Are Quad Skates Good For Beginners?

You can assume from the name that quad skates are four-wheeled skates. Usually, these pairs of skates have a group of wheels at the front and another group at the back of the skates.

They have gained huge popularity now. So, as someone new to the sport you may ask, are quad skates good for beginners? In this article, I will discuss this in detail.

Are Quad Skates Good For Beginners

Quad skates are the perfect and easiest option for anyone who is eager to learn skating. If you have no idea about skating but want to start sooner, always start with quad skates.

For any beginner at skating, learning about the different kinds of skates available and knowing which one is the best is very important.

You need to know how long it can take to learn to skate with quad skates. Also, it’s so easy that you can just practice on your own! So, to have a brief overview of quad skating, I suggest you read the entire article.

Are Quad Skates Hard For Beginners?

No, absolutely not! Quad skates are your go-to skates if you are just a beginner at skating. It is easy to learn and maneuver, with a very short learning curve.

Often, skating beginners fear even starting skating. The reason behind this is that most of them do not know about the different types of skates available and the purpose of using them.

Not all roller skates are the same kind. There is a difference in configuration, structure, maneuvering, use, etc.

Beginners Quad Skates

In fact, the decision to buy skates will depend on what purpose you are going to use them for. If you are simply a beginner with no experience in skating, the best choice for you is quad skates.

Basically, these are the kind of roller skates that have two sets of wheels. Hence the name, quad.

The advantage of having four wheels is that it allows you to turn quickly, twist, grip, balance, etc. For any beginner, it is always best to start with something simple and easy.

And quad skates are no exception to this. In fact, most people even learn to dance on skates by practicing with quad rollers! Quads are your best friends if you are a beginner!

On the other hand, with two-wheelers, the sudden turns, balancing, etc., are kind of difficult to perform. It’s kind of hard to master skating by practicing with two-wheelers from the beginning.

Also, there are many other kinds of skates, like inline skates, aggressive skates, high-tops, mid-tops, low-tops, etc. Inline skates are also popular as rollerblades.

These kinds of skates have a series of wheels, say, two to five wheels in them. The wheels are arranged in a frame. It changes the entire configuration and mechanism of the skates.

Usually, you can brake quickly by exerting force on the front part with roller skates or quad skates. That is, they have a toe stop.

The rear part doesn’t have much role in braking here. That’s how most people are taught skating as a beginner.

The structure of a quad skate is often compared to that of a four-wheeler car. Like a four-wheeled vehicle, it has two wheels at the front and two others at the back. Inline skates are different as they can have two to five wheels!

Quad Skates For Beginners

However, in the case of inline skates, the brakes are at the rear side. So, it would help if you learned to work on your heels more while practicing with inline skates. See the differences?

Skating requires your utmost concentration. Yes, it’s normal to have injuries or fall into minor accidents once in a while during your practice.

But if you are doing something that is out of your comfort zone, it is sure to hurt you more brutally! So, why not start with something that is actually easier and simpler to try!

In addition, quad skates are relatively slow-speed skates. They don’t have momentum quickly. It will depend on how you maneuver the skates. Of course, to learn high-speed skating, inline skates are the best.

But as a beginner, you must start with a slow speed and then gradually learn to adjust with an increase in speed. You must learn to skate on smooth surfaces first or just practice indoors.

For all these purposes, the best option is the quad skate. It isn’t hard at all! It is, instead, the best choice you can make!

How To Choose Your Skates As A Beginner?

There are a number of things you need to bear in mind before you decide to buy your first pair of skates, or even before you start skating.

You should note these down in your beginner’s guide! There are factors that you should check to ensure your safety, ease of learning, comfort, and time effectiveness.

First of all, the most crucial factor is the ABEC skate bearing. It is a marker, or you can say a scale that decides the safety range of your skates.

A score of 1 to 7 can be considered safe for practice. Don’t increase too much speed on your first attempts. It would be best if you played safe.

Secondly, start with quad skates with small wheels. Large wheels can be hard to control as a beginner. The smaller wheels take time to accelerate or increase the speed.

Indoor And Outdoor Quad Skates

So, go for smaller and comparatively flatter wheels. They will help you to achieve good stability and greater resistance.

After that, you can check the material of the skates. If it contains leather or any such material, and if you are allergic to the skate material, the consequences can be fatal.

You might have to go to the emergency room even without encountering any accidents!

Lastly, take notes of the skate boot style. Usually, high-top skates have good ankle stability. So, it can help you from falling off. So, always try to prefer high-top quad skates in these cases.

Even if you buy a pair of quad skates, it’s vital that you keep all these factors in mind and then choose your favorite.

Inline skates are good, too, but you must start with harmless stuff as a beginner! So, always choose quad skates before anything else.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Quad Skates?

No matter which kind of skate you choose, it takes some amount of time to get the hang of it. Likewise, it takes a little span of time to learn quad skating.

Compared to the other kinds of skating, quad skating takes the least amount of time.

If you keep practicing every day, it can take less than a week. Make a fixed time every day for your skating routine. It will help you to improve your skills and learn new moves.

Now, if you practice every day for like half an hour, it might take you about five days. You should get at least five to eight rides every day.

For children, they can practice indoors or just on the homestead lawn. You can train your own kid to teach him quad skating.

It doesn’t take a great deal of time for kids because they have sharp brains. Their observation power is much better than any other adult.

So, practice with your kids, making a routine. You and your kid will both enjoy great leisure, and it can strengthen your bonds.

Quad Skates For Kids

Now, the first thing you need to learn is balance. The most common way is to support yourself in a way that resembles the English letter T.

Stand in a way that both your feet are put together, but one is a little above the other. It will help you to learn how to balance your weight on skates.

Next, experts always recommend learning to walk first before getting started on actual skating. You have to walk with webbed feet like ducks because the wheels are still attached to your feet.

It is a bit hard for the first few attempts to walk with skates. Kids often tend to fall down. Slowly, you will learn with time.

So, to cover up for accidents, you must use protective helmets, knee caps, elbow caps, etc. For kids who are beginners, it’s a must to use protective gear.

Otherwise, any injury could take a worse turn and become fatal in no time!Now, learn to initiate the journey.

The front wheels are used when you are starting to travel, and the rear wheels are used to increase speed.

For brakes, it depends primarily on the front wheels, which is called the toe stop. Then, do a few moves and turns.

If you continue to practice these four easy steps, you will get the hang of it in no time. It’s normal to get injured often or fall off or lose balance.

Quad Skating Training

Don’t get worried if your kid is taking a long time.

Some people may take a little more time to master the skill of skating, because balancing is not the same for all. Had it been the same, everyone would be an athlete!

Can You Learn To Quad Skate By Yourself?

It might be a little hard for those with no experience at all. However, if you have some amount of experience, then learning by yourself is never a big deal.

You can get a coach or a guide or join some coaching classes to learn skating. Actually, that’s how most people learn to skate.

These rolling wheels can sometimes be a tough nut to crack! Again, skating is one of the most unsafe sports for kids. They need to be supervised constantly and can’t be left alone.

So, for kids, it is better to have someone guide them all the time rather than leave them to learn on their own.

But for adults, you can definitely learn on your own. Regular practice and sincerity are all it takes.

Quad skates are like the most straightforward version of roller skates in any part of the world. You will understand this well when you start to skate by yourself.

Quad Skating With Kids

It doesn’t require the use of many techniques or any expert supervision. It is like a random indoor sport that you can practice on your lawn every day.

So, take your friends with you, and make a fixed time every day to practice quad skating. And as mentioned, for kids, always try to guide them and stay by their side.

It will boost their confidence also, give them the strength to believe in their guts, and protect them from unwanted injuries.

People in their forties and twenties are frequently found asking if they can skate! It is not a big deal to start skating if you are older now. In fact, after you learn by yourself, you can start a coaching session to train a few others!

However, there are a few tips that I would like to share with you. When you are learning to balance with the T figure I told you earlier, it is better to practice it in a soft basement.

For example, you can try it out on your living room’s carpet. In this way, you won’t be encountering deadly accidents sooner.

Always wear comfortable clothes when roller skating. Don’t wear clothes that can sweat you out even before you have started to accelerate.

You can check out the videos and blogs of famous skaters. The highly talented Instagram celebrities, Sebeey Chi, Marawa, etc., can be your inspiration!

Many people started roller skating just as a hobby. But slowly, it turned into their passion, and now they are among the famous names in the world.

Find out what you can do for your type of skating, what your style can be. You can enjoy music along with skating. Get a pair of earbuds, turn on the music and go skating!

Practicing dance moves gradually makes you a pro at skating. So, whenever you can, try to sway your arms and move your upper body to the beat of the music.

This way, you can slowly learn how to dance and skate! During the winter, another exciting sport is ice skating. It is pretty risky but definitely worth a try!

Buy your pair of skates now and indulge in this new experience! You won’t be disappointed, I can promise. And when you accomplish learning on your own, nobody will be happier than you will be!

3 Best Quad Skates For Beginners

So now you must be thinking about which pair of skates to buy for yourself. You can buy physically from any local store or just check online.

Best Skates For Beginners

There are lots of online portals selling and shipping quad skates, inline skates, etc.

Below I would like to suggest to you some of the best quad skates that you can try out as a beginner.

I have made a list of items considering your comfort, ease, and budget. So, continue reading the next part to find out in detail.

  1. Epic Skates Super Nitro Quad Rollers

These are very handy and look gorgeous! They come in a combination of black and pink.

The material is nylon, so you don’t have to be worried about leather allergies. There are places like shows to tie it up. Its collar is padded to give you extra comfort in the ankle area.

The ABEC score is good, about 5 to 8. These are not much heavier. Basically, it is for girls.

But if you want to make a bold statement, it won’t look bad on guys either. You can try this both indoors and outdoors! It is the best-reviewed product on Amazon. Check out this link to buy yours now!

  1. Chicago Men’s Premium Leather Roller Skates

It comes in a shade of ebony black, so it looks fantastic! The wheels are made of polyurethane, and the body is made of leather.

The wheels are comparatively smaller, and the product doesn’t weigh much, roughly 12 ounces. Chicago is actually famous for the production of this line of quad skates.

The speed bearings are suitable, and it has premium wheels.

This pair of skates, in particular, has a very athletic kind of style. It has larger front brakes, and it is safer for you if you want to practice indoors.

The price is also very budget-friendly. Check out this link to check the product on Amazon.

  1. C7 Skates For Men And Women

These are incredibly gorgeous and come in a very classy shade of peach color or aquamarine. These are some straight-up lace shoes attached to some cool premium quad wheels.

The wheels are smaller, about 58 mm, and the body is made of aluminum. They are incredibly durable, and the leather quality is very good. So, they are a tad bit more expensive.

They have a very comfortable soft interior with extra ankle support. The C7 skates are good for using outdoors too.

The wheels of these pairs of skates can gain momentum with little effort.

They are super classy. So, check out this link from Amazon to show off your classy pair at the park next time!


Roller skating for beginners is now a very hyped topic on the internet and all over social media today. If you want to start skating again, there is no alternative to using quad skates!

So, I hope I have satisfied your queries regarding the fact, are quad skates good for beginners or not! I have tried to explain all the relevant stuff in this article.

I hope this article helped you gain some perspective on roller-skating with quad skates.

Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Buy your pair today and start rolling! Have a nice day!


Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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