11 Inline Skate Tricks For Beginners

You already get comfortable with your skates and you might think what else you can do to improve your skating and maybe to learn some cool tricks.

For me it took about 5-8 rides with inline skates to get a little bored, unless you go to new places and enjoying the view. So I make nice list of tricks which the most of I already can do and to make inline skating even more fun.

There are list of 11 inline skating tricks which every beginner should learn.

1. T-stop

This is a trick you really want to learn and there are couple reasons why:

1. It is more efficient way to stop. Especially it is important in dangerous situations.

2. Not all inline skates have break pads you you need at least one more way to learn to stop yourself.

How to learn. First of all you can try stand up in T form and try to let front feet to go forward, but your back feet stays after that you just get back with your front feet in position you started from. Try it several times before you try T-stop when you skate.

After you feel a little better you can try to stop by using T-stop. You just skate slowly and lift one of your feet and put in T-position at the back of your other feet. Then give a little more pressure to your back feet to make you stop quicker.

Don’t worry if that will not work from your first time, just keep practicing and you will do better.

2. Heel wheelie

This trick is pretty simple and you should be able to learn it quickly.

How to learn. Firstly you need to get one of your feet in front of the other feet and try to ride this way for a little while. When you use to that just try to lift your front feet that way that only back wheel will touch the ground.

Sounds simple right? Yes it is pretty simple, so once you get it you can make it a little bit more difficult by making turns while skating as “Heel wheelie”. After couple of rides you should be able to make this little trick.

3. Fishtail

It is kind of apposite what you have been doing in on previous trick. Now you should skate in one line with both skates by putting one feet at the back while another stays in front. (Little tip: skate with break pad put at the back this way will be easier for you).

Once you will get a little comfortable of skating in one line now you lift heel with your back foot that way that you would skate only on one wheel with your back foot. Wola You already learned Fishtail.

After you learn this trick you also can make it a little more difficult by making small turns.

4. Ride on two heels

If you already nailed how to make Heel wheelie and Fishtail you are prepared for even more difficult trick – Ride on two heels. While you skating you will need a little bit of speed. Get one foot in front and another leave at back then slowly lift heel from your back foot and turn in to Fishtail position. After that you lift toes from your front feet.

As this trick is more difficult make sure that you wear protective gear. Ride on two heels is pretty cool and it helps you to keep balancing all your body and makes your ride much more enjoyable.

5. Toe-toe

This trick is real challenge at least for beginner. Get a little bit of speed and put one of your feet little back. Lift your heel of your back feet. When you will feel comfortable with that then slowly try to lift hell of your front feet as well.

As you both heels are lifter you can easily loose the balance so try to lift your front feet just a little to avoid falling.

To learn this trick can take a little bit more time than any of previous mentioned trick. But remember practice is only thing you need.

6. Fish

I would say to learn fish is pretty easy so you should get it quite quickly.

Get a little bit of speed and try to make small turns with both of your feets together. Turn is made from your body and by keeping both of your feet close each other. You move from one side to another and keep going.

7. Skating on One Foot

To learn skating on one foot is most about balancing. I would recommend to try a little bit more balancing on grass before you starting to learn skate on one foot. When you are on grass try to find a tree or another person who could help to keep you balancing. Try to lift one feet and just stand on another and switch the legs. Try to sand on one feet as long as you possibly can and that should make you confidence.

After the exercise you need a little bit of speed and start to lift on feet from the ground. Do not lift to high to be able to get back on your two feet if you will loose the balance.

Once you can skate straight you can try make some turns by moving whole body from one side to another. That will take some practice to feet the balance on one foot as it is much more difficult, but you should be able to stand on one feet longer as you practice.

8. Skating Backwards

For this trick you need to get the technique first. Normally when you skating you keeping your skates a little like V form when your heels are a little bit closer than your toes. So when you want to skate backwards you are starting in different position – your toes are closer than your heels.

Same as you would normally skate you have to bend your knees and in order to move you need to push your feed to the side and get your weight to another feet, then push with another feet and you should start moving backwards.

As you still a beginner before starting to move backwards make sure that no one is standing or walking behind you.

9. Slalom

Slalom is pretty fun to do. You will need to learn quickly move yourself to right and left, right and left again and again. You can try to do it when you skating normally and when you feel little more comfortable you can try some cones. When you just beginning you can make more space between cones. You can try to go through cones with your legs in parallel and inline. Don’t worry if you miss a cone, just keep going without stopping.

Moreover you can try to skate slalom backwards if you feel comfortable to do so already or try to go with single foot. As you try slalom don’t go too fast because when you moving to right and left you can easily lose your balance and hurt yourself badly. To avoid injuries keep practicing at slow speed.

10. Crossovers

From the name of this trick you already have an idea what this trick is all about. You need to cross your legs and get pack in normal position. Before doing this you should learn to get your skates inline and learn to keep the balance that way.

When you feel good you can try to make some walking on grass by crossing legs. You should feel confident white you are on grass and only after to try crossing while skating.

When you feel good on crossing you can try slalom by crossing around cones. Don’t put to many cones at the beginning to not to loose your balance.

11. Eagle

This trick is a little bit advance one, but is it always nice to learn this.

How it looks: your skates are inline, but heels are close to each other and toes looks apart.

To learn that you would need to practice first and I would do that on grass. There will need a little of flexibility so at the very beginning you can try that even without skates. Try to get your toes as far as possible and would be great to make it a little more than in a line, just because when you will try with skates it will not be so comfortable.

There I shared 11 tricks for beginner which I have learned when just started to feel a little better on skates. That helps to not get bored when riding skates, helps to improve mobility and balancing with skates. I would recommend at least to try most of the tricks I mentioned above.

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Hi there, my name is Tom and I have been roller & inline skating since I was a little kid. Learning the sport at such an early age allowed to me gain a lot of experience and try different types of skates. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn some of the roller skating tricks so I decided to share my journey with you guys!

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