Best Aggressive Inline Skates (2023)

Purchasing the best aggressive inline skates is not just a matter of spending a lot of cash but also finding the right skate that fits your feet and needs.

The right aggressive inline skates should have stable wheels, sturdy construction, flexible parts, durable boot, and supportive straps.

Best Aggressive Inline Skates

You should be aware that there are counterfeit skates in the market that may not provide you with the comfortable and smooth ride you are looking for.

Finding the right aggressive skate makes a huge difference in what you can do and what you can’t.

Since aggressive inline skating needs specific equipment due to the large variety of tricks that can be done, regular skates cannot be used.

However, due to the high demand, there are plenty of aggressive skates in the market to choose from which makes it hard for beginners to find the right one.

This article will provide you with reviews of the different options for the best rollerblades for tricks that you can choose from. Also, there is a guide to help you find a good pair of skates.

Editor's Choice
Rollerblade Blank SK Inline Skates

Our Rating - 100%

Our choice for the best aggressive inline skates is the Rollerblade Blank SK skate because it is designed with the support, protection, and cushioning you need for aggressive skating. The anti-rocker configuration of the wheels is meant to give you speed and the liner is well ventilated to keep your feet dry. 

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Roces Fifth Element Savosin

Our Rating - 97%

These skates feature a polyurethane shell that allows the skate to give you a supportive and ridged feel. They come with an anatomical footbed and lightweight liner to provide improved cushioning and comfort. 

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10 Best Aggressive Inline Skates (2023)

The following are the best aggressive inline skates including how they are designed, how they perform on different skating surfaces as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

This section explains the different types of aggressive skates including the high-performing ones, those good for beginners, and the affordable ones.

Understanding the design and performance of an aggressive inline skate will help you in buying the right one. Therefore, you must do your research before investing your money in just any skate available in the market.

1. Rollerblade Blank SK Inline Skates

Best Aggressive Inline Skates (Editor’s Choice)


Rollerblade Blank SK Inline skate is designed with thoughtful details and innovative features to give you the performance you need.

It comes with a Blank shell to protect and support the skate while still being fashionable. The midsole has an open core which is directly mounted to the frame to offer a low center of gravity.

The liner comes with strategic padding that enhances the comfort of the skates as well as provides a secure fit for optimum performance.

The bearings, wheels, and frames ensure that this inline skate rolls smoothly on the streets.

Rollerblade Blank SK Aggressive Inline Skates


This aggressive inline skate is designed for park and street skating. If you are looking for performance and creativity, the Blank SK skate is for you.

The soleplate and Blank shell add style, durability, and function to the skate. The boot comes with an improved cuff wrap, anatomical design, and a buckle closure system.

The stretch toe box and the insole help in providing the perfect fit by accommodating the foot’s anatomy. The heel has silicone strips that keep the line in place, the lacing system ensures that you have a precision fit, and the rubber outsole gives more durability to the skate.

The liner has a built-in shock absorber that protects the heel from the shock caused by big impacts from street skating. The frame has a lower H-block that works with anti-rocker or flat-rocker grind wheels for durability and versatile skating.

The hydrogen wheels are made of a urethane formula to provide excellent wear, less vibration, and ultimate performance.


  • Fashionable but still functional.
  • Made of durable material.
  • Provides a perfect fit.
  • Has features for maximum performance.


  • Could not find one.

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2. Roces 1992 Aggressive Inline Skate



If you want to take your skating back to the 90s, the Roces 1992 is the right one for you. This skate was launched in 1992 but has been reintroduced into the market again with a fun look that you will like.

They provide you with a supportive and rigid feel because the shell is constructed using recycled polyurethane.

Roces 1992 Inline Skates


To ensure that you get a great performance, the interior of this skate comes with an anatomical footbed and a liner for a comfortable fit, cushioning, and lightweight feel.

It features an Aeroplus frame that holds the bearings and wheels, giving you a great combination of both control and speed which is suitable for urban skating.

The Polyurethane shell comes with an adjustable buckle that offers a stable and secure feel. This skate provides a nice ratio between price and performance.

This is the perfect skate for you if you like exercising and commuting with inline skates. The boot has a hard construction to offer great support and power transfer.

The power strap closure provides added control and a secure fit. They come in extra small sizes, therefore you should buy two sizes up from your normal shoe size.


  • Comfortable boot.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • High quality.
  • Lightweight.


  • Takes longer to ship.
  • Narrow skate.

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3. Flying Eagle FSK Enkidu Aggressive Skates


The strong support makes these skates a good choice for a performance skater. The ground plate located on the boot allows fine grinding, and the configuration of the wheel and its size create a smooth ride.

They have Featherlite frames that put minimum stress on the skates. The design is also streamlined to achieve a swift and simple skating experience.

Flying Eagle Aggressive Skates


The heels are fitted with a PU cushion. This cushion is moderate in softness and hardness and helps in absorbing the ground vibration effectively when skating as well as making you comfortable.

The insole has a memory sponge and thickening that is soft and comfortable. The wide base design is great for the skaters’ balance.

The boots are porous and breathable. The ABEC 7 bearings help the skates to spin well. The wheels have a hardness of 90A that ensures the best jumps and grinds.

They have buckle closure that provides a snug fit, and the ground plate makes the rollerblades good for the execution of different tricks aggressive skating styles.

The skates provide smooth rides on rough surfaces and fit as expected. They also have a lightweight frame that provides quick speed.


  • Sturdy straps for a firm fit.
  • The streamlined design ensures a swift experience
  • Wide-base design for great balance.


  • None found

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4. Roces Aggressive Street Inline Skates



The Roces Aggressive Street skates are securely designed to ensure that you have 100% safety.

These skates have liners and shells. The insoles also have shock absorbers and a padded strap.


The skate has 56mm wheels that are comprehensive and sturdy which enhances stability. These are recommended for beginners.

The lace buckles are made of aluminum memory. They are good-looking and of high strength. The laces are sturdy and can withstand intense friction.

They have liners with anatomic padding and are resistant to wear. The shell is made of polyurethane which ensures longevity and insoles have shock-absorbing mechanisms to reduce the pain impact when learning new tricks.

The frames have glass reinforcement. The rollerblades ensure comfort and are worth a try.

They have maximum internal cushioning that makes them comfy, and the top closing strap is padded for the ankles’ safety.


  • The aluminum buckles are durable and attractive
  • The wide wheels increase stability
  • The glass frames improve the appearance
  • The footbed makes them good for street skating.


  • Frames have glass reinforcement hence not durable.

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5. USD Aeon 60 Team XXI

High Performance


This skate is an excellent aggressive skate that is ready for Skate Park and provides excellent performance.

The skates are complete with 60mm wheels that come with aluminum cores and smooth bearings that help the skater ready reach their full potential.


The USD Aeon 60 team XXI is the highest to be released so far with amazing new features.

This skate has a Unibody design that incorporates the frame and the boot into a single piece hence reducing the weight and providing the skaters a lower center of gravity for superb stability, power transfer, and control.

The skate has a wide soleplate and massive H-block area to give all the tools needed to push the skaters’ limits and be able to discover what they are capable of.

The liner in these skates improves comfort and control. The new thick shock absorbers provide excellent cushioning.


  • Heat moldable
  • Provide stability, control, and power transfer
  • Comfortable
  • Thick shock absorbers for cushioning


  • Not enough ankle support

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6. K2 Unnatural Inline Skates


These skates are designed for hard-charging skaters who are looking to push the boundaries of the sport. They have a black and rich leather-textured upper with 60mm wheels.

They also have a reinforced soft boot construction on the upper and replaceable mid-foot power-strap as well as a ratchet buckle cuff. The shock-absorbing footbed adds comfort


The skate has a streamlined design and a sleek look. They have a large wheel configuration of 60mm, providing users with a smooth skating experience and increased speed.

The frame has frames spacers and a high-collar soft boot liner to improve comfort. The soleplate is made of a hard piece that can last long.

The outsole and high-performance composite material ensure that the users get a more controlled ride while accounting for their acceleration and speed.

The wheels have an 88A durometer and are located within a durable frame that prevents wear and tear.

They also come with traditional lacing systems which can be customized on the slides and cuffs. The ABEC 5 bearings make the skates the best for recreational use.

They have a straight wheel setup with shock absorbers that help smooth landing and minimize the impact on the feet.


  • Traditional lacing that can be customized.
  • The aggressive cuff offers more support.
  • The frame has spacers that enable changing of wheels easily.


  • Could not find any

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7. Aggressive Inline Skates Blazer

Best Aggressive Inline Skates For Beginners


The aggressive inline skates Blazer is smooth and very nice for a roadshow. These inline skates are good for those starting and those returning to skating after a while. They are comfier and more economical.


These skates are good because their bearings last longer and are high-performing. They also provide toughness and resistance when gliding.

Another great feature is the heavy-duty boots on these skates because they have thick and tough material which lasts longer.

The heel lock power strap provides comfort when skating. The heel locks provide stability and safety and prevent trauma from the toenails and keep the heel in the correct position.

Since aggressive inline skates need more support, Blazer skates are designed for improved ankle support.

The Nylon chassis give excellent abrasion resistance. Wheels are 57mm size hence highly durable and offer great maneuverability.


  • Best for amateurs
  • Economical
  • Durable rails and sides
  • Great boots and frames


  • Skates are heavier than normal
  • The wheels are not so good.

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8. USD Sway Team 57 Aggressive Skates


The skates have a hard composite shell, cuff, and soul plate. The skates’ closures are of top-quality buckle and laces.

These skates also have dual-fit liners that do not heat for molding. They have Wicked ABEC 5 bearings and wheels of size 57mm and hardness of 89A.


The new design skate has a shell that is simple yet effective with a lot of support and is made of high-impact composite material that is abrasion-resistant and wears.

The USD Basic liners have a good fit and function well. The shock absorbers that are added provide more comfort and reduce the impact of the stunts and gaps.

The frame features a very perfect groove from the flat set up and is out of legendary fluid frame material. They have a high composite material that will take all abuse.

The wheels are long-lasting, super-fast, and are 57mm with ABEC 5 rating bearings with the axles that are heat-treated and provide the roll of a high speed.


  • Heat-treated axles ensure high speed.
  • Long-lasting and fast.


  • Could not find any.

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9. Rollerblade NJ Team Street Inline Skates


These are rollerblades that have elegant construction and ensure safety and durability for the skater. The liners in these skates have a cushion which makes them comfier.

The shock absorbers are located on the heels which ensures protection when one is trying new styles. They have 58mm wheels that have sturdy construction. They also have an anti-rocker frame set up for rail rocking.


The wheels of these skates are extensive and enhance stability. Therefore, they are safe for professionals or beginners who want to try unique styles.

Rollerblades wear and tear quickly, especially for regular skaters, therefore, they should not wonder if their skates wear out faster than expected.

The NJ team rollerblades have components that can be replaced instead of getting a new pair. The wheels have a sturdy and quiet construction that helps in withstanding intense friction.

Frames are great and loveable because they are highly versatile and made of the Zytel material that improves longevity.

These frames also have super locks that make navigating through obstacles easily hence perfect for streets.

They also have an anti-rocker and flat design which helps to lower the center of gravity and in turn increases stability. The anti-rocker design leaves wide gaps on wheels which improves the stability.


  • The shock absorbers allow learning of new styles.
  • Wide wheels improve stability for safety
  • The sturdy construction ensures longevity.
  • Flexible parts that allow replacements
  • The flat design reduces accident risks


  • No lights for night skating

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10. Razors Genesys G11 Aggressive Skates


The Razor G11 skates have been popular since their release 10 years ago. Most professionals have trusted the boot for years and they are supportive, sturdy, and flexible and provide users with changeable grinds, backslide plating, soul frame.

These skates have a liner with extra thick padding and perfectly aligned plate grooves as well as an oversized heel pad.


The skates are flexible, supportive, and sturdy. The changeable soul and backslide frames and grinds provide extra strength support and flexibility. The thick padding and liners are extremely comfortable and reliable. This proper support can be attributed to the 42mm heel and anti-rocker wheels.


  • The Sole frame is replaceable.
  • The backslide plate is replaceable.
  • The extra-thick padding provides comfort.


  • Could not find any

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Aggressive Inline Skates

Aggressive Inline Skates Features

Aggressive Wheels

The wheels of aggressive inline skates are great for streets and park skating.

The typical size of the wheels of these skates is between 54-64mm because small wheel sizes make it easier for the skater to do stunts.

The durometer of Aggressive wheels lies between 86-95A which are hard wheels. The hard wheels help the skater to be able to slide because of less surface grip which hinders the wheels from sticking to the surface.

The wheels of aggressive skates should have a wider wheel design to help in increasing the contact surface area. They should also have heavy-duty construction to increase durability.

These are two types of wheels flat wheels and anti-rocker wheels. Flats wheels increase the skating speed but are poor in grinding while anti-rocker wheels have slower speed but are good in grinding and jumping.


There are bearings inside the wheel so that they ensure the spinning of the wheels.

Aggressive wheels need regular replacement of bearings with the new ones because the aggressive wheels are usually subject to a lot of hard impacts.

Replacement of bearings with the new ones will ensure that the skater has a good roll thus providing great circumstances to perform better stunts.

Bearings are usually found in spare parts. SkatePro Company usually specifies their bearings according to the ABEC scale of 1-9 and this defines the precision of the bearings.

When ABEC rating is high there is a better rolling experience. However, the ABEC rating does not indicate the durability of the bearings.

Therefore, it is recommended to get the bearings from a recognized brand instead of giving much attention to the ABEC rating.

The common bearings are the standard steel bearing that a beginner can settle for. Professionals can go for the roller bones or the bionic ABEC 7 bearings.

For the type that a skater chooses they should ensure longevity. High-quality bearings guarantee smooth wheel movements.

Aggressive Skate Frames

The different types of frames that are found on aggressive skates allow a certain setup of the wheel.

The choice of one set up over the other depends on the personal skating style that one develops over some time. Every setup has the following advantages:

Anti-rocker has two small grind wheels and two big wheels that make the grinding a lot easier.

This setup has the great advantage of locking better when one grinds for increased control. The anti-rocker is the standard setup for aggressive inline skates.

A flat setup consisting of four equally sized wheels makes the skate more maneuverable.

The Freestyle setup consists of two wheels without any possibility of having wheels that are in the middle of the frame.

This will allow the skater to grind objects that do not possibly allot one to grind like rolling on a tree stump. This will allow the skater to express their creative side.


The aggressive skates are designed with a hard shell that has reinforcement on the exposed areas to allow them to withstand all the many hard landings and beatings.

This hardshell will allow the aggressive boots to be more durable and have a longer life span so that the skater can enjoy them for a longer time.

Because of this reinforcement, the boots of aggressive skates are heavier than other types of boots. It is also great to replace the wearing parts such as backslide plates and the soul plates.

This will help in keeping your feet safe and have an awesome roll across the street.


The inner boot of the aggressive skate is referred to as the liner.

A good liner provides great support to the ankle and foot and usually has thick padding to minimize the hard landings impacts to maintain the comfort of the boots.

Most models make it possible to exchange a line with a new one if it wears out. The liners can also be exchanged to obtain a better fit if the skater is not satisfied with the original fit.

This will help in avoiding having to heat mold the boots when you want to change their fit.

When you want to change ensure you find the liners that are specifically made for the aggressive skates.

The aggressive skate liners are designed with better padding; they provide great support around the ankles with a better grip on the heels, so that one can avoid a wobbly fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between aggressive and fitness inline skates?

Inline skates are most likely to be confused for aggressive inline skates. However, they are closely related. Inline skates mostly have up to five wheels arranged in a line and are a multidisciplinary sport that facilitates fast maneuverability.

Aggressive inline skates, on the other hand, are used for aggressive skating which a sub-discipline of inline skating.

It has a slight modification to enable the skater to execute many tricks. The aggressive inline skates accommodate the jumping of significant gaps.

Aggressive rollerblades have a hard plastic that supports the wearer’s ankle, and this enables a skater to perform many demanding tricks.

Why Do Some Aggressive Skates Have Two Smaller Wheels in The Middle?

The two smaller wheels in the middle of aggressive skates are known as anti-rocker wheels. These wheels assist the skater when landing a trick onto the H-block.

When a skater is on a ledge or coping and the skates turn the middle wheels helps in not rubbing on the coping.

Some of the aggressive skates have two wheels at the outside of the frame, while other models replace the inner two wheels with the smaller wheels made of high-density material.

The model with four wheels might rock on irregular surfaces with the outer wheels, which allow the skater to achieve the half-weight distribution.

These anti rocker wheels allow the skater to grind obstacles with higher diameters.

Do Aggressive Inline Skates Have Breaks? 

Aggressive skates do not have brakes. Skates with no brakes may be risky to beginners and intermediate skaters. Brakes are important for safety, and they hamper performance too.

The reason why the aggressive inline skates do not have brake systems is that; they interfere with performance and the ability to grind rails and hit jumps.

The aggressive inline skates do not have brakes but use a technique known as T-stop when a skater wants to stop while skating.

The T-stop involves positioning one of the skates behind the other skate in a perpendicular position and dragging the skate slowly till you come to a stop.

The downward pressure is what helps you stop because it creates friction with the wheels.

Final Words

Understanding the different parts of an aggressive inline skate will enable you to buy the best one for your skating and personal needs.

You need to check the main components of these skates including the frame, wheels, and bearings as the construction of aggressive inline skates are modified to accommodate grinds and jumping.

From this article, our pick for the best aggressive inline skate is the Rollerblade Blank SK Inline Skates because it comes with a PU cushion that is moderate in softness and hardness.

This feature enables these skates to absorb the ground’s vibration effectively when skating as well as make your feet feel comfortable. This means you can do endless tricks when wearing them without injuring your feet.

With the reviews, detailed buying guide, and answers from the FAQs, you should be able to find the best inline skates for your aggressive skating and have more knowledge about the sport.


Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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