselves to smooth, safe, and even surfaces.

For those who want cool hoverboard moves choose a smaller wheel size. Smooth and small tires are great for riding indoors because they do not scratch tiled or wooden floors and are light.

There are different types of wheels including pneumatic, tubeless, never flat, and many more.

The type of wheel you get depends on the terrain you are riding on. If you want to ride on off-road terrain, one with features such as high-tread and shock-absorbance is a great option.

Speed & Hill Grade

When you get used to riding hoverboards, you will start appreciating a decent top speed.

When starting, keep the board at a slow and steady speed to avoid falling. Most hoverboards designed for beginners have a top speed of about 6 mph.

Best Beginners Hoverboard

Boards with a top speed of 9 to 10 mph are enjoyable to ride but not ideal for kids and beginners as they move too fast.

Some boards come with variable speed control allowing you to increase or reduce the board’s speed using a mobile app.

Another factor to consider is the board’s hill grade, this shows how a board can handle a hill in terms of incline degrees.

Most boards have an incline of between 18 and 30 degrees. As a beginner, take your time and go slow when climbing hills until you master it.

Portability & Weight

Most self-balancing hoverboards designed for beginners weigh about 20 pounds. Some lighter boards weigh around 15 pounds while others are heavier with a weight of about 30 pounds.

As a beginner, you need a hoverboard that is light for you to carry to your practice sessions.

If portability is a priority for you, ensure that you check the board’s weight before buying it.

Since hoverboards have a limited battery life, you will be spending most of your time carrying them around that is why you need to get one with a weight that can be easily carried.


Under no circumstances should you buy a hoverboard that does not have a UL 2272 certification. This is because the certification shows that the board is safe to be used.

Hoverboards that do not have the UL certification are at risk of exploding or catching fire. Therefore, hoverboards without certifications should be avoided even if they are cheaper.

UL certification means that a board has passed through the tests for fire and electrical issues, and they have gone through standard checks for battery, charger system, and electrical drive.

Ensure that you read all the safety instructions provided by the manual to have a safe ride.

Beginner Hoverboards FAQs

The Best Beginner Hoverboard

The following questions are frequently asked by individuals who want to get started with their hoverboarding adventure:

Can You Ride A Hoverboard On The Sidewalk?

Hoverboards are not safe and are not recommended to be ridden on sidewalks because the surface can be slippery or rough, and you may fall and get injured.

Also, sidewalks are full of people, and it is not ethical to ride alongside them fast as you can lose control and hit someone.

Therefore, avoid riding hoverboards or any self-balancing scooters on sidewalks. Find yourself a peaceful pack or beach and enjoy your ride.

Are Hoverboards Easy To Ride?

When done the right way, hoverboards are easy to ride. They work according to your weight as they move in the direction you lean towards.

It is easy to control some hoverboards compared to others, and the main difference is the speed. Hoverboards with slower speeds are easier to ride than those with higher speeds.

For beginners, hoverboards with slow speeds are quick and easy to ride on them without falling and they provide a good mileage with their good battery backup.

How Fast Can Hoverboards Go?

Hoverboards have different speeds depending on the battery, motor power, type of terrain, wheel size, and the weight of the rider.

Most hoverboards have a top speed of between 6 and 13 mph. Those with larger motors and tires move faster with their top speed ranging between 10 and 12 mph.

To ensure that your hoverboard maintains its top speed for a longer period, you should take good care of it by removing any dirt or mud that may be stuck in the wheels after riding.

What Age Range Are Hoverboards Suitable For?

Most manufacturers recommend the minimum age for riding a hoverboard to be 8 years old.

However, some models are designed for young riders between the ages of 6 and 7 years as they have lower maximum speed and added safety features.

Most experts agree that kids who are under five years old should not ride hoverboards because they are not as coordinated and balanced as older kids.

Additionally, most hoverboards have a minimum weight limit of between 40 and 45 pounds, so if your child weighs less than the limit, the board will not start.

How Do Hoverboards Balance?

Hoverboards automatically balance themselves by engaging the gyroscope in the opposite direction.

The hoverboard levels itself backward when you lean forward, and it automatically balances itself forward when you lean backward.

Every wheel comes with its tilt, gyroscope, and speed sensor. The gyroscope becomes active when you put pressure on top of the board and provide data to the microprocessors which sense the pressure and move the hoverboard accordingly.

Final Words

Finding the right hoverboard as a beginner is very important because it can determine whether you like the sport or not.

Consider the motor power, weight limit, speed, safety, portability, hill range, and battery life when shopping for a hoverboard.

All the hoverboards reviewed in this article are great for beginners.

However, our top choice for the best hoverboard for beginners is the Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard because it comes with a self-balancing system that helps you stay balanced and stable as you learn how to hoverboard.

The controls in this hoverboard are easy to learn and it comes with a Bluetooth speaker for you to listen to music as you ride.

It also comes with great tires and a solid build to provide you with adequate support as you begin your adventure.

Whether you are buying a hoverboard for yourself or your kid, you will find one from the above list that satisfies your needs.

Remember to always wear protective gear when riding on a hoverboard to prevent injuring yourself and begin by riding slowly and increase as you gain confidence.


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