About Us

The Owner

Hey there, my name is Tom and I have to admit that rollerblading and skating is part of me!

Ever since childhood I’ve loved putting on some skates and traveling at speed. The dynamic movements, fast corners, and braking give me a regular adrenaline buzz. I started at age 7 and also regularly went ice skating as a kid.

A few years ago, I decided to play hockey and I currently go rollerblading a few times a week with my girlfriend. This regular activity has radically improved my fitness.

I really want to pass on my knowledge and passion for rollerblading with the wider world, which is why I decided to write this blog.

Last year, I started the process of purchasing some new rollerblades and found the process overwhelming. There is a lot to consider and so many options out there.

It can be really difficult to know what the best rollerblades are for your specific needs. Even though I have lots of rollerblading knowledge, it dawned on me that the majority do not know much at all about rollerblades and will likely spend money on a below-par pair of skates. I’m here to help!

The Site

This site is designed to serve rollerblading and roller skating fans. Blog posts will include product reviews about different roller skates and rollerblades.

We will also focus the reviews on specific needs, such as for skaters with wide feet, by gender, or performance level from beginner to expert. We want this site to be accessible for all skaters so will ensure our posts are inclusive of different skater needs.

We will also provide top tips and tricks for skaters to assist your performance and help you refine your technique. These tips will be provided through comprehensive guides and manuals accessible for all.

Beginners will find these particularly useful when you first pick up the sport. But we will also think of innovative ways to support the technical skills of more advanced skaters.

Our product reviews focus on the design, features and specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of each skate. We also include buying guides to help you with your research to find the best and most suitable skate for your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my site and I hope you find the content engaging and helpful.