Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2022) – Wide Hockey Skates

Hockey players with wide feet often have a challenging time when finding the best hockey skates for wide feet that fits perfectly.

If the skate does not fit you comfortably, you may have a hard time focusing on your game and may even end up with blisters and other injuries in the end.

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

Finding a skate with the correct sizing and fit as well as enough break-in time will ensure that you have great performance in the field.

You can follow the Bauer Performance and CCM Custom fit systems explained in this article to find the perfect fit for your wide feet.

Most manufacturers also provide sizing guidelines in the product package or online to help you find the right skate.

Apart from sizing and fit, you also need to consider speed, protection, comfort, and other features when shopping for wide hockey skates.

Below is a review of the best hockey skates for wide feet including their design, performance, pros, and cons, as well as the sizing systems that you can use to find the right size and fit.

Editor's Choice
Bauer Supreme M4 Hockey Skates

Our choice for the best hockey skates for wide feet is the Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skate. If you are looking for a good skate that offers you performance, the balance of fit, and comfort, this is the best choice. It also offers optimum energy transfer to allow for increased mobility.

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High Performance
Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Hockey Skates

If you are looking for high-performing wide hockey skates and play four to five times a week, the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite is for you. It is lightweight and provides maximum agility and quickness because of the improved flex profile. With this skate, you can choose the type of runner you like.

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Bauer Vapor X3.7 Hockey Skates

For an affordable ice skate, the Bauer Vapor X3.7 is the best choice. This skate is for a skater who plays weekly and looking for performance and comfort at a great value. It comes with a soft microfiber liner to ensure that your feet are comfortable. It is also 4% lighter compared to other models.

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8 Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2022)

Having wide feet can sometimes mean getting the right fit for skates is trickier compared to people with regular or narrow-width feet.

Regardless of your foot size, ensure that the skates you buy fit you properly and are comfortable.

If they are too tight, you may end up with sore feet and you will have a hard time skating. Ice hockey skates that fit you perfectly will improve your overall ability and performance in the game.

1. Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (Editor’s Choice)


The Bauer Supreme M4 hockey skate is designed for a skater who plays two to three times a week and searching for performance, a good balance of fit, and comfort.

It features a form fit+ footbed, felt tongue, metatarsal guard, LS+ runner, and a symmetrical flex facing. All the features are to ensure that you have a comfortable fit and great performance on the ice.

Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates


Over the last few years, Bauer has been focusing on the performance features of Vapor and Supreme skates from an on-ice feel and performance perspective.

These wide hockey skates are differentiated by the different flex points, new materials, and new technologies.

Since it focuses on power, the lower part of the Supreme skates is stiffer to enhance the transfer of energy while the upper part is softer to ensure there is increased mobility.

The exposed metatarsal guard and the Felt tongue offer you protection and comfort in the important parts of the foot.

The 3D flex composite quarter package in this skate provides thermoforming capabilities and great support.

The outsole is constructed using Digi composite which ensures that the skate keeps its lower stiffness to create power in every stride.

Bauer uses Aerofoam and hydrophobic microfiber liner in the interior of the skate to give optimal comfort around the ankle area.

Your foot is kept in place throughout the game as the footbed comes with a Fit+ technology that has memory foam.

The Supreme M4 skates offer you great performance and protection features that make it a terrific value.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Great energy transfer.
  • Increased mobility.
  • Protects the ankles.
  • Great value for money.


  • Could not find one.

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2. Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates

High Performance


The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey skate is made for elite skaters who like to play four to five times a week and looking for a high-performing and lightweight skate that can allow them to be the best on the ice.

With this skate, you can choose the runner you like. It features a foam tongue, composite outsole, asymmetrical toecap, Aerofoam padding, and an improved flex profile for a comfortable fit and support.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates


Bauer uses new technologies, materials, and different flex points on its Vapor skates to ensure that they have great performance.

Since it focuses on quickness, Vapor skates are softer on the lower part for increased response and stiffer on the upper part for enhanced lateral support.

To maximize speed and agility, the kick point of this skate is located in its lower region.

The hyperflex technology combines Outsole and Facing technology to improve the general flex profile of the skate.

It has integrated flex zones on the first four eyelets which helps to enhance the wrapping of the skate to provide more stability.

This allows you to get on the balls of the feet efficiently and quickly hence maximizing the transition and acceleration zones of the blade.

The outsole has a unique construction as it features a flexible material in the back and a rigid composite material in the front.

The rigid material allows you to maximize the transfer of energy during the acceleration phase of each stride.

The Aerolite foam material in the tongue provides excellent comfort, support, flexibility, and protection as well as minimizes the weight of the skate.

The toe-cap is asymmetrical to minimize the volume of the skate for an improved low-profile fit and push-off with every stride.

The Aerofoam pro padding offers optimal comfort for the ankle and foot and makes the skate lighter which appeals to agile and quick players.

You can select the runner of your choice between the Carbonlite, Pulse TI, and Pulse runners and they come in separate packaging.

The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite skate provides a great combination of trusted features and new technologies, giving players a pair of lightweight and flexible skates that help with flexibility and agility with every stride.


  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent comfort, support, and protection.
  • You can choose the runner you like.
  • Better wrap and stability.


  • Poor plastic lacing system.

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3. Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates



The Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey skate is designed for a skater who plays weekly and looking for a skate that offers great performance and good comfort at an excellent value.

To ensure that you have optimal comfort, support, flexibility, and feel, the Vapor X3.7 skates feature a soft microfiber liner, foam ankle padding, foam footbed, and are 4% lighter.

Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates


The Bauer Vapor X3.7 understands the value of graphic appeal and comfort. To amplify the visual richness of this skate, Bauer has invested in digital printing capabilities.

The boot is 3D injected composite which makes this skate 4% lighter compared to other models on the market.

The interior of the boot has a combination of microfiber liner and memory foam padding.

The padding is put in the ankle region so that your foot is wrapped comfortably, and the liner ensures that you have good support and extra comfort throughout the game.

The footbed at the bottom of the boot provides a good feel and support. The two-piece tongue and the liner at the top of the skate provide extra flexibility and comfort.

The Vapor X3.7 comes with the LS1 runner and Lightspeed EDGE holder which provides good blade durability at this value.

While there are benefits to buying a higher-end skate, especially if you want to improve your performance, the Bauer Vapor X3.7 still has features that are quality and offer you the flexibility and comfort that you need.


  • Lightweight.
  • Great support and stability.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to swap blades.


  • Not suitable for skating daily.

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4. CCM Jetspeed FT485 Ice Hockey Skates

For Beginners


If you are a player that is looking for a skate with solid performance features and some top technologies, the CCM Jetspeed FT485 is for you.

It comes with a great value, and you can skate with it two to three times a week.

It features a one-piece boot for a direct energy transfer and a closer fit. It also comes with an interchangeable tongue, stainless steel runners, and TotalDri liner for comfort and great performance.

CCM Jetspeed FT485 Ice Hockey Skates


Finding the right fit for your feet will ensure that you have a good performance in your game. If you are not sure about your measurements, visit your local Pure Hockey to get the necessary help.

CCM Jetspeed FT485 provides a wide or regular fit depending on your feet to allow for a closer fit, customized feel, and faster strides.

The FT485 hockey skate comes with a one-piece boot that is made of composite material to provide players with acceleration and performance as well as a direct transfer of energy.

It has a lower stiff index than the FT4 and FT4 Pro, but it still provides enough support and is lightweight.

The XS tongue is interchangeable which takes protection and comfort to a new level.

This tongue system provides players with options for switching the inserts, meaning they can either decrease or increase the boot volume for the best fit because of the change in thickness.

The three tongue options include the thin 4mm, standard 7mm, and thick 10mm.

The liner and the pads wrap around the feet anatomically helping with resisting abrasions and wicking away the moisture to keep your feet dry.

The footbed is made of 5% recycled rubber to provide ideal support and a lightweight feel. The runner and the holder offer a durable edge for long-lasting performance.


  • Affordable.
  • Faster strides.
  • Great performance and comfort.
  • Ability to switch the tongue.
  • Lightweight.


  • Hard to break into.

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5. TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Skates


If you are looking for a best-in-class fit, lightweight, and performance benefits that are synonymous with TRUE Skates, then the TF9 is the one for you.

It features a thermoformable shell, adjustable tongue system, SHIFT holder, and a personalized fit system to ensure you are comfortable throughout your game.



TRUE uses a one-piece shell construction to make a thermoformable boot that provides superior protection, removes any weak points around the regions with high impact, and wraps the toe box comfortably.

The insole system is personalized and comes with fit systems that can accommodate high, mid, and low arch feet.

To ensure a proper fit and easy positioning, the fit insert placements are marked on the insole.

The moisture-wicking and anti-microbial liner ensure that your feet are always dry and the foam construction provides you with superior support.

The anatomical tongue is lightweight and has a contoured and stiff design for enhanced comfort. The T-Guard inserts provide maximum protection against impact and prevent lace bites.

The BenchChange technology found in the SHIFT holder enables faster and easy replacement of blade without using a magnetized blade change tool.

The runner is made of premium steel and has a coated finish for better edge retention.


  • Provides anatomical fit.
  • Accommodates all types of feet with the arch inserts.
  • Keeps your feet dry.
  • Provides superior protection.


  • Issues with sizing.
  • It takes time to get used to the stiffness of the boot.

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6. CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Skates


CCM Tacks AS-V Pro skates come with the newer fit profile tapered, regular and wide.

They are made with One-Piece Boot power that provides the modern power with intense strides and explosiveness. Skaters get a closer fit and direct energy transfer.

The Powerful tendon has improved range of motion for fuller strides and increased skating power.

They have replaceable foam, a 7mm tongue with asymmetrical flex point, and embedded D30 smart material.

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Skates


The skates have exclusive one-piece boot technology that is made for skaters with explosive stride. It is made of composite with carbon.

It uses premium materials and provides high energy transfer when ice skating. They also have a thermoformable core for a more customized fit.

The Tack AS-V has a tendon guard with carbon for an increased range of motion during the strides enhancing power.

It also has a tongue with D30 foam which is multi-layered with a thickness of 7mm. it has an asymmetrical flex point to help wrap the feet closely as well as protection.

Inside of the boot has a liner that helps to wick away moisture from the feet while keeping them dry and lighter on the ice.

This is because it has enhanced durability and treatment to keep the odor away.

Beneath the foot is molded footbed with a help grip for lightweight and enhanced support and comfort. The CCM is also environmentally conscious because of the recycled EVA foam.

It also has a one-piece boot made from lightweight composite for enhanced energy transfer.

CCM also uses the Speedblade XS holder that features a quick release with the blade lock system for easy swapping out steel.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Offer great power when skating


  • Could not find one

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7. Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates


This skate was designed for those who play two to three times per week and wants performance, comfort, and fit. It is very light with a weight reduction of about 6.5%.

When buying a new pair of skates focus on the fit when unsure of which skate model or line fits your foot best.

This Vapor 3X is a full composite boot that offers great support and thermoforming capabilities.

Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates


The Vapor 3X provides skaters with the right fit and great low-profile option and great performance features that make the skate a terrific value.

It has the Flex Composite Outsole which is a 3D composite boot that lasts and offers great support as well as thermoforming capabilities.

The tongue is 40oz with a comfortable lining that offers a balance, great feel, and support.

It has the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder with the LS+ Runner for longer-lasting edges and better quality.

It also has a Hydrophobic liner with a comfortable edge. This high-performance material is moisture-wicking and has grip properties that help wick sweat away while keeping the feet secured.

They also have a Memory foam lining underneath for the perfect comfort as soon as you wear the skate.

The hydrolite liner is one of the key upgrades of this skate that ensures you get optimal comfort and keep the skate and your feet dry.

The outsole is a Pro TPU to allow the skate to the lower kick point for better agility and quickness. The 3D lasted composite provides elite support while keeping the skate lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable
  • Great performance


  • Could not find one

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8. CCM Ribcor 100K Ice Hockey Skates


The CCM Ribcor is a Pro skate uniquely made to help in maximizing the agility of the skate on the ice. The very first Ribcor features the CCM’s new one-piece boot flex technology.

The whole skate is designed to increase the motion range and maximum performance.

The Flex motion Tongue is paired with a new flexible tendon guard to offer a great feeling and the ability to maneuver sharp turns and strides.

CCM Ribcor 100K Ice Hockey Skates


The skate has a One-piece boot for improved agility and pure performance. This technology helps players to get closer fit and direct energy transfer for faster strides.

This one-piece boot flex gives excellent forward flexion so that players can generate power and stability, increasing agility on the ice.

The skate features carbon-coated technology and high-quality steel for phenomenal glide and superior edge hardness.

Increased blade height allows the player to dig in the ice with great confidence and control.

This new Flex motion tongue has a design that helps players increase the forward flexion.

It has a ribbed design on the tongue to allow the player to go deep into the strides while providing excellent lace bite protection.

The RFM Composite material is a lightweight material with a flexible structure. The flexible core offers a good fit and improved biomechanics during every stride.

It has a TotalDri Comfort liner which is a high-performance moisture-wicking material that keeps your skate light and your feet dry. It is also combined with seamless assembly for great comfort.

There are extra comfort memory foam pads that wrap around the foot of the player for customized fit and improved comfort.

It has a replaceable Flexmotion tongue designed for increased forward flexion There is a soft pad around the top of the boot.


  • Comfortable memory foam pads for a customized fit
  • Flexible composite material for improved biomechanics.
  • It has a TotalDri comfort liner to keep the skate light and the feet dry.


  • Expensive

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Bauer Performance Fit System Explained

Bauer 2020 announced they were changing how their skates fit by moving to the new performance fit system.

The greatest advantage of the change is that the skaters can choose their skates not only on the width but they can choose them on the level of performance as well.

Skaters who have wide feet previously had limited options because they used to buy skates based on how good the skates fit rather than how they skated or the position they played.

However, current skates of all foot widths can access various lines. The Bauer Vapor line is made for skaters who are looking for more speed.

The Bauer Supreme line works better for skates with longer strides and also for those who want to optimize their range of motion.

The Bauer Nexus line was removed because it was not keeping up with the rest of the lines as far as technology is considered, therefore, one has to choose between Supreme or Vapor even with wide feet.

Bauer collected thousands of feet and came up with three fit fits that came out of their 3D skate Lab scan to identify the width, instep, and foot depth of the skate.

These new fits combined with baking allow the skater to get the best fit ever.

Best_Hockey_Skates_For_Wide_Feet 2022

Bauer Fit 1 

This is a low-profile fit. It is similar to the former Vapor D width which has been popular for several years now.

The normal Vapor users will feel okay in this new Fit 1 because it has a shallow heel pocket, low volume, and low instep to get the tightest fit around the ankle as well as the narrowest of the three.

The Vapor Fit 1 skates are found in 2X, 2X Po, and X2.9 models.

Bauer Fit 2

This is for Mid profile fit. It is the same as the former Supreme D width that is also popular. It features a mid-heel pocket and caters to skaters who need a slightly higher instep.

And increased volume at the ankle and wider forefoot width. The Ultrasonic, 3S, and 3S pro models use this fit.

Bauer Fit 3

This is for players that need the most volume. It is the least common. It caters to a specific type of foot.

Players looking for volume have a deep heel pocket a taller instep and wider width. Models using this Fit are 2X Pro, 2x, and X2.9.

CCM Performance Fit System Explained

Wide Hockey Skates

The performance fit system is a New Custom Fit system that was launched by CCM that cannot allow players to use their performance features to select skates instead of using any line that fits their feet.

CCM provided three different fits in the Jetspeed and Ribcor skates lines that provide a skater with an opportunity to choose the skate that suits their game.

The CCM has a 3D Fit Scanner that allows the accurate measurement of the foot of the player to get the best fit of their foot. These three fits that are offered by CCM ensure that the width, depth, and instep of the foot are accounted for.

Regular Fit Skates 

Regular skate is designed for the mid-profile foot. This fit is like the traditional Tacks D width which used to be a famous fit.

The Tack users who have slightly higher instep should feel extremely good when they are using the regular fit skates. These regular fit features have an increased volume in the mid-heel pocket, and wider forefoot and ankle wrap.

Wide Fit Skates 

Wide feet skates are specifically designed for the skaters who need the most volume for their feet.

The wide fit caters to a specific foot type and is similar to the EE size hence it being the least common fit. This fit is suitable for players who want a deep heel pocket, taller instep, and wider overall skate.

Players can find the full volume fit in the Jetspeed FT4 Pro, FT485 FT4, and FT475 models and the CCM Ribcor 100k Pro, 90K, 88K, and 86K models.

Tapered Fit Skates

These Fit skates have been famous for years and similar to the previous Jetspeed D width.

This new tapered fit has a low instep. Low foot volume and shallow heel pocket will make traditional Jetspeed users feel good because it is the narrowest of the three fits as well as allow the tightest fit around the ankle wrap.

Skaters can get the same low-profile fit in the 2021 FT4 skates, Ribcor 100k Pro skates, and the 2021 CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro.

Hockey Skate Sizing

You could probably know that you have wide feet, but it is also good to ensure you understand what a good fit should be.

Therefore, you need to identify your foot type whether it is regular, narrow, wide, or extra wide.

The typical wide feet labels are wide, regular, and extra-wide feet.

For those who are not certain about the type of skate to get they can measure their feet to be certain. Ensure to check on the thickness of the ankles and feet and the width from toe to toe.

The Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

Every brand of hockey skates has its sizing chart. They have different classifications under one product. It is good to be informed about the right collection names.

Skates have labels that help identify the right fit. It helps in determining the right fit for your feet. There are widest feet (EE), Wide feet(E), regular feet(R), standard fit(D), and narrow fit(C).

The Difference Between Wide Hockey Skates And Hockey Skates For Flat Feet

Flat and wide feet are not similar. The wide foot is a dimensional term while a flat foot is a medical condition.

Although they are mostly combined as one flat feet skates and wide feet skates. The wide feet skates are described as having a wider toebox than the standard width of the skate.

Therefore, wide hockey skates are made to be wider in the toe box to ensure that the feet are comfortable enough.

The flat feet skates are meant for skaters with low or fallen arches on their feet. It does not have anything to do with your feet’s width but meant that you need skates with larger support.

More supportive skates will lift the fallen arch and protect the rest of the feet while skating.

Final Words

Taking your time to find the right hockey skate for wide feet is important because you do not want to spend a lot of money only to end up with a skate that does not fit you well.

Additionally, the wrong skate will affect your performance, comfort, and focus on the game.

Our choice for the best hockey skates for wide feet is the Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skate.

If you are looking for a good skate that offers you performance, the balance of fit, and comfort, this is the best choice. It also offers optimum energy transfer to allow for increased mobility.

The list of skates in this article will narrow down your search for the perfect wide feet hockey skates. Before buying a skate, ensure that you try it and check whether it is comfortable and does not lower your performance level.


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